Are Basketball Shoes Good For Golf? (Ultimate Guide)

I always like to cross over the shoe between sports. Every player does that at some point for some reason. But there is a reason that golfers want to switch between sneakers and professional golf shoes.

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Golf? Golf shoes are not comfortable and soft like sneakers, and lifestyle sneakers are not grippy and supportive like basketball shoes. So are basketball shoes suitable for golf? Before reaching a conclusion, we need to ensure hoop shoes are perfect for golf.

  • Do they have the excellent traction pattern needed on a golf course?
  • Is their upper material is water resistant?
  • Are they malleable and flexible for any movement on the golf course?
  • Do they provide high comfort for walking 18 holes on a golf course?
  • Are basketball shoes better than actual golf shoes?
  • Are they aesthetically as appealing as basketball shoes?

In this article, you will get all the answers and expert opinions about wearing basketball shoes on a golf course. So keep reading to the end.

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Golf?

Yes, basketball shoes are suitable for golf. Basketball shoes have better cushion and comfort than a golfer needs during the long walks. Most importantly, basketball shoes have a wider and more stable base to offer maximum stability on the golf course. Moreover, basketball shoes have a better and pleasant hugging fit to the feet that is non-existent in a golf shoes.

Many athletes are seen wearing basketball shoes on various points. That said, basketball shoes have become a fashion wear and style statement for their beautiful designs and attractive colors. So they look better and more attractive than golf shoes. 

Alternative Shoes For Golf

Andy Starr, an avid golfer, says that if you don’t have golf shoes, you can wear any of the following shoes and be just fine.

  • Tennis Shoes
  • Street shoes
  • Running shoes
  • Basketball Shoes 
  • Hiking or Trail Shoes 
  • Soccer shoes

Moreover, experts emphasize going barefoot instead of opting for alternative shoes. Even barefoot 3d shoes are custom manufactured according to the feet size of the customer.

Hence, you get tons of freedom in choosing suitable footwear if you go on a golf course.

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Similarities Between Basketball Shoes and Golf Shoes

Golf shoes have undergone a lot of changes in past years. If you see a recent pair of spikeless golf shoes, it would be hard for you to tell if it is a lifestyle sneaker, trainer, or golf shoe. 

Therefore, basketball shoes are similar to golf shoes in so many ways. I’ll tell you about all the similarities in detail.


An important feature of golf and basketball shoes is their fit and support. In this category, basketball shoes are a step ahead as they are more comfortable in terms of fit and lockdown.

Basketball sneakers are usually snug fit that does not allow heel slippage. The laces system is often integrated with the upper material to give an excellent one-on-one fit that keeps the foot in place. 


Basketball shoes are the most stable shoes in all sportswear. As Adidas Harden line and Air Jordan 36 are one of the best sturdy sneakers.

Certain spiked golf shoes are seriously lacking in stability. At the same time, spikeless shoes in golf and other sneakers like basketball sneakers offer better stability on the golf course.

They have high foam coming up as sidewalls that protect the wobbling on the golf course when you hold a club in your hands and hit the golf ball with it.


Basketball shoes are far superior in underfoot cushioning and comfort than traditional golf shoes. Golf shoes have made a slight improvement in comfort in this decade. 

But basketball shoes are comfortable right out of the box, and you need no break in period mostly. Therefore, in an 18 holes golf course, you expect to walk between 3 and 6 miles. You will get high comfort in a basketball sneaker for sure.


While golf shoes are innovating in technology, many are recently made with mesh uppers. However, they are not as water resistant as traditional leather uppers, but they are breathable, far lighter, and more comfortable.

Basketball sneakers are all about mesh uppers. As of recently, I barely see any non-breathable full-suede and leather upper. 

So basketball shoes will give you better material, with all the innovation in mesh to make it breathable and comfortable.


Golf shoes need traction for a good grip on the golf course. So they have spikes on the rubber outsole.

However, many spikeless golf shoes also provide good traction with the rubber outsole traction pattern.

Basketball shoes are great if you talk about reliable traction patterns for a good grip on the golf course. You will be perfectly fine in your basketball shoes as well.

Differences Between The Basketball Shoes and Golf Shoes

Here are some differences that we commonly see between golf and basketball shoes. Among all these, the main difference is that basketball shoes are not water-resistant. Let’s find out more differences.

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Basketball shoes have very colorful designs and striking and appealing colors.  Such as Nike Kyrie Infinity, PG6, and Adidas Harden VOL. 7 are the most aesthetic pairs among the latest signature shoes. 

While golf shoes lack any colorful shoe lines are as aesthetically pleasing as basketball shoes.


Golf shoes have a leather upper that is far less durable than basketball shoes with mesh uppers. 

Mesh uppers lack a premium look, but they are more breathable. 

Water Resistance

Golf shoes are water-resistant to protect your feet from getting wet on natural grass. That feature you won’t find in a basketball shoe. 

However, some retro basketball shoes, such as Nike Dunks and Air Jordan 1, can resist water penetration to some extent as they have premium leather upper material. 


Lastly, golf shoes have spikes on the rubber outsole, giving better traction than any rubber outsole. 

However, if you want better traction, you should opt for golf rather than basketball shoes.


Golf shoes are cheaper than any basketball sneakers. Any golf shoes under 50$ will give great value for your money and better performance than alternative sports shoes.

However, basketball sneakers can perfectly replace golf for a satisfactory golf session.

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