Can Basketball Shoes Be Used For Badminton? The Verdict is In

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used For Badminton?

Picture this: you’ve just been invited to a badminton game with your friends, but you don’t have the right shoes. You’re not ready to commit to buying a new pair of badminton shoes yet, so what do you do? Enter basketball shoes. You may have heard that they can be used as an alternative, but is it true?

In this post, we’ll dive into the world of badminton and basketball shoes to find out if you can use one for the other.

Let’s settle this once and for all!

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used For Badminton?

Yes, Basketball shoes are good alternative sports shoes. Make sure to buy indoor basketball shoes with a soft outsole traction pattern. Such an outsole would be a non-marking outsole necessary for a badminton court. You can wear lightweight and low to ground Guard shoes, like Nike Kyrie and Under Armour Curry, which is better for badminton shoes.

Moreover, durability and breathability are equally important. The basketball shoes with TPU and fused overlays over lateral sides and pressure points will increase the shoe’s longevity. 

It’s necessary because the upper material has to bear a lot of lateral pressure for high-intensity lateral moves. Durable and stable shoes will last longer. Also, the right shoe will maintain the player’s agility and stamina.

Comparison Between Basketball Shoes and Badminton Shoes

Here, I have compiled all the features of a basketball shoe and a badminton shoe. So you can find out in a minute what qualities you can have in a basketball shoe while wearing them as badminton shoes.

Basketball Shoe FeaturesBadminton Shoe Features
Can have Marking OutsolesSpecial Non-Marking Outsoles
Exceptional Support FeaturesHigh-Level Lateral Stability
Superior Ankle SupportAmazing Ankle Support
Snug 1-TO-1 FitFits Like Glove
Good DurabilityGreat Durability
Heavy WeightLightweight
High up the Ground ShoeLow To The Ground Shoe
Excellent CushionGood Cushion
Designed for both Indoor and Outdoor CourtsMostly played on Indoors

How Basketball Shoes Will effect The Performance Of Badminton

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used For Badminton?

Alternative sportswear can either affect you positively or negatively on your game. Talking about wearing basketball shoes instead of badminton shoes in badminton, it has its own merits and demerits. But the demerits are minor. Let’s check in detail.

Why Alternative Shoes Can Be an Option?

1. Improve Stability

Basketball shoes are the most stable shoes. Designers and researchers include all the features that aid in the stability of basketball shoes.

Badminton is a game where you must make enormous side stops to hit the shuttlecock. Sometimes you have to sprint and even jump to hit the high drop.

That’s where basketball shoes have won over badminton shoes. It gives excellent side-to-side stability. Its broad base offers a stable base that won’t allow you to trip on the badminton court.

2. Plenty Of Ankle Support

Basketball shoes come in low, high, and mid-cut ankle collars. High-cut ankle collars provide more ample ankle protection than the rest of the two.

The ankle area is specially made stiff with an internal TPU heel counter. It mainly has a padded ankle area to add more comfort and security.

Few shoes, like Adidas Dame 8, have tiny pillows on the ankle area to give a more snug feel and protect the ankle from intense lateral movement.

Hence basketball shoes are more natural and comfortable while playing badminton.

Also check our guide on the Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support.

3. Top-Tier Cushion

Hoop shoes do not have an insane amount of cushioning like running shoes to make you feel like you are walking on a bed of clouds. 

But most shoes made for guards and versatile players have a low-to-the-ground to give a decent ground feel an enormous comfort to the foot muscle when you land on the ground after a high jump.

I have played badminton in my Nike PG6 basketball shoes, and it feels so comfortable. I had no mobility issues and did not feel bottom-heavy because its lightweight react technology foam gave ample cushioning and comfort. 

So you can just wear basketball shoes on the badminton courts as well.

You may Also like to read our guide on the Best Traction Basketball Shoes.

4. Tremendous Breathability

With all the innovations in hoop shoes, the upper material has undergone many changes. From suede and leather to synthetic leather and knit fabric, we now get engineered mesh and nylon upper.

All that changes have two goals; one is to reduce the basketball shoes’ weight, and second, to make them breathable. 

Therefore, it allows tons of air to flow around the feet in mesh uppers that maintain your stamina in a highly energetic game like badminton.

Air Jordan 36 and 37 have see-through mesh material. Its forefoot area has a lightweight and durable Leno-weave upper to allow maximum airflow.

Why I Would Recommend Sticking To Professional Badminton Shoes

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used For Badminton?

You can alternate the hoop shoe for badminton shoes, but they are made to grip the hardwood and concrete. So they won’t hold up well against other surfaces. Here are some disadvantages of wearing basketball shoes on a badminton court.

1. Low Durability of Shoes Will Ultimately Lead You To Buy Another Shoe

Badminton shoes are better in upper durability than basketball shoes. That is covered in mesh or cheaper synthetic leather.

Moreover, hoop shoes are costly so ruining them after a few days would definitely be a devastating situation.

That’s why don’t wear non-badminton shoes for so long. If you are really into playing badminton, then buy badminton shoes.

2. Heavy Basketball Shoes Lack Court Feel

In badminton you have to wear nimble and lightweight shoes that cut through the air on lateral movements and allow you to move at a faster pace. 

That said, hoop shoes are not as low to the ground as dedicated badminton shoes. 

3. Not Easy To Figure Out Whether it’s A Non-Marking Shoe

Badminton shoes are indoor shoes that have gum soles. That does not leave marks on the badminton court surfaces. 

That said, you can do a DIY test on your basketball shoes to know whether they are non-marking shoes or not. 

But you cannot figure it out on your own easily. So it’s better to play outdoor badminton in your basketball shoes.

Expert Opinion On Wearing Alternative Shoes for Badminton

Any court shoes are good for badminton. Such as tennis shoes are the best alternative. Basketball remains the second choice in that way.

Moreover, you can get decent tennis or badminton shoes for under 100 dollars, while basketball sneaker is much more expensive. An excellent hoop shoe’s price starts from 140 dollars and goes as high as 300 dollars. 

Dedicated shoes for badminton will be worth every penny. 


Badminton is a sport where you need a lot of stamina, a perfect racquet, and stable footwear to hit every shot.

There is no harm in wearing alternative court shoes, such as tennis or basketball shoes, for a few days. But I would highly recommend going to buy badminton shoes to play in often.

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