Are AND1 Shoes Good for Basketball? Guide for Beginners

Are AND1 Shoes Good for Basketball? The Ultimate Guide

AND 1 is a US-based company that makes apparel and basketball shoes. Starting in 1993, the Philadelphia-based company had a great marketing strategy.

They launched a Mixtape campaign where players performed stunts on the street with hip-hop music in the background. This marketing campaign spiked its sale to 285 million $ annually, and by the end of 2001, AND 1 became the second-largest basketball shoe brand after Nike.

Are AND1 Shoes Good for Basketball? AND 1 is not in the top 5 basketball shoe companies globally. But it is still standing strong because their shoes are;

  • Spectacular for giving secure lockdown and fit
  • They are very durable.
  • AND 1 uses premium material for the basketball shoes
  • Basketball shoes are very affordable than any other sneaker out there.
  • Streetball fans out there like them. Hence it is backed by a strong community that enjoyed the shoes in their earlier days.

Please read the full article because we will tell you the features of AND 1 Shoe, the best sneaker of 2023, pros and cons of AND 1 basketball sneakers.

Are And1 Shoes Good for Basketball? 

Yes, AND 1 are perfect basketball sneakers for indoor and outdoor basketball courts. AND 1 are comfortable and cheap compared to the other well-known brands making signature basketball shoes. This year, it has made a good comeback with its few basketball shoe releases. AND 1 Attack 2.0 and AND 1 Tai Chi are one of them. Their streamlined and signature shoes are very affordable. Anyone can get a decent AND 1 kick under 100$.  

AND 1 basketball shoes have been worn by many prominent basketball stars over the years. That said, Norman Powell is one of them who gave his best performances in AND 1 Attack 2.0 basketball shoes. Powel leads his high school team to the state championship before coming to UCLA. He won his NBA championship in 2019 with Toronto.

Montrezl Harrel is one of the best players who has the title of NBA’s sixth best player of the year in 2020; they played in AND 1 and made many rebounds in them.

NBA stars like Stephon Marbury, Ben Wallace, Rafer Alston, and Jamal Crawford were legendary players sponsored by And 1 in their early days. 

Customer reviews and ratings 

Features of AND1 Basketball Shoes

AND 1 basketball shoe has had a hard comeback recently. They have been selling their shoes for a lower price with a low-quality rubber outsole and cushioning. But the recent releases of Attack, Tai Chi, Gemma, and Takeoff are some amazing basketball shoes.

They are originally made for outdoor courts but wearing them on the indoor court is also fine. 

Here is the detailed breakdown of the latest AND 1 basketball shoe features.


I know the AND 1 has been using cheaper EVA cushioning and no premium stuff in the past. But now they have launched Attack 2.0 with EVA foam on the top of the TPU bed. The insole is thick and comfy. The full-length Harmonix cushion will give a nice bounce.

The overall cushioning is an amazing combination of impact protection and court feel. 

Support and Stability

Are AND1 Shoes Good for Basketball? How Selling it Out Multiple Times Effected Its Market Over The Time

THE AND 1 shoes are known for their amazing stability and support features. Many shoes have shoe laces that pass from the nylon lace loops and have extra loops around the ankle area.

That gives a better fit and extra support to the heel area, and the heel has decent padding. The base of the shoe has injected shank to give it torsional rigidity.

Moreover, a slight outrigger makes them laterally stable for your reckless moves. 

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Traction and Grip On The Court

Both releases of the Attack basketball shoes from AND 1 and Tai Chi have multidirectional traction patterns. The traction pattern is perfect for playing on the outdoor court. 

They have wide spacing between thick and hard rubber grooves. Different traction pattern on the cap is so supportive of toe-offs. 

Overall, traction is very reliable. The outsole is durable and great for playing on tough concrete or asphalt surfaces.

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Breathability And Comfort

AND 1 shoes have a stretchy and comfortable upper, like Flywire mesh uppers. The micro-mesh material is very breathable. That will allow the air to flow around your feet throughout the day and prevent your feet from getting sweaty and soggy.

The material is super comfortable. It wraps around your feet like a glove and takes almost no break, period. You feel good in the shoe right out of the box.


  • Heel lockdown
  • Stability with a wide base
  • Solid traction on indoor and outdoors
  • Nice court feel
  • Comfortable material
  • Amazing breathability
  • Durable 
  • Very affordable


  • Cushioning could have been a bit bouncier
  • Nott so lightweight 

How AND 1 is Best Like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour

And 1 basketball shoe is perfect like any other professional hoop shoe. You get stability, traction, lockdown, and fit. It’s everything that a sneakerhead would like to look into their basketball shoe.

AND 1 that took over the market in their initial eight years of launch, signing many rookies with the brand. But the company sold many times. That affected their marketing and brand development process.

Leaving aside the lack of marketing in AND 1 shoe, the quality is impeccable. They have maintained the standard of their basketball shoes over the year. 

The only downside to their AND 1 sneaker is they need high-tech cushioning like Nike’s Air, Strobel, Zoom, or Adidas Boost, etc. they have been using their standard EVA cushioning with full-length thicker midsole.

Still, AND 1 has a long road to get ahead in the race because all the new technology used to make the new basketball shoes has set the bar much higher.

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AND 1 basketball shoes have a strong fan base and nostalgic value. The modern-day AND 1 sneakers are as good as any other renowned basketball signature shoe.

Attack 2.0, Tai Chi, Gemma 3.0, and Take Off 3.0 are some of the best options if you want to ass one of the AND 1 shoes to your basketball shoes collection.

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