10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $80 2023

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Best Basketball Shoes Under 80$

Basketball is a game where players’ performance is highly dependent on the quality of underfoot support and comfort.

Let’s face it; not everyone can afford the flashiest basketball shoes for $250. But can budget basketball shoes provide you stability and good grip? The answer for at least some of budget shoes is ‘YES’.

Therefore, we made this list of the Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes Under 80$. We literally spent days collecting the reviews and testing. The shoes that passed our test parameters became part of our list.

Let’s have a hurried glance at our top 5 picks before going into details!




1-Adidas Harden Stepback 3

Best Overall

2-Adidas Dame 8

Runner Up

3-Under Armour Curry 3Zero

Best Grip

4-Li-Ning Wade Shadow

Best Retro

5-Puma Clyde Hardwood

Best Ankle Support

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $80 Reviewed

If you want to know how we selected the best basketball shoes under $80, the key factors we considered, you can scroll down to buying guide and FAQs section.

1-Adidas Harden Stepback 3 ( Overall Best )

Overall Rating

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $80 2023

Best for Wide feet, Guards, Small Forward

Adidas Stepback 3 is no doubt the best and the newest basketball shoe in budget out there. The traction, cushions, support, and lockdown all are amazing. Just remember to wipe off the dust for consistent traction.


  • Great traction
  • Bouncy cushion
  • Very nice fit and lock down
  • Lateral stability
  • Lateral containment
  • Torsional rigidity


  • Not breathable

Adidas Harden Stepback 3 is the latest shoe model of 2022. It has checked all the performance boxes for its great performance. That’s why it secured first place in the best-budget basketball shoes under 80.

On the outsole, it has a circular pattern on the football and some part of the sole. The rest of the shoe outsole has a line. It’s a pretty amazing multidirectional traction pattern. That is supportive of hard stops and go. 

It’s consistent on the cleaner court, however, you need to wipe it on a dustier court because it picks up dust quickly.

The cushion is amazing for a budget model sneaker. It’s a full-length Bounce. The Adidas Bounce cushion is well-known for responsiveness and amazing jump force. 

So you will get maximum impact protection and a bouncy feel while running down the basketball court.

The material on the Stepback 3 is synthetic mesh. That extends all the way to the back. It has no fused overlays on the toe box. However lateral sides have fused overlays. The shoe has thick padding which reduced its breathability.

The outsole coming up on the sides of the shoes make its durability better. So it’s a great choice for someone who does a lot of toes drags.

For support, it has a midfoot shank plate. That gives you a torsional rigidity. The back of the shoe has nice padding. The outsole cages the back and all sides of the shoe. The shoe base is very wide. So it is a very stable shoe with excellent lateral stability and lateral containment. 

The fit and lockdown are so amazing. It will keep your feet on the footbed. It’s wide feet friendly so you can go true to size. Narrow footers can go half-size down for a snug one-to-one fit.

2-Adidas Dame 8 (Runner Up)

Overall Rating

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $80 2023

Best for Wide footers

Adidas Dame 8 is a very supportive shoe. It’s better than expensive signature shoes like KD 14 in support, cushion, and affordability. The material is very breathable. The outsole needs a quick wipe from time to time for consistent traction. Overall, Dame 8 is our top-rated budget shoe.


  • Ankle support
  • Breathability
  • Comfy soft material
  • Jump-pro Bounce-pro cushion
  • Torsional rigidity


  • Fit is an issue (probably going a half size down than the actual size will give a better fit)
  • Material is not premium

Adidas dame 8 dropped quickly after the 7th edition. So let’s talk about how it feels when you first lace them and bounce on the court.

Yes, you heard it right, it has the superior Bounce-pro foam instead of traditional Bounce that Adidas claim is better than its former version. Because without sacrificing comfort, they improved the foam density. 

You can jump higher without missing out on the court feel. This is something that you dont get in a budget model but Adidas has it for you.

The outsole rubber is thick with wide spacing. It makes loud squeaks on the basketball court. When a sneaker makes noise, you know right out of the box that it has great traction.

On the side-to-side torque movements, where control is vital, the wavy outsole will allow fluid movements. The side lightning bolt pattern is more efficient in sudden stops. Overall, traction is absolutely great on Adidas Dame 8. 

The material has a warm hugging feel, quotes a reviewer. The upper is a textile mesh that is very light on the feet. The side overlays increase the material durability.

The inner side of the heel part is heavily padded. It also has an Achilles pad ( a little extra part hugging the ankle). So you would not feel short on support. The shoe does not go out of balance on higher jump shots.

It’s a Wide feet friendly basketball sneaker. So if you have narrow feet, you can get a better fit by going a half size down than your actual size. 

3-Under Armour Curry 3Zero 4 (Best Grip)

Overall Rating

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $80 2023

Good Grip, Quick Guards

Under Armour 3zer 4 are very reliable shoe with consistent traction and amazing support. Its a budget model shoe, so the cushion is sub-par. But many people like a lot of courts feel with good impact protection. Buy this one if you are one of those.


  • Lateral stability
  • Torsional rigidity
  • Excellent grip
  • Amazing Court feel
  • Wide feet friendly
  • Comfortable fit


  • Cushion is not too plush

Under Armour Curry 3zero4 was first retailed in late 2020. It’s a budget model shoe. However, it’s not less than any best hoop shoe out there.

We selected this one for the best grip on the basketball court. The traction pattern is like a herringbone pattern. Which has pretty thick durable outsole rubber compounds. That has average spacing in between.

It is one of the best shoes for its traction that sticks to the floor like glue on sudden stops. On the clean basketball courts, the traction is consistent. But on dusty indoor or outdoor courts, you might want to rub the outsole to get grippy traction on the go.

The cushioning technology is labeled as MicroG which is known to be a nice cushion with a lot of impact protection. But, it lacks a pronounced amount of bounciness. 

However, it is responsive and gives a lot of courts feel with a good amount of impact protection. 

The upper material is a mesh on the toe box with fused overlays. The sides have a leather -retro-like material for added durability.

The looks are not very premium. It reminds me of old-style sneakers. But the material is durable and comfortable.

The Under Armour Curry 3zero 4 is a very supportive shoe. It has a fairly wide base and rubber coming out from the base part on the lateral upper side. Which makes it a very stable shoe. Lateral stability and lateral containment are excellent.

The 3zero 4 has nice padding on the ankle areas with an internal heel counter. The base of the shoe has an internal shank plate. So for flat footers, it’s a great choice. It has great torsional rigidity.

It’s a wide-foot-friendly shoe. So buy true-to-size shoes if you have wide or medium foot sizes. 

4-Li-Ning Wade Shadow (Cheap Basketball Shoe Retro)

Overall Rating

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $80 2023

Best for Quick guards, flat feet players

Li Ning Shadow on Court is a very responsive and comfortable sneaker. The ankle padding supports Achilles tendons making it a great choice for flat feet players. The shoe has great traction and durability. The only downside is it’s less breathable. But the retro look makes it look like a shoe that you wanna wear on casual walks with your friends.


  • Lateral stability
  • Ankle support
  • Consistent traction
  • Marshmallow cushion
  • Snug fit


  • Breathability

Li Ning Wade Shadow is one of the few budget models that Li-ning china brand offer. Their recent brands come with exorbitant price tags. All Li-Ning basketball shoes excel in on-court support patterns.

This one has a different kind of outsole traction pattern. It’s like haphazard doodles in a circle on different areas of the outsole.

The outsole has grippy traction. It makes a loud noise when you have to make sudden stops. It does not need any break-in period. You are good to go right away.

In the midsole, Li-Ning has introduced a new Cloud cushion along with the full-length EVA foam. The cushion is very effective in absorbing impact and gives a lot of jump force. It’s not bottom heavy, yet not too light. 

The material is more like a retro upper. Unlike modern-day textile mesh uppers, the Li-ning shadow on the court uses retro-style synthetic leather. 

With that said, we can assure you that durability is there, but breathability is a bit sub-par.

The lining shadow is the most supportive shoe you can get your hands on in the list of affordable basketball shoes under 80.

The internal part of the heel is padded on the lateral and medial sides. So it is giving you ankle support. Also, heel slippage is not a problem here.

The shoe base is coming out of the footbed so the lateral containment is great. Also, it gives you nice lateral stability.

Its fit is very snug. If you like a roomier fit, or you are a wide feet player, then it’s great to buy half size up. 

5-Puma Clyde Hardwood (Best Ankle Support)

Overall Rating

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $80 2023

Best for Versatile Players

Puma Clyde Hardwood is a snug fit, a model with secure lockdown and very grippy traction. The mesh upper allows airflow. It’s a supportive and comfortable shoe. The cushion feels minimum on heel dominant strikes, but it’s a balanced cushion. Overall, the shoe performs very well on the court.


  • Grippy traction
  • Lateral containment
  • Secure lockdown
  • Court feel
  • Impact protection
  • Durability


  • Cushion is not very bouncy

Puma Clyde Hardwood released in 2019, and luckily, it’s now available at a very affordable price.

Whoever is obsessed with Clyde shoes, between the Puma Court AND Puma Hardwood, this one topped all our testing parameters.

The outsole with multidirectional traditional herringbone patterns extends to all the midsole and is very helpful in torque full pivoting and shifty moves.

The rubber compounds are durable. For its white colorways, you need to wipe off it after every hour, which is not too much. Because it picks up dust on a dusty court.

The grip is solid, so be careful as it glues to the floor.

The full-length pro foam cushion is soft and plush. Like Boost and Bounce, the Pro foam is balanced responsive cushioning.

The foam is thicker on the forefoot areas so when you land after a high jump on the toes, you experience a safe protected landing. The heel part however feels less cushioned.

But overall, the cushion is good for players who like court feel, impact protection, and a responsive setup.

Mesh Material on the forefoot makes the sneaker very durable. The lateral and medial sides as synthetic leather. Which adds to shoe durability and style.

Material is not too premium. But it does the job well. It’s comfortable and stretchy on the toes. 

The midsole rubber comes up as the side walls. That wraps the shoe and makes it very stable for side-to-side movements. The lace-up upper tightly keeps the ankles on the footbed. There is no heel slippage. It gives you a very secure lockdown.

The Puma Clyde Hardwood is a very snug fit. It’s comfortable for medium and narrow footers. But wide-feet players would like to go half-size up for a one-to-one fit.

6-Nike LeBron 19 (The Best Cheap Basketball Shoes under 80)

Overall Rating

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $80 2023

Best for Quick players, Flat feet

Nike LeBron 19 will give you amazing jump force and impact protection. Your feet will be very secure in the snug-fit shoe. Its Zoom Air-connected chamber will give you a nice responsive feel. It’s a great choice for flat feet players and quick guards.


  • Plush cushion
  • Lateral stability
  • Secure fit and lockdown
  • Unique aesthetics
  • Torsional rigidity


  • Inconsistent traction
  • Material does not look premium

Nike LeBron 19 has some of its colorways and sizes available in the low budget. So if you are lucky, you’ll get the one for your collection of amazing basketball shoes.

The Lebron shoes have inconsistent traction. This one has improved on this side by incorporating a King LeBron logo-like traction pattern on the outsole. The lines here and there on the midsole are for better grip. 

The shoe has a nice grip on the floor but it picks up dust and the outsole needs a frequent wipe.

The cushion technology is one of the best because Nike has used all its best technology cushioning in this one.

The full-length cushion midsole has a Zoom Air on the forefoot and Air Max on the heel. Along with this, the air tubes of the cushioning are connected to store kinetic energy to give you momentum when you move on the court.

Overall its a hell of a bouncy setup. For jumps, you are going to land safely. Its seriously going to give you a better speed while running down the court.

The material is more like plastic. You can see the underlying material. The looks are not premium. Side overlays and plastic pieces on the shoes add to their durability.

The shoe base is pretty stiff to protect feet from bending during sudden turns. The internal shank plate gives it tortious rigidity.

The heel counter and internal padding protect the ankle area and Achilles tendon. The lateral outriggers make to shoe laterally stable. You will not experience any heel slippage. 

The shoe has a snug fit. So for wide footers, it can be a bit pinchy in the toe box. So buy a half size up to avoid that feeling.

7-Under Armour Lockdown 5 (Cheap Basketball Shoes For Daily Use)

Overall Rating

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $80 2023

Best for Narrow Footers

Under Armour Lockdown 5 is a comfortable, well-padded, and supportive shoe. It has all the genuine features that a thoughtful budget model should have. Support is amazing, traction is reliable, and the cushion is low to the ground. Overall it’s pretty good for everyday use.


  • Durable material
  • Great for outdoor courts
  • Consistent traction
  • Comfortable material
  • Supportive and stable base
  • Snug fit


  • Material is not very breathable

Under Armour Lockdown 5 is a relatively under-appreciated model. Its design and features make it a shoe that has multiple uses. You can use it casually on an everyday basis.

Being a budget model, these are the best ones to be used in daily training sessions. The Shoe outsole has narrow spaces thin rubber herringbone traction pattern.

It’s very supportive of sudden stops. The narrow spaces pick up dust and it’s hard to clean. But on a clean court, the traction is reliable and consistent.

The cushion is Full-length EVA. it’s not something that a premium signature shoe would have. But most budget models have such ordinary cushioning. So does Lockdown 5.

The shoe gives a little bit of heel compression. It’s not very bouncy. So you would have average responsiveness and cushioning.

The Material is all-leather. The sides have little mesh windows. The overall material is very durable and looks more like traditional old models. But from a durability standpoint, it’s a good quality genuine leather that won’t tear apart sooner than later.

The shoe has a wide base so it would effectively prevent you from tripping on fast lateral moves. .

The Lockdown 5 is a snug fit model so it’s better for narrow footers. Wide footers should go half or a full size up for a better fit. 

8-Peak Louis Williams Streetball Master Series (Cheap Basketball Shoe For Outdoors)

Overall Rating

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $80 2023

Best for outdoors

Peak Lu Williams streetball series is very low to the ground well ventilated and reliable shoe. It’s a very supportive shoe with consistent traction outdoors. The grip is really solid. The material is well-ventilated. It a very comfortable and performs better than expensive signature shoes.


  • Ankle support
  • Well Ventilated
  • Lateral stability
  • Grippy traction
  • Comfortable upper
  • Very durable material
  • Suitable for outdoors


  • Cushion is minimum

The Peak Louis William shoe is a signature performance model. The basic use of the shoes is purposefully for outdoor use. 

The outsole has a honeycomb traction pattern, which performs really nicely on outdoor courts. The dust pickup is an issue though. But you can wipe it easily. The outsole is very durable so it’s surely going to last a good amount of time.

The cushioning is the ordinary full-length EVA. which is responsive with a little bit of compression. But we can expect a lot of give and rebound force. It’s a low-to-the-ground cushion with average impact protection.

The upper material is very thin and minimum. Then it takes no break-in time and wraps around your feet like a nice cozy hug. The material is well-ventilated synthetic mesh with a honeycomb pattern. 

The shoes fit and lockdown gives you a nice secure feeling. You won’t experience any heel slippage. It keeps your feet on the footbed when you lace it up.

The material coming up as a side wall will give you good lateral stability. As it acts like a cage. The shoe fits true to size. You might feel a bit of dead space in the toe box. But overall it’s a very comfortable kind of fit.

9-AND1 Gemma 3.0 (Cheap Basketball Shoes with Secure Lockdown)

Overall Rating

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $80 2023

Best for Versatile players

AAND1 Gemma is a nice shoe that gives you a better fit and secure lockdown. It’s not so heavy and the upper is breathable. So with its grippy traction, you have the freedom to use it on any surface. Overall it’s an excellent performer shoe.


  • Reliable traction
  • Comfortable material
  • Secure lockdown
  • Good for outdoors


  • Picks up dust

AND1 Gemma 3.0 is a true performance model that competed with Nike on performance and budget grounds. 

The one we have picked for the review is a single strap AND1 gemma shoe. They also have released a double-strap model. It’s for the better fit and lockdown.

The upper material is a soft mesh material. fused overlays on the toe box add durability for players who use a lot of toe drags.

The material ventilation is nice and it’s a nice comfortable and padded material. 

The traction pattern on the rubber outsole is a herringbone that has wide spacing. It easily picks up dust so remember to wipe off the outsole after a while. So you can comfortably use it indoors as well as outdoors. 

The cushion is full-length foam. Which is an average. It’s not plush. Impact protection is o.k. The shoe fits true to size. For narrow and average-size fit, it’s a very comfortable fit. The wide footer should buy a size up than their actual size.

The support and lockdown are decent. The straps on the top work perfectly to keep your feet tight and secure. So there is no heel slippage.

Overall it’s the best budget Basketball shoe under 80 for its features and stability patterns.

10-Under Armour 3z5 (Affordable Basketball Shoe for Guards)

Overall Rating

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $80 2023

Best for Quick Guards

Under Armour, Curry 3Z5 is a very reliable shoe with a lot of impact protection and reliable traction. The fit is amazing for an average size player. Overall it’s one of the best basketball shoes under 80 from the Curry line.


  • Phenomenal Traction
  • Very soft and Responsive cushion
  • Amazing fit
  • Breathable material
  • Ankle support


  • Soft outsole rubber is not suitable for outdoors
  • Durability

This signature curry shoe retails for only 80 bucks. It gives all the Curry fans out there a chance to hoop in a Curry shoe within the budget range.

The traction pattern on the outsole is pretty interesting. It’s a circular wavy pattern that looks like an optical illusion as said by an expert.

The rubber outsole has a phenomenal grip on indoor and outdoor surfaces. The multidirectional traction gives you solid control over sudden stops.

The rubber outsoles grooves are more on the softer side. So it should better be used on an indoor court if you want them last longer.

A cushion is also one of the best that a budget shoe can give. It’s a full-length Micro G cushioning. It’s bouncy and gives great impact protection. The rebound back is amazing. Its a low-to-the-ground balanced cushioning with a plush feel under your feet.

The material meshes on the toe box with fused overlays at the high-pressure areas. 

The sides have synthetic leather. Which looks great both from the aesthetic and durability standpoint.

The material is well-padded inside to give you a comfortable feel. It takes no break in time. Also, it’s very breathable.

For Ankle support, it has an internal heel counter and padding to the ankle area. The shoe base is slightly wide to give you stability on the basketball court.

The shoe fit is snug. So buy a true-to-size pair if you have medium or wide feet. If you are a very wide footer with a broad toe box, then you probably like to wear a half size up than your actual size.

What To Consider When Shopping For the Most Affordable Basketball Shoes

We have tested all the aspects of performance basketball shoes to ensure that every shoe on the list of best affordable basketball shoes under 80 has a high-performance value.

Even with your limited budget, you must take advantage of all these features in a ball shoe. Because sacrificing the shoe’s quality means you can miss the chance to stand out in your game at any point. And you sure dont want to do that.

So let’s check the important features to must look for while shopping for a budget basketball shoe for yourself.


The grip is also known as traction. It affects a player’s performance immensely. The basketball game is all about running on both ends of the court while being able to stop at a dime and quickly change directions.

The ability to have great control over sudden stops and moves is possible If your shoe is better at gripping the floor. 

We look at the material and pattern on the outsole to determine these things. There are two types of materials employed to manufacture shoe outsole. One, translucent outsole, two, rubber outsole.

As a general rule of thumb, a rubber outsole performs better on a variety of surfaces than a translucent outsole. They have better grip and offer superior control. 

Secondly, we have herringbone, radial, zig-zag, wavy, racing type, diamond, etc patterns on the outsole. Among all these a herringbone patterns has a louder squeak and better bite on the court.

Speaking of the squeak, if you are a newbie and can’t seem to judge how good your shoe traction is. If it makes loud squeaks on the court, you know right off the bat that you have got a reliable shoe with crazy traction.

Comfort and Impact Protection

Basketball shoes differ from casual shoes as they are more focused to include balanced cushioning instead of giving you that feel that you are walking on a cloud.

There’s no way around it that you need a well-thought cushion that is responsive and gives a nice jump force and also does not compromise the on-court feel.

On high jumps, you have secure landings. Full-length cushioning will give you a lot of impact protection and jump force. So look out for the foam type and quality when you shop for your hoop shoe.

Midfoot and Ankle Support

The basketball game is all about your footwork and ankle support. A stable and supportive shoe is a must for anyone with tendonitis, high arch, plantar Fasciitis, low arch, or flat feet player.

Padding on the Achillies area and a plastic heel piece will protect your ankle. Moreover, a midfoot shank plate protects the feet from bending too much while making rapid turns in the furious game time.

Padding under the midfoot creates a little arch for flat feet player or support high-arch. So a player won’t feel a shred of fatigue and pain in the arches after the game.

So buy a supportive shoe to ensure your fitness around the 

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It sucks when you see a recently bought basketball shoe tear apart in a month. That’s something terrible huh?

Yeah, I have done that too. This made me conclude that I must invest more time searching for a durable shoe.

Dont make the same error and buy fancy basketball shoes with no longevity profile. A durable upper with fused overlays on the pressure points and toe drags are key points to judge the upper material quality. 

While for the outsole look for a thick rubber with hard grooves. A soft rubber grooves meltdown soon after a couple of games and fuse together resulting in bad traction.

Fit and Lockdown

Not every basketball shoes are good for wide-footers. That’s why we have half-size up and down options. Even when you get a solid wide feet friendly sneaker, you still feel your ankles rolling, and man, it’s such an uneasy feeling.

Shoes that have better reviews when tested for side-to-side movements and get an A+ score for secure fit and lockdown during such moves my friend are your ultimate ball shoes.

Casual Looks

Do you want a pair that’s restricted to the basketball court? Dont you want to hang out in stylish and trendy shoes?

If you think like me and like to have a pair that’s great for basketball and casual wear, then shop for a casual pair of shoes.

Utility options for basketball shoes are pretty restricted. But a casual-looking sneaker can be used on a regular basis too.

Or you can wear them for volleyball. Also, wearing it on a casual walk is a good option. However, it’s not necessary. Ignore this option if you dont agree.

Best Traction Basketball Shoes


Are you a guard or a center? It’s important to keep your playing position in mind while looking for your best underfoot support. 

There’s no one-shoe-fits-all kind of situation in basketball. Some are best for quick guards, and others are great for power forwards and big dudes. 

So having the best shoe that goes with your style will give you the best value for your money. 

Lastly, as a beginner, you can go for a versatile shoe. Once you have determined your position, then you can narrow down the choices.


is a must. To keep you fresh and going on a long day in a summer game, it’s 

essential that you wear a breathable pair.

Manufacturers are already putting tons of focus on making breathable and lightweight shoes. The introduction of synthetic material is the result of this effort.

Let’s be honest, we sacrificed premium looks down the road, (in most cases)but the synthetic uppers really gave us breathable shoes.

The airflow around the feet keeps you fresh and prevents dehydration during long summer games.

Affordable Basketball Shoes Brands

During our intense research period, we diligently searched all the retail stores of famous basketball shoe brands. So could assess the percentile of more affordable basketball shoes and less affordable ones. Other than retail shops, many e-commerce stores were also a part of the search.

So we compiled this graph to let you know right off the bat which brand has more best budget basketball shoes under 80.

Despite all the hype and the NBA players emphasizing releasing more budget shoes that are affordable for everyone, we couldn’t find a budget Jordans pair. It is what it is.

But the best part is all other brands are retailing their signature and non-signatures shoes for a much lower price. 

Adidas topped the list, and Nike was the second in the list. However, it’s important to let you know that we focused on collecting the NBA shoes in this category of cheap basketball shoes reviews. Other basketball shoes in the budget are not popular ones like Jumrah and AND1 Which are relatively far less popular.

Where to Get Basketball Shoes for Cheap (Under $80)

Since you are looking for the best basketball shoes under $80, let me put it straight. Retail flagship stores of basketball shoes only offer the latest basketball shoes at a low price during the first year of their release.

So sneakerheads worldwide wait for the specific seasons when they can purchase those hyped best tech shoes from their favorite brands.

So at the season-end sale, you can buy those shoes at much cheaper rates. Alternatively, they reduce prices drastically during the holiday season or Black Friday sale. So you need to set a reminder if you are eyeing hoop shoes for your ball game.

But if a shoe retails for say 250$, it certainly can only come down up to 80% of its actual price. It’s sad but true. But don’t worry; we have sorted a solution here.

You just need to wait a couple of months more to get your favorite shoe from the eCommerce store. Usually, eCommerce stores stock a basketball shoe after 6 to 8 months of its release.

Much older shoes are available on more cheap rates. So you can definitely grab a pair and level up your game in those signature sneakers.


What type of shoes is best for basketball?

The basketball shoe that gives you a secure fit and lockdown and takes no break-in time to give its maximum potential on the court is the best basketball shoe. Additionally, you need to look for the shoes’ grippy traction and impact protection capabilities to avoid any injuries during quick moves.

What is the most used basketball shoe?

Air Jordan 1 is the most popular basketball shoe of all time. But if you are looking for the most used basketball shoe worn by NBA stars in 2022, then it’s Nike PG 6 and Nike Kobe 6.

What Sole is best for basketball?

Rubber outsoles with a solid traction pattern and hard rubber compounds are better basketball soles. They offer better traction and resilience on any basketball court.

Can Air Max be used for basketball?

Yes, the Air Max is a popular basketball shoe that has a huge fan base for its comfort, fit, and lockdown. Every seasoned player wants to rock in Air Max. if you can’t afford the latest Air Max release then you can buy cheap basketball retro shoes from the Air Max line from any eCommerce store and keep them in your collection.

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