10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 in 2023

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 in 2023

When we say budget shoes, you hear cheap, unstable basketball shoes. Fortunately, that’s not the case. You need to be aware of superb performer kicks under 100$.

That I say are the basketball shoes that give massive value for your money. Either you want to 

Keep an extra pair of kicks in your bag, or you want a budget shoe for practice sessions. These will be your best hoop shoe, whichever the case is.

I have come up with a handpicked list of the Top 10 Best Basketball shoes Under 100$ after hours of collecting reviews, expert opinions and testing. So you can have peace of mind that having cheap basketball shoes under 100 won’t let you down on the court.

In case you are in hurry, here’re our top 5 picks for best basketball shoes under $100.




1-Adidas Crazylight Boost

Best Overall

2-Nike Lebron Soldier 14

Runner Up

3- Adidas D Rose 11

Best Women

4-Nike Giannis Immortality

Best Durable 

5- Nike Precision 5

Best Budget

List Of Best Basketball Shoes Under $100

1-Adidas Crazylight Boost (Best Overall)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 in 2023

Best Basketball shoes Under 100$

If you value your money, and want to get an ultimate great basketball shoe, then you will buy these Adidas shoes. It’s a very supportive shoe with a balanced cushion and comfortable material. These are also perfect budget options for players with plantar Fasciitis.


  • Outstanding traction
  • Balanced cushion
  • Torsional rigidity
  • Secure fit and lockdown
  • Great traction
  • Comfy material


  • Not so breathable

Adidas old shoe that is still available is Crazylight Boost. It’s the best basketball shoe for any player with planar Fasciitis. Such shoes retail for a very high price but since it’s an old model. So you can enjoy its benefits if you have plantar Fasciitis. 

It’s a phenomenal performer even if you are a perfect fit player. It features a dual-density rubber outsole. The outsole has a racing tire traction pattern.

 The rubber on the midfoot is hard while it’s soft on the forefoot and heel. The rubber has a significant bite and grip on the indoor and outdoor courts. The dust pickup is also minimal. Traction is superb on all surfaces. 

It features Boost cushioning. Which is a high-tech cushioning in any Adidas shoes. The cushion is not very responsive but it adds thickness to the sole. It’s a firm kind of cushion. So impact protection is excellent. 

The material on Adidas Crazylight Boost is Primenet. Which is soft and mesh-like uppers. It hugs your feet and gives a snug personalized fit right out of the box. It’s soft and stretchy so there are no pinching and biting.

The shoe fits true to size. It’s a really snug fit with no tongue. So you can tighten up the laces to get an individual fit. Heel slippage is zero with maximum padding in the heel area and a really snug heel cup. So fit and lockdown is great.

For support, The Crazylight boost has a midfoot torsional plate. Which gives it torsional rigidity. The heel has an internal heel counter and sufficient padding to keep the heel in place and protect it from ankle injuries.

The boost cushioning protrudes out on the lateral side making the shoe very stable. Overall, any player with a flat foot, or planta Fasciitis will enjoy playing in them.

2-Adidas D Rose 11 (Best Women’s Basketball Shoes)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 in 2023

Best for Wide footers

If you are looking for the best signature shoe that’s not expensive then D ROSE 11 is the ultimate choice. It’s a very stable shoe that will support your moves and lateral cuts. Traction is reliable on all surfaces.


  • Amazing Traction
  • Responsive cushion
  • Breathable material
  • Side-to-side stability
  • Lateral containment
  • Ankle support
  • Durable outsole


  • Material is not very premium
  • Fit feels lose

Adidas D Rose 11 is not only the best basketball shoe for women for its excellent fit but it is an overall best in each aspect. 

Derrick rose 11th signature shoe has a very good bite on a clean indoor and outdoor basketball court. It has a wavy traction pattern on its outsole. Which grips really well on the hardwood as well as concrete surfaces.

The rubber is durable so it’s the best buy that would last you longer than you expect. 

For the cushion, the shoe has full-length Lightstrike cushioning, and a Strobel insole. The cushion is thin on the forefoot while it’s pretty thick and soft on the heel. The material is very breathable to keep you fresh during the game.

So it feels very plush and soft on your feet. It gives pronounced impact protection and responsiveness. 

The material is thin and has minimal mesh. Like most mesh material it is lightweight. But the material quality looks cheap. Adidas could have done better here.

Adidas D Rose has an awesome support pattern with its wide base. The rubber coming out of the footbed on the lateral sides makes them very stable shoes.

 The heel area has a solid plastic caging and it’s padded from the inside. So you get really good ankle protection and lateral containment.

D Rose 11 fits true to size. For wide feet player, the shoe might be a little snug. So buy half a size up if you are a big guy.

Overall, it’s an excellent shoe in a budget package.

3-Nike Lebron Soldier 14 (Runner Up)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 in 2023

Best for Guards, Big Dudes

Nike LeBron Soldier 14 is an explosive performer basketball shoe on all the surfaces. Traction, cushion, material, and support, all are very balanced. Since it’s wide-feet friendly, it’s perfect for Men and bigger guys. We would highly recommend this top-tier performer to professional and beginner players.


  • Breathable
  • Torsional rigidity
  • Great Traction on outdoor and Indoor courts
  • Balanced cushion
  • Effective Support and lockdown 
  • Wide feet friendly


  • Traction needs break-in time
  • Cushion is stiff on heel

Nike LeBron Soldier 14 is a pretty great budget pick. With all its top-tier features, it surely does deserve the first slot in the list.

The traction on the rubber outsole has two patterns. The forefoot criss-cross and heel zig-zag pattern give you a pretty solid multidirectional traction. But its rubber compounds need a little bit of time to break in. 

But once broken in, LeBron Soldier 14 will never let you slip on your side to side and pivoting movements. 

On the clean courts, traction is very consistent and reliable. But on the dusty outdoor courts, it needs occasional wipes to get the best traction.

Material is a Textile mesh that wraps up around the foot and conforms to the shape of your feet. It’s stretchy and breathable. The side area has rubber pieces coming up to give you a nice lateral containment.

Cushioning setup is a forefoot zoom unit and Cushlon in the heel. The cushion is pretty balanced. It is bouncy and gives good impact protection. You’ll land safely in this cushioning.

The shoe base is wide. It’s a stable shoe. With the internal heel counter on the back of the heel, it’s very stiff on the ankle area. So it will protect the ankle area. Lateral sides rubber will aid in torsional rigidity. So it’s a very supportive shoe for any player.

Fit is true to size. Even if you are a big dude and have wide feet, the actual size would be best. But for very wide feet players, going half a size up would be better.

4-Nike Zoom Freak 3 (Best For Flat Feet)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 in 2023

Best flat feet & Larger forward

Traction has issues but It has great aesthetics in different colorways. It’s the best pick for flat feet players with awesome support features. Other than that, any Gianni fan would love to have this shoe in their collection more than anyone else. Especially when it’s available at the cheapest rate, then why not?


  • Premium Material
  • Lightweight
  • Side-to-side stability
  • Amazing fit and lockdown
  • Great Aesthetics


  • Traction is sub-par
  • Cushion is not responsive

Giannis Antetokaunmpo signature shoes Zoom Freak 3 is not so old model. It released in 2021 and it’s available at very cheap rates.

Zoom Freak 3 has a heat wave traction pattern on the outsole. The outsole is made up of thick rubber compounds which give ok-ish traction performance on clean indoor courts. Sometimes it slides on hard stop. So traction is not so outstanding.

The cushion in the Zoom Freak 3 is a full-length phylon and a forefoot zoom unit. The cushioning is very compact. The Phylon midsole is not very responsive. So the bouncy feel is absent and impact protection is also minimum. 

It has a thin textile upper. The upper looks very premium and it for extra durability, it has fused overlays. The top of the shoe has a velcro strap. That is supposed to give extra fit and lockdown.

The fit on Zoom Freak 3 is snug. If you have very wide feet, then you must go up half a size. Otherwise normal and medium feet players can fit perfectly in their actual size.

For support, it has an internal heel counter to protect the ankle area. The shoe has a stiff base. So it won’t bend easily. The material on the side keeps your feet on the footbed. So it’s a very stable shoe.

For its all awesome support features, Zoom Freak 3 is the best basketball shoes for flat feet players.

5-Nike KD Trey 5 Vlll (Best Cushioned)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 in 2023

Best for Versatile players

Nike KD Trey 5 VIII signature shoes are very reliable on court budget model shoes. You get premium cushioning and solid traction. It does have some stability issues. other than that it’s a solid pickup in budget model shoes with excellent cushioning.


  • Biting traction
  • Responsive cushion
  • Cosy and comfortable material
  • Nice aesthetics
  • Biting traction
  • Solid fit


  • Lateral stability
  • Lateral containment

Nike KD 5 VIII is a Kevin Durants very popular shoe that’s very affordable and durable.

The traction on the Nike KD 5 VIII is amazing. It’s nothing less than top-tier traction because it performs superbly on indoor and outdoor courts. In these sneakers, you won’t slip at hard pivoting movements and side stops.

It picks minimum dust that’s really easy to wipe. So the traction is very reliable.

Cushioning setup in Nike KD 5 VIII is Nike Renew foam. That is very plush and soft. That is the bounciest cushion that you ever going to find in a budget basketball shoe. 

It feels like you are walking on a cloud. The impact protection is amazing. Its cushion is comfortable and very responsive.

It has a knit textile material. That has fused overlays on the tow box. on the sides, there is a synthetic material and fused overlays used on the sides of shoes. 

That adds extra durability. The Knit material is nicely padded from the inside and tongue area. Aesthetically it looks good. The overall material is soft and comfortable.

For support, the back of the shoe has an internal heel counter. The midfoot area does not have an internal shank plate but it does not bend and gives good torsional rigidity.

The shoe base is not very stable. The foot seems to come out of the footbed when you play on the court.

It is a snug-fit shoe. The base is not so wide. So going half a size up is good if you are the wide footer. Otherwise, it gives you one on one fit if you are the narrow or medium footer.

Overall, you will get a solid sneaker in Nike KD Trey 5 VIII in your limited price range.

6-Adidas D.O.N Issue # 3 (Best Traction)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 in 2023

Best for Donovan Mitchell

Adidas D.O.N Issue # 3 is a very nice budget shoe with excellent traction indoors and outdoors. The shoe material is comfortable and the cushion goes with players who like minimal and low-to-ground setups. Overall it has a nice performance profile


  • Great traction
  • Comfortable material
  • Smooth heel-to-toe transition
  • Impact protection
  • Low to the ground cushion


  • Lateral stability
  • Heel slippage

Adidas D.O.N issue # 3 are Donovan Mitchell signature shoes. He plays as a shooting guard on the court. The shoe goes well with his playoff style. 

It has a translucent and rubber outsole on different colorways. This specific white colorway has a rubber outsole with a translucent piece on the heel part. 

Its box-like traction pattern works really well on clean indoor and outdoor courts. It helps you stop on a dime. The outsole’s thin rubber picks up dust. So make sure to wipe it more often to have consistent traction.

It has full-length Lightstrike foam in the base. It’s a light base low density cushioning. It gives you a very low-to-the-ground feel. It gives a nice court feel and impact protection. 

It lacks a significant amount of bounce. Overall it’s an average cushioning.

The material is a thin textile material. The material needs a little break time. You enjoy its comfort and softness once broken in. the side has a piece of plastic extending to the heel. It has a lace eyelet to give a better fit.

The fit is a little weird. The shoe is snug in a true-to-size fit. The base is wide. So it’s good news if you have wide feet. So narrow footers might feel comfortable in half size down than their actual size.

The shoe has a stiff shank plate in midfoot that makes the base rigid and gives a nice torsional rigidity. Lateral containment is pretty solid with its wide base and foam caging the side areas.

Some players complained about heel slippage. Which is a tiny issue. Other than that, it’s a reliable on-court performer.

7-Nike Precision 5 (Best Non-Signature )

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 in 2023

Best for Wide footer

Nike precision 5 is a comfortable low-to-the-ground budget model. Traction is solid with a very dependable support pattern. Overall, it’s one of the best budget shoes from 2021.


  • Biting traction
  • Impact protection
  • Heel-to-toe transition
  • Lateral containment
  • Lateral stability
  • Very durable outsole
  • Comfortable material


  • Breathability
  • bounciness

Nike precision 5 retailed for a very low price right from the beginning. So it definitely lacks any premium tech specs. But we assure you that Nike has made a nice performer sneaker in this price range.

Traction in the Nike Precision 5 is its highlight feature. It’s very consistent on the indoor as well as outdoor basketball courts. It picks up dust and if you dont forget to clean it frequently then, you’ll get solid, and reliable traction on any surface.

Nike Precision 5 has a full-length phylon cushioning setup. It is not as responsive as high-tech cushioning setups. But it is not very minimum. You will get excellent impact protection and a court feel.

But it lacks any premium bounciness and responsiveness. However, it gives a minimum compression.

The material on the Nike precision 5 is thick textile. Which has fused overlays on the toe box. That adds to durability if you are a player who uses a lot of toe drags, then this will work great for you.

The support pattern is pretty awesome. The back of the shoe has an internal heel counter to protect ankle area. 

On the forefoot area, it has a slight outrigger with a wide base. The material is caging shoe sides. So it’s a very stable shoe with excellent lateral containment and lateral stability. 

The shoe fits true to size. The material hugs the feet like a glove and gives a snug fit. There is no heel slippage. This shoe will give you a comfortable fit even if you have slightly wide feet.

Overall, on a limited budget, you can get this amazing shoe for your ball game.

8-Nike Giannis Immortality (Best Durability)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 in 2023

Best for Guards, Versatile players

Overall, it’s a lightweight and balanced signature shoe with very balanced cushioning. The traction is outstanding. It’s one of the best. The only downside is, it lacks torsional support. If that’s not a deal breaker for you then we assure you that it’s a banger court shoe.


  • Superb traction
  • Heel-to-toe transition
  • Balanced cushion
  • Comfortable material
  • Great aesthetic
  • Very minimal and lightweight


  • Torsional rigidity
  • Lateral support

Nike Gianni’s immortality is one of the best budget signature shoes that has amazing performance. It has all the modern tech specs that a modern ball shoe should have.

The outsole is made up of solid and very durable rubber with a herringbone traction pattern on it. Its bite and grip on a ball court are very amazing. It’s very reliable on the indoor as well as the outdoor courts.

The rubber outsole does not pick up dust. So it’s very consistent and you will get great control over your pivoting movements.

The cushion is a full-length phylon so it’s not a very premium setup that you expect from a signature model. It’s great for players who like a balanced cushion with a nice court feel and a little compression.

The material on the sneaker is a textile mesh. It is aesthetically pleasing, especially in this white/ Black colorway. 

The material is very thin and breathable. With little to no break in time, it conforms to your foot shape. It is breathable and cozy on the feet.

The outsole is wide on the forefoot area. So this shoe is laterally stable. But if you have flat feet, it can hurt Achilles area because there is no cortical plate. It bends easily. Lateral containment is also sub-par.

It fits true to size. Even if you have wide feet, you can buy a true-to-size pair undoubtedly. After a minimum initial break in a period of 2-3 hours, it will conform to the foot shape. It feels snug and cozy on your feet. 

9-Adidas Dame 8 (Best Breathability)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 in 2023

Best for Flat foot, Wide feet

Overall Adidas Dame 8 are very bouncy and comfortable shoe. It’s a super supportive shoe. So if you are looking for comfortable shoes and do not plan to use them on dusty outdoor courts, then these are really good. Because traction is inconsistent on the dusty courts.


  • Very comfortable
  • Bouncy foam
  • Lateral stability
  • Heel padding
  • Comfortable material
  • Cozy padding
  • Very breathable


  • Traction is inconsistent
  • Fit is roomier

Damian Lillard signature shoe Dame 8 is available in White/Black colorway with a very low price tag.

Adidas Dame 8 features a wave-like outsole pattern. The rubber outsole performs well on the indoor clean court. But outdoors, the outsole gets really dirty quickly. 

So if you are wearing them indoors, these will give a good bite and grip on the floor. But it is not well suited for outdoors.

The cushion in AdidasDame 8 is full-length Bounce-pro foam. That is very thick in the heel and gives phenomenal compression to the heel area. 

If you want a very bouncy setup with a lot of push and give. Then look no further than Dame 8.

The shoe material is a textile mesh that extends to the back of the shoe. The mesh is very soft and it’s well-padded. On the heel, it also has an Achilles pillow for added comfort to the ankle area.

Overall the material looks are not very premium for a signature shoe but it gives a nice step-in comfort. The thin material is also really breathable.

The Dame 8 is a pretty wide shoe. That has rubber coming out of the footbed. It has a plastic piece that cages on the lateral sides. So lateral containment and lateral stability are great. The heel area has Achillies padding which protects the ankle bone.

The shoe fits true to size. But if you like a snug fit then buy half a size down than your actual size. Players complained that the tow box is roomier so fit is wide foot friendly.

Overall the fit is best for wide feet players. There is no heel slippage. The lace-up upper gives a tight hugging fit to the feet. The support and lockdown are highlight features of Dame 8.

10-Nike LeBron Witness 5 (Best Stability)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 in 2023

Best for Versatile

Overall, Nike LeBron Witness 5 is a very stable shoe. Any player with ankle issues and Achilles tendon problems would enjoy playing in them. Traction is great. The cushion is low to the ground. The material looks very nice for a budget model shoe.


  • Comfortable cushion
  • Consistent traction
  • Lightweight
  • Secure lateral containment


  • Picks up dust on the outdoors
  • Outsole is not very durable

The Nike LeBron witness 5 is last year’s model. It’s a white colorway retailing for a very low price. So you should grab a pair quickly.

The Nike LeBron witness 5 has a translucent rubber outsole. The outsole has a diamond-like traction pattern on the forefoot. The heel part has a lateral line. 

The traction pattern is solid on the indoor and outdoor ball courts. You will stop on a dime with its multidirectional traction pattern. But it needs frequent wipes on dusty courts to get consistent traction.

The cushioning is full-length phylon. That is a very basic cushioning setup. It’s not bouncy and responsive. But it surely provides enough impact protection and a great court feel.

The material looks premium for a budget model shoe. On the forefoot, it has synthetic mesh and on the heel part, the leather material covers the shoe. Overall it’s well padded and comfortable material with no pinching.

The Nike LeBron witness 5 is a very supportive shoe in all budget models. The heel remains on the footbed. The shoe base is stiff so torsional stability and rigidity are excellent. Lateral stability and lateral containment are amazing.

The shoe is a slightly narrow fit. The material takes a little bit of time to conform to the foot shape. If you are wide feet player then buy half a size up than the actual size. Because it’s a narrow shoe from the midfoot area.

Narrow and medium feet players should buy true-to-size pairs.

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Our Methodology To Select Best Basketball shoes Under 100$

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes Under 100$

We compiled this guide by collecting shoe reviews from Forum websites, interviewing basketball players, and watching Videos for reviews of the shoes. That enabled us to generate the top 10 budget basketball shoes in 2022. 

Let’s be real; every basketball shoe has different features that support a specific playoff style and player’s position.

One for the quick guards would not be a perfect pair for heavy centers. That said, we have gone into the minute details to help you select the pair that goes with your specific style.

Because buying a best budget basketball shoes 2022 under 100 does not mean that we are going to make a compromise on the performance and quality of the shoe. 

Having said that, some signature shoes do not perform as great as a mid-range shoe can. 

So check out these features in your budget shoe to get a dependable pair of hoop shoes.


It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that the stability of a basketball shoe is the most essential feature of any basketball performance shoe. 

Until the early 20th century, many players used runner shoes in basketball games. At the same time, runner shoes are solely designed for straight-line movement.

A net shoe should be able to support side-to-side movements as quickly as possible. We see that the basketball shoe sides have rubber coming up from the sides. Alternatively, these have overlays on the lateral and medial sides. 

The rubber is coming up to aid in side-to-side stability and lateral containment. It keeps your feet on the footbed to avoid heel slippage.

Moreover, ball shoes have additional midfoot cushioning. So any player with a high or low arch has padding under their midfoot. It supports the Achilles tendon and prevents many potential injuries like tendonitis e

To make a shoe more supportive, many high-tech basketball shoes have a full-length shank plate or a midfoot shank plate. Which gives the foot torsional stability. That means, it will prevent your foot from bending during the pivoting movements.

Lastly, the back of the shoe has an internal heel counter and sufficient padding to protect the ankle area. Around the back of the shoe, you get 3 types of collar areas, low-top, Mid-top, and High-top. 

It is a general perception that a higher collar area gives better protection to ankles, while on the contrary, many quick players prefer low-top shoes which give them better freedom to move.

It is best to choose a Best Basketball shoes Under 100$ wisely that fit your orthotics and provides stability on the court.

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 in 2022 [Most Wanted]


Are basketball shoes meant to last longer? No. They are generally meant to be light on the feet to go with your quick playoff style on the court. 

That said, these do not have a strong build and retro-leather silhouette like in the early 20th century. But we can surely find a shoe that can last a couple of seasons.

Generally, such shoes are expected to last 100 hours of play. Manufacturers have increased durability by making thick outsole and durable mesh upper. 

We suggest going for a shoe with a better durability profile and reliability on the court. 

Impact Protection

Every basketball shoe must have excellent impact protection quality. Because as a newbie or a seasoned player, you have to make jumps multiple times on both ends of the court.

That puts a lot of strain on feet if a player is not wearing well-cushioned shoes. A shoe that has sufficient padding will absorb impact and keep you fresh throughout the game hour.

We advise you to never opt for basketball shoes with dead cushions and no impact protection. 

Shoe manufacturers brands, like Nike, Adidas, and Puma, have incorporated very well-engineered midsoles in their shoe. So choose according to your playing style and position. 


Basketball shoes have two types of outsole, translucent and rubber outsole. It is very easy to judge the shoe’s performance by looking at the traction pattern. 

However, regarding the outsole durability and performance, both outsoles perform differently on hardwood indoor and concrete outdoor courts.

More often than not, a rubber outsole has a better grip on any indoor and outdoor surface as compared to a translucent outsole. 

That said, a rubber outsole also has better durability on any exterior. So if you are going for a budget buy, look for a rubber outsole that is more reliable and will definitely last longer.


As a young enthusiastic player, you always want to maintain style. Many basketball shoe designs are very modern and elegant, like lifestyle sneakers. 

Those look awesome, and eventually, you feel more confident playing in stylish and contemporary-looking shoes. That said, Look out for a pair that adds confidence to your play.


In the past, leather was used as the upper material in basketball shoes. Things have changed as manufacturers focus more on making a lightweight and minimal upper material to let the airflow through the foot throughout the game. 

A non-breathable shoe will retain a lot of heat, and excessive sweating will cause fatigue and dehydration. So to maximize your performance, a breathable basketball shoe is the Best Basketball shoes Under 100$.


Shoe comfort is the critical element to look for. One shoe that looks good has an excellent grip, but a weird fit will create a real problem on the court. 

Before buying a sports sneaker, you must carefully know whether it has a wide base or is narrow feet friendly.

A snug-fit sneaker is a better choice for any player. That way, you won’t experience heel slippage, and your feet will remain on the footbed. 

As a general rule of thumb, if you are a wide feet player, go half a size up than your actual size. But buying true-to-size shoes will be the best fit for a medium a narrow feet player. 

You Will Get The Best Affordable Basketball Shoes for Under $ 100 If You Follow Following Tips.


Latest basketball shoes are cheaper at their retail shops during specific seasons around the year. 

Retailers significantly drop the prices of newly released shoes on the Black Friday sale, New Year, etc.

They also clear old stock before the season ends. So if you want to grap the best basketball shoe, keep track of the sale seasons when the retailer cut down their product price.

Moreover, when retailers introduce a new sneaker or a new colorway, they reduce the price of the one already out in the market—some colorways of sneaker retail for lower prices than others. So if you want to buy this potential bad boy without breaking the bank, follow these tips.

Slightly Old Releases

Oftentimes in a rush of rapid new releases, some phenomenal performer basketball shoes get shadowed.

Basketball sneakers that are a year or years old would retail for lower prices at Ecommerce websites. Such as Amazon. For example, Kobe and Kyrie’s lines of sneakers are pretty popular and are still available at such eCommerce websites. 

Anyone that like a specific signature shoe of a famous basketball star can grab their sneaker pair at lower prices from these websites.

Non-Signature Basketball Shoes:

Leading basketball manufacturers craft high-quality signature shoes with superb tech specifications. They are also making other shoes that are not associated with any player’s name. 

Such shoes retail at slightly lower prices and have excellent on-court performance, like PG 6, Nike Immortality line, etc.

So if you are not crazy about getting your hands only on signature shoes, then you should buy these non-signature shoes. These are available at slightly low rates and great performers like top-tier signature basketball shoes.

Who Want Budget Shoes?

A beginner basketball player who is learning and still has yet to reach a level where he is part of a professional basketball team needs such budget shoes. Which gives the best value for money and is still not so expensive.

Basketball shoes last a maximum of 100 hours. So professional players need more basketball shoes as their old ones wear out soon. So these excellent budget shoes in each aspect are suitable for regular use.

A professional basketball player who regularly practices just need an extra pair of kicks in their bag. If one shoe rips apart, the other one is ready to use. 

What’s the Difference Between a Cheap and Expensive Basketball Shoe?

We have broken down the key differences between a budget basketball shoe and an expensive shoe right here. 

That lets you know right off the bat what you are getting for your hard-earned money if you go for expensive latest release models.

Budget Basketball ShoeExpensive Basketball Shoe
Non-Signature ShoeSignature Shoes
More simplistic designStylish Silhouette and a number of colorways
EVA FoamHigh tech Jump pro, comfortable cushions
Lightweight MeshLightweight
Less BreathableMore Ventilated

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