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Our Verdict:

Best for outdoors

Air Jordan 6 is a top-tier performer. It has a great comfort level with the Zoom Air unit. The shoe gives the Highest jump force around the court once you break in. Traction makes it one of the top 10 basketball shoes of all time. The only downside is, that these are so expensive and there is no protection to the ankle area being the low-top shoe. But the feather-light upper and comfort level with a distinctive design makes it a great hoop shoe of all times

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 410g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Phylon + Zoom unit + full-length Zoom Strobel | Material: Leno-Weave 


  • Superior traction
  • Lateral stability
  • Torsional support
  • Bouncy Zoom cushion
  • Impact protection
  • Breathable
  • Offer great jump force with Zoon air unit
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • Heel slippage

Detailed Air Jordan 36 Low Review

The Air Jordan 36 Low is a revolutionary kick in the basketball shoe lineup. The Jordan 36 was also a hit with its midfoot high design. 

It is the lightest Jordan basketball sneaker in history. They have not given up on the Jordan line and constantly evolving it with the latest tech. 

This low-top version has better traction. Coupled with the lightest silhouette, you can hop around the basketball court in Jordan 36 Low with tons of freedom to move. 

Jordan 36 was taken up by storm last year. It was a deep researched-based basketball shoe. The low-top version’s on-court performance is as good as the preceding mid-top version.

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1. Traction:

Air Jordan 36 Low has an identical traction pattern to Air Jordan 36. This has a solid rubber outsole with a herringbone pattern on all the outsole. 

The thick rubber outsole is not very deep. Air Jordan 36 Low also gives multidirectional traction just like Air Jordan 36.

It will give you tremendous grip on indoor hardwood surfaces or outdoor hard surfaces.

Rubber compounds on Air Jordan 36 Low pick up very little dust on the dirty courts. Overall, it is a great sneaker. You will enjoy playing in them. 

2. Cushion: 

Air Jordan 36 Low has the exactly same cushioning setup as the mid-top version. it has a forefoot zoom unit. 

It employs a full-length pylon midsole and just above the outsole tread, there is a full-length Zoom Strobel unit. 

The whole cushioning setup is very comfortable and bouncy. With the forefoot compression, you feel a lot of springiness and bouncy feel with the forefoot Zoom Air unit. 

The whole cushioning act as one unit to give a responsive feel. The shape of the shoe is a little curved on the forefoot for smooth heel-to-toe transition.

Overall, the if you feel in love with Air Jordan 36 cushioning, there is no reason you are not going to like this one.

3. Material: 

Air Jordan 36 Low has full leno-weave upper materials. There is a connecting fused overlay that connects to the suede material running through the side of the shoe.

Leno-weave material is a high-tech material, engineered to provide this basketball sneaker strength, durability, and breathability. 

The tongue upper material is made up of nylon material. The tongue and ankle collar have minimum padding to keep them lightweight and breathable. 

The upper material has no padding, so there is no impact protection on the forefoot area too.

Overall the material is very light, it is see-through material all around. It feels so cheap. The shoe material quality is kept minimum. It could have been better for 175 $.

The back of the shoe has a pull tab. Overall a nice setup, nothing premium.

4. Support: 

Air Jordan 36 Low has a wide base. It has a side-supportive suede material to give side-to-side stability.

A slight outrigger with a wide base on the Air Jordan 36 Low will give you great lateral containment.

Air Jordan 36 Low has a similar eclipse 3 midfoot shank plate to give it torsional rigidity. 

The only difference in support is, that it does not have great ankle support. The low-top collar does not give a lot of protection to the ankle bone. 

Some players also experienced heel slippage, especially in the low-top Air Jordan 36.

overall, the support system is not the best but better than many performance basketball sneakers.

5. Fit: 

Air Jordan 36 Low has a wide footbed. So if you do have not very wide feet. Buying a true-to-size pair would be perfect. 

Many narrow footers bought the true-to-size Air Jordan 36 Low pair and they found the fit a little bit loose. 

Very wide feet players might feel compression in the pinky toes, it will be better if you buy a half a size up. There will be a little dead space in the toe box if you get a half size up, but it’s definitely better than a soar pinky toe.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways: 

The Air Jordan 36 Low was released this summer. It has a few colorways in the low-top version.

As we stated earlier, we liked the see-through high-tech material on the performance ground. It has outdone in all the performance boxes. The low version is worth all the hype.

There are colorways available in different retail outlets for Air Jordan 36 Low. which include, White, Black/White/Teal, Black/metal gold, Black/white/red, and Black/ crimson.

7. Outdoor/Durability: 

Air Jordan 36 Low has been tested for outdoor durability. the outsole tread pattern is not so deep. It is also very soft to endure rough and tough surfaces. It probably wears out after a few outdoor plays.

The upper material is very thin leno-weave. It is paper-thin material that has a plastic-type touch.

It is a great performance Jordan brand sneaker on the indoor courts with superb traction cushion and material, but outdoor use is not recommended.

8. Breathability/Ventilation: 

Air Jordan 36 Low low will give you tons of breathability. This is great for those players who wear them in summer and relatively hotter areas.

The see-through paper-thin material will keep you ventilated throughout the game. You are perfectly covered on the breathability ground.

Also, the insole has significantly wide holes. It will allow a good amount of air circulation all around the shoe. 

From a performance standpoint, Jordan 36 Low is a great basketball sneaker.

Now let’s see Air Jordan 36 Low Review from the real user and other experts views.

9. User Review:

Air Jordan 36 was a hit NBA sneaker. The low-top version is equally appreciated among the critics and players. 

It has a 5 out of 5 user rating for its quick stop and go, traction, extra responsiveness when you dribble on the ground. It has got you covered for a tough game.

10. Expert Review

The Sole Brothers

“If you want a top-line shoe with top performance and don’t way to pay that much, Air Jordan 36 low is a great option. Lace-lock is improved than the previous one, and the cushion and traction are the exact same. It is lacking in ankle support. Because top shoe, the shoe collar is lowered. Overall its a great performer at a low price.”

Foot Doctor Zach

“These are more nimble than the mid-top version, with wicked quick acceleration and push-off. These are best for point guards, and shooting guards. These are one of the better shoes for a rebound. Just the efficient push-up force and verticle lift you get out of these. Which is like second to none in the market. 36 lows are more comfortable”

Run Repeat

“It’s nice that the Air Jordan 36 Low does not veer too far away from the original 36, which is a widely praised basketball shoe. They look largely identical, save of course for the toned-down collar. The cushioning setup is the same. The outsole material and tread pattern are also direct lifts from the OG. If you fell in love with the Air Jordan 36, then there is no significant reason for you not to be discontented with the AJ 36 Low; unless, of course, you are just not a fan of low-tops.”

Snkr Tech Talk

“ These are better than regular Jordan 36, the material is breathable, gives the one-to-one fit, full-length herringbone traction pattern performs better than translucent outsole, the cushion is exact same as in Jordan 36, it’s a very much reliable shoe.”

Tommy Liu

“Court feel is low to the ground. The material is very thin, the insole has holes too. These are very lightweight shoes. It’s a comfortable and well-balanced setup. These are better than many low-top shoes out in the market.”

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