Top 10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes in 2023

Top 10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes in 2022

Outdoor basketball shoes must be tougher and more durable than usual sneakers to last longer on tough concretes and thicker to protect ankles during higher jumps on hard surfaces.

We’ve some tested recommendations for you that will last longer, provide support and have slip-free traction.

We have researched extensively and read user reviews and expert opinions to select 25 shoes for testing. Since I’m a basketball youth coach, I asked basketball players to test and give their recommendations.

Top Choice as Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes:




1-Nike’s KD 15

Best Overall

2-Nike Air Max Impact 3

Runner Up

3-Adidas Dame 8

Best Ankle support

4-New Balance Kawhi 2 

Best High-Top

5- Puma MB 01

Best Budget

Our Top 10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Reviewed

Let’s now give you a detailed review of our top 10 shoes.

1-Nike’s KD 15 (Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Nike)

Our Verdict

Kd 14 was a hit, and Nike has maintained and improved that aspect in this latest release KD 15. ZOOM Strobel is the bounciest cushion for hard landings and lateral containment. The traction is consistent on all types of floors. Some players may have fit issues. Other than that, it’s a great performer.

Shoe Details

Size: Slim-fit | Weight: 357g – 380g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Zoom | Material: Lightweight Mesh


  • Breathable
  • Cushlon in the midsole
  • Durable for outdoor
  • Biting traction
  • Comfort
  • Lightweight


  • Material feels cheap
  • Not suitable for wide-footers

Nike’s  Kevin Durant 15 is our first pick from the best basketball shoes. It is the latest release from this year. There are absolutely no complaints about these shoes for playing basketball outside.


So as a general rule of thumb, what we wanna see in the basketball shoe for outdoor use is GREAT traction. These KD 15 have amazing traction patterns in outdoor courts. 

the traction on the outsole makes the shoe totally slip-free for outdoor play. That’s the main part that makes sneakers slip-free in any rapid move during the game. 

Without traction, any performance basketball sneakers are likely to slip around. The cushion, fit, would not do much to support your on-court game without traction. 

So traction is what makes them perfect for the job.


The cushion provides the best balance for outdoor games, these have a full-length Zoom Strobel and a removable cushion. Zoom air unit makes them super bouncy. The Nike KD 15 is using cushion under the midsole that provides extra comfort for outdoor usage.

Cushlon is being used in some global brand shoes and it just makes the shoes super easy to jump with. It’s just like adding an extra spring to the sneakers


Material is soft and supportive. Aids in a great performance with its lightweight design. The sneakers are breathable because they allow airflow. The material is just a mix of rubber soles. It’s definitely not as strong as leather but is greatly built overall for indoor and outdoor courts.


Its fit and lockdown are supportive as it maintains the shape and it locks down the heel to make a great grip even if the size is a bit greater than your actual feet size.

Support & Looks:

The looks and visuals are cool on these sneakers. As for an outdoor shoe, it wipes off dirt and dust. Being a low-top shoe, it offers great freedom to make moves around. Most big players like to wear low tops.

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Our Verdict

Nike Air Max Impact 3 provides maximum traction with a price tag of 90 $. Comfort and outdoor stability are the catch points of the shoes. It is easily one of the best outdoor basketball shoes. A narrow and tight fit can be taken on both sides as it can be a great feature for those who like a grip on their feet.

Shoe Details & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 340g-360g | Top: Mid Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Air max+ EVA foam | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Dust resistant and Durable
  • Excellent heel lockdown
  • Lightweight
  • Great traction 
  • Lots of jump force
  • Best for outdoors
  • Great budget choice


  • Cheap material
  • The cushion is less comfortable

These are easily good outdoor basketball shoes, As a reviewer best basketball shoes for outdoor must be durable to last longer than any indoor shoes. it gets great marks in every category like Nike Lebron soldier. we would say the technology and Ankle support are even better.


The first thing is Traction for dedicated outdoor basketball shoes and durability. Combine these two qualities in a sneaker and you will get a great lasting pair.

So the traction in Impact 3 is phenomenal. It has a herringbone traction pattern on its sole. On outdoor courts, the herringbone pattern on durable rubber soles gets a little bit dusty but the dust wipes off easily and it bites on the ground. Overall its multi-directional traction is a winning quality for a budget shoe.


These Nike shoes are great performance sneakers as the cushions in these sneakers are out-of-the-world.  it has an Air Max unit in the heel. There is foam in the midsole. Combining these two gives the right impact protection to the entire foot.

The forefoot cushioning has less foam area so overall you will get a great court feel. it’s a nice responsive cushioning.


The Material is lightweight to the point that you won’t even believe they are going to perform a tougher job on outdoor terrains but they are durable to play outdoors.

It is textile material with a synthetic net on the outside. The tongue has just the right amount of padding. The material is very breathable. 


The impact 3 is a great fit on your feet but it’s pretty narrow. For some people, it can feel snug on their feet. These are very specifically fitting shoes. So one must buy a true-to-the-size shoe. 


Shoes are lightweight so they will add comfort while playing. The heel cup will keep the feet in place. So there would not be any slippage while making quick moves and provide extra support.

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Our Verdict

Overall, the Adidas dame 8 is a great choice as the best outdoor basketball shoe. It has great black-and-white looks, and the cushioning is a highlight feature. There is a reason Damian Lillard is wearing them on the courts. ADIDAS DAME 8 has improved cushion from its last Adidas Dame 7. It features excellent impact protection, but the traction could be more consistent. But other than that, they are versatile shoes.

Shoe Details & Specs

Size: Wide (best for wide footers) | Weight: 390g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Bounce-pro+ Dual Density EVA | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Ankle support
  • impact protection cushion
  • Pro bounce design
  • Lateral stability
  • Torsional rigidity
  • Best for wide footers


  • A bit compromised on traction
  • Fit is a bit loose

Adidas has been making the dame series but it’s the best-looking Dame out of all. The signature shoe is one of the best basketball shoes for outdoor use as these are bounce pro with top-tier traction.


You just look at its sole, its thickness makes it springy to make them shock-absorbing outdoor basketball shoes. These are Mid-top shoes.

So for the looks, these are 10 as it’s a thing of beauty for its black and white colors.


The material on them is all synthetic. This is not much appreciated but materials are not as tougher these days as they were in the 90s with synthetic leather outsoles. The outsole is super aggressive and great to endure dust on concrete grounds.

The outsole in the Adidas dame is not what to be expected of a nice brand, mesh upper material gives a look of a cheaper shoe. It’s so light in weight for its synthetic build. 


The cushioning in dame 8 is one super springy feature. The lightweight shoes are just fit for feet so they do not raise your foot high enough to cause any discomfort from the upper or unwanted tightness.


The Dame 8 provides durability with its arched shape midsole that’s how it offers solid traction that making them the best outdoor basketball gym shoes


The hallmark of the Adidas Dame 8 will be the cushions in the outsole with the extra rubber on it. It takes a minimum break-in period and fits perfectly on your feet, the player will not feel any pressure on the feet.

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4-New Balance Kawhi 2  (Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes High-Top)

Our Verdict

It is a decent outdoor basketball shoe with a thick rubber sole. It can last longer on outdoor courts than regular indoor shoes. Its solid traction and good impact protection make it a player’s top choice. So It is a great outdoor option for a high-top sneaker.

Shoe Details & Specs

Size: Slim fit (snug) | Weight: 326g | Top: High-top | Lockdown: Lace-up | Midsole: Full-length Fuel cell technology | Material: Fit weave Lite


  • Attractive colors
  • Great Traction for quick movements
  • Highest stability in the forefoot
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable material
  • Lateral stability
  • Firm and great cushion
  • Best for outdoors


  • It’s got a weird grip.
  • Low impact protection

Our fourth pick in the line of durable shoes for playing outdoors is the New Balance Kawhi 2. the thick rubber outsole in this new basketball shoe will not wear out soon.


This has got everything that you need in the top 10 best outdoor basketball shoes. Excellent Traction is its highlight feature that will never let you slip like never ever. 

The grooves in the mid areas offer great support with the court. solid traction is what will drive you to buy this because it’s really good.

The traction has absolutely no issue on the indoor surface, and on the outdoor, the durable rubber sole may pick up a little dust. Which is super easy to clean. So traction is great just as we need in good outdoor basketball shoes.


There is a combination of rubber on the lower part that offers cushions and bounce. It features a Fuel cell foam midsole to give impact protection.


New Balance uses Fit weave lite material is used to make shoe uppers. Material is flexible and has a minimum break-in period. the premium material will support the longer durability.

The grip and flexibility in the inner part are just so balanced to make it breathable.

The design and colorways are very interesting. The shoe heel cup is nicely fitting. It provides a good amount of lateral support and lockdown your ankle in place.

The curved heels will make weight transitions to the sole a smooth process. The cushioning is very loaded to the ground. That gives impact protection. 


It has a mesh upper that improves durability. The material is durable and really thin to make it lightweight and supportive. The insole padding is kept very light and comfy. 


The fit is narrow and protects free foot movement and keeps a grip. These are great sneakers for outdoor for their super comfy outsole for jumping, cutting, and transitions in between. It’s overall a great responsive and resilient setup in the heel.

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5-361 Aron Gordon zen 3 (Best Value Outdoor Basketball shoes)

Our Verdict

The outdoor performance of the 361 Zen 3 is decent. You can count on these for the best game on outdoor courts. Zen 3 has been favorite hoop shoe for many basketball players due to its traction and lockdown. The cushion is not too thick but gives a nice rebound. Overall comfort and traction are what make them stand out.

Shoe Details & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 405g | Top: Mid Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Quick foam Lite | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Traction
  • Best Cushion
  • Thicker midsole
  • Best for outdoors
  • Lightweight
  • Super fit


  • Not for wide footers
  • Week court feel

The Aaron Gordon zen 3 is the most durable option in outdoor basketball shoes. the china-based brand is the signature sneaker of Aaron Gordon. these are appreciated for consistent traction on an outdoor court. the sneaker has been made following the playing style of the basketball player Aaron Gordon.


They certainly deserve a top spot in the top 10 best outdoor basketball shoes. The good traction makes an excellent hoop shoe. It has a thicker sole and a logo printed on the pivot point on the sole. The midsole cushion is so comfortable. 

The elite traction is super thick. That means these are durable and keep you dust-free. the rubber weight seems very light. The durability of this beast makes them last longer.


However the responsive cushioning is the lesser court feel a player gets. It uses a full-length Quickfoam for comfort and an improved cushioning setup. 

With its great cushion, it’s the best outdoor basketball shoe. It uses ETPU for ankle support. That gives better support and stability.

The stability pattern is improved in Zen 3.

You can play for hours outdoors with zero strain. Thus the midsole cushion makes it performance shoes with high impact protection.


The premium material is lightweight and the overall fit is great. it may be narrow on wide feet. But the overall grip and lightweight material aid in great play and are breathable.


The side guard is there for shoe crease protection. For added ankle protection players may add velcro support. But these offer nice support on their own too. 


The overall fit of the shoe is great. It does not slip in the heel. These thicker soles zen 3 are the best outdoor basketball cheap as these are only 159$. It’s a hell of a great option where a player needs strong traction and durability on outdoor courts.

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6-Puma MB 01 (Best outdoor basketball shoes budget)

Our Verdict

These super-fit puma MB 01 are certainly one of the top 10 best outdoor basketball shoes with super-duper traction. All the reviews are in the favor of its outdoor great play. It can last longer in outdoor courts. These are very comfortable, require no break-in time, and have strong cushions and material. The outsole may pick up dust, but it’s super easy to wipe. Overall it’s excellent all around.

Shoe Facts & Spec

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 430g | Top: Mid Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Nitro foam (Nitrogen infused EVA) | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Simple minimal design
  • Amazing traction
  • Snug fit
  • Thick outer sole
  • Nice court feel
  • Great fit and lockdown


  • Light material is likely to stain
  • A tight fit can be an issue
  • Minimum impact protection

We selected Puma MB 01 from many basketball shoes because they outperformed most basketball shoes in terms of excellent traction, and premium materials. These are LaMelo Ball’s first signature shoes.


The puma MB has an exceptional Traction pattern. the rubber outsole has a small circle and the pattern comes out of the circle. it remains consistent on dusty courts.

The traction is too good for indoor basketball shoes outdoors. It’s loud and squeaky. Any player can play in it with great confidence. It’s super easy to clean and it gets dust on it.


The cushion technology in Puma is based on full-length Nitrofoam. It makes it soft overall. The insole is so responsive and bumpy. The cushion is just right to provide impact protection and combined with a nice court feel.


The shoe’s material is too light made up of mesh material. it feels soft but it is durable for outdoor use. The heel area has some nice embroidery that looks great as well. 


 The design of these sneakers is super minimal. These are so better than puma Dreamers for their design and hoops. There is no issue with the foot containment. The shoe offers a great lockdown to the feet.


These are slim and may give a snug fit. One must go with the true-to-size number. It contains your feet really nicely. These are made with high technology and the upper mesh is durable textile. The pivot point is made up of solid rubber. 

The insole is also very comfortable. But it is not so soft because the insole is not so thick.

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7- Nike Renew Elevate 3 (Best outdoor Basketball Shoes Cheap)

Our Verdict

Nike has always produced superior quality shoes, and the Elevates 3 is a 10/10. It is a decent outdoor basketball shoe with good reviews from players and experts. It is very comfortable for long games on outdoor courts. Its durability and cushion make it the perfect hoop shoe. Some players may have problems with lateral containment. But overall, it makes a better budget choice.

Shoe Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 297g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Renew foam with Phylon | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Superior traction 
  • Thick midsole
  • Flexible material
  • Durable for longer outdoor games
  • Good Court feel and responsiveness


  • Its fit is slightly narrow for some people
  • Material is average

The first impression of Nike elevate 3 is pretty solid for its black color. It’s the 3rd in line of elevate series. The outer appearance is not much altered. However, the show is a great budget option for outdoor basketball sneakers.


The bottom lines are thick and U-shaped and traction are so amazing as you can certainly consider them long-lasting outdoor basketball shoes for their durability.


The cushion setup has got a lot of flexibility around its midsole. The rubber sole is thick making it easy to bounce on the basketball courts. Which is a lovable feature. It gives torsion support.

It has a thick nice foam midsole. The upper side is the mesh material textile feel that is so supportive and stretchy. It is so comfortable and breathable.

Cushioning is not so great because innersole is just alright. 


The fit is a little snug on the forefoot and combined with great fit and traction, it allows a lot of stability in turns and crossovers.


The material is very lightweight. Fit is nice for playing longer games in outdoor basketball on tougher Asphalt and concrete grounds. The court feel is also maximum with huge control over your moves.


The support setup is especially nice. Its foot containment is super nice and comfortable. Players will have no issue with this.

The Nike Renew elevate 3 with all these super features is the best outdoor basketball shoes budget as it comes in only 90$ for all the superior quality.

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8-ADIDAS Trae Young 1 (Best Outdoor Basketball Gym Shoes)

Our Verdict

Adidas Trae Young 1 is made for players who look for a slightly comfortable fit that is not too tight. The shoes offer great cushions. Feedback from players and reviewers is great for outdoor use. The only issue we found is that it gets dusted easily on the outdoor courts. These are very responsive and comfortable shoes. It provides a nice low-to-the-ground feel. Overall pretty damn great for the first signature shoe.

Shoes Facts & Specs

Facts & Specs

Size: Slim-fit | Weight: 410g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Slip-on, Lace-up | Midsole: Adidas Boost | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Excellent fit & stability
  • Comfortable fit for broad forefoots
  • comfortable cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Springy heel
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Gets dust easily on the shoes. It can be tough to clean
  • Less breathable

These are known for their outdoor court durability. Many top reviews and experts suggest that this Adidas Trae young is their personnel favorite for both outdoor and indoor plays. the highlight feature is its ankle support.


The outsole is very thick and comfortable. The heel has a beautiful circular pattern. So the traction on them is great. You can count on them for tricky turns and moves as they are very loaded to the ground.

The outer sole is a little high on top and with the thick padding, you feel a little boost. The boost is just balanced with the springy sole which gives an overall balance for jumps.


Its traction is a little lesser than other best outdoor shoes. The herringbone pattern on the rubber sole supports smooth transitions during outdoor plays. it’s not consistent in dusty courts.

Fit & Ventilation:

The forefoot is not snug, it’s surprisingly breathable for wider feet too. These are very comfortable and lightweight. The only problem is, they get dust very easily.

Midsole will cup your foot which is a great performance shoe must-have. It’s built with the latest technology that makes them the best outdoor basketball shoe ever.


Cushioning is a blend of light strike and boost. The boost part in the heel is very thick so again the cushion is very supportive and adds a lot of comforts.


Material is a textile mesh material. the upper mesh is super thick and feels a little challenging on the toe box.

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9-Nike Giannini’s immortality (Most Durable Outdoor Basketball Shoes Nike)

Our Verdict

Nike Giannis Immortality is definitely one of the lightest and quick-performance budget models. It’s a new line of shoes which is likely to see improvement in its roaster. But it’s definitely a very durable shoe for outdoor. Immortality has won all the criteria for being super easy on outdoor grounds shoes with its good traction, and phylon cushioning. It’s a great choice as it remains dust-free for longer outdoor plays.

Shoe Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 300g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Phylon | Material: Synthetic Textile Mesh


  • Super traction
  • Enormous cushioning
  • Budget-friendly performance shoes
  • Just about the right fit
  • Lightweight 
  • Great for outdoors


  • The material needs to be slightly better
  • Less impact protection

This immortality is one hell of a great design by Nike. First of all, talking about the material, it is very lightweight. the signature Giannis is for versatile players designed after the playing style of Antetokounmpo Giannis.


The shoes have great traction. It’s something that you can count on with these shoes. Its deep and wide grooves on the rubber outsole don’t pick any dust on outdoor courts. It remains clean on a dusty court.

For its great traction, it offers quick transitions.


It gives a lot of cushioning to the heel with arch support. It is super loaded to the grounds. It has a phylon cushioning that offers smooth compression to the foot.


 The material is the textile mesh that is smooth and fine. The upper mesh is totally breathable and upper The midsole is not so thick. Sole is thick and supportive and combined with forefoot gives a lot of balance.


There are variable reviews about the fit of the sneaker, some have found it little bit snug and narrow. The lockdown support is nice and strong.


The heel padding is nice and thick. It would not let your feet slip in the shoe. The heel is wide and comfortable.

However, for all the features, immortality is a budget-friendly choice. For all the good traction and cushioning that is rare in other shoes, that you can’t find in any other c it’s only 80$.

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10-Under Armour Curry Flow 9 (Best Under Armour Outdoor Basketball Shoes)

Our Verdict

Curry 9 is one of the best choices for outdoor basketball games. The traction, durability, and support are outstanding. Under Armour Curry 9 has some deadly traction pattern on the outsole, and the cushion is low to the ground. But the shoe has an amazing lockdown and stability pattern. It is overall top-tier outdoor performer shoe.

Shoe Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 320g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Flow+ EVA | Material: UA Warp


  • Super responsive cushion
  • Great lockdown
  • Amazing traction
  • Lightweight
  • Don’t accumulate dust
  • Budget-friendly
  • Torsional stability


  • Less durable
  • Too bouncy

These are the best under-armor outdoor basketball shoes. The mid-top under armor shoes are winners in all categories, for excellent traction, responsive cushion soft, and durable mesh material.


The hallmark of these pairs of sneakers is their huge traction. Nothing out there can beat it in 

the traction with this budget. 

The heels offer a nice curve shape. The transition is very smooth while running on rough outdoor basketball shoes. Even on a very dirty court, it works extremely great.


The cushioning is very loaded to the ground with its full-length flow cushioning. The cushioning is not so thick, not so thin, it offers impact protection and a nice balance to give a nice court feel too. So the overall cushioning is very soft, fine, and comfortable. 


The material is fine and the textile. It has a pattern on it. The overall material is light with a criss-cross design in it.

As for the outdoor shoes, these must have great durability, the nice rubber outsole is thick and very durable. It supports nice and smooth turns with its smooth curved shape in the forefoot.


The heel cushion is thin to offer full support combined with the forefoot. The midsole is nice and thick.


The fit is great and snug. As you use it more it becomes wider.

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6 Key Factors For Buying the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

So if you are playing outdoors your outsole has to be pretty Durable to last longer on the concrete surface.

It must be built by adding cushioning to support heels while making high jumps possible. So Traction pattern has to be outstanding.

Some brands build shoes with great cushioning technology, as a young enthusiastic player you don’t wanna get a sprain on the ankles so great cushioning is a very important feature in a great shoe feature.

With that being said, let’s jump right into the point, of how to select the best outdoor basketball shoes.

We have saved you plenty of time by watching the reviews of the most popular basketball shoes in 2022, and by combining the reviews of experts and users.

Here we can select the best value outdoor basketball shoes based on 6 factors. 


Material on basketball shoes for outdoor use has to be tough and thick. When you play longer the shoes likely accumulate dust in the sole pattern. 

These are made to be practically dust-free. The material for the outer sole has to be thicker for outdoor courts as for harder surfaces its durability matters

Most people resist very thick padding as it does not give the court feel, however, you need to have a thick sole for outdoor ground for impact protection and ankle support.


Shoes have nice traction if they do not accumulate dust or dirt on the sole and tend to lose grip.

 There are shoes with thick rubber soles and deep groove patterns that offer good traction.

These shoes are very less likely to slip on outdoor terrains. So sole and lines grooves are the features to look at if you have to choose shoes with good traction.


Outdoor games need great cushions in the midsole and heels as compared to indoor shoes. There are rubbles on courts so a knee injury is possible with thin and low-quality cushioning. 

A perfect amount of cushioning with a great quality outsole makes them super comfortable. Also, the cushion makes your shoes soft so longer games on outdoor grounds won’t wear you out. So it’s a must-have feature. There are foam cushions, phylon cushions. All these great techs are in use to make shoes more comfortable and easy on food.


The outer sole material and the heels have to be made up of solid rubber materials or any other strong material. What is the use of expensive shoes when they can last longer?

So the fabric of the outer sole and toe box is made up of stretchable material to endure rough surfaces. Synthetic material with a textile feel makes the outsole more durable.


The rough courts are likely to damage shoes rather quickly as compared to the clean smooth indoor courts for basketballs. 

A player must choose a nice shoe with budget-friendly prices. so if you have to buy them again after a year or so, it would not be heavy on your pocket.


Can we wear Basketball Shoes Casually?

Yes, we can wear basketball shoes casually. Both indoor and outdoor shoes are beautifully designed and have become a fashion statement too. People like to wear them casually. So yes you can wear them casually. Outdoor basketball shoes can be used for outdoor activities like running, trekking, etc.

 What is the difference between outdoor basketball shoes and indoor basketball shoes?

The outdoor and indoor courts are made up of totally different materials. Indoors are acrylic coated, or some hardwood materials that are specially designed to make them slip-free. While the outdoor games are played on concrete or asphalt courts. These are ordinary surfaces where a player can trip when taking quick turns. Outdoor basketball shoes are made tougher and built with great cushion and traction. While the indoor shoe material is less likely to damage special surfaces.

How long do the outdoor basketball shoes last? And curry 8 is a good choice for outdoor basketball?

The outdoor shoes are generally meant to be used for 350+ mile running which means they should be replaced after 70 hours of running on outdoor grounds. The curry 8 is not suitable for outdoor grounds as it is not so lightweight. The shoe does not fit the standards as it is not strong enough as the best basketball shoe for outdoor games.

Why the most basketball player prefer low-top shoes for the outdoors?

Low-top shoes are popular among NBA players. These are great for ankle support as the low top combined with the midsole cushion offers great mobility and the player can take rapid turns.


So we are at a crucial point where we are going to select the best pick out of the top 10 best outdoor basketball shoes. 

The outdoor basketball shoes’ durability is one huge factor that helped us in selecting one winner out of all 10.

Among the shoes, the Nike Air Max Impact 3 has outperformed all the outdoor basketball courts. so it’s a winner for its durability, material, cushion, and high-tech design. The runner-up, however, is the Under armor curry flow 9. The selection of this super beast is made as it has all the similar great features for outdoor basketball shoes plus its budget-friendly with all its great qualities.

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