Are Jordan 13 Good for Basketball? [Explained]

Are Jordan 13 Good for Basketball? A 2023 Performance Review

Are Jordan 13 good for basketball? Are you kidding me? These are freakin’freakin’ awesome. Jordan 13 celebrated its 23rd anniversary in 2021 with a new colorway, “University Blue.”

It was originally released in 1997, the 13th signature shoe of the king of the basketball world Micheal Jordan. The same year, Chicago Bulls and Micheal Jordan won the NBA finals. Let me tell you something right off the bat you are going to love Jordan 13 if

  • You like retro-model shoes
  • You want to get premium stuff for 200 bucks
  • You want very durable kicks that last more than you expect
  • A shoe that is winner in stability profile with many outriggers on the sides of the shoe

Read on because this article will tell you how it performs on the outdoor and indoor basketball courts. Also, the amazing support features that it has.

Are Jordan 13 Good for Basketball?

Yes, Air Jordan 13 is good for basketball. Not only that, it has a strong nostalgic value for the fans of 90s ers. But its features are far superior to modern days basketball sneakers. A slight benk rocker shape gives a subtle forefoot flux, the cushion has Zoom Air with full-length phylon, and Traction is a solid 10 out of 10. Let’s say there’s nothing you can complain about.

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How old is Jordan 13?

Jordan 13 are the sneakers that will never get out of fashion. Releasing its new models in recent years has shown the Jumpman brand’sbrand’s concern and involvement toward what the fans want.

To quote a reviewer here, he says that Jordan 13 remains one of his favorite basketball shoes. The Jordan 13 has settled the bar higher for any sneaker. 

Jordan 13 which originally released just before NBA in the original Playoff colorways. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, this basketball sneaker got inspiration from how black panther attacks.

Micheal Jordan was called “Black Cat in his early days. The outsole shape resembles the paws of a panther with the cat’s eyes on the side.

Micheal Jordan ended his contract with Chicago Bulls soon after the 13 and 14 Jordans launch. Hence it symbolizes the end of an era.

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Can I play basketball in Jordan 13s?

Are Jordan 13 Good for Basketball? A 2023 Performance Review

Yes, you would love playing in retro-style Jordans on every surface. The shoe has amazing support features and stability. So these are great sneakers for the high arch, low arch, and the ones with Tendinitis.

You would enjoy playing in them more than any latest sneakers out there. Which means the tech and material used with a peak perfection. 

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Pros of the Jordan 13 for basketball

Air Jordan 13 has many great features. It’s an iconic basketball shoe available in all men’s sizes. Women can adjust their size by buying a full size down or 1.5 sizes down from the actual men’smen’s size tag. In case they have slim feet. If you wear size 10, then going 1 or 1.5 size down for women size would be great. 


Air Jordan 13 has the softest cushioning setup. Many reviewers commented that the heel-to-toe transition and responsiveness are unmatchable. It has a full-length Phylon with the forefoot and heel Zoom Air unit. 

It’s the most tech pecked sneaker that Nike introduced back in 1997. It still has been better than many bouncy sneakers. 

I want to have more balanced cushioning in my sneaker. It gives me that court feels coupled with so much impact protection. It is a 10/10 cushioning.


The outsole of Air Jordan 13 has patches of herringbone traction pattern on the outside. The Traction is very sticky and reliable on indoor courts. 

On the outdoor basketball courts, there is minimum dust that sticks on them. So you get the best Traction during all the time you play.

You can make reckless moves because the grippy Traction will cover you on the sudden stops and go. It is a solid traction pattern.


Air Jordan 13 belongs to the shoe era, where the manufacturers focused on making lasting products. That gives their customer true value for their money.

Therefore, Air Jordan 13 has all the premium stuff you can imagine in a signature Jordan sneaker.

Hence, the upper leather material and the shoe’s outsole are durable. The dimpled side leather and the suede patch underneath with triple seam will endure all the rough conditions. These are very durable kicks.


Jordan 13 has a base that resembles the pawa of a panther. So you get many outriggers instead of one on on the forefoot. So that makes them so much more stable shoes. 

The shoe has a midfoot shank plate. Moreover, the sides are a big patch of leather overlay over the suede material. So it does give lateral stability.

Cons of the Jordan 13 for basketball


Air Jordan 13 has a roomier fit. If you have narrow feet, there will be a little wiggle space in the toe box. That cannot be very pleasant for you. 

But otherwise, the lacing and heel give a secure lockdown. You can put an extra insole inside the shoe to make it a better fit for yourself.


Unlike mesh materials, which let the air pass through feet and prevent them from getting sweaty and soggy. The leather material upper that Jordan 13 has will not be breathable. 

There is no ventilation around your feet. So it would not be easy to play in warm weather the whole day. 


The second downside of the shoe is its high price. Air Jordan 13 retails for 200$ in 2023. All the reasonable signature shoes price falls in the range of 150-250$. 

Due to its higher price, it will not be the shoe everyone can buy. Even back in 1997, its price was so high, but the company should have paid more attention to making a Jordan pair that would be affordable. 

Air Jordans are still expensive compared to many other brands.


Air Jordan 13 has solid features as well as amazing aesthetics. It is one of the peak Jordan shoes that they made. It’s a must-have shoe in your collection as a basketball player.

The Traction. Cushion. Support, durability, and aesthetics it has outdone all departments. If you want to buy one, check out for the best price because many colorways are cheaper than others.

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