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Best for outdoors

Overall Adidas dame 8 shoes are a great choice as the best outdoor basketball shoes. These have great black and white looks and the cushioning is a highlight feature for it. For its all great features, Damian Lillard is wearing them on courts. It’s one of his signature shoes. ADIDAS DAME 8 shoes have improved cushion from its last Adidas Dame 7, providing nice impact protection. however, Traction is inconsistent. Players may have serious issues with that. But other than that they are versatile shoes overall Adidas Dame 8 is a decent performer.

Facts & Specs

Size: Wide (best for wide footers) | Weight: 390g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Bounce-pro+ Dual Density EVA | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Ankle support
  • the cushion is best for impact protection
  • Pro bounce design
  • Lateral stability
  • Torsional rigidity
  • Best for wide footers


  • A bit compromised on traction
  • Fit is a bit loose

Detailed Adidas Dame 8 Review

Adidas dame 8 uses 50% of recycled material for 25% of its upper on shoes.  That’s an appreciable intent to save the planet.

Dame 8 is Damian Lillard’s 8th signature shoe. The latest one is improved.

Now let’s see what tweaks Adidas dame 8 has pulled in its latest dame line sneaker. 

The whole dame 8 review will cover all the aspects including traction, cushion, material, support, etc, and whatever you wanna know. 

We will cover how they perform in the outdoor courts. Do they really justify the price in terms of Durability?  so let’s hoop right into Adidas dame 8 review.

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Adidas dame 8 has an outsole with a compression line running through the middle of it. It has a lateral pattern running through the end of the sole. 

The pattern on the outsole looks like a herringbone but it’s a wavy classic-looking pattern. 

Dame 8 traction works great when tested on indoor and clean basketball courts. 

However, when played outdoors, the outsole gets dusty very quickly. Although wiping each time may improve traction. 

But it’s not practically possible to not gain dust in a long playing hour on outdoor basketball courts. 

That’s why Adidas dame 8 slips easily on outdoor surfaces but the traction improves over time. On outdoor courts with less dust, it works really well.

Its traction is excellent for clean court and does an absolutely great job. However, in dusty courts, it picks up dust after few hours.


The cushioning setup is something that will catch you off guard. The side of the sole has “bounce pro “ text on it. 

That’s the new cushion technology. Its cushioning setup is denser than the former Dame series shoes. It is Dual density EVA.

The foam in the sole has great compression. The bounce pro cushion setup is excellent. It is responsive and gives good impact protection in the heel. 

The foams run to the forefoot and there it becomes thinner. So this makes it springy and you also get a nice court feel.

The foam on the dame 8 midsole and the forefoot combine to form an ultra bounce pro pattern. This foam cushioning provides a nice balance to the feet while making it a jump pro sneaker.

Overall the bounce pro cushion setup in Dame 8 is what you want exactly for an outdoor court for impact protection, responsiveness, and soft like a marsh mellow. Overall it’s a good cushion


Adidas dame 8 material quality is nice and easy on foot. It is made up of the textile mesh material on the top of the foot. It is stretchy so it will be nice and comfortable on the feet. 

The forefoot areas have a fused overlay to add more durability to the shoe.

The tongue of the shoe is nicely padded. The mesh material runs from the sides to the back. On the back of the shoe, the textile logo Dame is written on it.

As on the inside of the Adidas Dame 8, the ankle area has a good amount of padding

The Achilles area also has a thin pad. So the material is great for indoors or outdoor. It will work great for a longer period of time.


Adidas Dame 8 shoes are low-top shoes. It takes minimum time breaking in. the heel area is a bit wider. 

The back area of the shoe has an Achilles cushioning setup. That is pretty much nice to provide ankle support and heel lockdown with a low-top shoe. 

The heel does not slip at all with hard lateral movements and gives great lateral stability.

The torsional rigidity and stability of the support are exceptional. It is flexible but not so much to let your heel slip in the heel area.

Overall Adidas dame 8 shoes support is exceptional


The fit of Adidas Dame 8 is a bit wider on the forefoot. It’s good news for wide feet players. The toe box is roomier. 

So when you make lateral movement it’s gonna keep up nicely with your foot movements with a conventional lacing system. 

But if you have narrow feet, the fit can be a little snug. So going half a size down to your true size will fit perfectly nicely and snug fit for your narrow foot size.

Looks/ Appearance / Colorways: 

Adidas Dame 8 is available in many colorways. Right now the official Adidas dame 8 has 5 colorways available. 

That includes black and white, cloud white and gold tint, yellow tint, single cyan, and energy aqua.

The sides of Adidas dame 8 shoes have an aesthetic lightning bolt pattern. On the side, it has a written 4th quarter k.o branding strip which looks o.k.

Overall Adidas dame 8 shoes design is improved than its previous editions.

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The outsole is made up of tough rubber material. The thick and tough rubber sole is more durable than Adidas Dame 8 last few sneakers. 

adidas dame 8 will get a little thin But the shoe works well outdoors in terms of durability. That’s surely gonna last a couple of seasons on outdoor use.

However, we have some issues with traction in outdoor areas. The herringbone pattern on shoe is pretty thick and deep. It sticks well to the court. 

In dusty outdoor areas, the main problem is that they get dusted easily. However, it is super easy to wipe them off. But the sole slips on the dusty outdoor areas. 

While dame 8 works just great on clean courts. 

So these are good if you are using Adidas Dame 8 for indoor cleaner courts but for outdoor use, the dusty outsole can be a deal breaker because it slips easily on outdoor surfaces.


the outer mesh material is very lightweight. The same material is used in the tongue area. It has nice perforated holes in it. 

Combined with the lightweight material and the breathable mesh, the shoe’s ventilation setup is what we actually want to see in outdoor or indoor basketball shoes. 

The ventilation in dame 8 is great and it will not heat up your feet.


Durability is always measured in terms of outdoor performance. In the Adidas dame shoes, it used a thicker rubber sole which is not something we see in all the brands out there.

dame 8 thick outsole may get thin after great use on outdoor surfaces, but these Adidas dame 8 basketball shoes are tougher to last a couple of seasons especially for playing on outdoor courts.

The rubber is stronger and the weight of the dame 8 review is supportive of its better durability than its previous dame 7.

User Review:

The user review for Adidas dame 8 is` 4.5 out of 5. As the shoe has great responsiveness with its bounce pro setup and rubber outsole.

Expert Review:


“ Adidas DAME 8 shoes are supportive, bouncy, and with a decent amount of court feel. However, it has serious issues with traction, which some players may consider as a deal-breaker.”


“The shoe debuts Adidas bounce plus dual-layer foam, considered to be the best all-rounder of the past three or four generations, the Adidas Dame 8 is a solid all-rounder.”


“It’s a really good fit, the best improvement than Dame 7. Good traction that is stickier, bounce pro cushion that is softer. Adidas Dame 8 shoes are a must-have.”


Traction is slippery If you don’t do quick crossovers you stuck very well and do not slip. Except for the traction issue, Dame 8 shoes does great.

5-Sole brothers:

“Traction needs a constant wipe, except that cushion is great but fit is the best and the material is supportive for its cushion setup.”

6-Wear testers:

“Dame 8 shoes are ultra-lightweight, very quick to break in, and very breathable. Although the material is not premium like we used to get in the premium shoe. The stability and fit are great.”

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