Are Basketball Shoes Good for Walking? (Explained) 

Are basketball shoes good for walking? Man walking on the road with shoes

Basketball shoes are no more just athletic shoes, they have become the ultimate fashion statement in the footwear niche. They are so stylish and comfortable that people love to wear them casually. But can you use basketball shoes for walking? Are Basketball Shoes Good for Walking?

These are some of the questions that I get asked daily? I am into basketball games for 15-years,  I have always used my basketball shoes off the court for everyday use and casual walking. And I’m not the exception. 

Eight-time NBA All-Star Stephen Curry says, “Playing basketball all my life, I have collected a lot of different basketball shoes, it’s pretty much all I wear”. 

See even the huge stars wear basketball shoes for everyday life. Now coming back to your question?

Can Basketball Shoes be Used for Walking?

Yes, basketball shoes can be used for walking. It is perfectly okay to go for casual walks in your stylish basketball sneakers. Basketball shoes are stylish, comfortable, and breathable which makes them perfect for casual walking. But they are not as comfortable and durable as other running or walking shoes. Therefore, if you already have basketball shoes, you can use them for casual walks and use them, but you should not buy separate basketball shoes for walking. 

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Walking?

Basketball shoes are good for casual walking but not suitable for long-distance walking. They are very fashionable, comfortable, and have great ankle supports. They can prevent injury during walking. However, they are not good for long-distance walking or hiking because they are less durable, relatively heavy, and designed for lateral motion. In outdoor walking or hiking on rough trails with dirt, gravel, and climbing rocks, basketball shoes quickly deteriorate. As a result, they can’t t withstand rough and tough trails and don’t help walking. 

Therefore, if you already have basketball shoes, you can use them for a casual walk and day-to-day use, but you should not buy basketball shoes for walking. 

But there are some outdoor basketball shoes that can solve the problem of durability and quick deterioration. After days of research, we have found some really durable and lightweight basketball shoes that will make great walking shoes. 

Main Qualities of Good Walking Shoes?

First things first, let’s understand what makes a good shoe for walking. Walking shoes should be comfortable, breathable, and durable. Further, they should protect your foot health and assist you in walking. We are enlisting some key features that determine the suitability of shoes for walking.  


Forget all you have heard about getting out of your comfort zone. Your feet must remain in the comfort zone of your shoes. Uncomfortable shoes will result in bunions, calluses, and spurs on your feet. If you have a foot injury or other issues, the shoe’s comfort becomes more important. But we recommend you should consult Podiatrist before taking up walking with a foot injury.  


A good walking shoe is breathable keeps the inside temperature normal and prevents the Athlete’s Foot. This way your feet don’t sweat and heat which is not only comfortable but prevents the fungus that causes Athlete’s Foot. 

For breathability, the upper of the shoes employ porous fabric or leather and synthetic mesh design. Such design and material enable air circulation and prevent shoes from heating. Basketball shoes are great for breathability because their upper is made of porous fabric and also employs a synthetic mesh design.


Your walking shoes should be durable, so you don’t need to replace them every month. They should be durable enough for all-day wear. Ensure that shoes can withstand significant forces for an extended period of time, regardless of their flexibility or stability. 

Sadly, basketball shoes lack in this department, especially indoor basketball shoes. The durability of shoes depends mainly on the shoe’s outsole and upper material.

Outsoles of indoor basketball shoes are made of soft rubber material for better traction but soft rubber quickly wears down on walking trails. While upper of the basketball shoes are composed of either leather or a mix of fabrics and leather.

But don’t lose heart, we have found some great basketball shoes that are very durable. For durability, the outsole should be made of relatively hard rubber and a leather upper. 

Support & Stability

Without proper support, your feet and legs have to work harder, and you have less control over your movement, which can result in foot injury. Basketball shoes provide great ankle and arch support. They are designed to prevent injury during quick direction changes in the game. Since walking is a straightforward movement, so it results in relatively less strain on your ankles when compared to basketball.


When it comes to the right fit, the cardinal rule is that your shoe should neither be tight nor loose. A tight shoe is very uncomfortable while loose shoes can result in injuries.  According to American Podiatrist Ami A. Sheth, a good shoe fits well in your foot and doesn’t cause pinching or trouble moving your toes you are ready to go for a walk. So, if your shoes require breaking in, it is not yet ready to go for walking. 


Experts like Dr. Sutera recommend that walking shoes should have good cushioning and arch support to reduce impact and absorb shocks. I personally like shoes with gel or air midsole cushioning. 


Basketball shoes are designed for athletic performance in mind. While both running shoes and walking shoes are specially designed to propel you forward, says New York-based podiatrist Dr. Jacquelyn Sutera. keep in mind that basketball shoes or even a pair of the best tennis shoes won’t be great for walking long distances, as they’re made for lateral or side-to-side motion. 

Light Weight

Whether you are looking for running shoes or walking shoes, you should go for lightweight shoes.  Most people walk for the health benefits, but the extra weight of sturdy shoes can result in strain, fatigue, and injury.

Basketball Shoes vs. Walking Shoes: The Differences

The major difference between basketball shoes and walking shoes is their design, durability, and weight. Basketball shoes are designed with the athletic requirements of the basketball game and court in mind. Therefore, their outsoles are made of soft rubber material to provide extra grip and traction in hardwood courts. They are designed to help in quick lateral movements and brakes. While walking shoes are designed to assist in walking, and endure the rugged terrain conditions

Here we will discuss some of the main components of basketball shoes and how they impact walking? Whether they are suitable for walking or not suitable.


The outer or upper portion of your walking shoes is essential for keeping the shoes on your feet. The more sturdy and durable the outer fabric, the longer your walking shoes endure.

And the upper of the basketball shoes are composed of solid fabrics like leather and synthetic mesh.

Durability is maintained by the leather, while breathability and flexibility are given by the synthetic mesh. 


The Insole has a significant impact on walking efficiency. Unfortunately, the majority of walking shoes do not come with the necessary insoles. Many people utilize customized insoles to support their feet in this circumstance.

But thanks to the basketball shoes they have the best insoles inside. These Insoles can not only provide pain relief for foot, ankle, and leg ailments, but they can also provide a series of benefits focused on aligning feet into a healthy state when standing, jogging, and walking. 

Midsole & Cushioning

Midsoles are a very important component of any shoe that determines cushioning, support and flexibility.  

Basketball shoes have quality midsoles composed of quality materials such as EVA and PU   to improve performance on the court. These soles make a significant contribution to walking performance as well. EVA and PU are two of the most used midsole materials. Walking shoes usually have local midsoles when you buy them at cheap prices. 

It absorbs the majority of body weight as well as impact forces. However, while EVA provides cushioning, stability, and agility, sportsmen must sacrifice endurance while using EVA midsoles. Midsoles constructed of PU, on either hand, provide excellent cushioning, support, and long-term durability.

In the case of midsoles, it’s better to buy basketball shoes as they don’t not only help the player or walker through their soles but it has a plethora of other functions too. 


According to renowned Podiatrist Dr. Sheth a good walking shoe has a thicker outsole with flexibility near the toes but not at the midfoot.  

The outsoles of the basketball shoes are not only flexible but thicker as well. They are made of rubber to offer stability and allow for easy ground contact. It is used by shoemakers because rubber can be utilized for many purposes whether it is in the basketball game or in walking as well.

As a result, it’s far preferable to choose a pair of basketball shoes that can also be used for playing or casual purposes.


Basketball shoes are good for quick lateral movements, jumping, and dumping. They provide ankle support and traction for the sport. While walking does not involve quick sideways motion, rather it involves forward motion. 


Basketball shoes provide excellent ankle support to prevent injuries. 


Basketball shoes have thicker outsoles and upper to support the ankle. While they are considered lightweight shoes but they are still considered bulky for running and walking. 


Basketball shoes are relatively costly. You can find good shoes for walking at less price.

Prevent Injuries

Their soles, heel straps, uppers, Achilles protectors, and other components are designed to provide you with endurance. Ankle, foot, and knee problems are less probable when you wear the appropriate basketball shoe. They offer protection and encouragement while pounding the pavement.

Any good basketball shoe should be able to provide you with cushioning for relaxation and ankle stability. If the basketball shoes aren’t able to prevent injuries, it will be impossible to chase the game or walking gear with a defective foot, knees, and ankle. That’s why they impact the body’s performance a lot.  

What matters to consider before wearing Basketball shoes for Walking

Basketball sneakers are becoming the new normal for walking. Here are some things to consider before putting on your basketball sneakers and going for a walk:

  • When you go walking in basketball shoes, you should consider the walking trail and terrain. If the trail is smooth, it is perfectly okay to wear basketball sneakers. If the trail is rough with lots of dirt and gravel, you should not go with your basketball shoes.
  • You should keep in mind that basketball shoes are not suitable for long-distance walking. You should only wear them for casual walks.  
  • Your shoes should be flexible and have a decent chunk of traction. So that it doesn’t fall over when walking.
  • The soles of basketball shoes must be extremely thick and made of hard rubber. They’re significant since they’ll protect you from stepping on sharp objects and last longer. 
  • Your basketball should have adequate cushioning to act as a shock absorber. This is a crucial consideration if the shoes cannot handle heavy forces when walking, you will likely feel pain in the foot.
  • The upper part of the shoe must be composed of leather or other high-quality breathable material so it will be beneficial for long-distance walking.

Best Basketball Shoes use for Walking

There are tons of basketball shoes on the market, some are really good for walking while others are really unsuitable. As a result, choosing a single pair is quite challenging. However, here is a list of basketball sneakers that you may wear both on and off the court. 

1-Nike KD Trey 5 VIII

Nike KD Trey 5 is one of the most durable basketball shoes. You can wear this shoe for walking as well as on outdoor courts without fear of quick deterioration. It is very lightweight and reasonably priced. This makes it the best basketball shoe for walking. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Fairly Priced
  • Great Cushioning

Reason to Avoid

  • A bit weak support
  • Less Breathable

2-Under Armour Curry 8

Under Armour Curry 8 is another great basketball shoe that fits our criteria of good walking shoes. The upper knit material and mesh structure makes it very breathable. It is a very lightweight shoe which makes it ideal for walking. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Fairly Priced
  • Great Cushioning

Reason to Avoid

  • Not Suitable for outdoors

3-Air Jordan 36

The Air Jordan sneakers are one of the finest and most popular basketball shoes in the world. It fits well with our criteria for great walking shoes. This is a really comfortable, durable, and lightweight sneaker. The upper is made of soft leather that minimizes heat and makes the shoe really breathable. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Great Support
  • Great Cushioning

Reason to Avoid

  • Not Suitable for outdoors
  • A bit pricey


People adore basketball shoes because they are fashionable and stylish, and basketball fans are especially eager to get their hands on a pair. But are basketball shoes good for walking? It depends on shoe type, the track, and walking activity.

However, before buying any basketball shoes for walking, make sure you analyze all of the aspects outlined in the article. This might assist you in finding the ideal match and making the right decision


Are basketball shoes good for walking all-day

Yes! The basketball sneakers are designed to be worn all day. They can give comfort and support while also reducing the risk of injury. However, bear in mind! You can’t walk and play in the same shoe since they lose their grip and cushioning after a while of casual use.

Are basketball shoes good for standing all day?

These shoes have unique properties that make them suitable for casual wear. They offer features such as Achilles tender protection that guards the Tendon against damage. They are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for everyday usage in any situation.

Can we use basketball shoes for running

Basketball games need a lot of running, which is why the shoes are made in such a manner that the player may sprint without losing their grip. As a result, it can be used as a running or walking alternative. However, it is unable to fully absorb the impact of running on a regular basis when used for jogging.

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