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Eric Pnagburn founder of infohoops.com and former basketball player and coach receiving the prize for Greenfield Central Junior high school as his team won the basketball tournament

My name is Eric Pangburn a life-long basketball enthusiast, former basketball player, and now basketball youth coach. I look forward to connecting with you and reaching millions of basketball enthusiasts through our blog and social media channels. My goal is to inspire more people to follow their hoop dreams!

Let me share with you some of my basketball life stories and the best moments in my basketball career.

Awesome experiences

John Wooden

I had the great honor to spend the day with John Wooden in his California studio. It was an incredible experience to sit and talk with the master coach and ask him questions about this wonderful sport that we all love. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to visit with Coach Wooden!

Eric Pnagburn founder of infohoops.com and former basketball player and coach meeting with legendary basketball coach John Wooden

Played basketball in over eight countries

I’m blessed to have been given the opportunity to play basketball, conduct basketball clinics, and share my testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ in over eight countries, including Taiwan, India, the Philippines, Australia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, and more.

Professional basketball

I played two years of professional basketball‒mostly in Germany‒and did a short stint in Mexico.

Eric Pnagburn founder of infohoops.com and former basketball player and coach basketball player profile

My journey with basketball

Growing up in Indiana, I remember meeting with several basketball players from Indiana University. We talked about our goals as they related to the sport, and this is what I told them: “I want to play professional basketball and hope to travel and live in different countries.”

I’ve had this dream since a very early age, even though the necessary skills didn’t come easy for me early on. Still, I persisted in my passion and continued to play all the time. I spent countless hours working out, performing drills, and developing my skills. I was always trying to find the next pick-up game in the park or any gym that had a game going on. 

Despite all my hard work, I didn’t land a major position in my varsity high school team until my senior year. Many people called me a late bloomer. Nevertheless, the more time I spent playing and practicing, the better I got. It wasn’t long before several smaller universities expressed interest in me. 

After high school, I continued playing basketball at a small DII school in Kentucky. 

Basketball continues‒and so do the struggles

Around this time, I thought that I was on my way to playing professional basketball. But I soon had a rude awakening when I started playing college basketball. 

I simply didn’t have the confidence to play longer seasons alongside better and more competitive players! 

I realized that I had a long way to go, but this didn’t deter me. I was determined to spend even more time in the weight room, more time in the gym, and continued to work on my speed and footwork.

My efforts eventually paid off. After my first year of college, I was asked to join a summer tour team that was scheduled to play in Taiwan. This turned out to be a wonderful and eye-opening experience that gave me some valuable insights into basketball outside the United States.

The trip only served to fuel my drive to play professional basketball someday.

But it wasn’t until I joined a professional combine that I knew I could make it overseas and play professional basketball.

So I took the first step and never looked back.

I played for two years in Mexico and Germany and had a wonderful experience that I will cherish forever. However, I eventually realized it was time to hang it up and move on to the next chapter of my basketball journey. 

Eric Pnagburn founder of infohoops.com and former basketball player and coach with basketball in his hand

Playing basketball and living overseas for two years

After playing college basketball, I took the next step toward my dream and began playing professional basketball. That was an incredible experience, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. But I quickly learned how much of a business the sport is when playing at that level.   

Playing basketball overseas can become a challenge from the minute you step foot in the country you’re playing in. I vividly recall landing after an eight-hour flight and meeting the team I was to play with. They were so excited to have me join them that they insisted I change into my uniform and hit the court immediately! 

Among the many challenges I experienced playing professional basketball are:

  • Culture shock
  • Playing at a more competitive level
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Increased pressure
  • Financial difficulties
  • Lack of meaningful connections with other people
  • Adjusting to an unfamiliar city

Looking back to my first year of playing overseas, I realize now how difficult it was. The expectation, the pressure, and the businesslike atmosphere made it one of the most challenging periods of my life.

The next year, I decided to turn things around and make another big change. I joined other teams, played in different cities, and helped coach a youth team. It was then that the seeds of my current passion were planted in me.

Fast forward to the present

This is me today, doing what I really enjoy!

Yes, I now coach basketball full-time, teaching eager young players the sport that I grew up playing and loving. 

Perhaps the biggest change I made is deciding to spend more time on things that I enjoy doing.

My family and I agreed to sacrifice some of our time throughout the year to allow me to share basketball skills and life skills that the game teaches anyone.  

I hope you find your own true passion and enjoy the content on these pages just as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you!