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Best for Flat Feet

It is one of the top basketball shoes for flat feet. It has everything one can expect in the best basketball shoes for flat feet as it stands out in cushioning, support and material. Although the fit is a little snug, it takes time to break in. but you will be more comfortable as you play more in Air Jordan 36.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 370g – 390g | Release Date: Apr 2022 | Top: High-Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: strong upper and the outsole wrapping upward towards the midsole | Material: jacquard leno-weave 


  • Superior traction
  • Lateral stability
  • Torsional support
  • Bouncy Zoom cushion
  • Impact protection
  • Breathable
  • Offer great jump force with Zoon air unit
  • Durable


  • Snug fit
  • Excessive cushioning lacks court feel.

Detailed Air Jordan 36 review

Air Jordan is the most successful series of Athlete shoes to date. Air Jordan 36 was the most anticipated pair of 2021.

Air Jordan 36 design features a hollow midfoot section. The Elipse 3 shank plate visible through the midfoot prevents a basketball player’s foot from twisting. 

The midfoot high up from the arch gives solid stability. Air Jordan 36 is the lightest NBA sneaker in the Air Jordan line. Stability coupled with the ostensibly reworked lightweight textile upper makes it a perfect performance shoe.

Jordan brand ensures comfort and elite responsiveness on the court. It’s a great hoop shoe for flat feet basketball players. 

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Air Jordan 36 Facts & Specs:

MidsoleZoom Air
MaterialLeno-Weave Textile 
SizeTrue to size


Air Jordan 36 has a fully translucent rubber outsole. The upper and heel portion has a conventional herringbone pattern.

The pattern on the Air Jordan 36 is engineered to give multidirectional traction. The Air Jordan will make it easiest to stop immediately and go. 

The traction pattern is so great on the translucent outsole on the indoor and outdoor court. You get more used to its amazing traction as you play more with these standout shoes on the court.

On very dusty outdoor courts, the rubber outsole gets dirty. But it’s easier to clean with a simple wipe. So the traction is pretty standard for the NBA performance sneaker. It remains consistent indoors as well as outdoors.


Nike Air Jordan 36 has a full-length Zoom air unit and a full-length Zoom Strobel.  The Zoom Air in the forefoot area along with the Eclipse 3 plate works together to store high potential energy in the sneakers. 

That forefoot Zoom Air unit and midfoot store air and release it on high jumps. It combines to make the shoe very explosive. Zoom Air is the best kind of technology when it comes to responsiveness and bounciness.

The Air Jordan 36 basketball shoe will help you make high jumps on the court. As the cushion is soft and plush, you will have tons of impact protection in it.

The cushioning is what one can expect from top-tier performance basketball shoes.


The upper materials in the Air Jordan 36 are ultra-lightweight and thin. It’s actually the thinnest compared to all the previous Jordan shoes.

In Air Jordan 36, they used a high-quality Jacquard Leno-Weave textile upper. That is super thin and minimal. It is further strengthened by the TPU ribbon.

The back of the shoe has a chain design that represents Micheal Jordan’s 6 championships and his gold chain.

In the area where laces connect to the side leather, a morse code is engraved.

The tongue area is sufficiently padded to give a soft and comfortable feel. 

The Ankle area also has minimal padding. The Material on Air Jordan 36 is reduced so much from the previous model. Hence, this one feels like a feather on your feet, even if you can see through it.

Jordan brand basketball shoe pair is very strong and supportive. It holds you up well on the court.


The support on the Air Jordan 36 is the best feature of the cushioning and material. The premium NBA shoes have a two-loop system with high walls to give side-to-side stability.

The midfoot area has a tough Eclipse 3 shank plate. This will prevent players from foot-bending injuries on the basketball court. Hence it will provide great torsional rigidity.

The Ankle and the inner area are very well padded to protect the ankle area and Achilles tendon.

Lateral support and stability are also great as you move side to side on a basketball court. there is no heel slippage.

The overall support and lock-down are the top tier in this latest Air Jordan 36.


Air Jordan 36 is a nicely fitting shoe. Narrow or medium-foot basketball players must go true to size. 

If you have very wide feet, then buying half size up from your actual size is recommended. Because the fit is a little snug from the pinky toe area and there were reviews supportive of its snugness from the toes.

Narrow feet players must go true to size.

You become more comfortable with time in Air Jordan basketball shoes. The Material takes time to break in. 

Otherwise, the material hugs perfectly to the feet and feels very light. The fit overall is awesome in these performance basketball shoes.

Looks / Appearance/ Colorways: 

Air Jordan 36 amazing colourways and pictures were leaked even before its release date. It has some dope colourways. The design itself is phenomenal. 

The side ribbon and the eclipse plate in midfoot give Air Jordan 36 perfect stability and a distinct look. It is easily a standout hoop shoe to date.

The most phenomenal Colorways include Air Jordan 36 glory, which is in white and has a golden side ribbon. Air Jordan 36 first light that’s in beautiful and stylish black and purple. All colourways are amazing and stylish. 


The Air Jordan 36 has been tested for outdoor durability. The translucent rubber has a herringbone pattern on the midsole. That looks tough but it’s not so deep. 

So it is likely that it would endure a clean outdoor court surface for a long time. But the rubber grooves do not look durable. So on the outdoor tough surface, it will wear out soon. 

The upper material looks very premium. It is actually lightweight and see-through. But Air Jordan 36 minimal material has maintained its durability. The material does take time to break in. 

So the outdoor durability is not up to the mark. 


The new leno-weave lightweight mesh textile upper is very breathable. The knit and design let air circulate in the shoe evenly. 

The insole has many holes to expose the zoom Strobel unit under the shoe. On the top of the tongue, there are 36 holes in the pull tab. That obviously is a representation of the Air Jordan 36th model. 

Overall the material is very ventilated in and out. You will not feel hot in Air Jordan 36 basketball shoes.

User Review:

We have collected user reviews from a review website and the official Nike Air Jordan 36  website. 

The user agrees that this is really a good shoe with superior traction, comfortable cushion, lightweight minimal material, and outstanding support pattern. So it has got a 4/5 from the users.

Expert Review

1-BBallShoes/ Reddit

“A state-of-the-art shoe with cushioning setup similar to KD13 but further enhanced by eclipse plate system. The thin leno weave upper is considered to be extremely breathable without compromising containment. However, the upper’s lack of giving and padding renders the narrowness of the shoe a tough fit to break in.”


“Another excellent flagship shoe, the AJ 36 is good all-around, with solid traction, cushioning and of course, looks”

3-Soul Brothers:

“Air Jordan 36 is one of my favourite performance shoes right now. I just wish traction could have been a little better on dust. Everything else about the shoe I really loved. The Cushion is super nice, and the bite is great. Material, support, and fit are absolutely nice. It’s an all-around great shoe”

4-Jacques Slade

“ Tech in the Air Jordan shoes is the same since Air Jordan 27 or 28. Performance is largely unchanged, which is great. However, this year was a big focus on getting to shoe lighter. These are bouncy and breathable.” 


“If you are okay with the price, this is very good. Super fun and bouncy. It’s super lightweight too. I would highly recommend you pick up a pair. Nike Air Jordan 36 is a good on-court performer”

6-Hoops And Life

“You are getting good tech and a lot of advanced tech in this shoe. So definitely give it a try. My overall rating for Air Jordan 36 is 4 out of 5. There are things like traction, cushion, and support I really like about it. But the material is less premium. It smashes my pinky toe.”

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