Can You Play Basketball In Nike Cortez? An Expert Guide

Can You Play Basketball In Nike Cortez.? An Expert Guide 2023

It’s safe to say that it’s the perfect time to discuss Nike Cortez when Nike has just celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022. Nike Cortez is one of the most low profile sneakers with its evolution history over the years.

In this blog post, You’ll learn:

  • Are Nike Cortez Good?
  • Features Of Nike Cortez
  • What Stores Sell Nike Cortez
  • And much more!

But before going into details, let me answer your question straight up!

Can You Play Basketball In Nike Cortez?

Yes, you can play basketball in Nike Cortez. The iconic low-cut silhouette kicks can be suitable alternatives for basketball shoes. Nike Cortez fit and sizing are very supportive of playing basketball in them. Their snug fit and low weight make them ideal for use as your ball shoes.

Its leather upper is only 380g, while the nylon and suede upper are even lighter in weight, and that’s 280g.

Are Nike Cortez Good?

Nike Cortez is undoubtedly a design masterpiece having a minimalistic silhouette. Everyone in each era welcomes its ageless looks.

For their comfort and style-studded looks, many stars, including Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and Christine Steward, were seen wearing them.

In 1994 the Nike Cortez leather shoes were seen in the famous movie Forest Gump. Recently, the Nike Cortez Stranger Things edition has been out in stores. Hence, Nike made sure that Nike Cortez wasn’t going anywhere. These are here to stay.

So yes, Nike Cortez is a really good pair of sneakers that have been liked by many over the years.

Are Nike Cortez Basketball Shoes?

Nike Cortez has many iterations. It was not introduced as basketball shoes. Debuted as running shoes in 1972, their demand spiked, and many athletes were seen wearing them in Olympics that year.

Its 2009 edition changed the upper from leather to a lightweight Flywire nylon material. That is far less in weight than its original leather upper sneaker.

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Features Of Nike Cortez That Make Them A Good Basketball Shoe

That said, Nike Cortez is the most comfortable sneaker to date and has always been in style. Its one-piece midsole is slightly beefed from the midfoot area to prevent injuries. 

The low-cut Nike Cortez and its comfortable EVA cushion support high jumps and rebound backs on the ball court.

The thick rubber outsole and herringbone pattern are impressive for sudden stops and pivoting moves.

Moreover, the thick rubber outsole has a solid durability profile. With that said, Nike Cortez is not a conventional running shoe. 

But if you plan on wearing them on the basketball court, then it’s necessary to notify you that you should NOT use a basketball sneaker as a street sneaker. 

Because doing so will decrease the traction, and you surely don’t want to mess with your dedicated hoop shoes.

What Does Nike Cortez Mean?

Nike Cortez was named after Hernan Cortez, a Spanish conqueror who conquered the Aztecs. Nike initially named the sneaker Aztec. But after a dispute with Adidas, where they claimed that they have a similar shoe line with the name of Azteca, Nike settled on Cortez.

Nike Cortez Fit / Nike Cortez Sizing

I am an absolute sucker for comfortable sneakers. So the low-cut Cortez is too easy to slip in. I tied up the laces, and it was a little snug on my feet which is a thing that I like for my shoes. I don’t like my feet slipping into a very wide-fit sneakers.

Bella Hadid was seen wearing them in a California style. Hence the Nike Cortez Fit is ideal for men and women. 

If you are slightly wide feet, buy a half size up than your actual size. Women can go true to size as they have slim feet compared to men.

How I Felt In Nike Cortez As Basketball Shoes

Can You Play Basketball In Nike Cortez.? An Expert Guide 2023

On a casual walk, I felt like I’m walking on clouds. But I like to save my basketball shoes for the basketball courts. Hence I packed them again to use on the basketball court.

The herringbone traction is so sticky on the clean indoor court. Being lightweight in Flywire material upper, it was easy to shift directions. Hence it was so easy to make sudden stops and go.

EVA foam is not as responsive as any other high-tech cushioning setup. But it gives energy returns to jump high up on the basketball courts. So these minimalistic, iconic sneakers are as good as basketball shoes. I experienced no hell slippage once I tied the laces; I was too good to go.

What Stores Sell Nike Cortez

Many Nike Cortez colorways are available in the Nike flagship store. You can also find them on Stockx, Amazon, Footlocker, etc.

Among Recent editions, Nike Cortez pink, Nike Cortez Stranger Things, Nike Cortez Union X Los Angles, Nike Cortez Blancas, and Nike Cortez Betrue are popular in 2022.

We are anticipation a more intriguing and inspirational design silhouette in 2023. Sacai, Aloe vera, Light orewood Nike Cortez, and Clot X will be upcoming models in 2023.

What Game is Best Played in Nike Cortez

It was initially perceived as a running sneaker with a thick rubber outsole. That was designed to absorb the impact of running on the road.

Now we see them very popular among other games. The Nike Cortez G golf shoes are great for playing golf.

So you can undoubtedly use them as runner, trainer and Golf shoes. Additionally, these are great alternatives for basketball shoes too.


  • Classic design
  • Appearance in many movies and shows
  • Appreciated by famous stars
  • Very durable design
  • Minimalistic style
  • Lightweight
  • Impact protection
  • Good traction
  • A sneaker that is affordable for average-income individuals and has a solid history


  • Less breathable
  • The cushion might not be too good for higher jumps


Nike Cortez has a solid fan base and is very popular after Nike decided to release its new colorways. The fit and size of the Nike Cortez are amazing for men and women. 

Nike Cortez has biting herringbone traction. Additionally, being durable, lightweight, and well-cushioned, you can play basketball in them without a shred of discomfort.

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