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Best for Ankle Support, Flat feet Players & Versatile Players

Adidas Harden Vol. 7 has a different look and an exceptional support pattern. The traction has an insane grip on hardwood and outdoor courts. The cushion and material are excellent and feel right out of the box. Overall it’s a super supportive and grippy basketball sneaker.

Shoe Details

Release Date: Feb, 2023 | Signature: James Harden | Weight: 420g| Top: LowTop | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Lightstrike + Boost | Material: Textile


  • Ankle support
  • Torsional rigidity
  • Insane grip
  • Super comfortable material
  • Durable


  • Bulkier
  • Less breathable
  • Material looks cheap

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Unboxing The James Harden’s 7th Signature Sneaker From German Sportswear Brand ADIDAS!

I waited too long for the Philadelphia Guard’s 7th signature shoe, and the wait is finally over. I received the elegant white shoebox with the golden James Harden logo on the top. 

The box has no extra detailing. Finally unveiling my Better Scarlett colourway. The shroud-covered sneaker in red colourway rightly tells that James Harden has a distinctive fashion taste, which shows in this colourway.

The forefoot shroud and material that covers the heel is glossy red, rest of the shoe is wrapped in matt re colours. I see no text on any side of the shoe. It’s a solid futuristic design.

What’s Exciting About Adidas Harden Vol.7

The Harden Vool.6 was a super supportive sneaker. Also, Harden vol.5 and Harden Vol. 6 had similar designs and tech specs. I expected something more and better from this year’s Harden signature shoe.

Testing it on the basketball court, I assure you that it’s a very supportive shoe. The support, traction and lockdown are even improved than the previous model. 

Its distinctive design is exciting: a plain minimal shroud covering the forefoot and puffer jacket-inspired side wings. 

Adidas has succeeded in dropping a different-looking silhouette. Three white lines on the heel cup, reminiscent of the Adidas logo.

I love its decent aesthetics and am excited to know how the combo of Boost and Lightstrike feels on foot.

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Detail Adidas harden vol 7 review

1. Traction:

Adidas used a mixed traction pattern on the outsole. I see two different patterns on the outsole. The heel part is covered in a circular pattern, while on the forefoot, the hard plastic is embedded in a herringbone traction pattern.

Whether it’s an outdoor court or an indoor basketball court, the traction works amazingly regardless. The rubber outsole is sticky on each stop or even on shifty movements.

However, It can accumulate dust and gravel in its grooves, so never forget to wipe it frequently. Rubber does not pick up too much dust as it has proper spacing that won’t let the dust stick easily.

With that said, traction in Adidas Harden Vol.7 is phenomenal and sticky on hardwood and concrete surfaces.

2. Cushion: 

Most surprisingly, Adidas has used it’s most comfortable dual cushioning. It feels awesome on my feet. Now let me tell you how they feel in action. 

Trust me; I felt a hell of comfortable hooping in them, the comfy and fluffy Boost cushioning in the midfoot and Lightstrike in the forefoot till midfoot. 

Like Adida’s last iterations, it’s comfortable on the forefoot, while the Boost cushion in the heels feels bouncy that you immediately want to hoop. 

It’s a ride that makes you feel low to the ground with this cushioning while you get 100 % impact protection. 

3. Material:

Adidas Harden Vol.7’s upper design and silhouette differ widely from any other sneaker. I felt like the designer has been thinking of making a sneaker that looks different. They didn’t care whether it was different on the good or bad sides.

Yes, the designer succeeded and made a super comfy and cosy sneaker inside. But on the outside, the material is a non-breathable shroud on the forefoot. 

The sides are wrapped with puffer jacket-inspired material with seams on it. The back has suede material with 3 lines of the Adidas logo.

Moreover, the internal sockliner inside the shoe makes the fit more secure.

Overall, the material is average. It’s not breathable. 

4. Support

Rest assured that you are getting a super supportive basketball sneaker in Adidas Harden Vol.7. Adidas has maintained the quality support and lockdown feature in this one too.

Its ankle collar has a small piece that wraps the shoe. The big external plastic pieces on the back and internal heel counter secure the ankle collar, protecting it from injuries.

The plastic side walls secure the lateral and medial sides. The shoes have a wide base. So upper material has no issue in terms of lateral containment and stability. Everything works beautifully.

An X-shaped rigid carbon fiber base in the shoe’s middle is embedded in the midsole. You cant bend the shoe with this hard plate providing torsional rigidity and a rigid base to make jumps.

I am super pleased with the complete support pattern of the shoe.

5. Fit:

Adidas shoes usually have wide bases. All the Harden line basketball shoes have fairly wide bases and are very wide feet friendly.

I recommend buying a true-to-size pair for medium and wide footers. However, if you are a narrow footer and doubtful about the right sizing, you should buy half the size down than the actual size. Alternatively, you can buy a true-to-size pair and the other half-size down and always return the misfit pair.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways:

Adidas Harden Vol. 7 is out in its Better scarlet, Cloud white, and Silver Metallic colorways. The players and reviewers have mixed emotions about its silhouette. 

The puffer jacket-inspired upper and shroud on the forefoot surely grab attention. It’s one of those shoes that have cleaner looks. I liked it for its distinctive looks. It’s one of those stylish basketball shoes that makes a style statement. 

7. Outdoor/Durability: 

The Adidas Harden Vol. 7 has hard rubber grooves. The rubber is durable and will last a few seasons without any problem. 

However, if you play on a dusty outdoor basketball court, wiping it constantly after a while can be annoying. But it’s great for clean outdoor concrete surfaces.

8. Breathability/Ventilation: 

That’s where Adidas has not paid even a little attention. Because the shoe heats up like crazy. What do you expect from a puffer jacket side winglet and shroud upper? There is no ventilation around the feet. 

So guys, stay away if you live in a hot weather area. Because it can seriously affect your stamina to play longer. It will heat your feet and make you sweat like crazy.

9. User Review

Adidas Harden Vol. 7 is one of the most hyped sneakers, and if you are a sneakerhead like me, then you must have been waiting for this time of the year when Adidas finally releases them. Its user rating is above average. It’s still new to get a final thought from users, but so far, it’s going strong with a user rating of 5 out of 5.

10. Expert Review


“ if you get the right fit of the shoe, then its going to be so much fun playing in them. Traction pattern is tough for outdoors too but durability is questionable. As a toe dragger, the side caging would be extremely useful for you on the pinky toe area.”

2-The Sole Drop

“ Adidas Harden Vol. 7 are really nice and freaking amazing. Its one of my favourite shoe recently. Traction is amazing, its very responsive. If you like thicker material these are good to go. These are very nice all round shoe.”


“  I was expecting Adidas to use something else as cushioning along with Boost, which is the worst. But everything else is pretty solid.”

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