Top 10 Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2023

Top 10 Best Traction Basketball Shoes

What’s the first thing you look for in the best basketball shoe? For me it’s traction. I came across many signature shoes from top brands when I was compiling reviews of the best traction basketball shoes.  

Most of them are following the fast footwork of legendary players. As we know it, basketball is a game of quick moves and sudden stops. A great athlete must have a good grip over his moves in the game. An athlete needs gripping traction that gives him great control over sudden stops turns and moves.

However, the traction performance of a basketball sneaker varies on different surfaces. An Indoor best-traction basketball shoe might not be a great performance sneaker on outdoors or on dusty courts.

Here I have compiled a list of the 10 best traction basketball shoes that gives the best control and stability over different surfaces.

Top 10 Best Traction Basketball shoes Reviewed

1-Jordan Luka 1 (Best For Traction And Cushion)

Best for Traction

There is no better performance basketball sneaker right now in terms of the best multidirectional traction, comfortable cushion, and supportive material. Jordan Luka 1 feels really good and light on the feet. It just gives a great push-off force while allowing you efficient control over speed. Overall Jordan Luka 1 is a solid performer.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 420g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Formula 23+ Phylon | Material: Textile Mesh+ Flywire cable


  • Linear and multidirectional traction
  • Supportive material
  • Great impact protection
  • Highly stable sneaker
  • Superior energy return


  • Picks up dust
  • Not great for prolonged outdoor use

Jordan Luke 1 is the top pick from the best traction shoes. Luka Doncic’s signature shoe has a unique traction tread pattern on the translucent outsole. 

The Linear and triangular patterns on the forefoot outsole and the geometric pattern on the bottom give great multidirectional traction. 

It helps you stop on a dime and gives enormous pivoting force. The “Flight wire” upper material extends all the way to the heel. The shoe base is wide. Thus you get a lot of lateral containment. 

It is indeed a great choice for guards. someone who needs better stability with a performance basketball shoe, Jordan Luka 1 is a great pick for them.

The sneaker has a soft cushion with phylon and formula 23 foams. That’s not as plush as Boost but it’s perfect for impact protection and a good court feel.

A piece of Iso plate under the ball of the foot gives impressive lateral stability and grip. It has a thick padded tongue. 

Get a performance-fit version of Jordan Luka 1 that is very durable. The upper material and tongue are a bit heavier and do not allow much airflow around your feet. So breathability is not too good.  

Fit is a bit wider. So it’s better to get a true-to-size pair. 

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2-Jordan Zion 2 (Best Outdoor Traction)

Best for Traction

Jordan Zion 2 deserves a rightful place in the Top 10 basketball shoes for traction for its biting grip on the basketball courts. It is a solid combination of nice cushioning, outstanding traction, and great support. Material, too, is an upgrade from the Zion 1. Though it’s still not very premium. But overall it’s a nice shoe with one of the best traction patterns in the market.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 400g | Top: Mid Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Zoom Air+ Ait Strobel | Material: Textile+ Synthetic leather


  • Exceptional support pattern
  • Great Fit
  • Exceptional court feel
  • Comfortable Cushioning
  • Solid traction
  • Side-to-side stability


  • Cheap material
  • Picks up dust, and needs a frequent wipe

Jordan Zoin is on our list for its biting traction over the basketball courts. A pattern that looks like herringbone is at the heel of the rubber outsole. While the forefoot outsole has a wavy line traction pattern.

It has better traction than the last Zion 1. The unique pattern offers great support over side-to-side movements and linear stops. 

The Zion 1 has exceptional support with its forefoot strap. That offers a tighter overall fit. The Achillies area is heavily padded to prevent any injury in these mid-cut Zion 2 sneakers.

However few players have reported slight discomfort in the Achilles area. 

Zion 2 has a forefoot zoom unit and a heel Zoom Strobel unit. It’s a balanced cushion for solid impact protection while not compromising on the court feel. 

The upper material is made up of textiles. It lacks a premium feel. But it’s supportive, breathable, and lightweight. Zion 2 is an excellent hoop shoe for those who pop, snap, and make sturdy side-to-side moves.

It fits perfectly on your feet. Zion 2 has a snug fit that hugs your feet. A true-to-size pair would be an appropriate choice.

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3-Nike Cosmic Unity 2 (Best Traction Basketball Shoes Ever)

Best for Traction

Nike Cosmic Unity 2 is a nice performance hoop shoe for outdoors s well as indoor courts. Material needs a little time to break in. But you get a high level of comfort and traction in it. These are certainly great basketball shoes with the best traction and cushion. The price is a bit high. But features are a major upgrade from the last year’s Cosmic Unity 1

Facts & Specs

Size: Snug fit/ True-to-size | Weight: 360g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-Length Zoom Strobel | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Durable outsole
  • Great traction on hardwood, and outdoor surfaces
  • Nice impact protection
  • Better quality material
  • Bouncy cushion
  • Good for outdoor use


  • Not great for flat feet players
  • Heel slippage

Nike Cosmic Unity 2 has just dropped in. it is liked by hoop shoe lovers for its design and features. This best-traction basketball shoe has a solid rubber compounds outsole. The traction pattern is groovy and deep. 

Nike Cosmic Unity 2 traction is one of the top traction patterns. That works great on the outdoor as well as indoor courts. These are great performance basketball shoes with the best outdoor traction

Cosmic Unity 2 features a full-length Zoom Strobel unit. Which is Bouncy and comfortable. The step-in comfort is amazing. it gives a lot of compressions. 

Although the court feel is a bit less with it. But you are going to feel secure with high-impact protection.

The material is light and minimal. It is not stretchy. It needs a little time to break in. it feels hard at first but eventually gets very comfortable from the fit and wraps up well around the feet.

The overall quality of the material is awesome. 

The shoe has nice internal padding. The back of the heel has an internal heel counter. The side walls have plastic material for containment and support

It’s a snug-fit shoe. The Cosmic unity 2 is the best traction shoe for indoors as well as outdoors. Because these offer better grip on all surfaces and the rubber compound is very durable.

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Tommy Liu

“I would consider them a solid Puma performer if not the best. I would rank them above the Puma Nitro and below MB.01.”

4-Nike Kobe 6 Protro (Best Traction Basketball Shoes for Guards)

Best for Traction

Nike Kobe 6 Protro is definitely a huge upgrade to the Kobe 6 in terms of material, traction, and cushion. A wide base and superior traction will aid tremendously in hard cutting and pivoting.  Apart from traction, the cushion is a great combination of comfort, court feel, and impact protection. It’s the one shoe that you would definitely enjoy playing in.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 320g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Zoom Turbo+ Cushlon | Material: Micromesh+ synthetic leather


  • Comfortable cushion
  • Outstanding traction
  • Lateral containment and stability
  • Breathable material
  • A balanced cushioning with a nice court feel and impact protection
  • Nice fit


  • Soft rubber
  • Not very durable

Nike Kobe 6 Protro is un undoubtedly the great performer signature shoe. Its solid traction on a smooth and aggressive surface makes it a perfect basketball shoe.

Nike Kobe 6 Protro has a distinctive snack skin textured material. The design scheme on the outsole is the same, featuring snake scales-inspired traction.

Nike Kobe 6 Protro’s translucent outsole with circular traction pattern gives multidirectional traction. Along with the comfortable cushion, the shoe offers a nice propulsive force. That gets you going really well.

Kobe 6 Protro has a full-length Cushion and a forefoot Air Zoom Turbo unit. That gives a responsive and plush feel.

The material is made of a textile upper with a snake skin pattern on the top. That adds extra durability. It is breathable. 

It fits like any Kobe model. As all the Kobe shoes have a slightly snug fit. 

This Shoe has an external heel counter for support and the material contains the foot on the foot bed. Lateral containment and stability are just on point.

 It’s overall a great performer for all its perfect features. You definitely won’t regret buying a pair.

5-Nike PG 6 (Best Basketball Shoes For Traction and Comfort)

Best for Traction

The Nike PG 6 is the best basketball shoe this year that is very budget-friendly. It has superior traction, midfoot supportive padding for Arch, and a very responsive cushion. The pg 6 are the best traction Nike basketball shoes The fit is roomier in the toe box, but that is good news for wide-foot players. Overall it’s a great basketball shoe.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 390g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: React foam technology | Material: Lightweight Mesh


  • Lightweight
  • Impact protection
  • Responsive Midfoot 
  • Bouncy React cushion
  • Good Arch support
  • Indoor and outdoor best traction


  • Durability
  • Less ventilation

PG 06 is the 6th signature shoe of Paul George. The sneaker’s performance is top-tier in all aspect. It’s one of the best traction shoes for basketball for its reliable outdoor and indoor court performance. 

The grooves on the outsole are soft and not too deep. On longer games and dusty courts, the traction is consistent. It has outdone our expectations.

The Pg 6 midsole has a super supportive shank plate combined with the Full-length Nike React foam. These soft and springy midfoot cushioning gives great Arch support.

The outrigger areas on the lateral sides give it superior lateral stability. The heel is also contained in the right area. Overall support is outstanding which makes them the best basketball shoes for flat feet. It’s a low-cut shoe, so the Achilles area is also padded.

The shifty movements are not well supported, it is very low to the ground.

The material on its upper is a textile mesh. It is very thin and lightweight. It feels very cozy and comfortable on foot. The tongue is padded. The fit is perfect when you tie the laces.

6-Puma TRC Blaze Court (Best Traction and Cushion Basketball Shoes)

Best for Traction

Puma TRC Blaze Court has awesome cushioning and multidirectional traction. That has a solid nice grip on the floor. Its lightweight material along with the Trinomic setup will give you explosiveness all around the court. Overall these are the best basketball shoes with the best traction for clean courts. It’s perfect for players who need a shoe that supports quick moves with lots of cushioning.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 330g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Profoam+ and Trinomic hexagonal system | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Lateral stability
  • Arch support
  • Great traction for indoor courts
  • Comfortable cushion
  • Very lightweight material


  • Low court feels
  • Not great for outdoors

Puma is the most consistent performance basketball brand that is great in all ways. We picked Puma TRC Blaze Court for its outstanding traction. 

It features a full-length herringbone pattern on the outsole. The more horizontal lines on the top help you stop on a dime and allow you to make confident side-to-side moves.

This is the best traction pattern so far for indoor and outdoor.  

The material on Puma TRC Blaze Court is lightweight. It does not look premium. 

However, it is supportive during toe drags and side moves. Fused overlays give it extra strength and durability.

Puma TRC Blaze Court features a full-length Trinomic cushion which is a Pebax foam technically. On the forefoot, it has Profoam plus. That is an injected phylon foam. Overall cushioning setup is so soft. The shank plate underneath gives a nice base. 

Support in the Puma TRC Blaze court is awesome with its synthetic suede material on the sides of the shoe. It contains feet on a footbed. It has a mid-foot shank plate for arch support and an internal TPU heel counter.

The fit on TRC puma Blaze is snug. It will give you a one-to-one fit. You will really enjoy its supportive material and fit. 

It’s not a great option for outdoors. Thin lines on the traction are likely to melt and fuse together on prolonged outdoor uses. So these are indeed the best traction basketball shoes indoors.

7-Adidas Harden Vol.6 (Best Adidas Basketball Shoes for Traction)

Best for Traction

Adidas Harden Vol. 6 is a very wide-foot-friendly sneaker. It is indeed the best basketball shoe for jumping and traction for its solid grip and bouncy cushion. The support pattern is amazing. Any slim-foot player can have an issue with size.  The boost cushioning setup is very supportive on the court. Only the material could have been a little better. But performance-wise, its traction, cushion, and support are outstanding.

Facts & Specs

Size: Slim-Moderate fit | Weight: 510g | Top: Mid Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-Length Boost Cushioning | Material: Breathable Mesh


  • Top-tier traction
  • Responsive cushion
  • Ankle support
  • Lateral stability
  • Torsional and midfoot support
  • Impact protection
  • Court feel


  • Material is not breathable
  • Material is not premium

Adidas Harden vol. 6 is certainly one of the best traction basketball shoes 2022. The shoes’ looks and colorways are very attractive. High school boys are gonna love the aesthetics.

Adidas Harden vol.6 has a midfoot torsional plate and a very nice curve shape outsole. The heel-to-toe transition is very smooth. 

The Support is exceptional which makes them the best Adidas basketball shoes for flat feet. The Harden vol. 6 has Achillies cushion pieces. The 5 round foam provides great ankle support.

The rubber outsole has a herringbone pattern in two different sizes. The rubber grooves are thick to offer a solid grip on the floor. On the dusty court, it is a bit slippery and needs a quick wipe-up. But it provides great traction.

The Adidas harden vol. 6 has a full-length Boost cushion that is very smooth and responsive. The cushion is not too springy. It gives a perfectly balanced cushioning for a nice court feel and impact protection.

The material on Adidas Harden vol. 6 is not so premium for the price. Adidas used recycled material for the top. The shoe is very lightweight.

Its design and colorways make it a good youth basketball shoe for flat feet.

The fit is a bit wide. It can be an issue for slim foot players.

8-Puma Mb.01 (Best Traction Basketball Shoes Outdoor)

Best for Traction

this super-fit puma MB 01 is certainly one of the top 10 best traction basketball shoes with super-duper traction.  All the reviews are in the favor of its outdoor great play. It supports great longer games outdoors. These are the most comfortable, have no break in time, has strong cushions and material.  The outsole may pick up dust but it’s super easy to wipe. Overall it’s excellent all around.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 430g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Nitrofoam + EVA | Material: Textile silhouette + Suede patches


  • Simple minimal design
  • Amazing traction
  • Snug fit
  • Thick outer sole
  • Nice court feel
  • Great fit and lockdown


  • Light material is likely to stain
  • A tight fit can be an issue
  • Minimum impact protection

9-Under Armour Curry 4 Flotro (Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2022)

Best for Traction

Under Armour Curry 4 Flotro is the best traction basketball shoe of all time. It is worth all the hype. The cushion is just sufficient that gives a lightweight feel. Support and balance are just what a performance basketball shoe must-have. Overall it’s the best basketball shoe for traction and ankle support. For anyone looking to buy a hoop shoe with balanced features then Curry 4 Flotro is the way to go.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 340g | Top: Mid Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Flow Foam | Material: Suede+ stretchy textile


  • Great gripping traction
  • Superior court feel
  • Torsional rigidity
  • Quick lateral movements
  • Snug fit


  • Impact protection
  • Lack bounciness

The signature Stephen Curry Shoe that he wears in the finals crushed everyone with his amazing performance.

It has a digital-type traction pattern. That is deep and widely spaced. That grips the floor really well. You would be able to stop, turn and run at a moment’s notice with this superior traction.

The cushion in the curry 4 Flotro is full-length Flow. that is soft and responsive. It does give you a lot of court feel. But it lacks impact protection and bounciness.

Cushioning is identical to that in curry 9. The cushion is more than enough for a quick and shifty player.

Flotro 4 has a synthetic material upper. The synthetic overlays on the different parts give a decent look. The ankle portion and tongue has stretchy and comfortable.

Fit is slightly snug. The wide-feet player might like to go with a half-size-up. The fit overall is very supportive and snug. 

The Flotro has a narrow forefoot area. The side-to-side movements is very supportive. It’s going to support you during the shifty moves. The shoe base is pretty stiff so you got tons of torsional rigidity.

Overall, undoubtedly it’s one of the best traction shoes. That works well on all surfaces.

For more deatils, read Under Armour Curry 4 Flotro Review

Watch Colo Culture Review

“From the performance standpoint, I’ll give it a 9 out of 10 and that’s a pretty much high rating from me and I’ll stick with it for now. Aesthetically, these are 8 out of 10.”

10-New Balance Two Wxy V2 (Best Basketball Shoes For Dusty Courts)

Best for Traction

New Balance Two Wxy V2 grips really well to the basketball floor. It has a great traction pattern on both indoor and outdoor courts. The balance is absolutely killer in these performance basketball sneakers. The fuel cell cushion is a bit thin. But apart from that, it’s the best youth basketball shoe for traction.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 350g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Fuelcell+ ABZORB foam | Material: Mesh


  • Premium traction
  • Perfect fit almost snug
  • Very soft upper
  • Lightweight
  • Support the lateral moves
  • Impact protection


  • Torsional rigidity
  • Material is not too premium

New Balance Two Wxy V2 is the best basketball shoe for dusty courts. It is specially designed for positionless players. It offers a lot of balance and grip over the basketball courts.

New Balance Two Wxy V2 traction pattern is slightly different from the rest of the performance basketball sneakers. 

It is a rubber outsole from the forefoot area and a translucent outsole on the heel part. It features a wide radial pattern on the forefoot area and a narrow cellular pattern on the heel. 

It is really outstanding shoe that gives you an effective grip on the court. However, it grips really hard and lacks fluid movements.

The midsole on New Balance Two Wxy V2 is a full-length Fuelcell. That is combined with a thick ABZORB foam in the heel area. Beneath the midsole, there is a rectangular midfoot shank plate for torsional rigidity.

The material in New Balance Two Wxy V2 is Lino-weaver Lite material. That is very soft and extends all the way to the sides of the shoe. It acts as one unit and goes where your feet go. It’s very soft and comfortable.

That’s the one shoe that gives you confidence and grip on basketball courts. While allowing you to move tremendously for hard cutting and pivoting.

For more detail, read New Balance Two Wxy V2 Review

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“New Balance did an absolutely great job for 130$. I really can’t complain about anything. These are awesome and fun shoes to play in. I’ll highly recommend you to pick up a pair.”

Things to Consider Before Buying A Best Traction Basketball shoe

You need to look into a few key factors before getting your hands on the best traction basketball shoe. There are many performance hoop shoes that are great at cushioning and support but they absolutely lack at giving a good grip. 

You need to get a great performance shoe that goes with your playoff style and has great traction.  Because if you are slipping a lot in court, nothing can make it up for you.                                         

Outsole Pattern

Top 10 Best Traction Basketball Shoes

Different Basketball shoes have a wide variety of outsole traction patterns. Such as herringbone patterns, and other multidirectional traction patterns.

Herringbone pattern outsoles are great at giving a good grip and sudden stops. Multidirectional herringbone patterns in shoes give excellent stability and control to the basketball player.

Other multidirectional patterns like radial and linear patterns also do a great job. So choose a basketball shoe that supports your agility. While you are running up and down the basketball court and support you in stopping at a moment’s notice.

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Outsole Material

Most Basketball shoe outsoles are made up of rubber. Oftentimes they make a translucent rubber outsole too. Both are perfectly fine materials. 

You must take into consideration the thickness and the spacing between the outsole pattern. Some outsole materials and colorways do not pick up dust easily. And ultimately prove to be slip-free sneakers throughout the period of their use. 

That said, do not get a shoe that needs a wipe after every few minutes. Also, pick a dark colorway. Because several light colorways easily get dirty and are prone to slippage on the basketball courts.


A player who has to make sudden stops, turns, and jumps must wear a well-cushioned shoe. Basketball players play the game with aggression and need tons of comfort to support their moves. 

However, Having a great cushion does not mean that you go for a shoe that is high up on the ground. It must be adequately cushioned to absorb impact and give premium comfort to the player’s feet.

Boost cushion and Zoom Air are one of the best cushioning technologies in the latest basketball shoes. They absorb impact and improve comfort through their unique technology.


While looking for a perfect traction outsole for a basketball, it is so important that you look out for the thickness and hardness of outsole rubber grooves. 

Soft rubber grooves easily get damaged while used on tough outdoor surfaces. That significantly reduces their grip on the basketball floor. 

Such sneakers are not great from the price point too. What’s the point of getting a basketball shoe that doesn’t last a season or two? 

Certain brands are launching their shoes with an XDR tag. Basketball shoes with XDR tags have thicker outsoles. They also last longer than their counterparts.

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet 2022

Personal Preference

A basketball shoe with a wide base is better from a traction and stability standpoint. But if that does not fits well and you have wiggle room in the forefoot area. Then you must get the one pair that fits you best. 

Selecting the basketball shoe that gives you a one-to-one fit, and goes well with your style is the right way to go.


We have reviewed the most recent 60 shoes for the best traction from all the leading brands. We have reached the conclusion that Nike Cosmic Unity 2 is the best traction basketball shoe ever. This shoe pivot really easily and gives tons of grip.

Adidas Harden Vol.6 is the runner-up in the top ten best traction shoes. Although there is a close margin and it was hard to place it in the second spot. 

But these are the best basketball shoes for traction and ankle support. The shoe will protect you during all the shifty moves and hard cuts.

Jordan Luka 1 is the best budget traction shoe. For only 110$ you get the best traction and bouncy cushion. For the price and performance point, Jordan Luke 1 is the best choice of all.


What are the best traction basketball shoes for dusty courts?

Puma MB.01, Nike Cosmic Unity 2, and Nike PG 6 have consistent traction patterns on the dusty courts. You may need an occasional wipe as it can get pick up minimum dust on a very dusty court. But overall, these are great performers on dusty courts.

How to get better traction on basketball shoes?

A solid rubber outsole with a multidirectional traction pattern will give a great grip and traction. However, every basketball shoe picks up some dust on the very dusty courts. You can improve the traction and bite of the shoe by wiping it after every game.

Frequent wipes will improve traction.

What are the best traction basketball shoes outdoors?

Puma MB.01 and Nike Cosmic Unity 2 are the best shoes for outdoors as well as indoors. They have a solid grip on any surface. You can stop and go at a moment’s notice with these performance basketball sneakers.

What are the best basketball shoes Indoors?

Nike PG 6 are the best basketball shoes for Indoors. Traction is consistent on the clean and dusty indoor courts.

What are the best basketball shoes for traction and ankle support?

Under Armour Curry 4 Flotro, and Adidas Harden Vol. 6 are the best basketball shoes with the best traction and ankle support. 

Both of these shoes offer great torsional rigidity. Support and lateral containment are amazing.

What are the best basketball shoes for traction and cushion?

Adidas Harden Vol.6, Nike PG 6, and Jordan Luka 1 are the top 3 performance basketball sneakers. That has bouncy cushions with a lot of responsiveness. 

All 3 have outstanding traction and support patterns as well.

What basketball shoes have the best traction?

Nike Cosmic unity 2 has the best traction so far. Nike Cosmic Unity 2 traction is one of the top traction patterns. That works great on the outdoor as well as indoor courts. 

On the clean and dusty courts, it’s hard to find a better performance basketball shoe than Nike Cosmic Unity 2.

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