Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Kids In 2023

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Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Kids In 2023

Growing up, kids try every game that keeps them busy and consumes excessive energy. It’s good news if your kids have been interested in learning basketball. But as a parent, selecting the right shoe can be overwhelming.

Basketball is a top-notch game to teach your teen or little kids about teamwork, sportsmanship, communication, and leadership. They learn about building physical stamina; in that process, they relieve the stress brewing as teen rage.

In this article, I have compiled a list of the top 10 best basketball shoes for kids in the year 2023 after accessing the performance reviews for 50+ hours combined with user reviews to have a more accurate conclusion of every aspect of the shoe.

But first, let’s look at my Top 3 Picks to let you know about our top choices.

  1. Best Premium Choice Nike LeBron 19
  2. Best Runner Up Adidas Harden Vol.6
  3. Best Budget Nike Kyrie Infinity

10 Best Basketball Shoes For Kids Tested & Reviewed

1. Nike Gianni’s Immortality 2 (Best Basketball Shoes for Teenage Guys)

Best For Versatile players

Nike Giannis Immortality 2 has good support features along with premium breathability. It’s a solid choice for outdoor use. Guards and versatile players would like the way it performs. Moreover, they haven’t implied any solid tech in cushioning, and traction is also good. Overall it’s a good choice for someone who likes more court feel.

Shoe Details

Signature: Giannis Antetokaunmpo | Weight: 350g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full Length Phylon |  Material: Mesh


  • Torsional rigidity
  • Lateral support
  • Ankle support
  • Good traction
  • Snug fit
  • Responsive in heel


  • Less adequate cushioning for big players
  • Fit is weird

Giannis Immortality 2 has little differences from the first signature shoe. One thing that you’ll notice right out of the box is its inverted swoosh. 

The traction has not changed from the first one. The herringbone traction pattern gives good stops. 3 sections on the outsole are crafted for multidirectional traction. It gets a bit dusty on dirty courts. But overall, it performs well.

The cushion is not as plush as Nike gives in the premium models. The full-length phylon is responsive in the heel but is too hard and stiff on the forefoot area. Bounce is not very pronounced, but it provides average impact protection.

The upper shoe material is mesh. The same quality upper as in the first signature shoe is quite breathable. But some people complained about it being less durable.

The shoe has a very narrow fit from the midfoot. Anyone who wants a roomier shoe from the pinky-toe area should go up half a size.

The shoe is supportive for all sideways and lateral movements. Its base is wide, and the midfoot area has a prominent outrigger. So there won’t is any issue with lateral support and stability. 

The heel area has an internal heel counter. Moreover, its stiff base provides torsional rigidity and prevents your ankles from rolling.

2. Puma Clyde All-Pro (Best Basketball Shoes For 8-Year-Old Boy)

Best For Guards and Versatile Players

Puma All Clyde Pro is a premium performance basketball shoe. The optimum court feel, responsive cushion, top-tier support features, and grippy traction make them a solid performer. Any quick guard would enjoy every minute of playing in it. These are highly recommended basketball shoes for any little player.

Shoe Details

Weight: 360g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Pro-foam lite + PEBAX | Material: Lightweight Matryx


  • Consistent traction
  • Optimum court feel
  • Low to the ground
  • Ankle support
  • Great aesthetics
  • Lightweight material
  • Bouncy cushion


  • Low padding on forefoot upper
  • Takes a little break-in time

Puma Clyde all Pro is the ultimate choice for fast players who like lightweight shoes for their nimble and more quick footwork.

The radial and crisscross pattern on the forefoot and lines on the heel. The ride in Puma All Clyde Pro is super safe because consistency is so grippy. No slippage on side stops I have ever experienced. It just needs some occasional wipe. 

But traction is solid, and the outsole is very durable outdoors.

The midsole has Profoam Lite as cushioning. It’s just as responsive and bouncy as the Bounce cushioning setup. It is a just-right combination of springiness and court feel. It’s so protective of your foot muscle on hard landings. It’s one of the best Adidas cushioning.

Puma Clyde All Pro has Matryx technology upper. It’s a woven upper with overlays on the toe box and sides. The heel part has a suede patch. Overall it’s stretchy and comfortable with minimal padding and a little premium touch.

The support features make it a solid performance model and a lot of fun to play in. its base has a Pebex plate for torsional support. The heel part has a TPU heel counter to protect the ankle area. The hard plastic piece wrapping the sides of the shoe makes it a very stable sneaker. Lateral stability is top-tier.

The shoe fits true to size. The Matryx upper stretches a little to get the foot shape. In my opinion, a true-to-size this is the way to go. But buy a half size up if you are a very wide footer.

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3. Nike Kyrie Infinity 8 (Best Affordable Kids Basketball Shoes)

Best For Guards

Nike Kyrie Infinity is a super durable and premium-looking shoe of 2022. It’s a suitable pair for agile players and Combo guards. The cushion is balanced, the material looks aesthetic and very comfortable, and the traction is grippy. Stability is top-tier. It’s an all-around option for anyone.

Shoe Details

Signature: Kyrie Irving | Weight: 370-390g | Top: High Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Zoom Strobel + Zoom Air + Phylon | Material: Textile


  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Very durable upper
  • Great jump force
  • Quick and agile setup
  • Superior lockdown
  • Indoor traction
  • Superior traction


  • Less cushioning in forefoot

The Kyrie line is known for great control over the player’s speed. What allows them to make good stops and reckless running? Its traction performance is almost the same in all the Kyrie lines, with a bit of difference in each new model. 

Its no different in Kyrie 8. The traditional herringbone pattern is a surprisingly phenomenal performer. It’s got you covered on sudden stops and quick turns. 

The Nike Kyrie Infinity has a full-length Zoom Strobel, and on top of it, a piece of Zoom Unit is stacked on the heel part. If you are the one who makes more heel-dominant strikes, then Kyrie Infinity is the right choice. 

The cushion is springy in the heel, and you will have a pronounced court feel in the forefoot part. Overall it’s responsive and gives good impact protection.

Kyrie Infinity material is what I loved. It’s a soft, shiny textile mesh on the top. The toe box has fused overlays for durability on toe drags. The heel part has a big synthetic leather patch which looks cool and gives it a premium look. 

Overall the material is durable and nicely padded.

For the support, Guess what? The wide base Kyrie Infinity is very stable around the court. Its side overlays coming up makes lateral stability and lateral containment the most powerful feature of the shoe. 

The lockdown is much improved with the leather cross that passes from the material and has lace loops. It allows you to adjust the fit as you want. So fit and lockdown is premium. It’s a great shoe from a value-per-dollar standpoint.

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4. Nike LeBron 19 (Best Basketball Shoes For Kids and Youth)

Best For Flat Feet and Big players

As one of the reviewers said, cushioning in Nike LeBron 19 is like Zoom Air is on steroid. So best cushioning is utilized to make the bounciest foam in the world. Traction picks up dust outdoors. But in indoor courts, traction cushion and stability are phenomenal. With a secure fit, it’s the best shoe for kids and youth.

Shoe Details

Signature: LeBron James | Weight: 510g- 570g | Top: High Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Air Max Zoom Air Cushlon | Material: Lightweight Textile Mesh


  • Amazing responsiveness and jump force
  • Plush cushioning
  • Lateral stability
  • Ankle support
  • Durable material


  • Picks up dust on dusty court
  • Heavy

Lebron James signature shoe is made for heavy centers. The players who like more cushioning and springiness prefer LeBron 19 basketball shoes.

Such a cushion never bottoms out, no matter if you are a heavy player and make a lot of jumps in it. Its cushion is a full-length Cushlon, with a forefoot Zoom Air unit and an Air max unit in the heel. It’s a cushioning setup that makes you jump higher and allows you to make bouncier dunks.

The traction is grippy on cleaner courts. The criss cross lines on the outsole pick up dust and are not a great outdoor option.

The material is a minimal, lightweight textile mesh. It’s surprisingly unrestrictive material. It’s neither too flimsy nor very thick, but it’s a lightweight upper with good breathability.

The LeBron 19 basketball shoe has winglets on both sides. That acts as a side wall and prevents you from being wobbly and unstable on sudden lateral moves. The heel part has an internal TPU counter and ankle paddings to protect the ankle area from any injury.

It fits true to size. But a very wide-feet player should go up half a size. It’s a very stable and responsive shoe with the bounciest cushioning that Nike has ever produced. Kids are going to love the bounce and springiness of the cushion.

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5. Under Armour Curry 10 ( Best Value Basketball Shoes For Kids)

Best For Forwards and Point Guards

Under Armour Curry 10 are well-balanced shoes where the manufacturers put their most effort in making them supportive for every type of player. The traction is phenomenal; the material is light and comfortable. The cushion gives a subtle bounce and a good court feel. Just be careful with outdoor use because its outsole does not seem durable. Overall, it’s perfect hoop shoes

Shoe Details

Signature: Stephen Curry | Weight: 380g| Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Flow Foam | Material: Warp material


  • Consistent traction
  • Responsive foam
  • Breathable upper
  • Lateral stability
  • Torsional rigidity
  • Great for flat feet player
  • Exceptional fit


  • Not a good choice for outdoor use
  • Less durable

6. Adidas Ownthegame 2.0 (Best Youth Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support)

Best For Outdoors and Wide footers

Adidas Ownthegame 2.0 is the super minima and most affordable basketball shoe for kids. When your kid is learning at this age, you look for a durable shoe that lasts at least a season. If you think like I, look no further and get Ownthegame 2.0. It’s durable, minimal, secure, has solid traction, and has a nice cushion. Overall, the Adidas design team has done a great job.

Shoe Details

Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Light motion | Material: Mesh |  Size: True to size


  • Great for wide footer
  • Best outdoor shoe
  • Durable
  • Supportive
  • Solid traction
  • breathable


  • Less impact protection, so be careful on hard landings
  • Material is not premium

Adidas Ownthegame 2.0 is made as a perfect hoop shoe for outdoor use. You will not see any basketball shoe that falls in the low price range and has everything covered.

The traction pattern is multidirectional lines on the outsole. Its grooves are thick and hard, something that outdoor kicks must have. Dust pick-up is negligible, so it’s an awesome choice for young basketball players. I experienced no sliding on hard cuts and stops.

The cushion is full-length Light motion. It’s a cushion more responsive than EVA or hard Strobel. But it’s less bouncy and jump pro than Adidas Bounce. 

It gives average impact protection and a good court feel. After all, we have a budget model in Adidas Ownthegame 2.0. Therefore we can’t expect much from cushioning.

The mesh upper is lightweight and comfortable. There is an overlay on the toe box, but other than that, it’s all mesh from top to heel. Moreover, a plastic piece supports the pull tab on the back. The ankle area has heavy padding for a better fit and ankle safety. Material breathability is average.

Ownthegame 2.0 has a very nice curve shape. It will add to your speed and agility on the court. 

The shoe has foam side walls to make it more supportive on the lateral sides. It’s a wide base shoe; therefore, you will have no lateral containment issue.

As the shoe has a wide base, a regular or narrow footer should buy a half size down than the actual size.

7. Adidas Harden Vol.6 (Best Youth Basketball Shoes)

Best For Flat feet and Forwards

Adidas Harden vol. 6 is the perfect sneaker for flat feet players. Its midfoot and ankle support features are top-tier. Also, as a wide-foot-friendly shoe, it’s a great option for big players. The material is not premium. But it has checked all the performance boxes. Traction, cushion, and fit are truly solid. No doubt it’s the best Adidas shoe of 2022.

Shoe Details

Signature: James Harden | Weight: 510g | Top: Mid-top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-Length Boost Cushioning | Material: Breathable Mesh


  • Top-tier traction
  • Responsive cushion
  • Ankle support
  • Lateral stability
  • Torsional and midfoot support
  • Impact protection
  • Court feel


  • Material is not breathable
  • Material is not premium

Adidas Harden Vol. 6 has the most famous Boost cushioning that is known as the most plush cushion among sneakerheads.

The outsole herringbone pattern has thick and hard grooves. That’s an excellent combination for the outdoors. Its a durable outsole. The traction is consistent on indoor and outdoor courts.

It requires only a quick wipe to clear any dust. Its grooves grip the hardwood floor and won’t let you slip.

The midsole boost cushioning is very responsive. It gives great energy return. The midfoot shank plate acts as a launch pad that allows you to make high jumps. Moreover, there is a little padding under the arch. That makes it more supportive for noarch/high-arch players.

Overall the cushion is bouncy and responsive, with ample impact protection.

The textile mesh upper is made up of eco-friendly recycled material. It’s thin and lightweight. With minimum inner padding, the mesh on the tongue is also breathable. The material looks cheaper, but it does the job very well.

The sneaker is jam-packed with amazing support features. The shoe sides have an outrigger that makes tha shoe stable on lateral movements. Midfoot torsional plates make a rigid base and prevent the Achilles tendon from pulling and breaking on hard cuts. TPU counter in the protect ankle area.

The shoe fits true to size on all medium and wide footers. It’s a wide-foot-friendly shoe. So if you have a very narrow foot size, you may have some dead space on the toe box.

8. Puma MB.01 (Best Basketball Shoes For Outdoor)

Best For Outdoors and Versatile players

All the reviews are in favor of its great outdoor play. It is great for its support and cushioning setup. These are the most comfortable kicks that take zero break-in periods. Material is durable. The outsole may pick up dust, but it’s super easy to wipe. Overall it’s excellent all around.

Shoe Details

Signature: LaMelo Ball | Weight: 420g | Top: Mid Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Nitrofoam | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Simple minimal design
  • Amazing traction
  • Ankle support
  • Lateral stability and support
  • Nice court feel
  • Great fit and lockdown
  • Responsive cushion


  • Light material is likely to stain
  • A tight fit can be an issue

Puma MB.01 is the most loved sneaker by basketball players. It’s made up of the most durable rubber on the outsole.

The whirly waves traction pattern with little cuts in between is made of hard rubber grooves. Its thick rubber pattern will stick to the hardwood or concrete floor and not slip. In terms of traction, I would say it’s a luxury choice.

Full-length Nitrofoam is a compressed high-tech foam. That does not add much to the weight of the shoe. But it provides a lot of springiness and responsiveness to the shoe. For anyone who wants a good combination of impact protection and court feel, then Puma MB.01 is the right choice.

Textile mesh upper material takes a minimal initial break-in period, but after that, it feels soft and fits nicely.

MB.01 has adequate support features. Such as, the heel part has minimal padding that’s insufficient for padding on Achilles. But it lockdown the heel in place and does not allow free movements on the footbed. 

The lateral caging makes it laterally stable. Overall, in terms of support, it’s average.

The shoe fits true to size. Only very wide feet players should get a half-size up.

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9. Adidas DON Issue 4 (Best Basketball Shoes For Boys)

Best For Point Guards and Versatile Players

Lightstrike is one the best cushioning system in the sneakers. The 4th Donovan Mitchell’s signature footwear is very supportive. Hence it’s perfect for kids eager to learn growing up. Traction is average, and the material is super comfortable. Fit needs no adjustments. Overall the shoe is one of the best for teens.

Shoe Details

Signature: Donovan Mitchell | Weight: 400g | Top: MidTop | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Lightstrike | Material: Lightlock


  • Balanced cushion
  • Responsive in the heel
  • Good court feel
  • Amazing support
  • Torsional rigidity
  • Wide base
  • Breathable upper


  • Bulky
  • Mid-range Traction performance

Adidas DON issue 4 has many amazing features. Donovan Mitchell’s signature shoe is relatively more expensive than other Adidas shoes. It retails for 120 dollars.

DON Issue 4 has an outsole pattern that looks like waves going in outward directions. The different-looking traction pattern works Ok-ish on the basketball court. I experienced sliding on hard stops. 

Moreover, the outsole has an affinity for dust, so it’s a no-no for dusty basketball courts. Therefore, it’s better to limit its usage to indoor cleaner courts.

In the cushioning, we have full-length Lightstrike. There is nothing like crazy mushiness and a plush feel. It would give you a speedy ride with good impact protection. It gives a little bounce in the heel, but it gets thinner.

It’s probably the most balanced cushion I have seen in recent models. It’s responsive and soft, with a perfect setup for a low-to-the-ground feel.

Adidas DON Issue 4 has Lightlock upper material. The new upper is stretchable and soft. It gets to the shape of the foot. After the break-in time, it feels comfortable on the feet. The back area has a lot of padding to hug the ankle area and protect it.

Also, there is a TPU heel counter in the heel. So ankle protection is great in mid-cut DON Issue 4. Moreover, the material is breathable.

The DON Issue 4 has phenomenal support features. Its midfoot shank plate extends to the lateral and medial sides as a side wall. Hence, its base is rigid. So you get lateral support and torsional rigidity; overall, it’s a killer support package.

DON Issue 4 fits true to size. With the extra holes on the top of shoe eyelets, it gives you the additional benefit of making a more secure lockdown. No heel slippage, a perfect true-to-size pair. Fit is as good as the 3rd.

10. Under Armour Lockdown 6 (Best Basketball Shoes for Youth Girl)

Best For Wide Feet players

Under Armour Lockdown 6 is the pair that your kid would love. Just buy it once and rest assured that it will not soon tear apart. The traction, cushion, and support are decent. A good lockdown and no heel slippage ensure a perfect fit. With lightweight material and good durability, it’s the must-have sneaker in your basketball shoe collection.

Shoe Details

Weight: 380g | Top: Mid Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: EVA Foam | Material: Leather + Mesh


  • Very budget friendly
  • Comfortable material
  • Responsive
  • Stable base
  • Good traction


  • Impact protection
  • Less breathable

Under Armour Lockdown 6 has outdone all the performance checkboxes with its super performance. On top of it, you can get budget-friendly and super-durable basketball shoes for your kids in Under Armour Lockdown 6.

The outsole has two traction patterns, a herringbone, and another irregular pattern. The outsole grips nicely on the basketball court. It won’t slip or slide on mildly dusty courts.

The midsole has a full-length EVA foam. It’s something that a budget model offers. It’s not bouncy. But it provides impact protection and is a little responsive. On hard landings, it will protect the foot muscle from crushing.

The shoe upper material is what I call a better-looking material than only mesh. Its upper is synthetic leather with micro holes in it for breathability. While mesh material on the sides ensures airflow in the feet. Its cozy and comfortable material with good padding in the ankles area and tongue.

The shoe has a wide base. It’s a stable shoe. Running down the court, you will face no lateral containment or stability issues.

The shoe has a wide feet-friendly fit. So a true-to-size pair would be perfect. However, a very wide feet player should buy a half size up than the actual size.

As of 2023, I have seen Kobe shoes in immense popularity. The NBA shoes popularity is based on the higher number of points scored in those shoes in the recent NBA season. 

It’s interesting to know, and I would encourage you to buy a similar kick. The reason is these NBA shoes can improve your performance on the court. Here’s the list of top-scorer NBA shoes.

Sr. No.Shoe
1Nike Kobe 6 Protro 
2Nike Zoom Freak 4
3Nike PG 6
4Nike Kyrie 8
5Nike LeBron 20
6Adidas Dame 8
7Nike Kyrie Low 5
8Niek Air Zoom GT Cut 2
9Air Jordan 36
10Nike KD 15
  • Nike Kobe 6 Protro is the retro version of its original model and also a performance upgrade of the original one. The cushion, traction, and stability profiles are amazing.
  • Nike Zoom Freak 4 is worn by many heavy players in the NBA. The shoe has a beefy cushion that gives a bouncy performance, and the material conforms to the foot shape nicely.
  • Nike PG 6 is the signature shoe of Paul George. It’s very lightweight and grippy. The shoe’s aesthetics and performance are better than many signature sneakers.
  • Nike Kyrie 8 is a perfect guard shoe that makes the movements lighter and easier. It’s a perfect shoe for both outdoor and indoor basketball courts.
  • Nike LeBron 20 is worn by many NBA players this season, and it’s a perfect choice for players who want more cushioning in their forefoot. The material is super durable.
  • Adidas Dame 8 goes perfectly with the heavier players’ footwork. Moreover, the shoe is durable on rough outdoor surfaces. For kids, it’s a top-tier choice. Plus the price is very affordable.
  • Nike Kyrie Low 5 is a low-to-the-ground basketball shoe with consistent traction and an amazing court feel. It’s specifically for those players who don’t like heavy cushioning underfoot.
  • Air Zoom GT Cut 2 was the most appreciated basketball shoe among reviewers last year. Its plush feel and super premium cushioning facilitate aggressive movements around the basketball court.
  • Nike Air Jordan 36 is the most lightweight and breathable basketball shoe. The consistent traction and fit are other highlight features. Jordans has met their customer’s expectations just like they did in Jordan 36.

Nike KD 15 is a much-improved shoe over the last pair. Kevin Durant’s basketball shoe has a stable base and is wide feet friendly. The traction cushion and material quality are unmatchable.

Factors To Look Into To Get the Best Performance Shoes For Kids

It’s all right when you are overly concerned about everything your child wear, especially in the case of basketball shoe. You must get the best fit and suitable lightweight basketball shoes for a budding player. 

I put traction and shoe stability as the top priority when I select a pair for myself.

So I will tell you all the important factors you want to look into to select the right pair for your kid.

1. Fit And Closure Type

The shoe fit can be a major factor that can encourage or discourage a kid from playing basketball. Most sneakers come in a snug fitting. Only a few basketball sneakers are wide feet friendly.

Therefore, if you get a narrow-fitting basketball sneaker for heavier and wide-foot kids, then he/she would not be able to show the best performance.

Moreover, look for a shoe that does not allow heel slippage and lockdown your feet properly. The sneaker with no void space in the toe box and a cozy inner with a perfect lockdown is the right choice. That would give a one-on-one fit.


Many basketball shoes come with an extra strap on the top of the laces to give them a snug fit. But most of the time, such straps do not add anything to improve the shoe’s fit.

2. Outsole Grip and Traction Pattern

Traction is the most important aspect to look for in a hoop shoe. If you want your kid to play safely for as long as he/she wants, get solid, grippy traction shoes. 

Generally, hard and wide rubber grooves on the outsole are much better for good traction than the soft and narrow ones. The reason is that dust sticks in the narrow grooves, making them slippery.

Kids at an early age do not understand the mechanism behind their slippage after about one or two quarters. And they won’t clean it to get it back on track.

I recommend getting a shoe for your kid that gives consistent traction for as long as they use it; preferably, a rubber outsole and a good-old herringbone pattern would do the job.

3. Safety and Stability

Most basketball shoes have good ankle support and stability features. So the little player enjoys the game with ultimate peace of mind.

High-top shoes with a good amount of padding wrap the ankle bone to protect it from injury. 

The midsole has TPU or Carbon fiber shank plate. So whenever your kids take a sudden turn, the hard shoe base saves their Achilles tendon from excessive pull and breaking. 

An injury to the ankles or Achilles tendon ( Tendinitis, Shin splints) can make your kid unfit for several months.

Moreover, if your kid has flat feet or high arch ( generally 20-30 % of the population has flat feet), then find a shoe that supports the arch muscles. The lack of such support will result in fatigue and loss of stamina.

4. Midsole Cushion

Kid shoes are usually well cushioned to prevent impact from jumping. But only a dedicated basketball shoe can give the impact protection and bounce needed for a most dynamic play like basketball.

Zoom Strobel, air Zoom, Bounce, Cushlon, Nitrofoam, and many such high-tech cushions do the job efficiently. So get shoes that just have EVA as midsole cushioning. 

Because such foams don’t provide cushion on hard landings, your kid may have painful feet after a couple of days. 

5. Material Breathability and Weight

Kids are unaware of dehydration issues. So a basketball shoe with no breathability would cause more sweating on their feet. 

Therefore get a shoe with minimal, lightweight upper material. That allows air to flow around the kid’s feet. So that will maintain th stamina and hydration.

Additionally, the shoe should be lightweight to allow fast mobility on both ends of a basketball court. 

6. Break-in Period

Adults can easily tolerate an initial break-in period for an uncomfortable fit or material. But kids might feel different. A bad-fitting shoe can cost them an embarrassing game day. 

Therefore get a basketball shoe that fits perfectly right out of the box. 

The material must not require a break in time and hug to the kids’ feet like a glove.

7. Durability and Outdoor Use

Basketball shoes are more expensive than regular lifestyle sneakers. Therefore it’s frustrating to see them damaged in the same season.

Most kids play in outdoor areas; too, they don’t care if it’s a dedicated basketball court area or a roadside. They play street tricks with their friends for many hours daily. 

The aggressive outdoor terrains damage the shoe exterior and outsole rapidly

A durable basketball shoe would last longer and save many dollars each season.

8. Aesthetics

Aesthetics should be the dominating factor When you buy anything for kids. One stylish and attractive footwear that they can show to their friends.

It would add confidence to their game. The best way to do this is to let your kid choose a style and color that he/she likes. 

9. Shoe Shape That Facilitates Heel To Toe Transition

Let me make it clear first, the bouncy cushion does not make you bounce any higher, or a rocker shape shoe does not make you run any faster. 

These attributes only facilitate your kid’s movements.

Hence, a shoe with a curved shape from the mid foot to the top would give your kid a forward thrust that will enable them to run faster on the basketball court.

It will add to their agility and allow them to make more nimble movements.


1. Which type of shoes is best for basketball?

Generally, we divide basketball shoes into 3 categories. High-top, Mid-top, and Low-top. These Low-top shoes are the best for basketball. It was an old myth that high-top basketball shoes provide ample ankle support. But that’s not the case. I prefer low-top basketball shoes as they give more freedom to move and make turns in which way you want.

2. What brand of basketball shoes is very popular?

Nike is the most popular basketball shoe brand. Air Jordan is also an extended domain of Nike. Although Adidas, Under Armour, ANTA, and Reebok also drop amazing kicks every season. But Nike has a competitive edge over others with so many signature sneakers.

3. What to look for in basketball shoes for kids?

Ample stability, good traction, and a balanced cushion would top the list of features to look out for in a kid’s basketball shoes. Most importantly, get your kid a good training along with a great basketball shoes. So they learn early on to correct their style and precautions to prevent their ankles from rolling.

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