Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet 2023

When your feet are wider than the average shoe width, you may have experienced the agony of squeezed toes and cramped arches. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to discomfort, blisters, and even more serious issues like plantar fasciitis.

Finding basketball shoes that accommodate your wide feet without compromising on performance and comfort is crucial to elevate your game. Being a professional Coach, I have helped many wide feet kids find the right kicks.

But for this guide, I did extensive research, discussed with experts and asked wide feet players to share their choices.

If you are in hurry , here are our top 5 picks for Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet !




1-Adidas Crazylight Boost

Best Overall

2-Nike Lebron Soldier 14

Runner Up

3- Adidas D Rose 11

Best Women

4-Nike Giannis Immortality

Best Durable 

5- Nike Precision 5

Best Budget

10 Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

1. Adidas Ultra Boost Light (Best Overall Adidas Wide Basketball Shoes)

Overall Rating


Shoe Specs

  • Size: Regular Fit
  • Weight: 297g
  • Top: Mid-top
  • Midsole: Ligh Boost
  • Lockdown: Lace-up
  • Material: Mesh

Infohoops Verdict

In my experience, the Adidas Ultraboost light  shoes are well cushioned, highly comfy, breathable, fit true to size, and durable. The enhanced heel lockdown feature functions well and reduces stress on the heel. Moreover, they are lightweight and don’t feel heavy on the feet.

Other Experts Say?

Seth Flower

It’s probably the best running sneakers. The Ultraboost light is the definition of the Max cushion running sneakers. This shoe is so filled to the brim, and so thick, it’s crazy how soft it is underfoot. The continental rubber of the shoe is more durable and offers an LEP system which is their biggest improvement on the ultra boost light over the ultra boost 21. If you’re a boost fan, definitely try it out.

Seth James DeMoor

The weight, midsole, lockdown, fit and durability of the shoe are good, but due to high heel, the comfort level goes down. Also, if you think that high heels offer softer ride, no, they don’t. Overall, Ultraboost Light isn’t a bad one.

Running Shoe Geek

Adidas Ultra Boost Light has got one of the most sophisticated uppers. It’ll be a great bet if you’re looking for a daily trainer that’s comfortable, and it’s gonna get you a lot of miles. It’s going to suit a neutral runner the most. Overall, it’s a good shoe.


  • Highly cushioned
  • Stylish, Cozy, and comfy
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced heel lockdown
  • Durable


  • The heel-to-toe transition could be better.


While testing Adidas Ultra Boost Light, I found it a great shoe and an excellent version of its predecessor, i.e., Ultra Boost 21. They are super light in weight and are easy on the feet. 

They are soft and springy, and well-cushioned. You don’t even notice they are soft, springy, and well-cushioned. It’s a different type of comfy boost on your feet.

The lace cage is impressive. It is softer than the previous version. While wearing shoes other than this one, you feel that the lace cage protrudes when you bend; however, with ultra-boost light shoes, it doesn’t happen. 

Another good thing about this new model is its upper material. It’s made of mesh, which offers maximum breathability in the toe box. Wearing it with or without socks, you’ll experience air touching your feet.

In addition, I like the snugness of the toebox area. The knit is flexible, but it’s not too loose, and it’s not too firm either. 

It also has a lesser carbon footprint, meaning the measure of CO2 gasses in manufacturing these shoes is less than previous versions.

This is the best running sneaker for the Adidas Ultra Boost line for running. You can check the LEP system; it’s insane. It comes up and around here instead of through the mid-foot of the shoe. 

The heel-toe transition is just good and not much better. Other than that, if you wear them for running on the treadmill, you’ll experience why they are the best.

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2. Adidas Dame 8 (Best Budget)

Overall Rating


Shoe Specs

  • Size: Wide
  • Weight: 390g
  • Top: Low Top
  • Lockdown: Lace up
  • Midsole: Bounce-pro
  • Material: Textile Mesh

Infohoops Verdict

After thorough testing, I must say, Adidas Dame 8 is a budget-friendly shoe with fantastic traction and is best suitable for playing on clean courts. They are durable, lightweight, comfy, easy to fit, and deliver maximum protection for wide feet. On the contrary, they are less ventilated and are dust magnets.

Other Experts Say?

Tommy Liu

The Adidas Dame 8 has excellent cushioning, a great core feel, and a very minimal break-in time. Traction is just average, however, you do pick up a lot of dust. Materials are nice and soft and are foot friendly.

The Sole Brothers

The overall shoe feels pretty responsive, but the fit is a little bit sloppy. I wish the traction was a lot better on dust, but it’s a pretty feeling-responsive shoe. They are less ventilated and the overall silhouette looks great. Personally, due to traction, I didn’t like it.


The Dame 8 is a must cop, and is vast improvement of Dame 7.


The adidas Dame 8 featured adidas’s newest cushioning technology called BouncePro. It’s a dual-density setup that ensures stability and impact protection.


  • Impressive traction on clean courts
  • Budget-friendly
  • Highly durable
  • Super comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Maximum protection
  • Easy to fit
  • Perfect for wide feet


  • Less ventilation
  • Attracts dust


Finally, I got my hands on trying Adidas Dame 8 which is the eighth installment of the signature shoe launched by Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard. 

As per my experience, dame 8 is one of the best yet budget-friendly shoes on the list and has impeccable features. The upper material of the shoe consists of soft and firm mesh. The mesh offers durability and less ventilation than other shoes.

The shoe’s traction contains two patterns– the wave pattern on the inner traction and the thunderbolt traction on the exterior design. 

These traction patterns diminish stress on the feet, joints, and ankles but can become slippery due to the accumulation of dirt and dust into the intricate details of the pattern.

The integrated cushion technology Bounce Pro offers responsiveness, durability, lightweight, and maximum protection. 

However, it could be more suitable for shifty players relying entirely on ball handling and passing skills. It’s because these shoes don’t deliver a good court feel.

These are super budget-friendly shoes suitable for players who love quick acceleration and easy push-off from the ground while playing. Lastly, playing in the clean courts is advised to prevent slippage.

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3. Jordan Zion 2

Overall Rating


Shoe Specs

  • Release date: 2023
  • Size: True-to-size
  • Weight: 400g
  • Top: Mid Top
  • Lockdown: Lace up
  • Midsole: Zoom Air+ Ait Strobel
  • Material: Textile + leather

Infohoops Verdict

Its design and overall structure give a lot of force and aggression to the court–there isn’t anything I dislike about it. This is a fantastic pick if you enjoy a low-to-the-ground, supportive basketball shoe and have wide feet. The Jordan Zion 2 performs admirably for gamers who frequently make hard cuts.

Other Experts Say?

Tommy Liu

Precision Six is a lightweight shoe that does have good traction, but with cheap materials, and no technology.

The Sole Brothers

If you don’t care about the cushion, and want a lightweight shoe, then this is for you. Overall, it’s a nice shoe, two things I’d like to change about it are the traction and cushion.


As per the the price factor, Precision Six is a good shoe to go for. I haven’t tried its traction performance outside, but I’m sure, it’s gonna do well. The cushion steup is good and is lightweight. The material, the support, and everything else is all good.


The Nike Precision 6 is a decent budget model from Nike that lighter guard-style players will enjoy.


  • Tremendous grip
  • Supportive traction
  • Budget-friendly
  • Well-ventilated
  • Prevents feet from injury


  • Minimal cushion support


The Nike 6 Precision is an updated version of Nike Precision 5 and is an excellent value for money. Nike has improved the shoe’s design more than its predecessor, and the shoe fits true to size, making them comfortable out-of-the-box shoes.

The upper material of the shoe consists of mesh and synthetic TPU. The mesh caters to the boots’ breathability, whereas the TPU layers offer protection, and the more complex mesh on the heel provides stability and containment. On the other hand, Nike 5 had leather upper material, blocking the airflow. 

The Precision 6 has a full-length Zoom Air unit on the fore foot for cushioning whereas the Precision 5 had minimal cushioning on the hee. In comparison with Precison 5, the 6 one delivers good support and lockdown with an adequately positioned lace system for a secure fit.

The shoes offer smooth indoor traction as its outer sole contains a herringbone-like pattern, while the Precision 5 has a traditional herringbone patterns with a lesser grip.

The shoe’s sole is lightweight and has EVA foam integrated into the midsole, resulting in minimal energy return and shock absorption. 

Moreover, the sole unit’s design provides a smooth ride from heel to toe and extra stability in the shoe’s midsection due to its elongated shape.

To sum up, the Nike 6 Precision is an all-around shoe good for those who want excellent quality shoes on a minimal budget.

In my experience, the shoes work best on the inner courts and cater to gymgoers’ needs. It offers excellent arch support and reduces stress on the heels and toes. 

On the contrary, it’s unsuitable for those who want extra cushioning, as this shoe has minimal support. Overall, it’s the best.

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4. Adidas Harden Vol.6 (Best Wide Toe Box Basketball Shoes)

Overall Rating


Shoe Specs

  • Size: True-to-size
  • Weight: 370-390g
  • Top: High Top
  • Lockdown: Lace up
  • Midsole: Zoom Strobel+Phylon 
  • Material: Textile

Infohoops Verdict

In my opinion, Adidas Harden Vol.6 are the best shoes for people with wide-toe boxes. They have comfortable traction that functions well on the courts. They have a solid rubber outsole, perfect cushioning, and maximum ankle support. Yet, they aren’t breathable due to their make material.

Other Experts Say?

Kicks Contest World

I can’t say I am happy with Adidas to harden vol. 6 but I am not disappointed either. Overall Harden vol. 6 is a decent basketball shoe for positions one through four.

The Sole Brothers

What I don’t like about the shoe is how quickly it gets dirty, but overall, I like the aesthetic and design of the shoe.


Overall that’s going to give us an average of 8.8/10. However, it’s a good shoe but what concerns me the most is its traction and the discomfort with low-top socks.


I actually kind of like the look for Harden 6. The cushioning is good. Overall, Harden vol. 6 is improved from the last one Adidas 5. Improvements are made in traction, cushion, and support.


The Adidas Harden Vol 6 is a massive improvement from its predecessor. These are comfortable and playable.


  • Comfortable traction
  • Excellent grip
  • Solid rubber outsole
  • Perfect cushioning
  • Amazing court feels
  • Tremendous ankle support
  • Lateral stability


  • Non Breathable


Adidas Harden Vol.6 is from the series of James Harden signature shoes. These are top-tier shoes and are specially made for people with wide feet.

They are made to facilitate the broad wide feet of players efficiently and have a more futuristic design than vol 5. The players can play comfortably in them from the opening whistle to the last intense seconds of the game.

The features it has are fantastic. The best thing about Adidas is it promotes sustainability by using recycled products in shoemaking. 

For instance, you can check out the upper material of the recycled straps, which sticks to Adidas’ sustainability mission.

However, when I tried them on, the upper and forefoot materials didn’t offer breathability, so there was no airflow, and the making material may feel cheap.

Unlike Harden Vol 5, this shoe works perfectly fine on the outer courts. It has a solid and sturdy rubber outsole and a herringbone traction pattern.

Additionally, it is infused with a full-bed boost cushion and is better than the previous volume. As it has excellent cushioning, it offers an adequate amount of stability and protection.

The size and fitting of the shoe are perfect for players with wide feet. Moreover, its wider toe box facilitates people’s wide feet.

The overall performance of this shoe is better than its predecessor, which was equipped with weak features. All the features of the vol6 are good, but one of the best in its responsiveness and traction.

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5. New Balance KAWHI 2 (Best 4e Wide Basketball Shoes)

Overall Rating


Shoe Specs

  • Size: Slim fit (snug)
  • Weight: 326g
  • Top: High-top
  • Lockdown: Lace up
  • Midsole: Full-length Fuel cell
  • Material: Fit weave Lite

Infohoops Verdict

The New Balance Kawhi shoes are an excellent choice for those who want a durable, supportive shoe for indoor and outdoor play. The traction is impressive, and the mid-foot chain plate supports exceptional torsion. However, I didn’t like cushioning, it could be better, and the outer sole requires periodic cleaning. Overall, the Kawhi 2 shoes are a solid option for basketball players.

Other Experts Say?

The Sole Borthers

The aesthetics and colors are great, the ventilation is just okay. It’s overall a solid shoe, but I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite. Three things I feel could’ve been better and i-e, traction, cushion, and lateral stability.

Tommy Liu

Overall, it has a decent core feel. As a performance basketball shoe it’s more of the low key type instead of the super soft pushy type. All-in-all, it’s a good one.


The Kawhi 2 is an improvement on the 1 in almost every way.


  • Grippy tractions
  • Enhanced make materials
  • Lateral stability
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


  • Lacks good cushioning
  • Traction could be improved


Finally, the Kawhi Leonard signature New Balance Kawhi shoes are out of the box. They are best suitable for those who want to play indoors and outdoors.

The features it comes with are to die for. Everything is on point, from traction to cushioning and making the material of the shoe. 

The traction does a great job, has an eye-catchy pattern, and performs well on the inner courts; however, on the outer courts, be careful. They do well outdoors but need to clean the outer sole off and on due to dust accumulation.

Furthermore, the heel-to-toe transition offers maximum torsion support due to its mid-food chain plate.

On the other hand, the cushioning lacks compression and has poor impact protection but offers good responsiveness and court feel.

The upper material is made of fit weave light, which is thin yet supportive. This lightweight material offers maximum ventilation, is durable, and fits true to size. Another factor responsible for the better fit includes the minimal padding on the tongue.

Overall, after personally trying the New Balance Kawhi 2 I’m highly satisfied with them. They offer protection, stability, and durability and are accessible on the feet. However, it lacks good-quality cushioning; otherwise, it’s good to go.

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6. Air Jordan XXXVII ( best high-top basketball shoes for flat feet)

Overall Rating


Shoe Specs

  • Release Date: Sep, 2022
  • Signature: Micheal Jordan
  • Size: True-to-size
  • Weight: 400g
  • Top: High Top
  • Lockdown: Lace up
  • Midsole: Phylon + Formula 23
  • Material:  Lenoweave

Infohoops Verdict

The fit is better than last year’s Air Jordan 36 and can fit slightly wider feet. All of the support features are also present. The forefoot’s double-stacked Zoom Strobel and Zoom Air unit provide plenty of bounce and responsiveness. The materials are not high-end, but they perform well in every way.

Other Experts Say?

The Sole Brothers

If you like a roomier toe box, the Jordan 37 is a good option.


Wide-footers can go true to size.

Foot Doctor Zach

I was pleasantly surprised at the fit of the Jordan 37, as these are a bit more forgiving than the 36. also, it is just a little bit wider.


  • Excellent traction
  • Very responsive
  • Pronounced court feel
  • Torsional support
  • High impact protection
  • Suitable for flat feet players


  • Lack supportive features
  • Expensive


When compared to Air Jordan 36, the fit has improved. It better accommodates slightly wider feet.

If you have wide feet and buy true to size, these will fit perfectly snug and keep your foot in place. 

We discovered during our testing that the Air Jordan 37 needs some break-ins to be comfortable after the first few days. You’ll have a great bite if you play on a clean court.

The dust performance, on the other hand, could be improved. It gets dusty, but it is simple to clean.

If you play on an outdoor court, you should be fine because the Jordan 37’s grooves are deep and thick for durability, and the rubber is tough.

Double-stacked Zoom units in the forefoot and Formula 23 in the heel provide cushioning that helps in compression and bounce. 

If you want a lot of compressions and balance in the forefoot, this is an excellent option. However, if you prefer something softer and more responsive, there might be better options. 

We recommend these shoes for forefoot-heavy players searching for a bouncy setup.

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7. Adidas Harden Vol.7 (Best Extra Wide basketball Shoes)

Overall Rating


Shoe Specs

  • Release Date: Feb, 2023
  • Signature: James Harden
  • Weight: 420g
  • Top: LowTop
  • Lockdown: Lace up
  • Midsole: Lightstrike + Boost
  • Material: Textile

Infohoops Verdict

After testing Adidas Vol7, I’ve drawn a conclusion that it is the best shoe of 2023 as it offers perfect traction, responsive cushion, stability, and much more; on the other hand, they are a bit heavy, less ventilated, and the material looks cheap.

Other Experts Say?

The Sole Drop

I really had a great time playing in Harden seven, and I didn’t really mind the heavier weight at all. Overall, the cushioning setup, traction, and make materials are very good.


It’s a pretty sweet model, and it’s got some boost in there. It could’ve been more better if the traction and cushion material were better.


The Harden Vol 7 feels quick because of the traction and cushioning setup.


  • Ankle support
  • Torsional rigidity
  • Insane grip
  • Super comfortable material
  • Durable 


  • Bulkier
  • Less breathable
  • Material looks cheap


After the audience’s immense wait and eagerness, Adidas Vol.7 is out. Just like its predecessors Harden Volume 6, it has incredible features.

While unboxing the shoes, the shoe design caught my attention. I took no time in trying them, I quickly put them on and began the run test.

I must say the traction is pretty good. The shoe pattern is eye-catching, and the traction is supportive, responsive, and stable lateral caging. Furthermore, the back of a darker plastic piece covers the back of the cage and supports lateral stops.

It also offers ankle support with its internal TPU heel counter and has a wide base with fantastic lateral containment. I could feel the support it provided.

The midsole and combines Boost and Lightsrtike cushioning. The light strike cushioning is best for those who love to stay low to the ground.

The midfoot area is wrapped with carbon fiber shank plates for torsional rigidity and offers a good base for high jump and bounce. It stores potential energy while you jump, and as a result, you experience a good bounce.

The cushioning system is comfy and does a great job of protecting your feet. The outer sole or traction is a combination of rubber and translucent material.

More so, the forefoot’s circular heel and herringbone pattern helps you make sudden stops without fear of slipping.

This shoe has a sock liner tongue that holds and covers your feet. Overall, stability, grip, and impressive traction are perfect for the players, and it’s one of the best basketball shoes of 2023. Not to mention, I’ve become a huge fan of these shoes.

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8. KD Trey 5 X

Overall Rating


Shoe Specs

  • Release Date: 2022
  • Signature: Kevin Durant
  • Weight:  309g 
  • Top: Low Top
  • Lockdown: Lace up
  • Midsole: Air Zoom 
  • Material: Mesh Material

Infohoops Verdict

This minimal basketball shoe shows that a shoe does not have to be pricey to perform well. It’s all about comfort, and wide-footers will surely enjoy this one. For most players, these are a no-brainer as a backup pair for practices or as an outdoor option.

Other Experts Say?

Tommy Liu

The shoes are about normal width, so if you’re a white footer, they should allow you more room in the toe area.


Soft, malleable materials may be more accommodating for those with wide feet.


  • Accommodates wide feet
  • Solid traction
  • Smooth heel-to-toe transition
  • Bouncy 
  • Low-to-the-ground feel
  • Comfortably Extremely light
  • Affordable


  • Not durable
  • Not suitable for outdoors


The KD Trey 5’s materials are soft and forgiving but perhaps excessive. The forefoot strap is functional and improves the shoe’s fit and overall containment, which is the only saving grace.

Having said that, wide-footed people may find that the flexible, malleable materials are more forgiving than those in other shoes.

The KD Trey 5 X has good traction. A heat map-inspired traction pattern on the sole provides multidirectional coverage. These are a good option for outdoor play, especially given the cost.

Although the grooves are close together in some areas of the shoe, you must stop and wipe down a few times because the traction also performed well indoors.

With a full-length foam midsole (in this case, Renew) and a rectangular Zoom Air unit in the forefoot, the KD Trey 5 X’s cushioning is its best feature. 

You get good impact protection without feeling like you’re sinking into the shoe or that the shoe won’t react quickly enough. Additionally, the forefoot’s Air Zoom unit can be felt, giving your step a little extra bounce.

This basketball shoe is ideal for players looking for all-day comfort and wide-footers looking for shoes that are stretchy enough to accommodate them.

This shoe will also benefit ballers who prefer minimal-feeling footwear and athletes who rarely play outside.

9. Jordan, Why Not .5

Overall Rating


Shoe Specs

  • Release Date: March 1, 2022
  • Size: Regular Fit
  • Weight: 370g
  • Top: Mid Top
  • Lockdown: Lace up
  •  Midsole:  Full-length Phylon
  • Material:Rip-stop like material

Infohoops Verdict

A lightweight, supportive shoe for athletes who like moving quickly is the Jordan Why Not Zer0.5. Amazing fit around the toe as well. These fit perfectly for someone with very wide feet. The Jordan Why Not.5 has every feature a high-performance basketball shoe should have except for traction. If it could consistently grip the court, it might be better.

Other Experts Say?

The Sole Brothers

In terms of lateral containment, I had no problems. Although the shoe is not particularly wide, the lateral stability was still good.

Foot Doctor Zach

Go true to size if you have a medium or wide foot or half a size down if you have a narrow foot.


Because of how light and flexible the materials are, wide footers will be okay going with their true size.


  • Good traction on rough surfaces
  • Comfortable fit with secure lockdown
  • No need to break-in
  • Suitable for wide-footer
  • Ready for the outdoors
  • Light and supportive
  • Great for everyday wear


  • Low-quality materials
  • Not impressive traction


We recommend Why Not 0.5 true to size for average width and wide footers. If you have a narrow foot, we recommend going down a half size if you want to try this shoe. 

Based on our first-hand experience with the shoe, these sizing recommendations should wrap the foot fairly well while accommodating for things like foot swell while playing.

The traction performance was quite good though it is inconsistent. The rubber outsole’s nubs prevent slips and keep the feet firmly planted. 

This basketball shoe’s traction is most felt on high-friction surfaces. The shoe’s forefoot has a Zoom unit which provides great energy return.

The shoe’s forefoot structure also allows for a good amount of court feel. The Zoom forefoot is bouncy and provides a smooth ride.

While the heel can still compress on impact, the protection is lesser than that of more comfortable shoes such as the Nike LeBron. 

The shoe’s support and lockdown are excellent, and they feel stable laterally. 

This Jordan basketball shoe is perfect if you have wide feet and want supportive, light sneakers that don’t need to break in.

10. Jordan Tatum 1

Overall Rating


Shoe Specs

  • Release Date: 2023 
  • Size: true to size
  • Weight: 340g
  • Top: Low Top
  • Lockdown: Lace up
  • Midsole: Reinforced foam
  • Material: Lenoweave+leather

Infohoops Verdict

The Jordan JT 1 is an excellent basketball shoe. The cushioning has gotten a lot of praise for being bouncy and comfortable beneath the forefoot and heel. It needs to catch up in appearance and style, but it’s still a good option for people with wide feet.

Other Experts Say?

Snkr Tech talk

If you have a regular foot, size down half a size. If you have a wide foot, get your regular size.


Go true to size if you have wide feet.


If you want a really one-to-one fit, especially for your toes and that toe box area, then going down half a size may work for you.


  • Impressive bite on clean courts
  • Pronounced court feel
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Accommodates narrow to wide feet
  • A true back for the buck
  • Aesthetically appealing


  • Not suitable for outdoor
  • Ventilation isn’t so good


We recommend going true to size with Tatum 1 if you have wide feet. Because of this flexibility, those with narrow to medium-wide feet can also go true to size. 

In the case of Flow, the Jordan JT 1 has a unique traction setup for a Jordan sneaker, which grips the court exceptionally well. 

It may be better suited for outdoor use but it is an excellent indoor traction system. 

The shoe has an exposed high-volume Zoom Air unit that covers most of the forefoot and provides the most cushioning possible. 

It’s not the bouncy Zoom Air implementation we’ve seen, but it works.

These shoes are also suitable for point-and-shoot guards who prefer responsive shoes.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Basketball Shoe For Wide Feet

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet 2023

Playing basketball is a challenging game. It involves a lot of movements like running, jumping, moving back and forth, and much more. In such a game, when you jump and land back on the floor, your feet are the ones that suffer wear and tear. 

This is why you must choose the best yet most comfortable shoes for your wide feet. They offer great fit, excellent arch support, and much more. 

However, finding basketball shoes can be arduous, and you may choose the wrong size. So, consider the following things to choose the correct size of shoes for your wide feet.


The first thing you need to do is check the width of the shoe. Shoes with narrow toe boxes can cause pain and discomfort, and ignoring such can lead to calluses and bristles. 

Therefore, it’s best to look for a wide-toe box, try it, and if it suits your feet, you can go for it. The good thing about wide shoes is that they offer more room for stability and comfort. Moreover, the big wide shoes offer breathability, and you can wriggle your feet.

Arch Support

Most football players have flat arches, which require more support. If you’re a football player, you should wear shoes with supportive and comfy midsole and orthotic insoles. They can support your arches and prevent your feet from injury. 

In addition, shoes with an arch support help improve balance, reduce pain in the overall body and disperse weight across the foot to alleviate fatigue. In short, excellent arch support shoes are directly proportional to no more tired feet.


Regarding cushioning, looking for shoes that offer maximum comfort and support is essential. 

Especially for wide feet, the cushioning factor matters a lot. Shoes with ample cushioning have a comfy insole and midsole and can absorb shock. 

Such shoes are gentle on joints; you can play or run freely without hurting your feet. 

Another good thing about good cushioning shoes is that they have a ticker sole which is beneficial for those with a foot or leg fracture history and knee pain. 

So, the more you focus on selecting a good cushioning shoe, the less likely you’ll get injured.


Traction is essential for all types of feet- narrow or wide. It plays a significant role in helping you ace or lose the game. Make sure the shoe’s sole is no-slip, offers excellent grip, and prevents you from falling. 

In short, good traction reduces the slippage chances and provides support and stability for joints.


A person with wide feet should always look for breathability in shoes. The breathability in shoes lets the wearer enjoy comfort and prevents their feet from getting sweaty. 

Its upper fabric is the essential thing that caters to excellent shoe breathability. It would help if you went for shoes whose upper material is a mesh rather than leather. 

Mesh allows air to enter the shoes, whereas leather makes the feet sweaty, resulting in bristles.


Durability is one of the most significant factors in deciding whether you’ll rock or fall on the ground. The thicker sole, high-quality build material, traction, and excellent stitching cater to the shoes’ durability for wide feet. 

Shoes made with leather and synthetic material are considered more durable. Moreover, they deliver maximum traction and support to your broad toes, ankle, and joints. Also, the durable basketball shoes ensure protection against outer elements as well.


When buying shoes for wide feet, it’s best to choose durable pair that has a wide-toe box, adjustable straps or laces, and a roomy fit. All of these factors are essential, but one of the major ones you should focus on is the fit. 

Ensure the shoes suit your toe box and do not cause discomfort. That said, a big tow box offers an excellent fit for wider feet and delivers more support and stability.


1. Is LeBron 20 good for wide feet?

The impeccable features of the Lebron 20 by Nike make it the perfect choice for people with wide feet. They have excellent cushioning and traction and help reduce knee and joint pain.

2. Why are LeBron’s shoes so wide?

These shoes are more comfortable and supportive than others because of their more giant toe box, which helps to ease foot fatigue and irritation. They have padding around the shoe, an airy mesh upper, and a court-ready outsole.

3. Is it necessary to wear wide feet shoes?

Someone with wider feet should wear wide shoes so they don’t experience discomfort. Those with wide feet who are ignorant about wearing wide and broad shoes face worse feet problems such as bristles, calluses, and others.

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