Can You Play Basketball In New Balance? Complete Guide

Can You Play Basketball In New Balance: Complete Guide 2023

New Balance shoes have a history of their own. New Balance being old as Nike and Converse, but they are advancing the sports shoe industry with a different approach.

New Balance has signed Kawhi Leonard. They say they are not here to be the biggest name in the basketball shoe brand. Their goal is to be the Best.

 That makes very high-quality kicks that are worth every penny you spend. New Balance is among the Top 5 basketball shoe brands in the U.S……. right now. However, they are less grand than Nike, have achieved quality and customer trust, and are among the best in line with Adidas and Puma.

Can You Play Basketball In New Balance?

Yes, you can play basketball in New Balance shoes. Initially, New Balance manufactured tennis, boxing, and baseball shoes. But with the release of New Balance 990 in the late 1980s, they started their famous basketball shoe line.

But you won’t see the New Balance brand flooding the market with several new releases. At the same time, they are not signing numerous athletes for their basketball shoes. 

Their marketing for consumer marketing quoted that “we will go and find a specific type of athlete to partner with. He elaborated that they would like to sign the one who would like to do things differently and would not do things the same way as others.

New Balance Basketball History

New Balance was not a sports shoe company initially. It was founded by the name of New Balance Arch support company by William J. Riley in Boston. The company focused on making special foot wears for arch support.

It passed from the various phases, but eventually, a company headed toward making footwear for athletes. Initially, their shoe line sold most among police officers, salespeople, and others whose jobs required them to stand all day.

Later they started making footwear for athletes. Various New Balance shoes are very popular as dad shoes. New Balance introduced various sportswear to globally known sports brands. Making basketball shoes are their attempt to fill the puzzle piece in that process.

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What NBA Players Signed With New Balance

New Balance has never been a part of the race to sign numerous NBA players each year and then make streamlined shoes as everyone does.

When signing Kawhi Leonard and releasing his first signature shoes Kawhi 1, they made a clear statement that it is only a recipe for disaster to be a part of the race.

Recently they announced that kawhi Leonard, Zach LaVine, Dejounte Murray, Jamal Murray, Darius Bazley, and Aaron Nesmith would promote the unreleased New Balance shoes.

5- Key features of New Balance basketball shoes

Can You Play Basketball In New Balance

New Balance basketball shoes are great for foot comfort. They specialize in providing comfort and balance to the basketball player. Here are what you are going to get in New Balance basketball shoes.

5.1 New Balance Shoes Good at Traction

New Balance basketball shoes undoubtedly have the most reliable traction. You get the most grippy traction in the Kawhi I and Kawhi II signature versions. 

On any basketball court, outdoor or indoor, it remains consistent. Wipe the outsole occasionally. But traction is good again after a quick wipe. So you can step into them with super confidence.

5.2 Are New Balance Shoes Cushioning and Support Reliable

New Balance shoes utilize fuel cell cushioning technology. This nitrogen-infused cushioning gives high energy returns for your jumps high up the ground. 

At the same time, cushioning is light enough to add an extra pound to the overall shoe weight. Also, it’s a well-balanced cushion that is great for impact protection, and you are not missing out on the court feel.

New Balance has maintained its Arch support feature throughout brand evolution. So in signature Kawhi’s shoes, the support and balance are exceptional. Additionally, the shoe gives great torsional rigidity with a midfoot torsional plate.

Any player with a flat foot, tendonitis, or plantar fasciitis can feel comfortable in supportive New Balance Basketball shoes.

5.3 Are They Durable?

Yes, New Balance basketball shoes are very durable. The mesh upper is stretchy and durable with toe guards. The mesh material runs beneath the toe guards. 

The translucent or rubber outsole is tested on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. The wavy grooves are thick and have wide areas in between. So the rubber outsole will stay on hard outdoor surfaces for a while.

From the grip and durability standpoint, New Balance shoes are reliable and worth every penny.

6- Are New Balance Basketball Shoes Good? 

To reinforce our opinion, we have collected expert and players’ reviews of playing in New Balance kicks on basketball courts.

Expert opinion


“These are gonna be one of the most comfortable shoe. I can play in them more than an hour. Two wxy V2 is a solid option.”


“These are not one of the plush feeling shoe. But it is something that you can play in outdoor court without any doubt. These are most performance based shoes ans are very durable”

Sole Brothers

“ its an overall solid shoe. Rubber outsole is better for the traction. Cushion is low to the ground and you get a perfect balance in the heel. New Balance Two wxy V2 is an overall great performer”

Comparison With Top Brands

New BalanceAdidasNikePumaUnder Armour


  • Exceptional fit
  • Torsional rigidity
  • Arch support
  • Great for flat feet players
  • Solid traction
  • Durable sneakers


  • High pricing
  • The cushion is not too beefy and cloudy


New Balance basketball shoes are great to play basketball in it. It rightly deserves to be one of the top sneakers with its exceptional fit, quality grip, and arch support features.

However, every player has their own preferences for a specific shoe. For a quick guard and shooting guard, and quick rebound backs, New Balance kicks are superior to rival brands.

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