10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 in 2023 [Most Wanted]

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 in 2023 [Most Wanted]

Buying trendy kicks is an expensive hobby. It’s not about skimping on your regular sportswear. But it’s painful watching your expensive basketball shoes tearing apart after one season.

Do you know that a number of classic sneakers retail with low price tags? Also, general releases from renowned brands that are on sale are equally good as hyped sneakers.

Stick with us because we have made a list of the top 10 best basketball shoes under $50. We have gone through 50+ reviews to list best of the best affordable shoes.

If you are in hurry, here’re our top 5 picks for Best Basketball Shoes Under 50$!




1-Adidas OwnTheGame 2.0

Best Overall

2-Adidas Dame 6 GCA

Best Traction

3-AND1 Gemma SS 3.0

Best Support

4-Joomra High Top Shoes


5-Puma Uproar PA

For Guards

1. Adidas Men’s OwnTheGame 2.0 ( Best Overall Basketball Shoes Under 50$)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 in 2023 [Most Wanted]

Best for Wide footer, Guards, Lightweight players

Adidas Men’s Ownthegame 2.0 are a nice performer on the outdoors as well as indoor. You get a very durable shoe under 50$ that is also responsive and supportive. Fit can be a little tricky for narrow-feet players. It’s very lightweight. Overall it has all that you want and nothing that you don’t.


  • Excellent Durable outsole
  • Solid traction
  • Very minimum and lightweight material
  • Lateral stability
  • Lateral containment
  • Wide foot friendly
  • Responsive midsole
  • Immense court feel


  • Low impact protection
  • Toe box has dead space for narrow footer

Adidas Men’s Ownthegame 2.0 is our top pick in cheap basketball shoes under 50. Why? Because it is the most durable basketball right now that you can get.

The rubber outsole has a herringbone traction pattern. Lines on the outsole are thick, and deep and support multidirectional traction. In terms of traction and durability, it is absolutely amazing. 

It picks up a little dust but it’s easy to clean. If you are a guard, then you are really going to enjoy playing in Adidas men’s Ownthegame 2.0.

In the midsole, it features full-length LightStrike foam. This cushion is thin in the toe box but it’s thicker in the heel. It gives a good amount of compression. Lightstrike cushion is best for a nice court feel and responsiveness. 

The material on the Adidas Ownthegame 2.0 is a very thin textile mesh. It is stretchy and conforms to your feet. It’s very supportive of your quick moves for being lightweight.

For support, Adidas Men’s Ownthegame 2.0 has an internal heel caging in the back of the shoe. The shoe base is wide which gives you excellent lateral stability. It has minimum padding on the ankle area and tongue. 

Lastly, this Adidas sneaker has a roamer toebox, and it’s wide feet-friendly. You might feel a little dead space around the toebox. But once broken in the shoe becomes very comfortable for your individual fit.

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 2. Adidas Dame 6 GCA (Best Traction Basketball Shoes Under 50$)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 in 2023 [Most Wanted]

Best for Wide footers, Guards

Adidas Dame 6 GCA are very affordable unisex basketball shoes. Lightstrike cushion is the highlight of this shoe. These are good for guards. Traction is grippy. Overall, It’s a very supportive shoe for indoor basketball courts.


  • Lateral stability
  • Bouncy and super comfortable cushion
  • Great impact protection
  • Very affordable signature shoe
  • Very lightweight
  • Achillies support


  • Picks up dust very quickly
  • Material is not too premium

Dame 6 GCA is Damian Lillard’s signature shoe. These best-quality shoes are also incredibly cheap and superb performers.

Its herringbone outsole pattern gives really good traction on the indoor clean basketball courts. It’s a very reliable traction for your shifty moves around both ends of basketball courts.

However, it picks up dust on the outdoor dusty courts. But indoors its grips like glue. You can stop on a dime.

The Cushion in Adidas Dame 6 GCA is full-length LightStrike. It is a very well thought cushioning setup for a good amount of impact protection. The cushion is soft and plush. It very responsive and bouncy cushion. 

The upper material in Dame 6 GCA is a textile mesh. That has suede overlays on the toe box. The material is thin and lightweight. It’s stretchy and breathable. 

Material is not very premium. But it conforms to your feet really well.

For support, the ankle area has Achillies pillows that lockdown your heel in place. The shoe has synthetic material that comes up as a side wall. Moreover, the shoe base is wide. So Dame 6 GCA offers good support.

Dame 6 does not have a snug fit. It’s a wide-foot-friendly shoe. So you should buy a true-to-size pair to get a perfect fit.

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3. AND1 Gemma SS 3.0 (Best Support and Lockdown Basketball Shoe)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 in 2023 [Most Wanted]

Best for footers, Guards

AND1 Gemma 3.0 SS basketball shoes are very supportive shoes. It offers nice traction. The material and fit are very comfortable. The cushion is not premium. But overall, it’s a very stable shoe that gives you a nice fit and lockdown.


  • Torsional rigidity
  • Superior court feel
  • Breathable material
  • Lightweight
  • Good traction
  • Lateral stability


  • Cushion is very minimal
  • Picks up dust very fast

AND1 is competing with big brands like Nike in making quality basketball shoes. Gemma 3.0 SS is the latest release of 2022. 

Gemma 3.0 SS outsole is made up of solid rubber that has a herringbone pattern on it. The traction on the indoor clean courts is reliable. 

On outdoor dusty courts, it picks up dust fast. But indoors, you will get a loud squeak in the outsole and it will allow you to pivot and stop quickly.

The cushion is just a full-length EVA foam. So with this thin and minimal cushion, you get a lot of court feel. But offers very low compression and impact protection. 

The material is a knit textile on the top and sides of the shoe. But on the back, you get a synthetic leather material like retro shoes. Step-in comfort is amazing. 

The shoe material is very comfortable and lightweight. It offers decent ventilation around your feet.

The shoe closure is completed by laces and a single velcro strap. That is enough to give your feet a complete lockdown. A nylon shank plate gives a torsional rigidity to the shoe. It’s also a lateral stable shoe.

The AND 1 Gemma 3.0 SS fits true to size. It gives you 1 to 1 fit.

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4. Joomra High Top Shoes (Best Cheap Basketball Shoes Under 50)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 in 2023 [Most Wanted]

Best for Teens, Men Positionless players

Joomra high-top shoes are great for indoor as well as outdoor basketball courts. These are durable and supportive and very budget-friendly shoes. It lacks plush cushioning but the shoe is very comfortable. For the price point, it’s a must-have shoe in your rotation.


  • Great traction
  • Durable material
  • Ankle support
  • 1-on-1 fit


  • Not very breathable
  • Low to-the-ground cushion

Joomra high top shoe is one of Amazon’s best seller budget basketball shoes. The shoe has a thick rubber outsole that has very wide spacing. It is a very durable kind of outsole.

While in terms of traction, it offers a nice grip. Dust pick-up is also a minimum.

The shoe cushion is a minimum foam, that is not very responsive. But it does give you comfort.

The upper material is made of synthetic leather. That has fused overlays on the shoe for added durability.

The upper material is old-school synthetic leather that does not allow much airflow around your feet.

This is a high-top shoe. So along with the padding on the ankle area, it will provide good ankle support. The shoe has a slight outrigger on the forefoot area so the lateral containment is good on these shoes. 

The shoe fits true to size. But the material nicely hugs the feet and feels a bit snug. O if you are a wide feet player, it will be better to buy half size up than your actual size.

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5. Puma Uproar PA (Best Basketball Shoes Under 50 2022)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 in 2023 [Most Wanted]

Best for Guards, PF

Puma Uproar PA is a very supportive shoe with great lockdown and stability features. The traction is so good that works perfectly on all indoor clean courts. Overall it’s a reliable and comfortable basketball shoe.


  • Amazing traction
  • Comfortable material
  • Ankle caging
  • Lateral stability
  • Affordable performance sneaker
  • Great fit


  • Material is not premium
  • Lack breathability

Puma Uproar PA is a relatively older model that is now available at a dirt cheap rates. But from a performance standpoint, it has got all the features of a perfect sneaker.

The outsole rubber has a multidirectional herringbone traction pattern. The spiral traction pattern supports your quick stops on lateral and linear movements. It is awesome on indoor clean basketball courts. However, on outdoor courts, it picks up dust very fast. 

The cushion in Puma Uproar is Ignite foam in the heel while a full-length EVA goes all the way to the forefoot. It is not a very bouncy cushion. But it absorbs impact and gives a good court feel. 

It’s not a responsive cushion. It feels very firm when you initially start playing in them. But it is pretty comfortable once broken in.

The shoe material is not very premium. It is synthetic leather on the side of the shoe. The upper of the forefoot is thin textile.

The shoe lacks a premium look. However fused overlays on the pressure points make the shoe very stable. It has a fairly wide base so you get nice lateral support. The back of the shoe has a stiff external TPU to protect the ankle area.

The fit is pretty amazing. A true-to-size pair fits nicely around your feet. So you get a nice snug fit around your feet.

6. Reebok More Buckets Shoes (Best Wide-feet Friendly Basketball shoes)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 in 2023 [Most Wanted]

Best for Point guard, shooting guard

Reebok Moen’s More Bucket’s Shoes are very supportive shoes. its material fits like a glove once broken in. the traction has a perfect grip. The cushion is not too bouncy. But overall, these are nice budget-friendly kicks.


  • Padded inner lining
  • Grippy traction
  • Pronounced court feel
  • Secure fit and lockdown
  • Very lightweight 
  • Wide foot friendly


  • Picks up dust
  • Material does not look premium

Some great kicks didn’t get many shout-outs but these are absolutely amazing performers. Reebok Men’s More Bucket shoes are one of them. 

These very budget-friendly shoes by Reebok has grippy traction. The shoe has a herringbone pattern on the rubber outsole. The narrow-spaced pattern sticks like glue on the indoor clean courts. But it picks up dust outdoors. 

It features a DMX foam in the midsole. Which is not as soft as Nike’s Air Zoom, or Adidas Boost. But it is very responsive on the court. You get a pronounced court feel with its super low-to-the-ground setup.

The material is made up of textiles. The side of the shoe has synthetic overlays. The upper material looks pretty durable for very budget-friendly shoes. The side overlays contribute int the lateral stability during hard cuts.

This shoe has a slightly wide fit. So if you are a narrow footer, then you might wanna go down half a size from your actual size. The lace-up upper gives you an amazing snug fit and secure lockdown.

There is no issue of lateral containment because the shoe has a slightly wide base. Overall it is a well-supported setup.

7. Under Armour Lockdown 6 (Best Unisex Basketball Shoes Under 50$)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 in 2023 [Most Wanted]

Best for Indoors, outdoors

Under Armour Lockdown 6 Unisex shoes have nice design and performance features. Traction is great on whichever surface you play in. cushion is minimum but responsive. It’s overall a durable budget shoe right now.


  • Responsive cushion
  • Solid traction on outdoor and indoor
  • Great fit
  • Lateral containment
  • Lightweight
  • Great aesthetics
  • Budget basketball shoes


  • Material is not breathable

Under Armour Lockdown 6 are unisex basketball shoes. These kicks have just dropped in the fall of 2022. The aesthetics of these budget-model shoes are amazing.

Starting off with the traction, its rubber midsole with two traction patterns. The topographical pattern is under the football and on the heel. 

While on the lateral ends, it has a herringbone pattern. This mixed pattern is a great combination of rapid stops and quick pivoting on the court.

There is minimum dust pickup. So these are equally good for outdoors and indoors. 

It features EVA foam under the midsole. 

That is comfortable and responsive. The full-length EVA foam protects your feet from impact and has a pronounced court feel.

The material on UA Lockdown 6 is leather on the forefoot that has tiny holes for breathability in it. The sides of the shoe have mesh material. The material is durable but it’s not very breathable.

The UA Lockdown 6 fits true to size. These types of shoes are best for professional basketball players who have rigorous training sessions on outdoor courts. Under Armour has done a great job making this ultra-durable, lightweight basketball shoe.

8. ASHION Basketball Shoes (Best Breathable Basketball Shoes Under 50$)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 in 2023 [Most Wanted]

Best for Indoors, outdoors

ASHION basketball shoe is a nicely fitting shoe that has amazing fit and lockdown. The cushion is bouncy, and the material is breathable. Traction is a bit tricky on these basketball shoes. Overall, these insane-looking basketball shoes perform well on the basketball court.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable material
  • Affordable
  • Supportive material
  • Bouncy cushion
  • Lateral stability


  • Traction 
  • Material looks cheap

ASHION Men’s Basketball shoe is a modern performance sneaker at the lowest prices. The shoe features a herringbone rubber outsole. The rubber outsole is thick and looks wear-resistant. It can last a couple of seasons. 

The traction on the ASHION sneaker is average. The shallow rubber grooves do not grip the surface tightly. Moreover, it picks up dust. 

The shoe features an MD midsole that is great for absorbing impact on hard basketball court surfaces. It is responsive and bouncy. It’s a nice combination of court feel and responsiveness.

The material is a lightweight textile that extends all the way up to the heel. Where it has fused overlays on the back of the shoes. The textile material is breathable, so it prevents your feet from heating up.

The material acts as one unit and conforms to your feet very nicely. The foam coming up on the midfoot acts as a side wall and give you good lateral stability. The back of the shoe is stiff for ankle support.

The ASHION sneaker has a wider toe box that gives you a roomier fit. So if you are wide footer, a true-to-size fit will be appropriate.

9. Puma Tripple Basketball Shoes ( Best Low top Basketball Shoes Under 50)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 in 2023 [Most Wanted]

Best for outdoors

These are the best option for outdoor and indoors because the shoe has a very durable construction. The cushion is plush, court feel is good. The material is lightweight and minimal. Overall it’s a great shoe for daily basketball practice sessions.


  • Lateral containment
  • Good Traction 
  • Durable material 
  • Responsive cushion
  • Glove like fit


  • Support features are not the best

Puma Tripple basketball shoes are very affordable sneakers that have a durable rubber outsole. The shoe has a unique linear pattern on the outsole that is divided by multiple lines in between. 

The traction is pretty amazing. It will stop you at a moment’s notice. The shoe has a curved shape that gives you a good forward thrust and keeps you going.

The midsole features and Profoam midsole. That is very responsive. On top of it, there is a thin insole. It’s comfortable cushioning with a great court feel. 

The material is a performance mesh. There are fused overlays on the toe box. It is flexible and very minimal material. The eyelets area has synthetic leather for added durability. The material feels nice on the foot.

The shoe has good lateral containment as the foam comes up acting as a side wall. The back has an internal heel counter to protect the ankle area.

The shoe fit is snug. If you have very wide feet then buy a half-size up. There is a little dead space on the toe box but it does not hurt the toe area.

10. Puma Legacy Low (Best Basketball Shoes Under 50 Mens)

Overall Rating


10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 in 2023 [Most Wanted]

Best for Guard, outdoors, indoors

The Puma Legacy Low has a very durable construction. The upper and midsole are ideal for use on any surface. The traction and support features are one of the best but the cushion is not bouncy. Overall, if you are looking for reliable traction and nice support features, then Puma Legacy Low is the best option.


  • Durable construction
  • Beast traction
  • Side-to-side stability
  • Traction is good
  • Affordable


  • Very heavy shoes
  • breathability

Puma Legacy Low is a slightly older model that is retailing under 50$ right now. The shoe has a narrow herringbone pattern on the outsole. That has a profound grip on the clean indoor basketball court. That will support you on your quick moves around the basketball court.

The traction is not too great outdoors because the soft rubber picks up dust and it needs frequent wipes.

The cushion is a Dual density energy beads setup. That is an okay-ish cushioning. It’s a very low-to-the-ground setup with decency impact protection and a nice court feel. There is minimal heel compression.

The material looks nice on the shoe. It is not very breathable, but it conforms to the feet very well once broken in. 

The shoe has a wide feet-friendly roomier toe box. So if you are a bigger player, then it will be the best fit for your feet.

Support and lockdown are amazing. If you are a strong and shifty guy, it will protect the ankle with a restriction around the ankle collar. The shoe is also laterally stable.

Overall it’s a nice shoe with great step-in comfort.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Basketball Shoes Under 50$

Nice-fitting shoe that is comfortable on your feet and helps you stop on a dime is your ultimate partner on a basketball court. 

That said, even if you are going for a budget shoe, you must look for these factors in a cheap basketball shoe under 50$ 


The outsole of a basketball shoe is responsible for good traction. For example, its material and pattern decide how well it’s going to grip the surface.

Basketball shoe outsoles are made up of rubber or translucent material. Translucent outsoles are not very grippy. There is a wide range of shoes that have a solid rubber outsole which offers better traction. 

Then we look at the pattern on the outsole. Generally, herringbone patterns are better at giving multidirectional traction. Other than that, We have radial, linear, and groovy patterns on the outsoles that also perform well.


It can be a disaster if your feet are not comfortable in a shoe. With that being said, a solid basketball shoe should have adequate cushioning in the midsole. 

It should be able to absorb impact. The springiness of the cushion should help you make high jumps above the head of other players.

Also, there should be adequate cushioning on the Tongue and the ankle area. That will prevent blisters and ankle sprains during aggressive play.

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Support and Stability

The collar area around the heel is termed a Low-top, mid-top, or high-top in a basketball shoe. It was thought that a High top shoe offers better support to the ankle area. 

Which is not true. But if you prefer a high-top shoe that adds support and confidence to your game then you should buy a high-top shoe. Otherwise, low, and mid-top shoes allow more freedom to move quickly.

A wide base shoe adds more lateral stability and supports you on the lateral stops. Fused overlays on the lateral and medial sides of the shoe prevent heel slippage and keep your feet on the footbed.

So, it is important to look out for these features if you are buying a basketball shoe under 50.

Fit and Lockdown

Basketball shoes must have such material that wraps around your feet nicely. It should conform to the shape of your feet. 

Additionally, an ideal fitting should not allow any heel slippage. There must not be any dead space around the toe box. It should fit around your feet like a glove for a perfect fit and lockdown.

Normally, basketball shoes have a snug fit. A true-to-size pair fits nicely on narrow and medium-feet players. While you might want to go at least half a size up than your actual size if you have wide feet.


Most players prefer a thin upper material that allows airflow around their feet. That’s why we are getting thin mesh material on most uppers of basketball shoes recently.

The thin, flimsy material keeps airflow around your feet and keeps your feet sweat-free. That’s how you will feel fresh even during the long basketball games.

Top 10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes in 2022

Playing Style and Preferences

Lastly, any hoop shoe that suits your aesthetics, and you feel that you will play more confidently in them are the best shoes for you.

Additionally, every player has a specific choice of shoe, that depends on their physique, foot shape, and playing position.

If you play a guard or shooting guard, you will prefer a shoe that allows more shifty footwork. Similarly a Center or Forward will prefer a shoe that absorbs impact and gives energy returns. So, stick with what works best for you.

Which Brand Has More Cheap Basketball Shoes Under 50?

There are many basketball shoe manufacturers that make high-tech shoes on a low budget. We made a detailed market survey to come up with a statistical analysis about which brands offer a wide range of affordable basketball sneakers for under 50$.

Are Cheap Basketball Shoes As Valuable as Expensive ones?

As a beginner, no one wants to get a 200$ pair. An everyday basketball shoe should be cheap. So you can play in them without much worrying about them being torn apart and worn down.

Additionally, Every basketball shoe has different features. Some are better at comfort while others offer better support. 

It totally depends on your personal choice of what you like in a hoop shoe and what you don’t.

That being said, every brand makes basketball shoes that prevent heel slippage, offer impact protection, and solid grip on the floor. No matter whether they are pricey or cheap.  

So, we strongly suggest that you must have a cheap basketball shoe pair, that gives you more freedom to play on any surface. 

Tips for Selecting Cheap Basketball Shoes

If you want to get a nice basketball sneaker and don’t have a clue how to find one pair for under 50$. Then Don’t panic, we will tell you a few effective tips to find a cheap shoe at any time of the year. 

  1. Shoe brands frequently make new shoes to dominate the competitive market. They are rapidly coming up with new high-tech and ultra-lightweight shoes. Each time a new pair comes, the price of the existing pair drops significantly. 

That’s the best opportunity for hoop shoe fans as they can buy a slightly older version of Kyrie, LeBron, or any other favorite shoe at a cheaper rate. The older models are also as good as the newer ones. 

  1. Each brand offers a heavy reduction at a particular time of the year. So you can wait for the sale and buy your favorite sneaker on sale.
  1. When looking for cheaper basketball sneakers under 50, you can set a price filter. In this way, only the shoes that fall under the price range of 50$ will show up. That will make it a lot easier for you to find a suitable basketball shoe.

What type of shoes is best for basketball?

On a basketball court, a player constantly jumps and stops to rapidly change his position. So an ideal basketball shoe should have adequate padding under midfoot for impact protection. Most importantly, it must prevent the shoe from slipping on rapid stops with good traction.

Lastly, a perfect shoe must give you 1 on 1 fit and fits like a glove on your feet. So excellent traction, cushion, and Fit make the best basketball shoe.

What is the most used basketball shoe?

Nike Air Jordan 1 is the most popular and most sold pair of all basketball shoes. AJ basketball sneakers are the signature sneaker line of Micheal Jordan, Who was considered one of the greatest basketball players ever.

The signature shoe line is crafted according to the footwork of the legendary basketball star. Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 11, and Air Jordan 12 are also top-sold pairs of all time.

What Sole is best for basketball?

the cushion that is padded from the midfoot area is better for arch support. It exerts less strain on the Achilles area. Many flat feet, low arch, and high arch players find such midsole very comfortable.

Zoom Air from Nike, Bounce from Adidas, Boost from Puma, and Nike Air Max are few best and most balanced cushioning setups right now.

What is the most popular basketball shoe brand?

Nike is the most popular shoe brand in the world right now. Nike also releases most basketball signature sneakers every year. On average 70% of NBA players wear Nike basketball shoes.

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