Can You Wear Basketball Shoes Outside Or Outdoors?

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes Outside

You have got a nice pair of basketball shoes and you want to know if you can wear your basketball shoes outside or outdoors? First, you are not the only one who has this question, most people face this question when they first buy basketball shoes.

I know this because I have been into basketball games for 15 years and I daily get this question from the youth I coach. Over the years, I have tried almost all popular basketball shoe brands and used my basketball shoes indoors, off-court, and outdoors. 

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes Outside?

Yes, you can wear your basketball shoes outside, basketball shoes are very fashionable and comfortable, people love to wear them outside. But you should not use your indoor basketball shoes for outdoor courts or activities such as trekking, hiking, and camping because most basketball shoes are designed for indoor conditions and they quickly fall apart if you wear them outside. 

Can You Wear Indoor Basketball Shoes Outside?

No, you cannot wear indoor basketball shoes outside because your shoes will quickly wear and tear, lose color and fall apart within 1 or 2 months on outdoor courts. Indoor court conditions are drastically different from outdoors. Indoor courts are made of hardwood and outdoor courts are made of asphalt. Indoor basketball shoes quickly wear and tear on outdoor courts. An indoor basketball shoe will last 1 or 2 months only. 

Is It OK to Wear Basketball Shoes Casually?

Yes, it is perfectly okay to wear your basketball shoes off the court for casual day-to-day use.  They are very popular and have become a fashion statement, especially signature shoes like Air Jordan, you can wear them to classrooms, for track, road, and gym. 

What Happens If You Wear Your Basketball Shoes Outside?

If you wear your indoor basketball shoes on outdoor courts, your shoes shine, and their shape will quickly go down. This is because indoor basketball courts are made of hardwood which is not as abrasive and damaging as outdoor asphalt or concrete courts. The indoor basketball shoes have soft rubber material insoles which are not suitable for outdoor conditions. As a result, the lifespan of your shoe will go down. You might have to replace your shoes every month or two. 

How Long Basketball Shoes Last Outdoor?

An indoor basketball will last only 1 or 2 months depending upon the condition of the outdoor court and your playing style. While the outdoor basketball shoes can last 6 months to a year. Because outdoor courts are made of asphalt or concrete which are very abrasive materials. As a result, the shoe soles quickly wear down and the shoe loses color within a few months. 

Anatomy of a Good Outdoor Shoes?

First, we need to understand what makes good outdoor shoes? Once we understand the anatomy of a good outdoor shoe, we will be in a better position to compare and decide why we should or should not use basketball shoes outside. 


Since outdoor courts are made of asphalt or concrete which is very rough and rugged, thus cause more wear and tear than hardwood indoor courts.  Similarly, outdoor activities like trail running involve the rough and tough conditions of the outdoors. That’s why outdoor shoes are designed with really durable material. The upper material, outsole, and tread need to be tough and resilient. 

Outsole Material

For outdoor basketball courts and activities such as trail walking, you should get a shoe with a thick, flexible, and durable rubber outsole. Such outsoles not only last longer but are more comfortable. Sadly, most indoor basketball has a soft rubber outsole for grip which wears down quickly on outdoor courts. 

Traction & Tread

The herringbone tread pattern is almost a standard for basketball shoes to support the quick movement. And most indoor shoes have deeper treads for better grip which again is fine for some outdoor terrain for outdoor use. You need deeper and wider lugs for outdoor activities. 

Outdoor shoes should be slip-resistant because outdoor courts are wet and dusty. This makes outdoor courts slippery and basketball moves such as shooting and dribbling become harder. All the good outdoor shoes should be slip-resistant. So an outdoor shoe should have better traction and better grip.

Extra interior cushioning

Shoes have different levels of cushioning from bare level to maximum.  For outdoor courts or outdoor activities, you need better cushioning than indoors because less cushion will hurt you playing on asphalt courts and hard outdoor trails. Most indoor basketball shoes have minimal to moderate cushioning, therefore they are not suitable for outdoor activities. 

Support & fit

Since basketball involves quick movement, turns, and stops, it is vital to have sound ankle support and close-fit to avoid injury. 


I can’t stress more the significance of a comfortable shoe whether indoor or outdoor. Your whole game experience and adventures can become miserable due to an uncomfortable shoe. And when it comes to comfort, basketball shoes nail it.  


Good outdoor shoes are breathable to keep your feet dry, temperature normal, and shoes comfortable. Thanks to their breathable fabric and perforated mesh design which makes the circulation of air possible and the shoes don’t get heated. Likewise, basketball shoes are also very breathable to keep the feets dry during this fast-paced sport. 


When it comes to the weight of shoes, you have to find a balance. Though Lightweight shoes are preferable for outdoor activities like hiking because the extra weight of shoes feels like pounding on uneven rocky terrain. Trust me wearing heavy shoes is the last thing you would want while carrying a backpack on your shoulders. 


Last but not the least, you should consider the price of the shoes. Since the lifespan of shoes considerably decreases outdoors, you need to find affordable shoes that you can replace every few months. 

What Basketball Shoes Can Be Used Outside?

Any basketball shoes that fulfill our 10-factor criteria laid above, will be a great outdoor shoe. We have produced a thorough guide of all-time best outdoor basketball shoes for you that have everything that makes them perfect for the outdoors. 

Our Top 10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

1-Nike’s KD 15 (Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Nike)



4-New Balance Kawhi 2  (Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes High-Top)

5-361 Aron Gordon zen 3 (Best Value Outdoor Basketball shoes)

6-Puma MB 01 (Best outdoor basketball shoes budget)

7- Nike Renew Elevate 3 (Best outdoor Basketball Shoes Cheap)

8-ADIDAS Trae Young 1 (Best Outdoor Basketball Gym Shoes)

9-Nike Giannini’s immortality (Most Durable Outdoor Basketball Shoes Nike)

10-Under Armour Curry Flow 9 (Best Under Armour Outdoor Basketball Shoes)


You can wear your basketball shoes outside for day-to-day casual use, but you can’t wear them for heavy outdoor use. Indoor conditions are drastically different from outdoors. Basketball shoes are designed for indoors, their lifespan decreases considerably when you wear them on harsh outdoor courts and rugged trails.

So, if you don’t want to purchase shoes every few months, it is best to wear basketball shoes indoors. But certain basketball shoes are suitable for outdoor conditions as well. If you have to use basketball shoes outdoors, it is best to get basketball shoes that are designed for outdoor use.  Hope this article answers your question about can you wear basketball shoes outside or not?


Can basketball shoes be used as sneakers?

Yes, basketball shoes can be used as sneakers. They have become the most sought-after sneakers in recent years, especially signature shoes like Air Jordan and others. For instance, Air Jordan 5 Green Bean has been termed the best sneaker of 2022 by many experts.  

Can you wear basketball shoes even if you don’t play basketball?

Yes, you can wear basketball shoes even if you have never played basketball. Basketball shoes are not just athletic shoes anymore but the ultimate fashion statement in footwear. They have become the most sought-after sneakers in recent years due to their aesthetics and comfort. 

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