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Our Verdict:

Best for Centers and Heavy Players

Air Jordan 37 is the most awaited NBA signature sneaker of the year. Many players like to have more premium material than just mesh. But Jordans are boldly making it for enhanced comfort and stamina for their players. Overall, the cushion, support, and traction are very reliable. Any big dude with nimble footwork would love to play in them.

Shoe Details

Release Date: Sep, 2022 | Signature: Micheal Jordan | Weight: 400g| Top: High Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole:Phylon + Double stack Zoom Air + Formula 23 | Material: Lenoweave


  • Very responsive
  • Nicely engineered cushion for a balanced court feel and impact protection
  • Solid traction
  • Torsional support
  • High impact protection
  • Good for flat feet players
  • Super breathability


  • Lack supportive features
  • Expensive

Detailed Air Jordan 37 Review

Finally, the much-anticipated basketball shoe, the Air Jordan 1, is here. As always, I simply loved the stylish box with a pull-out drawer-like cover.

The first thing that captured my attention after the Jump-man logo on the top are the lines on the side of the box. Two straight lines and then three straight lines.

It represents Nike’s most sustainable cushioning foam in Air Jordan 37, Formula 23. It’s more than just cushioning, as Nike claims. It assists talented movers in the crash landing, loading, and launching.

Let’s unravel the design’s mystery and how it feels on the basketball court.

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What’s Exciting About Air Jordan 37

Air Jordan is the most popular sneaker, and its popularity has remained the same over the years. As a hooper, I anticipated that Nike would pull out new design tweaks in brand-new Jordans.

So I can say upfront that there isn’t much about design that changed from previous models. It still has the same see-through mesh.

But I expect that Air Jordan 37 will be a better sneaker in traction and cushioning as we know that Jordans has an impressive track record of delivering performance hoop shoes each year. So stick with me and read the full performance review of the Air Jordan 37 for detailed insight.

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1. Traction

Nike has altered the traditional herringbone pattern in the Air Jordan 37. Now we have a thick rubber pattern with different spiral-like shapes on the outsole.

With that being said, the traction is good. It could have been better. The reason is I experienced that outsole started sliding after some time.

It picks up dust and is not the best option for dusty basketball courts.

However, it gives good traction and sudden reliable stops once you feel comfortable in them.

For me, it’s good traction. But despite the sky-high expectations, it delivers average performance.

2. Cushion

Nike has applied a good amount of engineering in making cushions for the Air Jordan 37. It has a full-length Zoom Strobel unit and two Zoom Units stacked in the forefoot. The heel part has Formula 23 foam.

With its slight curve shape, it will help you move faster. As I said, the engineering helps you make high jumps with the super-premium Carbon fiber plate in the midfoot.

It stores the potential energy and releases it for high jumps. The double-stacked Zoom units are very responsive and give great impact protection on rebounds. 

Moreover, the heel part is caged with hard plastic. It securely cages the heel area and provides extra safety for a crash landing.

For me, cushioning just exceeded my expectations. Any big player, wide foot player would enjoy playing in it. It is very bouncy, with a responsive cushion that gives maximum impact protection.

3. Material

Upper material is mostly mesh. It’s not much changed from the Air Jordan 36. They used the Lenoweave upper material. 

You can see through the material. It’s very thin and soft. It takes an initial break-in time. But then, the step-in comfort is crazy. It’s nicely padded from the heel part. Moreover, two ankle pads on both sides give extra comfort and softness.

The material is mesh, so it does not look as premium as Suede or Leather. But in terms of comfort, the exoskeleton-style modern mesh upper is amazing.

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4. Support

The Air Jordan 37 does not have lateral outriggers for stability. Because the hoopers who make a lot of side-to-side moves might trip in the shoe; moreover, the Air Jordan 37 lacks thick padding in the high collars to protect the ankle area. 

The only thing that improves support is the carbon fiber shank plate that gives torsional rigidity.

For me, it’s an average support setup.

5. Fit

Air Jordan 37 runs true-to-size. Even with the true-to-size pair, you will feel a wiggle space in the toe box. The lack of padding under forefoot material resulted in providing insufficient fit and lockdown. 

So I don’t think that going down half a size would help you cover the empty spaces in the toe box. 

The heel lockdown is amazing and keeps the foot in place no matter what. 

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways

Air Jordan 37 has so far released 6 colorways on its official page. These are Beyond Borders, Hare, Jason Tatum, Raptors, Satou Sabally, Oreo, and Hot Punch.

The design and aesthetics are average. It lacks luster and any premium touch.

However, the Jordan 37 has a retro touch of Air Jordan 32 and Air Jordan 7 in the silhouette.

7. Outdoor/Durability

Air Jordan 37 has thick outsole grooves. They would be a great option for outdoor courts. The rubbers are not going to fuse and become flat. So it’s a good shoe in terms of durability.

So if you are planning to wear them on outdoor basketball courts, they are really a good choice. (after Puma MB.02 or Luka 1 with the same Formula 23 foam, which is better).

So durability and outdoor use are will be perfectly great with Air Jordan 37.

8. Breathability/Ventilation

There is no doubt that Breathability is phenomenal. It is crazy and one of the highlight features after the crazy cushioning in the Air Jordan 37.

It is for the players who like to play in the blazing sun on outdoor courts. The show will allow extra airflow around the feet.

9. User Review

The most anticipated Jordan shoe of the year is immensely popular and loved by users. It has received a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from the users on the official Nike online store.

10. Expert Review

BBall Shoes/ Reddit

“It is one of Jordan’s most breathable shoes having a propulsive Zoom unit and Carbon Firbre shank. Also one of the most durable shoes for outdoors. However, the outsole picks up dust, and there are concerns about the strength and quality of the upper.”

Sole Brothers

“Material is very minimal, traction is good, and it gives solid compression. It feels pretty good on my fee. Overall, I enjoyed some days of them, but the other day I did not. It’s good for a maximum bounce on the forefoot.”

Kicks Contest World

“Despite great comfort and cushioning, the Air Jordan 37 lacks good traction and subpar safety features. It looks like they copied Air Jordan 7 so much that they copied aesthetics and traction performance. Lockdown and stability are another disappointment.”

Tommy Liu

“Overall, Jordan 37 has some decent performance, but considering all the aspects, I don’t think they are worth the price. Cushioning is really good for vertical jumps. The materials are really bad. Durability is another concern.”

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