Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Hockey? Pros and Cons for Athletes

Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Hockey? Pros and Cons for Athletes

Hockey was historically played on natural grass. That changed to artificial grass over time. Water-based and sand-infused hockey ground surfaces provide support to improve the grip and reduce friction and impact.

But the question remains, can you use basketball shoes for hockey? Naturally, you want to try other court games when you are already a player of one. Therefore you can wear your basketball court shoes on hockey grounds if it is;

  • made up of water-resistant material
  • It’s not a heavy-weight basketball shoe like Lebrons and Li-Ning
  • Its got an excellent outsole to allow the beast level control over your speed
  • Its material, mainly the upper, is made up of durable materials, or textile upper preferably have TPU infused overlays for high-level durability

Read on because, in this article, you will know all the pros and cons of playing hockey in basketball shoes. And what the experts have opinions.

Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Hockey?

Yes, you can use basketball shoes for hockey because any court shoes are suitable for hockey. Outdoor basketball shoes that have a traditional herringbone pattern or racing tire traction pattern should be good to offer control over a fast game like hockey. Moreover, basketball shoes have another striking similarity that they are also built to provide stability on streamlined or lateral moves. But basketball shoes remain the least favorite alternative among all the sports shoes.

Hockey needs immense control over artificial grass or turf surface, so hockey shoes have cleats or mini-lug soles for better grip over turf.

But do yourself a favor and never wear running shoes for hockey. They lack any lateral stability and ankle support features. You might hurt your ankle in running shoes.

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Pros of Wearing Basketball Shoes For Hockey

A man wearing shoes playing ball hockey only legs and shoes are showing

Basketball shoes have added advantages over conventional hockey shoes. You should know the primary benefits before repurposing the basketball shoes to play hockey in them.


Re-purpose enthusiasts should rejoice at the news that if they are thinking of changing the basketball shoe into a multipurpose shoe, they can do it.

From day 1, basketball shoe manufacturers have been striving to make a grippy outsole, which they succeeded.

That’s one factor that is much needed in hockey too. The grip on the floor allows sudden stops and go. So hockey players have adequate safety to avoid accidental slippage with solid traction on the basketball shoes.


Basketball shoes are the most cushioned shoes among all sportswear. Traditional hockey shoes have a gel cushioning system that makes them lightweight. 

Although basketball shoes have a heavier bottom, and they provide top-tier cushioning. Your joints will be well protected from the impact of playing hockey and running around the hockey ground for hours.

Hence hockey players can wear basketball shoes to complement their fast pace game with ample protection and comfort.

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Support And Stability 

Basketball shoes are most equipped with ankle and tendon protection features. Even the low-top basketball shoe has a stiff heel counter and lace loops coming up to the ankle collar for maximum lockdown and ankle safety.

Basketball shoes give excellent lateral stability with a high side wall of foam coming up on the sides. So you have a low risk of tripping on quick pivots and side-to-side running.


Basketball shoes come in a snug fit to give a tight hugging feel. So you do not experience any heel slippage.

Moreover, many basketball shoes have sock liners to add another layer to the inner for other fit and lockdown. Adidas Harden Vol.7, which just dropped in on 3rd march globally, has a sock liner. 

So I hope you successfully found those redeeming qualities that shoes made for hoops have on a hockey ground, right?

Cons Of Wearing Basketball Shoes For Hockey

Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Hockey?

Nothing is perfect, so our analysis is incomplete without discussing the potential disadvantages of wearing a hoop a shoe on hockey grounds.

No Studs

Hockey shoes have rubber studs for better grip on artificial grass or turf. That is not present on the basketball shoes.

The basketball shoes would not give that elite grip while you play with them on the hockey ground.

Not Waterproof

Most hockey grounds have water-based pitches that would soak your feet in the water if you stepped on them without a waterproof pair of hockey shoes.

It is not harmful, but you won’t be comfortable playing with soggy feet.


Basketball shoes are on the bulkier side of the spectrum when you compare the weight of the basketball shoes with hockey shoes.

Although we do not have any solid evidence of whether bulkier shoes hinder a player’s speed, even then, it can be a reason if you do not like heavy sportswear.

Moreover, wearing heavier shoes might hurt your feet at the end of a game.


Hockey shoes are far cheaper than professional basketball shoes. They have associations with star NBA players. Hence you need help finding a good sneaker below 100 $.

On the other hand, hockey shoes are very cheap. You can easily find a good hockey shoe for under 100$.

Less Durable Upper

Hockey shoes have less durable uppers. They are wear-resistant as the upper has to bear the impact from fast running and lateral moves. They are mostly leather upper or textile with infused TPU to strengthen it.

The latest Basketball mesh uppers cannot withstand the pressure and will tear down soon. So upper durability is low on basketball shoes.

Expert Opinion: Does A Shoe Weight Impact The Performance

There is no solid evidence of a shoe affecting a player’s performance. It’s just a placebo effect if one thinks that a lightweight shoe in the game will improve the speed and cause less fatigue.

Chris from Weartester

Having said that, basketball shoes are heavier, but it does not affect a player’s performance and agility. So you can wear basketball shoes as alternatives. 

But if you want to play a professional-level game, just buy yourself good hockey shoes. Because they will be better in terms of performance and are also very budget friendly.


Alternative sports shoes can never replace a dedicated shoe for a specific game. However, if you want to try a new game and do not want to buy field hockey shoes immediately, it’s a good idea to wear basketball shoes for a few days.

However, you cannot replace hockey shoes with basketball shoes forever. Because, firstly, basketball shoes come with hefty price tags, and secondly, their upper cant withstand the high pressure exerted on the upper. It will tear apart very soon.

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