Are Basketball Shoes Waterproof? [Answered]

Are Basketball Shoes Waterproof? Ultimate Guide

Are Basketball Shoes Waterproof? Sports shoes generally focus on the players on court requirements. In basketball, the buyers and basketball shoes brand make shoes with great traction, cushion, support, and durability. 

Some players prioritize breathability, but that does not always happen. Since indoor basketball courts are covered, you don’t need waterproof kicks. But you may need a pair if;

  • You play more on outdoor courts
  • You won’t miss out on a practice day, whether it’s dry or raining.
  • As someone who plays in the streets, a basketball shoe that protects your shoes from splashes and puddles is necessary
  • You want to wear your basketball shoes for hiking and on the basketball court.

Keep reading because this article will tell you, Are Basketball Shoes Waterproof? Are they worth it, or can you play with regular basketball sneakers? Also, what are the available waterproof basketball shoes with good brand tags?

Are Basketball Shoes Waterproof?

No, most basketball shoes are not meant to wear in the rain or played at any place with a wet surface. However, only some shoes have upper material that does not let the water pass through them. Such as Air Jordan 1, are perfect hoop shoes that have real leather upper material. So you are safe to play in the water in such shoes. But these shoes have very poor ventilation. 

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Is It OK For Basketball Shoes To Get Wet?

Every sports shoe is worn on rough and tough outdoor and indoor surfaces. It is nearly impossible to protect them from water throughout their use.

We need to clean it every few days to clean the upper material and outsole for a consistent traction pattern.

Moreover, the debris on the shoe seams can wear them down easily. So we must wash it with water to maintain its performance and look. Additionally, it will remove the bad odor from shoes.

So if you want to use them on a wet surface, it will be completely fine unless you are not concerned about water seepage into the shoes.

Basketball shoes are great streetwear too. So if you want to use them on rough surfaces or in water splashes, you can do that. But as not all basketball shoes are water repellent, so you may end up with soggy feet. 

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What Do “Water-Resistant” and “Waterproof” Mean?

Waterproof and water resistant are two different things. People often use them interchangeably and end up with messed up concepts.

A waterproof tag at any utility tells us that it will not let the water come inside of the material regardless of the pressure of the water stream and the time you keep it in water.

On the other hand, water resistance will only prevent the water from entering the material to a certain degree. They will not completely restrict water from coming inside.

So basketball shoes are not waterproof. Most of them are not even water-repellent or water-resistant. At the same time, we can guide you about a few basketball shoes that repel the water from entering inside to let you choose one among them.

Water Repellent Basketball Shoes

Other than Air Jordan 1, U.A. 3Z5, Nike Court Borough Mid Winter Men’s, and Adidas D.O.N. 3 are water-resistant basketball shoes.

Nike court borough has the upper leather material, which is not as premium as Air Jordan 1’s. But it repels the water from entering the shoe. Hence it does the job very well.

Adidas D.O.N. 3 and U.A. 3Z5 have Mesh upper with overlays on the sides. They claim to be waterproof. But they surely aren’t water resistant. That means they will resist a water stream seeping inside the shoe.

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Does Nike Have Waterproof Basketball Shoes?

Are Basketball Shoes Waterproof?

Yes, Nike has one solid basketball shoe to prevent water from entering. That is Nike Court Borough. The sleek design and leather upper make a water-resistant surface shoe.

It’s a regular basketball sneaker that does not have any fancy looks. It’s more of a retro-style shoe with upper leather material. It is available in low-top, high-top, and mid-top versions. 

The shoes also come for only 60$. So it is a valuable addition to your basketball shoe collections, with a unique quality to use on splashy surfaces or in the rain.

Factors That Affect The Waterproofness Of A Basketball Shoe

There are a few things you must consider while eyeing a hoop shoe that you want to use on wet surfaces.


Basketball shoes come in a variety of upper materials. To list a few, these are Mesh, nylon, flywire, suede, woven textile, and leather.

Most materials are breathable and ventilated. Mesh and textile upper won’t make a completely waterproof shoe. However, they can resist water entering the shoe to a certain extent.

Therefore you cannot rely on them for being completely waterproof to use in a wet area.

On the other hand, leather materials are waterproof. So you can choose a leather upper basketball shoe to use on a wet surface or in the rain. These will restrict the water from entering the shoe more than any other material.

Seams and Construction

First, you need to have an all-leather upper if you are looking for a water-resistant ability in a basketball shoe.

Suppose that’s not possible somehow. Don’t worry, my friend; we have a backup option. In that case, you want to look for a basketball shoe with sides and toe boxes covered with suede or synthetic leather.

That will restrict the water entry into the shoe from the sides. However, the Mesh upper should also be water repellent like in Under Armour 3Z5. 

Therefore choose a waterproof basketball shoe carefully.

Do you Want to Look Into Other Brands For a Waterproof Basketball Shoe?

Jhuti is a brand offering a nice basketball shoe with a waterproof tag. It has the additional quality of protecting your shoe from the smell, as it restricts the growth of bacteria responsible for producing odor.

The other one is Adidas Forum Hi GORE-TEX shoes. These are proven to be waterproof with their Gore-tex construction; it’s safe to use in water splashes and puddles on streets. Made with 60% recycled material, it covers all surfaces pretty well without compromising breathability.

These were a bit expensive as they came at 160$. But it’s a great option as these are waterproof, breathable, and durable.


There are only a few options for waterproof basketball shoes. Like Adidas D.O.N. 3, Adidas Forum Hi GORE-TEX, Nike Court Borough, and Under Armour 3Z5. 

Not only are these waterproof, but they are great basketball sneakers as well. A complete mesh or textile upper can be great for breathability or comfort, but they are not waterproof. So get good-grade leather or suede basketball shoes with a waterproof tag to use on a wet area.

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