Can I Use Basketball Shoes For Table Tennis?

Can I Use Basketball Shoes For Table Tennis?

Can I Use Basketball Shoes For Table Tennis? Suppose you are a person who likes to try a different game and does not want to spend a hefty budget on other sports shoes. Chances are, both games have similar footwork. The same scenario applies when you opt to use basketball shoes for table tennis.

Basketball and tennis have similar lateral movements. More so, you dribble on the basketball court to shoot the ball. Similarly, in table tennis, you have to hit the ball to make the high jump. But, 

  • Can you replace tennis shoes with basketball shoes for regular game sessions?
  • Do they have flexible sides to allow nimble lateral movements 
  • Are they lightweight for quick-paced games like table tennis?
  • Does it provide side-to-side stability while pushing off?

Read on because in this article, I will tell you the answers to all the questions and my verdict about wearing any alternate shoes for a professional-level table tennis game.

Can I Use Basketball Shoes For Table Tennis?

No, you cannot wear basketball shoes as tennis shoes because tennis requires a shoe that is built for more forgiveness and nimble movements. At the same time, basketball shoes are very stiff and nonflexible on the sides. The outsole in tennis shoes is divided into two pieces; usually, the forefoot and heel part is separate from pushing the tennis game to the extremes. It gives you great sliding force and speed.

Basketball shoes don’t have the suitable material to withstand the pressure you make in a tennis game to move laterally, diagonally forward, and backward. 

Only dedicated table tennis shoes are suitable if you want to play more than twice a week. Moreover, it’s okay to wear basketball shoes once a week and pick up table tennis.

Design Features Of Table Tennis Shoes That Are Different From The Basketball Shoes

Can I Use Basketball Shoes For Table Tennis?

While testing basketball shoes as tennis shoes, I noticed 4 things that are different between both sports shoes. It leads me to decide that I should wear tennis shoes for tennis and hoop shoes for basketball.

Outsole Pattern

The table tennis shoes’ outsole pattern differs from the one we get on the basketball shoes. The tennis shoes’ outsoles are rather plain.

Tennis is mainly played on acrylic indoor courts, so the outsole is mostly not made to stop at a dime. Its pattern allows the more agile left-right moves where you have to hit the ball with more force.

Moreover, its outsole is divided into two parts. That allows both portions to act separately to give you better speed.

That’s not found in basketball shoes. The different outsole pattern does not allow the same left-right speedy movements.

Side Walls and Flexibility

Basketball shoes are very stiff on the sides. The high side walls that allow more stability in the basketball game are not well suited for the tennis playoff style.

If you notice closely, tennis shoes have little side wall or no side wall in the mid-section of the medial side of the shoes, which gives more flexibility and reduces the rigidity for intense lateral movements.

Basketball shoes are hard, so it’s a bad idea to wear them for sports requiring a lot of flexibility in the footwear.

Durable Upper To Serve the Needs Of Baseline and Serve and Volley Player

Can I Use Basketball Shoes For Table Tennis?

If you are a researcher for different sportswear like me, you must have seen that basketball and tennis shoes’ upper material is quite different.

Mesh upper that covers basketball shoes can never give the same level of durability that a Polyurethane material in tennis shoes give you.

You need to give it a serious second thought when wearing a basketball shoe for tennis. Because the basketball shoe’s upper will destroy ten times faster than a tennis shoe. 

This simply means that you ruined more money as basketball shoes are much more expensive.

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Basketball shoes fit differently. Because in tennis shoes, you need to have a snug and more hugging fit. 

Most tennis shoes have a little roomier toe box to maximize comfort when a player moves forward to hit the ball.


Tennis shoes are lightweight and feel very comfortable right out of the box. Besides every effort to make basketball shoes lightweight, we know that these are the bulkier sportswear in the market.

They are made to support a safe landing after you dunk over the opponent’s head. But that is not the case in tennis. Lightweight EVA and an Air Zoom unit in the forefoot or heel would just do fine.

Tennis shoes are not softer in the soles but are lightweight and do the job perfectly.

What Makes Basketball Shoes Close Alternatives To Table Tennis Shoes

I found these qualities similar in both basketball shoes and tennis shoes that make basketball shoes a similar shoe.


Both basketball and tennis shoes are very stable shoes for having wide bas. They contain the foot nicely on the footbed. That makes it a more stable base to launch and stop.

Moreover, a rocker shape and a slight curve in both shoes give an excellent forefoot flux that gives a forward thrust to move faster and quicker. 

Because both shoes focus on improving agility and streamline speed, so you would have no issue with stability and streamlined speed.

Ankle Support

Tennis and basketball shoes give ample ankle support. Basketball shoes are better at securing ankle areas with high-top ankle collars and TPU heel counters.

The cushioning around the ankle part makes it more secure, locks the heel in its place, and prevents any kind of ankle injury.


Basketball shoe cushions and inner are more comfortable and softer than a tennis shoes. It’s bulkier, but the step in comfort and softness is excellent.

Nike KD 15 is a good option in the lightweight and comfortable cushion. Kevin durant’s signature shoe line is awesome in terms of support, comfort, and traction.


Basketball sneakers have become a style statement. They are famous among other athletes and are the second most popular sports shoes after soccer shoes.

Their affiliation with NBA players and remarkable design features make them super attractive. So thats understandable that you would like to get a hyped and aesthetic pair of shoes for your tennis game.


Some athletes just take it casually to play any game in one sports shoe. But as a seasoned basketball expert who plays other court games, I recommend buying tennis shoes to play table tennis.

That will improve the performance and playability 10 times faster than a basketball or running shoes.

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