Adidas Trae Young 1 Review 2023

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Adidas Trae Young 1 Review 2022
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Best for outdoors

The shoes offer great cushions and for the people who look for a slightly comfortable fit, that is not too tight, this one is made for them. Many reviews are in favor that these are the best outdoor shoes however it gets dusted easily on them. Adidas Trae Young 1, The first signature shoe with a nice cushion. These are very responsive, and comfortable. It provides a nice low-to-the-ground feel. Overall pretty damn great for the first signature shoe.

Facts & Specs

Size: Slim-fit | Weight: 410g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Slip-on, Lace-up | Midsole: Adidas Boost | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Excellent fit & stability
  • Comfortable fit for broad forefoots
  • comfortable cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Springy heel
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Gets dust easily
  • tough to clean
  • Less breathable

Detailed Adidas Trae Young 1 Review

Adidas Trae young 1 is the first ever signature shoe of young basketball star Trae young. These shoes are designed taking into close consideration the playing style of Tare Young. He is fast and makes multidirectional moves. 

Trae Young had played in his first season of NBA with a laceless shoe. These one debut signature shoes are pulled from that inspiration. The shoe has a laceless forefoot however on the midfoot it has laces for extra support.

The Signature sneaker is too good for a Debut performance shoe, much appreciated among users and experts. Here is the detailed Adidas Trae Young 1 review.

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The Adidas Trae Young has two options. One translucent outsole and the other rubber outsole. Both have the same herringbone pattern on the outsole and a spiral pattern on the heel area of the basketball shoe.

That should act as a great combination for traction. But unfortunately, it’s an agreed-upon verdict from many experts that it gets dust very quickly on dusty courts.

Even after wiping off the dust, its rubber outsole does not get a nice grip on the court. It can slip on dusty courts. It will definitely support you for multi-directional moves.

But on the clean courts, it makes loud squeaks. Traction works great on clean courts. Thus very dusty areas are not a good opinion to play.


The cushioning setup in Adidas Trae young 1 basketball shoes is the most comfortable in these Debut Trae young. The midsole area has a full-length light strike midsole. 

The Adidas Boost cushioning is added to the heel area. The combination of both light strike and Boost for cushioning is nice and comfortable.

Boost cushion conforms to your foot shapes.

Impact protection is what a performance shoe should have it gets the job done. The cushioning is bouncy.

it’s very responsive. Adidas Trae young 1 cushioning setup allows you high jumps on the court. these basketball shoes are bouncy, responsive, and very soft. 

You definitely get a lesser court feel in a hoop shoe, so the court feels isn’t that great. In the forefoot area, the cushioning feels loaded to the ground. 

The light strike midsole gives a very nice step-in comfort. So it’s an overall great cushion setup in Adidas Trae young 1 basketball shoes.


The material is a woven textile. the only downside is that the material looks ordinary. The mesh upper has rigidity and is thick. The material thickness looks like it’s gonna do well outdoor. 

The suede leather panel around the toe area and along the side of the basketball shoe improves durability on harder surfaces.

Adidas Trae young 1 basketball shoes have laces in the midfoot area and it has no tongue. Instead, that tongue area has nice padding to make it supportive. The Ankles area has minimum padding. 

The material feels very comfortable and it does not get so stretchy. The side of the shoe has a zig-zag design on the midfoot area that extends to the heel. This makes it more attractive and all the more durable.


When you get a hoop shoe, you certainly watching for a good amount of Achilles support features. In Adidas Trae young 1 basketball shoes the jumping provides a pillow in the heel area, and there is no heel slippage. Adidas Trae Young 1 has nice padding on the back.

It’s a low-cut shoe that supports the Achilles area nicely. The light strike midsole is covering the sides of the shoe. That pretty much fits the shoe in it and lockdown is also great. Adidas Trae young 1 has a similar support pattern as Adidas harden vol 1.

The heel area is pretty wide and there is no issue with lateral containment. You get almost all the things that you want in a supportive sneaker. Adidas Trae young 1 are great performance basketball shoe with nice lateral stability.


The Adidas Trae Young 1 basketball shoes have no tongue in them. The lacing system is on the midfoot area for added fit and lockdown. it has a wide base, So it makes great performance basketball shoes for wide-foot players.

It’s a pretty wide shoe with a wide heel area. The laces have a leather patch on the top which is great for a nice fit.

Adidas Trae young 1 is a nice choice for wide-foot players. It will be great if you get a true-to-fit size, so there is no need to buy half a size up from your actual size if you are a wide-foot player.

However, your forefoot area can be a little wider for narrow footers. it would be better if you get a half size down from your actual size. But the overall fit is supportive.

Looks / Appearance / Colorways: 

The colorways and design of Adidas Trae Young 1 are very impressive. The designer has done an excellent job. 

The first in the collection is named after Trae. It’s a color of ice with a blue and white shade. that has an ice polar bear image on the back of the shoe that looks fun. The shoe has a patch above the laces too. It’s quite a unique design.

Here are 15 different colorways of Adidas Trae Young.

This includes Pixels, ICEE, Atlanta, Peachtree, Chinese new year, Dye, Snakeskin, Team college purple, Mcdonald’s all Americans, Fade, Christmas, and Atlanta Hawks.


The outdoor performance is measured in terms of traction and material quality.

Adidas Trae young 1 look is premium, and the side of the shoe has leather patches that make the shoe perfect for the outdoors.

 The outdoor hoops have to face rigid and rough surfaces. The material on the shoe is rigid. So there is no issue with the material for outdoor use.

For traction in the outdoor areas, the outsole is tested. The shoe’s white colorways get dust very quickly.

However, it makes great squeaks on the clean courts and so on the outdoor area with the clean surface the traction will be great. But you might want to watch out for any other option for very dusty courts. 


The material of the Adidas Trae Young is made up of mesh upper. That is rigid and is minimum ventilation through the material.

 The material is very lightweight so if there is little perforation, the lightweight material won’t heat up your feet too much. 


Outdoor shoes have to be very tough to bear all the roughness of concrete. That’s why the material and the outsole of the outdoor hoop have to be watched out very carefully if you play mostly outdoor games.

The rubber outsole in Adidas Trae young 1 is very thick and it extends to the side of the shoe to the midfoot area. That makes the shoe durable for side kicks on harder surfaces. 

The upper material is more rigid than many others and the mesh material is thick and supportive. Adidas Trae young 1 is a nice choice for outdoor use and can last a couple of seasons.

User Review:

The debut release of Adidas Trae Young 1 has gained much popularity over a minimum time period. It’s much appreciated among users as well as experts. The overall user rating is 4.7/ 5

Expert Reviews


“Support could have been a little better as the heel containment is not quite amazing. However, these are pretty steady sneakers. Traction is good even on the dusty floors. The cushion is supportive I especially love the traction. Trae Young one is the pretty steady sneaker.”


“The Adidas Trae Young 1 is a solid sneaker, especially for a first signature. The combination of Lightstrike and Boost is a hit this time around.”


“A major concern is that different versions of the shoe also perform differently. Buyers may want to dig deeper into the specs of the Adidas Trae Young 1 to make sure they get what they need”

4-BBall Shoes:

“Although the single piece upper doesn’t have the elastic sock type fit of next level. There is a minimum lockdown system for the midfoot lockdown. one should try on shoes before trying on. Cushioning and traction of the shoe are reportedly good.”

5-Sole Brothers:

“I have no issue with the shoe. The support and lockdown are fine, the fit is amazing. Cushioning is very very soft and responsive. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite shoe because of its traction. But it’s a great performer overall.”


“All the features are fine, but for the ICEE colorways you are not going to have a good time on the court as far as traction is concerned.”

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