Anta GH 3 Review 2023

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Shoe Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 380g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace-up + HARNESS | Midsole: A Flash foam ( midfoot) + Nitro-EDGE in the forefoot | Material: Synthetic Material (Looks like synthetic textile)


8/10 User Rating (101+ User)

8/10 Expert Rating (3 Expert)

Fit & Lock
Value for Price

Infohoops Verdict

The Gordan Heyward shoe is a premium performer. The highlight of the Anta GH 3 is support and lockdown. It’s a very stable basketball sneaker.  The traction is impressive, the cushion is surprisingly explosive and responsive. The control it gives with lateral support and stability makes it a must-have shoe for your basketball game. However, it picks up dust on dusty courts, so these are excellent choices for indoor clean courts

Other Experts Say?

Kicks Contest World

“ Gordon Hayward GH3 gets a total score of 89 and claims the second spot in the season standing. The good news is the line is progressing. Traction, cushion, and comfort are outstanding. There are design innovations in ANTA GH3.”

The Sole Brothers

“This shoe is a great performer. If you are a guard looking for a responsive shoe and also a big guy, it’s a great performer. Support is top-tier. Traction is also great. It is sole brother approved. it’s gonna be in my rotation.”


“It’s a very stable sneaker. If you are looking for a budget performer, it’s a great choice. Traction is reliable. It stops on a dime. The cushion gives a nice bounce back. It’s in my rotation and I really liked ANTA GH3 performance.”


  • Premium cushion
  • Reliable traction on all courts
  • Amazing lockdown
  • Lateral stability
  • Lateral containment
  • Heel padding
  • Elegant Aesthetics
  • Snug fit
  • Bouncy Nitro edge cushion


  • Low ventilation
  • Snug in forefoot

Detailed Anta GH 3 Review

The New ANTA Gordan Heyward 03 shoe is a tech-packed model. As the name reveals, it’s Gordon Heyward’s third signature shoe by ANTA.

Duane Lawrance designs it. 

Design inspiration came from Hayward’s car and the racing culture of Gordon Heyward’s hometown Indiana.

The shoe introduces a unique lockdown feature. They called it a HARNESS locking system. The straps on both sides of shoes can be tightened for a better fit.

The shoe has “ shock stabilizers” on the sides for stability. A flash-Edge midsole and TPU arch support for midfoot support and stability.

ANTA GH 3 has a “Racing Tyre “ traction. All these features make it a best-performance basketball sneaker.

It is one of the best shoes for flat feet players for its Stability and support features. 

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Anta GH 3 Review 2023

Looks / Appearance/ Colorways

Gordon Hayward GH3 basketball shoes have many beautiful colorways out in the market. The sneaker has Gordon Heyward’s signatures, birthdate, and a fin mark.

Design meets all the basketball style codes.

Overall the design is beautiful. The most popular colorways of Anta GH 3 include Gulf Racing, Valentine’s Day, Triple Black, Painting Car, GH3 Christmas, and Riot Powder. 



Anta GH 3 Review 2023

Gordon Hayward GH3 has a racing car traction pattern. The inner/middle part of the outsole has a herringbone pattern. The edge of the outsole, however, has a linear pattern. Two different tractions on the outsole give you multidirectional tractions. It provides you stability for agile moves and quick stops on the court.

The non-slip rubber on the outsole is not too hard. On the cleaner courts, it makes a loud squeak. Bite on the clean floor is crazy it stops on a dime.

On the dirty basketball courts, the outsole picks up dust really fast. We highly recommend using these basketball sneakers for indoor basketball courts. 

Because when you do not wipe off the dust frequently on the outsole of Gordon Hayward GH3, there is a high risk that you might slip on the dirty court.

But for the clean indoor courts, traction is great.



Anta GH 3 Review 2023

Gordon Hayward GH3 has ANTA’s own A-Flash EDGE technology cushioning in the midfoot and the heel area. The forefoot area has a Nitro-Edge foam. 

The Nitro Edge foam resembles a Boost cushion in its responsiveness and court feel. It is responsive and soft. It will give you spring back on your forefoot movements. 

Gordon Hayward GH3 is a great choice for guards. It is not too bouncy. But it works just fine to provide impact protection throughout the game and protect you on your shifty footwork.

A-Flashedege foam is dense that covers the midfoot area. It gives a nice bounce over the jump shots. You are nicely covered for impact protection.

The foam however looks soft. Chances are, it will get softer over time, and lose its responsiveness. 

But generally, it is all that you want in a performance basketball shoe. It’s a perfect balance of responsiveness, impact protection, and court feel. 



Anta GH 3 Review 2023

Anta GH 3 basketball shoes have a very thin lightweight upper material. That has many benefits. This looks like a textile. It’s not stretchy at all. The upper material looks more like a synthetic textile.

It is comfortable and wraps around your feet really well. 

Gordon Hayward GH3 basketball shoes have a side TPU counter running on the midfoot. The heel area is heavily padded for ankle protection. 

The tongue area is made up of textile and screen mesh material. It is padded and connected to the novel “HARNESS” lockdown technology introduced by ANTA.

you can adjust Harness lockdown depending on your settings.

The side straps are internally connected to the tongue. When you tighten the straps, they wrap the shoe material around your feet more tightly.

There are leather straps running on the upper material. The looks of the upper material are not too premium. But it is super minimal and comfortable.



Anta GH 3 basketball shoes have superb support features. Starting from the midfoot shank plant that runs from the midfoot area to the heel.

It will protect your feet from twisting from your lateral and side-to-side movements. 

The sides of the sneaker have a TPU tech stabilizer. 

The Shark fin-shaped heel cup is made of hard plastic to support the ankle area.

The Harness lockdown straps along with the TPU stabilizer will give you amazing lateral stability and act as a shock stabilizer.

The forefoot area has a prominent outrigger for lateral stability and support. The stock SKU protects against spam fraud and abuse.

Some players have complained that the toe box is roamy. 

That might create an issue for lateral containment as your feet can slide a bit on lateral shots.

But overall, basketball shoes have checked all boxes of support. These are perfect for players with high arches. 



Anta GH 3 Review 2023

The Gordon Hayward GH3 basketball shoes fit true to size. Although if you are wide footer, then go up a full size. Because ANTA GH 3 has a pointy shape. 

Any player with a wide feel can feel uncomfortable on the toe box. So choose accordingly. 

Anta GH 3 basketball shoes use a Lacing system and Harness lockdown for a perfect fit. 

It secures your feet on the footbed.



Gordon Hayward GH3 basketball shoes have a racing tire traction pattern. This multidirectional traction works great indoors. But it’s for the outdoor dirty courts, you need to wipe it off very frequently. So these are not the best sneakers for outdoor courts. 

performance review shows that On the clean outdoor courts, traction works correctly. it is really good and grippy.

The outsole rubber is thick and soft. The upper material also looks durable with the leather straps running on the top. That gives it extra strength.

Overall the Anta GH 3 basketball sneaker is durable. it is wear resistant.



The Gordon Hayward GH3 upper material is very thin. It is flimsy and ultra-lightweight. You are not going to face any ventilation issues with these basketball sneakers. 

The tongue area has a small hole for air circulation around the shoe. so if you are looking for a breathable performance basketball sneaker, ANTA GH3 is the great NBA signature shoe. 

To get a more profound Anta GH 3 Review, let’s see what the real users and the experts have to say about the shoe.


 User Review

The China brand ANTA GH3 basketball shoes have all the qualities of a great basketball sneaker. That being said, no user reviews are available over the online forums.

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