Top 10 Best basketball shoes for guards 2023

Top 10 Best basketball shoes for guards 2022

Guards lead the game of basketball. They dribble the ball on the basketball court. Guards are responsible for handling and passing the ball to the right player. So he must be able to handle it with speed and quick stops. 

Guards should wear the most suitable shoes that support their playing style and are compatible with constantly shifting directions. A proper gear that allows extreme agility on the court all the time is the optimum choice for guards 

Without overcomplicating things, just keep in mind that a guard’s shoe must be very supportive, and responsive. Also, it should be able to give you control over your quick moves.

We have reviewed the 60 latest basketball shoes and read 220 reviews to select the Top 10 Basketball shoes for guards in 2023.

We made the selection of the most dedicated guard shoes based on a few key features.

Let’s break down those features.

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes for guards Reviewed

Of the 25 shoes, only 10 proved to be real champs. Let’s now review each shoe in detail.

1. Puma Clyde All-Pro (Best Basketball Shoes For Fast Guards)

Best for Guards

Puma Clyde All-pro is one of the best basketball shoes for guards right now. The shoe has grippy traction, a responsive cushion, and a premium support pattern of a great basketball shoe.  It has slight lockdown issues and takes time to break in. once broken in, you will enjoy every minute in these performance hoop shoes. All reviews are in favor that it’s an excellent sneaker.


  • Consistent traction
  • Optimum court feel
  • Low to the ground
  • Ankle support
  • Great aesthetics
  • Lightweight material
  • Bouncy cushion


  • Low padding on forefoot upper
  • Minimum  impact protection

Puma Clyde All-Pro is our first pick among the best basketball shoes for fast guards. This puma basketball sneaker is lightweight to suit the energetic playing style of Guards on the basketball court

The outsole rubber looks soft. But on outdoor use, it was very durable. The Traction on the Puma Clyde All-pro is phenomenal. It is very consistent on indoor and outdoor courts. The shoe has an insane grip on the basketball court.

It has full-length pro foam plus cushioning. It’s a great mix of impact protection and compression. The cushion is minimal to keep it lightweight. 

Puma Clyde All-pro has a Matrix Evo Tech-engineered upper. It’s made to feel minimal and breathable on foot. The material has minimal padding and it’s very comfortable.
The Puma shoe has a wide base. For the Support, it has an internal TPU unit around the ankle area. The shoe side walls have slight outriggers to give lateral stability. So it has all you want in the best outdoor basketball shoes for point guards

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2. Converse All-Star BB Shift (Best Basketball Shoes For Guards All Time)

Best for Guards

The Converse shoes have a very solid fan base. The perfect balance of responsiveness and court feel is what makes it the best basketball shoe for explosive guards. It is super minimal and low to the ground.  The grippy traction and reliable support will keep up with your energetic moves. the thick and durable outsole is durable for outdoor use. Fit is a bit of an issue in converse all-star bb shift. But For the price tag, of 90$ it’s a great package.


  • Reliable traction
  • Lateral stability
  • Zoom air cushioning on the forefoot
  • Solid court feel
  • Durable material
  • Very low to the ground
  • A mix of old and new basketball technology


  • Insufficient cushion in the heel
  • Low impact protection

Converse All-Star BB Shift is a converse shoe that was the first to launch a professional basketball shoe in history. This converse basketball shoe is one of the top 10 basketball shoes for guards.

The outsole has a radial traction pattern. The grooves are thick. The radial pattern is strong to bear outdoor performance as well. The traction is very reliable on these converse shoes. 

It has a firm foam in the heel area. Which is minimum. But it has a Zoom Air Unit cushion in the forefoot area. With such minimum padding, it’s not recommended for anyone with knee issues. But the court feel is great with nice impact protection. 

The toe box has textile knit material, the sides have a lino-weave covering, and the back has synthetic leather. It is very lightweight. The mixed upper material is supportive and shifty on this low-top shoe.
Fit is narrow, so you must buy a true-to-size shoe. As for support, it has an internal TPU heel counter, and the side walls on the heel are very supportive of lateral movements. It’s a great support pattern for the best basketball shoe for point guard

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3. Puma MB.01 Lo (Best Indoor Basketball Shoes For Guards)

Best for Guards

The low-top Lamello balls signature shoe allows great freedom to move around the basketball court. All puma shoes have an awesome traction pattern. Low ground cushion and on-point support make it the best basketball shoe for guards in 2022. It might not be too supportive for rapid stops, caging rubber outsole is flat. But overall it’s got every feature of a great basketball shoe.


  • Consistent traction
  • Super step-in comfort
  • Responsive cushion
  • Biting traction
  • Lateral support
  • Comfortable and soft material
  • Lightweight


  • Heel slippage
  • Minimum cushion

Puma MB.01 Loa is the new release low-top version of LaMelo Ball’s signature sneakers. This basketball shoe has a very distinctive design, and cloud-like UFO colorways are inspired by UFOs, hence it’s a futuristic design.

Talking of traction, the puma low-top version has a translucent outsole with a radial pattern. It is hard and durable. It’s very consistent during all quick and hard turns. If you are concerned about durability. It’s going to be great for a longer period on indoor courts.

It has a full-length Nitro-foam cushion. It’s a very balanced cushion. In addition to that, the insole is comfortable. The step-in comfort in Puma MB.01 LOW is amazing. The cushion is not too bouncy, however, it’s great for a good court feel and impact protection.

The material aesthetics are impressive. The UFO colorways have a grey metallic shade and light blue outsole. That is inspired by the blue beams coming out of UFOs. Material is mesh and modern. It’s nicely padded with leather around the laces area. Overall it’s lightweight and comfy.

The support on Puma MB.01 Low is everything you need and nothing that you don’t. The shoe has a mid-foot shank plate. It has an internal TPU heel counter and moderate Achillie padding. In terms of lateral stability, puma has got you covered. 

With that being said, the fit is not too wide, so going true-to-size will be the best option.

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4. Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut 2 (Best basketball shoes for point guards)

Best for Guards

Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut 2 has all the features of a supportive and high-tech basketball shoe. The traction is solid, and the cushion is low to the ground yet gives great protection. Support and lockdown are better than Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut 1. However, the price is not very affordable. But the overall shoe is a great responsive setup for a shooting guard or point guard.


  • Solid performance traction
  • Very durable material
  • Low to the ground cushion
  • Forefoot comfort
  • Lateral stability
  • Breathable material 
  • Flexible design


  • Very high price
  • Bottom heavy outsole

Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut 2 is the most anticipated sequel of this year. This shoe has many brilliant features and few shortcomings. 

But let’s agree on one thing beforehand, the traction on the  Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut 2 is what the best basketball shoe for guards should have. The amount of cut and jump it gives is just fabulous.

These are the right basketball shoes for someone who needs more shifty footwork, hence it’s undoubtedly the best basketball shoe for a shooting guard or point guard

The herringbone pattern on the outsole is really deep and the heel portion has an arrow pattern. It is undoubtedly the most durable basketball shoe of 2022. Traction is very grippy.

 Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut 2 has a Zoom Strobel unit. On the top, it has React midsole foam. The full-length shank in between gives a nice torsional rigidity. It’s a bouncy and jump-pro setup.

The material on it is a textile material. 

It has variable knit and thickness on various parts of the shoe. The design of the upper on Black Bright Crimson colorways looks very futuristic. It’s a breathable upper.

The shoe has a TPU heal counter on the outer side of the shoe. This is flexible and allows all kinds of jumpy and multidirectional movements. 

it is flexible in terms of torsional rigidity. The base is wide and has a slight outrigger. So lateral stability is also nice. Overall it’s a great shoe for guards in 2022

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5. Jordan Zoom Separate (Best Low Basketball Shoe for Guards)

Best for Guards

Jordan Zoom Separate is a great Budget model from Nike. It’s a great performer shoe If we can overlook the material quality for a while. The traction is outstanding.  The cushion is responsive. Support fit and lockdown are what a professional basketball player needs. It has pretty much got you covered on all the ground. So why not grab a pair?


  • Grippy traction
  • Lateral stability
  • Great fit
  • Budget-friendly
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Great impact protection
  • Breathable and lightweight material


  • Heel slippage
  • Low-quality material

This Jordan shoe is a Luka Darcias lineup shoe. The Nike Zoom Separate is designed for the players that need tons of control with their shifty moves. This is the best basketball shoe for Big Guards. 

The traction on Jordan Zoom Separates is grippy while you are stopping on a dime or making quick cuts. It is excellent on clean courts, but it needs a little clean-up on the dusty court.

The cushion is full-length phylon. The forefoot has a Zoom unit. This is a solid combination of responsiveness and court feel. You will have great jump force and a nice court feel in Jordan Zoom Separate.

The material on Jordan zoom separate is a less breathable nylon material mesh. The tongue is made up of neoprene material. It is also not heavily padded. For a budget model, the material does the job pretty well.

The shoe fits like glove. So a true-to-size pair will be great.

The support is got you covered all the way. The heel area has an internal TPU heel counter. The midfoot shank plate will give torsional rigidity.

The forefoot area is pretty wide. There is a slight outrigger so it will be very supportive of lateral movements while playing basketball.

It’s the best basketball shoe for guards.

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6. Air Jordan 36 low (Best Basketball shoes For Quick Guards)

Best for Guards

Air Jordan 36 is a top-tier performer. It has a great comfort level with the Zoom Air unit. Traction makes it one of the top 10 basketball shoes of all time. The only downside is, that these are so expensive. But the feather-light upper and comfort level with a distinctive design makes it a great hoop shoe of all times.


  • Superior traction
  • Lateral stability
  • Torsional support
  • Bouncy Zoom cushion
  • Impact protection
  • Breathable
  • Offer great jump force with Zoon air unit
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • Heel slippage

The Air Jordan 36 Low is a revolutionary kick in the basketball shoe lineup. The Jordan 36 was also a hit with its midfoot high design. This low-top version has better traction.

The traction is outstanding. The rubber outsole has a herringbone pattern. Quick guards will not have any problem with quick stops. 

It is great on a clean and dusty court. It is consistent on outdoor and indoor basketball courts.

The cushion in Air Jordan 36 Low is comfortable and responsive.

It has a full-length Zoom Strobel unit. The forefoot area has another zoom unit. So it’s very bouncy. Court feel is not compromised on this cushion setup.

The material on the Air Jordan 36 Low upper is minimal textile. The sides have synthetic leather for durability. It does not look very premium, Nike needs to make a better upper for this price.

The shoe has a traditional lacing system. Fit is not too wide on the forefoot. 

The shoe has a shank plate in the midfoot area. The forefoot area is wide. So the shoe gives perfect torsional rigidity and lateral stability. The support pattern is pretty amazing.

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7. Nike Kyrie 8 (Best Basketball Shoes For Combo Guards)

Best for Guards

The Nike Kyrie 8 gives a violent jump force and controlled footwork. The traction allows quick stops and the cushion is very bouncy. It gives control and stability. This is the best setup for quickness and agility in tight spaces. Along with these if you want a very durable basketball shoe, then you should look no further than Kyrie 8. Lateral containment and lockdown are excellent. It’s suitable for versatile players and combo guards.


  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Very durable upper
  • Great jump force
  • Quick and agile setup
  • Superior lockdown
  • Indoor traction
  • Superior traction


  • Material in cheap

Nike has made yet another pair in line with Kyrie’s signature shoes. Kyrie is a point guard in a basketball game. He is known for having great control over his moves. He slows down and then picks up the speed rapidly.

This Nike Kyrie 8 has a herringbone pattern. The herringbone pattern is a very reliable pattern in terms of traction and durability.

In the clean courts, it is very consistent and has an insane bite on the floor. But on dirty courts, it picks up dust on dirty courts. However, it will give you a great grip on changing directions.

The Nike Kyrie 8 has a Full-length Zoom Strobel and an Air Zoom Unit in the heel. The amazing combination of the steller tech cushion in the kyrie shoe is super responsive. 

The Cushion does not compromise on-court feel. It is a very explosive setup in the heel for high jumps.

The material needs no time to break in, although the shoe is not very breathable. The shoe top has a textile knit upper that glow in the dark on a few colorways. Material is pretty nice for a budget shoe.

The two leather straps on the forefoot with eyelets make Lockdown even better. The kyrie 8 shoe has a very wide forefoot base with prominent outrigger areas. This wider base gives it great stability. Support and lockdown are covered very well in it.

8. Anta GH 03 (Best Basketball Shoes For Explosive Guards)

Best for Guards

The Gordan Heyward shoe is a premium performer. The highlight of the shoe is support and lockdown. It’s a very stable shoe.  The traction is amazing, the cushion is surprisingly explosive and responsive. The control it gives with great traction makes it a must-have shoe for your basketball game.


  • Premium cushion
  • Reliable traction on all courts
  • Amazing lockdown
  • Lateral stability
  • Lateral containment
  • Heel padding
  • Aesthetics
  • Snug fit
  • Bouncy Nitro edge cushion


  • Low ventilation
  • Snug in forefoot

The New ANTA Gordan Heyward 03 shoe is a tech-packed model. It is the latest release with the features that a regular basketball player would like to have in his hoop shoe.

The outsole is a herringbone pattern. The traction is very premium. It will make quick stops and narrow turns easily. In the clean courts, the lateral movements and turns are smooth. You need occasional wiping oof o n dusty outdoor courts.

The Anta GH 03 has an Anti flash Edge cushion setup. The forefoot has Nitro Edge. this is ANTA’s own tech. The bounce and compression are very balanced. It is soft and responsive. 

Material is like a fabric that is not stretchy and contains your feet nicely. But it takes time to break in. the material is very lightweight and thin.

Fit is snug because its material is not stretchy. The side of the shoe has a caging in the midfoot and heel. The heel area has an internal TPU heel counter.

So the support is great with superb lateral containment and lateral stability. Overall it’s a great support and lockdown setup. It is a great choice for explosive guards.

9. Nike Kyrie Low 5 ( Best Basketball Shoe for Guards Nike)

Best for Guards

Nike Kyrie Low 5 is designed to match the agile and quick styles of a guard. The traction remains consistent in all types of courts. The cushion is balanced and low to the ground. Support and lateral containment are amazing. Also, it retails for only 120$. It’s a great performer basketball. That goes well with the playing style of shooting guards and versatile basketball players.


  • Outstanding traction
  • Impact protection
  • Soft material
  • Lateral containment and stability
  • Minimum material
  • Nice and balanced cushion
  • Great court feel


  • Torsional rigidity is reduced
  • Material could have been better

Nike Kyrie Low 5 is a versatile shoe. It has great design innovation. Many WNBA guards are wearing Kyrie Low 5. It goes well with their explosive style and agility.

The traction on the court is biting and like Kyrie Irving, you move with great agility. The outsole traction pattern is a wavy herringbone-like texture. It is a very very reliable traction pattern on clean and dusty courts.

Kyrie Low 5 has a full-length phylon cushion. The forefoot area has a Zoom unit. So the court feel is not at all compromised. It goes well with versatile players’ styles. There is enough impact protection and comfort.

The material is thin. It nicely wraps your feet up. It’s a comfortable textile material that has synthetic overlays for added durability. So it’s nice material.

The Fit is wide foot friendly. The heel area has an internal heel counter. The material plants your foot nicely on the footbed, so lateral containment is also covered. The forefoot has a wide base and there are small outriggers for maximum lateral stability.

So the Nike Kyrie 5 is overall a great kick for male or female guards.

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10 Under Armour Curry 9 (Best Basketball shoes for Small Forwards)

Best for Guards

Curry 9 is a great choice for guards’ outdoor basketball shoes. The traction, responsive cushioning, and support all are outstanding. Its aesthetics are the cherry on top. It’s a beautiful design. Under Armour Curry 9 has some deadly traction pattern on the outsole, and the cushion is low to the ground. But the shoe has an amazing lockdown and stability pattern. It’s overall the best Under Armour shoe for flat feet basketball players.

  • Super responsive cushion
  • Great lockdown
  • Amazing traction
  • Lightweight
  • Don’t accumulate dust
  • Budget-friendly
  • Torsional stability


  • Less durable
  • Too bouncy

These are Labeled as unisex basketball shoes. So women with low arches can wear them as women’s basketball shoes for flat feet. 

The Low-top Under Armour shoes are winners in all categories, for excellent traction, midfoot support, responsive cushion, and soft and durable mesh material.

The support on the Curry 9 is outstanding. 

The Curry 9 has a wide base for wide flat-foot players. You feel very low to the ground. The insole has a little side outrigger. It gives nice lateral stability. The back of the shoes has a TPU heel counter to support the heel area.

The hallmark of these pairs of sneakers is their huge traction. Nothing out there can beat it in the traction with this budget. 

The heels offer a nice curve shape. The transition is very smooth while running on rough outdoor basketball shoes. Even on a very dirty court, it works extremely great.

The cushioning is very loaded to the ground with its full-length flow cushioning. The cushioning is not so thick, not so thin, it offers impact protection and a nice balance to give a nice court feel too. So the overall cushioning is very soft, fine, and comfortable. 

The material is fine and the textile. It has a pattern on it. The overall material is light with a criss-cross design in it. The fit is excellent and snug. As you use it more it becomes wider

As for the outdoor shoes, these must have great durability, the nice rubber outsole is thick and very durable. It supports nice and smooth turns with its soft curved shape in the forefoot.

Features to Have in the Best Basketball Shoes for Guards


Guards are the most active player on the basketball court. Point guards run the offense. It’s important to have a strong foundation to make cuts, crossovers, and quick stops. 

Best basketball shoes for point guards should have solid multidirectional traction. 

The outsole on the basketball shoes has rubber tread patterns. This should be able to make a strong grip on the basketball court. 

Shoes with great traction make a solid bite on the court. It does not matter how fast you are moving, the shoe with promising traction will handle it all.

Also, the outsole pattern must be made up of durable rubber. It should be able to last longer with a guard’s shifty moves. Kyrie is a guard shoe where you will see crazy multidirectional traction pattern.


Whether you are a point guard or shooting guard, you need the best basketball shoe that gives excellent impact protection. It might as well, should not have so much padding to make the basketball shoe heavier. 

Although the best basketball shoe for guard must be packed with new tech cushioning setups for a comfortable play. It should also be able to support high jumps from a distance.

A balanced cushion with superior impact protection and court feel is the right shoe for a guard.

Weight and Cut

Although the best basketball shoes for guards must be responsive on the court, they should also be lightweight to allow fast moves. 

A heavy cushioning setup with a low court feel is what you must avoid while selecting the best basketball shoe for guards.

Heavy basketball shoes hinder shifty moves. 

Most NBA players use Low or Mid-top basketball shoes. The low-top shoe will not hinder the player’s rapidly changing directions. 

It will go well with players’ speed and ensure accuracy throughout the game.

Lateral Stability and Lockdown

The best basketball shoe for quick guard is selected based on the perfect lockdown and stability feature. A nice lace-up top will prevent heel slippage. It will give a secure feel for high jumps and fast side-to-side moves.

Talking of side-to-side moves, it should have nice lateral stability to make quick stops possible. 


What shoes should point guards wear?

A point guard takes a huge responsibility for dribbling the ball and passing it on to the right player. Sometimes he has to shoot the ball from a much larger distance. 
Chances are, heavier shoes with maximum padding would hinder his movements. For that reason, Guard should wear extremely lightweight basketball shoes and allow fast multidirectional movements. A low-top or mid-top basketball shoe is suitable for a point guard. That will not restrict his agile and quick movements around the court.

What is the best shoe for a point guard?

Kyrie Irving is a point guard. Nike has introduced a range of high-tech, comfortable, supportive shoes that goes with his speedy yet controlled playoff style on the basketball court. Through reading several helpful reviews, we concluded that Nike Kyrie Infinity and Kyrie Low 5 are the perfect choices as the best shoes for basketball guards.

Are LeBron shoes good for Point guards?

James Lebron plays in the positions of small forward and power forward. His signature LeBron shoes are designed with crazy cushioning because such shoes help out with grab rebounds and handling open jumpers on a basketball court.
LeBron shoes have Zoom Air units, Cushlon, and Air Max units. That reduces the court feel. LeBron shoes are not lightweight either. Having said that, Lebron shoes are not perfect shoes for point guards. But if you are eyeing a LeBron shoe, LeBron 19 Lo is an optimum choice. Because this low-top model is relatively lightweight.

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