361 Aaron Gordon Zen 3 Review 2023

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Best for outdoors

The overall basketball shoe outdoor performance is outclassed. You can count on these for the best game on outdoor courts. Aaron Gordon Zen 3 has been a favorite sneaker for many basketball players this year for tractions and lockdown. The cushion is not too thick but gives a nice rebound. Overall comfort and stability are what make them stand out.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 405g | Top: Mid Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Quick foam Lite | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Traction
  • Best Cushion
  • Thicker midsole
  • Best for outdoors
  • Lightweight
  • Super fit


  • Not for wide footers
  • Week court feel

Detailed 361 Aaron Gordon Zen 3 Review

What to expect from outdoor shoes? It has to be Durable. There is no point in buying performance shoes repetitively. 

The Aaron Gordon zen 3 shoes are a beast of a shoe in terms of performance in outdoor areas. 

It’s Aaron Gordan’s signature sneakers and he is expected to play in this china brand 361 Aaron Gordan Zen 3 in the latest season of PLAYOFF.

We have been through many experts and reviews to give you a complete guide about the best basketball shoes AG Zen 3’s performance potential. So let’s get right into it.

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the outsole of the Aaron Gordon zen 3 basketball shoes is composed of rubber. It has an Aaron Gordon logo on its outsole. The rubber is hard and thick. 

Zen 3 traction is outstanding. It would not be wrong if we say it has Top tier traction among all other basketball shoes. It grips really well on the floor on outdoor and indoor grounds.

The basketball shoes’ rubber may get a little dust but it only affects little overall performance of zen 3.

The heel area is nicely curved and foamy. supports quick transitions in courts. 

china brand Aaron Gordon zen 3 is labeled as guard shoes because of the quick movement that a guard requires on the court. this will not let you slip on clean and dirty surfaces. it has a supportive review for the nonslip outsole.


The cushion setup in china brand zen 3 basketball sneaker Aaron Gordon Zen 3 uses Quickfoam lite technology. It runs to the forefoot. It is thick on the outsole and on the lateral side, it is a little exposed. 

It really gives a great compression on the heel. The overall impact protection is amazing due to the full feet cushioning. You won’t get tired easily on the hard outdoor surfaces. 

The insole also has a nice thick foam. It is very responsive

The AG Zen 3 comfort is what you want in an outdoor sneaker.

With this thickness, you might get a little less court feel. But it is not very less. It’s just a nice balanced cushion setup, the full feet cushioning setup in these best basketball shoes will protect you through hard and tough terrains.


 Aaron gordon zen 3 basketball shoes material is mesh. That is made of textile. It’s very thin. The upper material has fused overlays that are a mix of synthetic leather and mesh. The look and texture are very premium. 

The fused overlays are mainly on the stress zone of Zen 3. So the challenging game or outdoor areas do not tear apart the material of the zen 3

Aaron Gordon basketball shoes material is so thin and light. It feels very minimal on the feet. The textile material feels soft as it is stretchable too. It easily gets a good grip on your feet.

The mid-foot area of Zen 3 has mesh material that feels tough like plastic. It protects the upper fabric and makes it more durable.

Aaron Gordon Zen 3 basketball shoes tongue has minimum padding. The material running to the back of the foot has nice padding for added support


Outdoor Aaron Gordon Zen 3 basketball shoes are the favorite of many experts for their super thick support and nice padding on the back of the foot. The Achilles area is very padded to protect the ankles from any potential injury.

The support in the midfoot area is amazing. The midfoot side has an arch plate. That is made up of TPU. the same arch plate runs through the bottom of the pair too. That gives good torsional support.

This is so hard and it gives super support on an outdoor court. That makes them an actual best basketball shoes.


Aaron gordon zen 3 basketball shoes size specifications are different because it’s a Chinese brand. If you like a roomier pair, you might want to go half a size up than your true size. 

The actual fit of the zen 3 is pretty much like a glove that fits your fist. It really has a nice grip over feet. The material is fit yet feels so soft on the forefoot area. it has every feature of the best basketball shoes.

The lockdown feels great. The material will stretch out nicely to the shape of your feet. Fit gets better when you use it a lot over time. The Aaron Gordon Zen 3 basketball shoes stands out in terms of  lateral containment and stability 

Looks/ Appearnce/ Colorways: 

The Aaron Gordon Zen 3 basketball shoes are available in many colorways such as Sunset, blade, black and white, white blue, etc.

the upper has the text All Great” written on the midfoot strap.  Sign printed on its material. the sign on the side is a logo of Aaron Gordon’s.

its shape and looks are beautiful. The midfoot strap aids in lockdown and looks nice too.


china based Aaron gordon’s zen 3 basketball shoes are a great choice a s as outdoor performance hoops. 

The material of these best basketball shoe combined with the outsole decides how long it’s gonna last on rough surfaces. 

Aron gorden zen 3 material is light but looks durable, especially with the fused overlays that are made for added stability and durability. A different mesh runs along the side of the Zen 3 to protect the mesh material of the sneakers.

The outsole is very hard. The outsole logo is on the pivot point of the shoes. The shoes feels a little heavy on the bottom. 

But it’s only the heavy cushion to make it impact protection. The overall effect of the bottom of the basketball shoes is very comfortable and easy. 

The thick and deep rubber sole in Aaron gordon sneaker does not pick dust easily so it will not let you slip on outdoor areas. The thick sole has deep grooves so its definitely last longer.


In Aaron Gordon’s zen 3 basketball shoes, the material as we discussed is light. The sides of the Aaron gordon zen 3 have mesh material. That is made up of some crisscross designs. 

the best basketball shoes material is very breathable and nicely perforated. The outer cheek is wrapped with this mesh material. while the inner lining consists of some light textiles.

Overall zen 3 is nicely ventilated. It is thus superb to use on outdoors.


Aaron gordan’s signature basketball sneaker outsole is thick and has a deep groove pattern on it. The outsole is hard so it’s not going to wear out. The durability on the outdoor terrains is great in terms of material and stability on an outdoor court. 

Aaron Gordon’s zen 3 material is one great quality synthetic textile on the inner and outside of the basketball sneakers. outdoor durability is musch better than air jordan 36.

The outsole will work great for a longer period of time. Overall it’s a 10.

User Review:

The Aaron Gordon Zen 3 basketball shoes has great performance review coming from happy users. 

Aaron gordon’s signature pair has a 5/5 rating assembled from user review . For its performance and durability, it has outperformed many famous basketball shoes. if you are interested in buying a performance pair, go for it.


“Aaron gordon’s signature sneakers are super comfortable as the cushion feels like it’s Nike but on steroids, it’s a hell of an outdoor basketball shoe, I really liked them


“I’m absolutely loving the shoe for its price, the material is very nice, cushioning is super comfortable and traction is the highlight. I have no issue with them.”

3-XIAO Basketball:

“Aaron gordon’s zen 3 basketball shoes are Overall very good cushioning and durability, I think it’s the outdoor basketball shoe of this year, these are my new favorite.”


“ Support and stability is not a point for these types of shoes, Aaron Gordon zen 3 has a nice cushioning setup, it makes a great guard shoe, traction, and the heel-to-toe transition is highlight feature.”

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