10 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping 2023

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

It’s a dream of every basketball player to make high vertical jumps. Unfortunately, if a player has an average of 6 feet in height, he can’t just jump a 10 feet hoop without any support and jump force. 

Luckily, high-tech basketball shoe has incorporated jump-pro cushioning. That stores the potential energy and releases it as an intense rebound back, resulting in higher jumps. 

We have researched and tested 30+ shoes to recommend the top 10 best basketball shoes for Jumping. During our research, we collected expert reviews from video monetization websites and tested the best dunk shoes on our testing parameters.

If you are in hurry, let’s have a look at our top 5 picks for best basketball shoes for jumping.


Best For


1. Nike Lebron 19

Best Overall

2. Under Armour Curry 8

Runner Up

3. Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut

For Jump Shooters

4. Nike Cosmic Unity

For Vertical Jump

5. Nike PG 5

Jumping and Running

1. Nike Lebron 19 (Overall Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping)

Overall Rating


Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

Best for jumping, Big players

Nike Lebron 19 has some of the best cushioning in all the Nike shoes. It’s a very responsive and explosive shoe. It has amazing lateral stability and support features. For flatfeet or wider feet for bigger players, it’s an excellent hoop shoe.


  • Amazing responsiveness and jump force
  • Plush cushioning
  • Lateral stability
  • Ankle support
  • Durable material


  • Picks up dust on dusty court
  • Heavy

Nike Lebron 19 is a part of our best cushion basketball shoes for its super soft and plush cushion. That features an Air Max unit along with the zoom air.

Along with the full-length Cushlon, there is an Air max unit that connects through the midfoot in the forefoot area. The forefoot has a Zoom Air unit. 

When you make a heel dominant strike on a basketball court, the air transfers through the Air max unit in the rear foot to the forefoot giving it a forward thrust.

The forefoot zoom has a very plush and soft feel and ensures safe landings on the court.

The only downside is the weight of the Nike Lebron 19. It’s a bit on the heavier side. 

Apart from that, the cushioning setup is just superb. It’s like a Nike Air zoom cushion is on steroids when combined with the forefoot zoom. It’s responsive and very soft.

The traction pattern differs slightly from the conventional herringbone or tire traction pattern. It’s the crown logo of King Lebron that’s engraved in a very small size on the outsole. It’s very effective in giving multidirectional traction patterns.

It’s very reliable traction and is better than its former Lebron sneakers on clean courts. But still, it picks dust on the dirty court.

The material is very very lightweight and minimal textile. It’s very soft and conforms to the foot shaped like a glove. 

Nike Lebron 19 has TPU winglets on the sides. That makes it a very stable shoe. You get tons of lateral stability in the shoe. Heel areas are padded to protect the ankles it’s a very supportive shoe.

It fits true to size. Moreover, it has a pretty wide base. If you are a bigger guy then look no further. Nike Lebron 19 will be a comfortable and bouncy shoe for your ball game.

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2. Under Armour Curry 8 (Runner Up)

Overall Rating


Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

Best for Quick Guards, Traction, Jumpig

Under Armour Curry 8 has a very responsive and bouncy cushion. Although we selected it for the best bounce, crazy traction is also one of the highlight features. Overall, Its the basketball shoe for quick guards for its explosive cushion and great traction.


  • Amazing traction
  • Responsive and bouncy cushion
  • Lightweight ultra-thin material
  • Breathable
  • Ankle support
  • Side-to-side stability
  • Very durable material


  • Fit is on the snug side

Under Armour Curry 8  is the ultra-lightweight shoe. It’s one of a kind because Curry 8 has a foam outsole instead of the conventional rubber outsole that we have almost on all basketball shoes.

The cushion in the Curry 8 is Under Armour’s Flow technology cushion. Which is very lightweight and soft. 

Impact protection is outstanding. It is responsive and bouncy. You can fearlessly make higher jumps with secure landings in this cushioning setup.

The traction on the foam outsole is excellent. You can make a quick stop and turns in curry 8 so smoothly. There is no sliding even on the dustier courts. The traction remains consistent on the outdoor and indoor courts.

Additionally, the shoe material and outsoles are very durable. So these are the perfect bang for the buck. The upper material is lightweight and breathable.

The material is very comfortable and it’s easy to slip into the shoe. It’s stretchy on the ankles area. The Curry 8 fits true-to-size. It has a soft and snug fit. 

The shoe base is the wide base for better stability on the basketball court. The Ankle area has sufficient padding to protect the Achilles tendon.

Wide feet players might feel more comfortable in half size up than their true size. Because the fit is a bit narrow on the toe box.

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3. Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut (Best Basketball Shoes for Jump Shooters)

Overall Rating


Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

Best for Versatile players

Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut is the best basketball shoes for jumping and dunking with its drop in react foam and zoom Strobel midsole. You will miss a low-to-the-ground feel. But the cushion is one of the best. With excellent traction, comfortable fit, and soft material, G.T. Cut has everything you want in a basketball shoe. 


  • Reliable traction on indoor courts
  • Bouncy cushion with Zoom Strobel and drop-in React midsole
  • Torsional stability
  • Impact protection
  • Great fit
  • Comfortable material


  • Not the best option for outdoor courts

Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut are definitely the kind of shoes that we highly recommend avid basketball players to buy these shoes. 

The cushioning setup is a combination of 3 foams under your feet that give you a lot of heel compression and bounciness on the basketball court. 

The G.T. Cut has full-length Nike Zoom Strobel with Nike’s React foam. They inserted a piece of Zoom cushion in the heel part to make it more bouncy and responsive.

It will give you a nice rebound back on your jump shots. Impact protection is amazing.

The outsole of the G.T Cut has a multidirectional pattern that has an amazing bite on the indoor basketball courts. But on the outdoor basketball courts, it’s not very consistent. Many reviewers experienced heel slippage.

The upper material is a woven mesh that is almost see-through. It takes no break-in time. You feel comfortable immediately in the shoe as you first lace them up. The material is lightweight and feels cozy right out of the box.

The shoe has a midfoot shank plate for torsional stability. The G.T Cut has a stable broad base that supports your side-to-side movements.

It fits really nicely. The true-to-fit size will be great for medium and wide-foot players. The shoe fits perfectly and hugs your feet, and gives a nice cozy feel.

4. Nike Cosmic Unity (Best Basketball Shoes for Vertical Jump)

Overall Rating


Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

Best for Versatile players, Indoors

Overall, Nike Cosmic Unity is good for jumping on the basketball court. It’s a balanced cushioning which do not feel bottom heavy but it’s amazing for its impact protection and bounce. It’s a balanced cushioning that will ensure a safe landing on the high vertical jumps.


  • Comfortable and bouncy cushion
  • Great traction
  • Lateral stability
  • Heel lockdown
  • Soft material
  • Impact protection


  • Breathability

Nike Cosmic Unity is here with the ultimate balance between a bounce and court feel. These are awesome basketball shoes for a bounce with the Nike Zoom Air Strobel foam in the midsole. 

The Zoom Strobel is for those players who do not like to miss out on court feel. 

These are great for impact protection, bounce, and responsiveness with a low-to-the-ground feelOverallll the cushion is not bottom-heavy but is very responsive.

The traction on the outsole is a zigzag racing tire-like pattern. It gives you perfect control over the steals and rapid turns. You can stop on a dime. It picks up dust, but it’s easy to wipe. It grips like glue on the outdoor and indoor courts.

The material is textile mesh. This soft and cozy material takes minimum time to break, but it could be more breathable. Although the tongue area is perforated to allow the airflow around the feet.

The heavy midsole prevents heel slippage and keeps your feet locked on the footbed. With a wide shoe base, you get nice lateral stability. The support and lockdown are perfect for anyone looking for a stable shoe.

It has a slightly snug fit. So if you are a bigger guy, go up a half size. A true-to-size shoe would be good for a better one-to-one fit for average-size players.

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5. Nike PG 5 (Best for Jumping and Running)

Overall Rating


Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

Best for Guards, Flat feet players

Nike PG 5 are the best basketball shoes for jumping with super soft and balanced cushioning. The traction is consistent. It’s a very stable shoe. Also, it’s a pair that falls into the range of affordable basketball sneakers. We’d highly recommend buying a pair for its performance and aesthetics.


  • Superior cushioning
  • Solid traction
  • Amazing stability 
  • Ankle support
  • Snug fit


  • Durability

Nike PG 5 is another pick from the category where we have balanced yet bouncy cushion. That has a lot to give on the basketball court. 

The Paul George signature shoe features a full-length Air Strobel unit. Unlike usual Strobel foam, the air Strobel unit in PG5 is comfortable and feels very soft on the feet.

PG 5 rightly represents the basketball shoes that look more like modern lifestyle shoes. These are great for jumping, running, or hanging around in these cool sneakers with friends would be fun.

The traction in the outsole is wavy grooves. Which has a solid grip on the indoor and outdoor basketball courts. But its outsole is made up of very thin rubber that will wear out on an outdoor court sooner than later. So avoid using them on outdoor courts if you are more concerned about durability.

The material on PG5 is Mesh. it’s a plastic-like cheap mesh material with no premium look. For a signature shoe, it looks cheap and flimsy.

But the material and lightweight midsole make it a very suitable pair for high jumps on the basketball courts.

The shoe base has a stiff plate and an internal TPU heel counter. Which gives the basketball shoe a torsion rigidity. TPU plate in the heel protects the heel part.

The shoe has a cozy and snug feel. It’s a very comfortable, snug type of fit. So buying a true-to-size shoe would be best.

6.  Nike Kyrie Infinity (Best For Jumping and Control)

Overall Rating


Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

Best for Guards, Versatile

Kyri Infinity 8 supports versatile playoff styles. These ultra-lightweight shoes help you jump easily. Amazing traction will give you nice control over movements. You get the best Fit and lockdown along with premium material. Overall it’s a nice balanced shoe.


  • Soft cushion
  • Nice balance of impact protection and bounce
  • Amazing traction
  • Premium material
  • Great aesthetics
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Torsional rigidity

Kyrie Infinity 8 was, that was initially out as 8th shoe or Kyrie signature sneakers. It was rebranded as Kyrie Infinity after a controversy between Kyrie Irving and Nike.

We selected this one in the best cushion shoe category for its balanced cushioning that will help you improve your footwork on the basketball court and help you jump easily. 

The heel part has a Zoom Air unit, while the forefoot has a Zoom Strobel unit with a full-length Phylon underneath. 

This will give you a balanced and responsive cushioning perfect for impact protection. The shoes are not heavy, so they will give you a lighter feel and help you move and jump faster.

The outsole tread pattern is very irregular lines that give you super control over side-to-side movements. On the side-to-side movements, pivoting, and turns, it will stop you on a dime.

Overall, the traction works best on both indoor and outdoor courts. Its XDR version has some more durable outsole.

The material on the Kyrie Infinity looks so good. Its design and aesthetics are so cool. The material is premium quality mesh. The tongue has a larger size with the Kyrie logo. 

Kyrie infinity is not the best one for ankle support. Because it does not offer any padding and stiffness to the ankle area. But it’s a stable shoe with a wide base.

The shoe bends easily, as it does not have any midfoot plate. So there are better options for flat feet players.

This one is true to size. It’s a snug-fit sneaker. So wide feet players should buy half size up than the actual size.

7. Jordan Why Not Zero 0.4 (Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping and Ankle Support)

Overall Rating


Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

Best for Wide feet, Flat foot

Overall, Jordan Why Not Zero 0.4 are very bouncy and supportive sneaker. You have sufficient bounce and impact protection. It’s a wide and stable shoe. It’s definitely the best basketball shoe that makes you jump higher.


  • Bouncy forefoot cushion 
  • Impact protection
  • Ankle support
  • Torsional rigidity
  • Stable sneaker
  • Wide base
  • Comfortable material


  • Traction is a bit inconsistent

Jordan Why Not Zero 0.4 is the unique yet bouncy pickup for the best basketball shoe for jumping. Nike has focused more on providing comfort in the forefoot area by stacking a double Zoom Air unit in the forefoot part.

That’s why you get a lot of impact protection and bounce in the forefoot. It’s definitely best for a player who jumps and lands on their toes. 

The heel part has phylon, which is not as bouncy as the Forefoot Zoom unit. But overall, it gives sufficient impact protection and comfort.

The traction on the Jordan Why Not Zero 0.4 is small multidirectional lines on the outsole. The traction is nice if you walk straight and make a quick stop. But for the lateral and side stops, it could be more consistent.

The material on the top of Zero 0.4 is mesh. The shoe top has synthetic overlays on the top to add durability. The back of the shoe has sued material for aesthetic purposes. 

Zero 0.4 from Jordan is a pretty stable sneaker with a reasonably wide base. The torsional plate underneath prevents it from bending. Sufficient padding on the ankle area protects the Achilles tendon and keeps the feet locked down and secured.

It’s a little in the broader side. So it fits true to size even if you are a wide-feet player.

8. Adidas D Rose 11 (Best Cheap Basketball Shoes for Jumping)

Overall Rating


Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

Best for Wide footers

Overall, Adidas has done a great job making budget-friendly, bounce-pro shoes. That is affordable for everyone. Additionally, you get a very consistent traction and supportive shoe in it. The fit is very wide. So any wide footer would love the way it fits.


  • Grippy traction
  • Durable outsole
  • Comfortable material
  • Responsive cushion
  • Lateral stability
  • Lateral containment
  • Ankle support


  • Very wide foot friendly
  • Material is not very premium

Adidas D Rose 11 is the cheapest sneaker with plush and soft cushion. Mostly the premium cushion in the sneakers comes with an exorbitant price tag. But fortunately, that’s not the case with Adidas D Rose 11.

It features Adidas premium full-length Lightstrike midsole. That is known for great impact protection and bounce. You will get responsive cushioning in the heel part. 

Lightstick is actually the balanced and right amount of cushioning that no player can complain about its softness and bounce o the basketball court.

The traction on the Adidas D Rose 11 is a bit tricky. It takes time to break in. but once the rubber gets warm on the floor, it bites really hard on the basketball court.

Its traction is nice and consistent on the clean outdoor and indoor courts.

The material on the Adidas D Rose 11 is not very premium. Its Audi Mesh material with overlays on the lateral and medial sides to enhance durability.

With a slightly large and padded tongue, you get a nice cushioned feel and softness right out of the box. 

Additionally, D Rose 11 is a very supportive shoe. The shoe base is wide, which gives you nice lateral containment. An external plastic piece runs on the back side of the heel. That gives rigidity to the heel part. 

The D Rose signature shoe has a very wide base. Even if you are a wide footer, there may be a little dead space in the toe box. So its the best if you buy a half size down than your actual size. 

9. Nike Lebron Soldier 14 (The Best Basketball Shoe That Makes You Jump Higher)

Overall Rating


Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

Best for Goes with versatile playoff style

Nike Lebron Soldier 14 is a very supportive and bouncy shoe. That makes you jump higher. The bounce becomes more pronounce if you play more in them. The support and stability are also phenomenal. A solid traction pattern makes it must have sneaker in you basketball shoe collection.


  • Responsive cushion
  • Lateral stability
  • Great traction
  • Nice for flat feet players
  • Torsional rigidity
  • Premium material


  • Side wall comes up that cages and compresses the cushion.

Nike Lebron Soldier 14 is the best one for jumping and traction like Kyrie 8. But the shoe has a little more bounce. 

The reason is Kyrie 8 Infinity is more on the stiffer side with a full lengthy phylon. But the Cushlon in the Lebron Soldier is way more soft and nicer on the feet.

Additionally, the Lebron Soldier 14 has a forefoot Zoom Air unit and a Heel Zoom Air unit. That makes it a perfectly bouncy shoe. You will experience secure landings after high jumps. 

You will feel more bounce and cushion in the shoe as you play more in them.

The traction on the LebronSoldier 14 consists of intersecting lines. While the heel area has a more zigzag-like pattern.

After the initial breaking period, the traction is very supportive of quick turns and stops. It will allow you to stop on a dime.

It’s consistent on the outdoor and indoor courts. 

The material on the Lebron Soldier 14 has a woven textile material. It looks very nice and premium. It hugs the feet and gives a premium and cozy feel.

One downside is, the lateral rubber piece hugs the sides which are good for lateral stability. But it cages the sides and reduces the compression on the cushion.

The Lebron soldier 14 has an internal TPU heel counter that gives stiffness to the back of the shoe. 

Overall, the lateral stability and tortional rigidity are great on the shoe.

It has a snug and tight fit that is very befitting for narrow and medium-foot players. But wide-feet players should buy half size up. Buying the actual size can cause pain in their pinky-toe area.

10. Jordan Zion 1 (Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping and Traction)

Overall Rating


Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

Best for Wide footers, Players who need ankle support

Overall it’s a very supportive and bouncy basketball shoe. The traction is consistent after the initial breaking period. Support bounce and traction are on point. We really liked the shoe from a performance standpoint. It definitely deserves the runner-up spot in the top 10 best basketball shoes for jumping.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Bouncy
  • Responsive
  • Impact protection
  • Wide feet friendly
  • Great for flat footers


  • Material is not too premium

Jordan Zion 1 has a lot of surprise elements. When you first play in the shoe, it may not feel very plush and bouncy, which you would expect from a shoe that was intended to be a bounce pro and plush cushion with a forefoot Zoom Unit.

But as you start playing and make high jumps on the basketball court, it starts giving a nice stiff base that helps you make higher jumps.

It’s one of that shoes that will definitely add a few inches to your jump height.

The same goes for traction. After an initial break-in period, its bite on the basketball floor is pretty strong and amazing.

On the clean court, it is very consistent but on the dustier basketball courts it picks up dust. So it’s not the best option for outdoor courts.

The material on zion 1 is pretty thin. It’s probably an effort to cut down on the overall weight of the shoe. But it’s thin, flimsy. The breathability is pretty awesome. 

But it does not look very durable. Iy just going to give you enough protection to the toe area that it does not hurt if someone jumps on the foot in the ball game.

It’s a very stable shoe. The wide base of the Zion 1 makes it pretty stable on the court. 

The shoe is a bit wide feet friendly. So a true-to-size fit is perfect. But very wide feet players should go half-size up.

How We Selected Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping and Dunking

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

In the process of analyzing the performance of the best basketball shoes for Jumping, we assessed that played were looking for a basketball shoe that increases their vertical jump force.  

Let’s make it very clear to you. Basketball shoes are NOT designed to increase the height of your verticle jumps. 

The primary purpose of these shoes is to protect the ankles and ensure that you experience safe landings. To ensure that a high jump is not making any harmful impact on the foot orthotics.

Secondly, some shoes give you a better jump height. As recorded by an expert, a basketball shoe can increase the jump height to 40cm. 

Furthermore, the strategic padding under the midfoot and heel areas gives you better comfort. So your feet dont feel tired after an hour of jumping and running.

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Did you ever notice a hard plastic piece on the lateral and medial sides of the basketball shoes, that cages the sides so it becomes a more stable shoe?

This caging is an integral part of the basketball shoe. Sometimes the midsole foam comes up and wraps the shoe side and makes a wider base. That improves the lateral containment and gives a better balance and springiness. 

The side walls that have plastic pieces coming up on the midfoot areas pretty much wrap the midsole cushion, giving it a snug and hard feel. 

While a cushion needs to be soft and responsive. Also, the side walls should be supportive but they must not cage very tightly which decreases the soft and plush feel of the cushion. 


When it comes to the weight of a basketball shoe, most players prefer a lightweight shoe that dont feel bottom heavy. Moreover, they want a shoe that has a low ankle collar, which we call a low-top shoe. That improves their quickness to rapidly turn, steal, jump or dunk around the basketball court.

But more interestingly, it is the weight of cushions that increases the overall weight of basketball shoes.

Older cushion technologies didn’t focus on making a lightweight cushion. But recently they have built a whole science behind making a lightweight thin cushion that is responsive and springy but is very thin. 

That improves stability and balance yet your ankles are secure around the basketball court. So if we say that in order to improve your jump height, you need to look for the weight of the shoe first.

Because we strongly believe, that a lightweight shoe will help you jump higher more than anything.


The best cushion is the second most important thing in a basketball shoe to look for after Traction. As a general rule of thumb, you want a well-made cushion to protect your ankles from turning into dust after playing a game that requires a lot of jumps. 

How would you feel if you play basketball shoes barefooted? You will definitely end up with sore ankles. To avoid long-term injuries, never buy a basketball shoe with dead cushions.

First thing first, A runner shoe cant be used as a basketball shoe. Secondly, look for a better cushioning setup even if you are a beginner. 

It will improve your stamina, jump height, and overall performance on the court.

Not only cushion, but A stiff base under the foot will also give you a better energy return. Here we have many basic foams like EVA, Cushlon, Nitrofoam, Air Zoom, Boost, Cloud, etc cushions that are placed under the strategic location under your feet to improve the responsiveness of the forefoot and heel parts.

So if you are going to buy a basketball shoe, look for a responsive cushion. We will advise you to never buy a dead cushion for your ball game.

10 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet 2022


We can’t ignore traction in a shoe even if we want a well-cushioned shoe that makes us jump higher. For a jump or dunk, you need to have a solid grip on the surface that stops you immediately when you decide to jump in a fast game like basketball.

Every basketball shoe must have a strong ability to grip the floor. In a fast game like basketball,  a rapis turn, steal, or pivoting motion needs so much control that comes from the solid traction pattern of the basketball sneaker. 

Some outsoles pick up dust quickly, and even though they take a minimum break-in time, traction is excellent in the beginning. But they need very frequent wipes to have a consistent traction pattern. 

It is so annoying to wipe the outsole every ten minutes, otherwise, you are at risk of slipping off the court floor.

So when buying a basketball shoe, get the one that offers better control, and traction along with soft and responsive cushioning on the basketball court.

Playoff Style:

Lastly, you should choose a basketball shoe according to your playoff style and position on a ball court.

As a quick guard, you need balanced low-to-the-ground cushioning, with nice impact protection and responsive cushion. But you also don’t want to lose the court feel. 

As a center who makes more jump shots and rebounds, you need a springy full-length cushion or a bouncy forefoot cushion.

So choose what you like, but keep in mind to get the shoe that ensures safe landing and ultimate protection of the ankles.

Comparison of Cushioning Setups of Top Brands

  1. Adidas Lightstrike, delivers the ultimate balance of lightweight and responsiveness. It debuted in 2018. This cushion has given unmatchable energy return and stability on the court for its super soft cushion. Now a newer version of Lightstrike, Lightstrike Pro is out.  it’s softer than its counterpart, it feels soft and squishy.
  1. New Balance fuel cell is a performance EVA foam. It gives a higher energy return than ever with a min of 55 % rebound. It is a more responsive and softer cushion. It gives you a stable and responsible base, with the ultimate lightweight feel that is necessary to push you forward.
  1. The Nike Air Zoom Strobel cushion is very responsive and close to the ground. You can rock around the basketball court and your ankles joints are safe in the very responsive and springy yet balanced Air Strobel cushion.
  1. Puma Clyde All pro has a full-length Profoam and Pebax unit for ultimate ankle protection and springiness. It’s not something that you are walking on a cloud, it’s an ultimate balance of low to the ground and impact protection.
  1. Way of Wade has launched a Cloud foam technology. It’s a very effective cushioning setup for the players who use a lot of rebound backs. Their toes land safely without foot soreness. There is nothing that you would not like about the cushion. It has great engineering to protect the heel and ankle with ultimate responsiveness and balance throughout the game.
  2. The 361 brand features Quick foam and Neofoam, in their signature Aron Gordan shoes.

It a very responsive and you will get a superb bounce on the foot. Moreover, really nice impact protection will give you better freedom to make higher jumps on the court.

How To Improve Your Jump Height/ Exercise Guide

Nothing can improve your jump height in a game like basketball, where you need extreme agility and side-to-side refluxes like exercises. You can enhance the jump height by adding explosiveness to your style with the help of a few easy exercises.

For example, jump squats, depth jumps, and maximum jump height jumps. 

To perform depth jumps, you need to jump off a higher surface and make another jump immediately, like loading potential energy in the first jump to release it on the second jump.

Such exercises will improve the jump height and overall stamina. 

Also, there are exercises to strengthen the connective tissues like the Achilles tendon and calves. That can prevent the athlete’s foot from tendonitis and other injuries while playing basketball.


What basketball shoes make you jump high?

Any shoe that has Zoom Air cushion, Lightstrike cushion, Boost, or Air Strobel or any high tech cushioning in the basketball shoe would help a player jump higher.

What are the best basketball shoes for vertical Jump?

Nike Cosmic Unity is the best sneaker that help you make vertical jumps on a basketball court. Jordan Zion 1 is also very responsive and bouncy cushioning that help you shoot the ball higher through a vertical jump.

What are the best shoes for jumping comfort?

Jordan Why Not Zero 0.4 will give you the best step in comfort for its double stacked Zoom Air unit in the midsole. Its very responsive and bouncy on the basketball court.

Can Basketball shoes make you jump higher?

Yes, a basketball shoes gives the soft cushion and a stiff base to launch a super bouncy vertical jump. Offcourse you need alot to practice to make higher jumps but the basketball shoes adds a few inches in the jump. They also ensure the safe landing after jumping on a hard outdoor basketball court.

Are Basketball shoes good for jumping rope?

Yes, basketball shoes are designed in a way that they increase your jump height. Thats what a player need if they want to buy it for jumping rope.

Are running shoes good for jumping?

Running shoes are perfect if you want to make higher jumps. They are also designed to absorb impact while running on hard concrete. So you can use running shoes to minimize impact instead of casual sneakers.

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