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Our Verdict:

Best for shoe guards

The Converse shoes have a very solid fan base. The perfect balance of responsiveness and court feel is what makes it the best basketball shoe for explosive guards. It is super minimal and low to the ground. The grippy traction and reliable support will keep up with your energetic moves. the thick and durable outsole is great for outdoor use. Fit is a bit of an issue in converse all-star bb shift. But For the price tag, of 90$ it’s a great package.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 380g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Custom Lacing | Midsole: Zoom + Phylon | Material: Leno-Weave


  • Reliable traction
  • Lateral stability
  • Zoom air cushioning on the forefoot
  • Solid court feel
  • Durable material
  • Very low to the ground
  • A mix of old and new basketball technology
  • Breathability


  • Insufficient cushion in the heel
  • Narrow fit

Detailed Converse All-Star BB Shift Review

Converse All-Star BB Shift is from the line of All-Star shoes by converse. The very first Chuck Tayler All-Star was designed in 1917 as a slip_free basketball shoe.

Now the basketball shoe industry is incredibly revolutionized. Basketball shoes are not only limited to basketball players.

They have become a fashion statement, adapted by many artists, rebels, and thinkers.

Converse All-Star BB Shift is the winter 2022 release. Its retail is limited to one pair per customer on its official webpage. 

We have tested it for incredible control and sudden stops, it was amazing. 

We suggest that It is great for pointless players who want multidirectional traction in their basketball sneakers. 

All-Star BB shift is great in design, Support, and traction. What’s more? Read the 10 shoe features that show its performance on the court.

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1. Traction:

Converse All-Star BB shift basketball shoes have a radial pattern on their outsole. The radial pattern on the outsole of basketball shoes was introduced in the 1980s. The material is solid rubber. 

Rubber grooves are sufficiently spaced.

Radial pattern and rubber stuff are a great combination for reliable traction on outdoor and indoor courts.

However, with these new Converse BB Shifts, the indoor traction pattern is very reliable and squeaky. It is excellent for making stops at a millisecond’s notice.

For the rapid and front-to-back movements, it’s going to work amazingly. 

On the outdoor basketball courts, it picks up dust but it is very easy to wipe. 

Reviewers said that it’s one of the top 3 tractions right now in the basketball shoe industry. 

2. Cushion: 

The Converse All-Star BB Shift has a full-length Zoom unit in the forefoot area. The same Zoom cushion is applied in many Nike shoes for its responsiveness and comfort.

The heel area has a full-length phylon unit. The foam comes up to the outside area of the heel and covers it nicely.

It’s not that react cushioning is very bouncy and jump-pro. It feels very low to the ground and responsive. 

This cushioning is not suitable for players with ankle problems and plantar fasciitis.

And not for centers or small forwards, who make high jumps. This setup is liked by guards and versatile players for its minimal cushion.

A lightweight cushion setup is very helpful for quick movements. overall it’s very comfortable.

3. Material: 

Converse BB Shift uses upper textile materials. That is a very tightly knit mesh. This reminiscent upper material is super light in weight.

The side areas have Leno weave mesh panels.  The back of the shoe is made of synthetic leather. 

The shoe material is not very flexible. As we said it is a lightweight and close-knit leno weave. The tongue area is made up of a wide hoes mesh. 

So tongue looks pretty much ventilated. (For additional information on this check breathability).

The Toebox has fused overlays for extra support and durability.

Step in comfort is nice. You will have almost no break in time in Converse All-Star BB Shift.

4. Support: 

Converse BB Shift has an internal heel counter. Which gives stiffness to the heel. 

The shoe bed has a torsional plate that gives it a nice torsional rigidity to the shoes. 

The forefoot area has a TPU plate on its side for lateral containment.

It wraps up the shoe perfectly and gives it great lateral support and stability.

The shoe is very supportive of making lateral movements. 

The shoe is curved in the midfoot and it also has an insole for comfort. This shape of the pro-BB Shift is great for the low arch players as it deliver maximum comfort to the arch muscles.

5. Fit: 

The Converse All-Star BB Shift fits true to size. It can be snug on the pinky toe. If you have very wide you must go a half size up.

The narrow area on the midfoot is snug. It supports your arch perfectly

Lacing in Converse All-Star BB Shift has lace loops on the medial sides of the shoe upper material. So when you pull laces up passing from the lace-loops, they hug perfectly to your feet.

This lacing system gives great fit and lockdown.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways: 

The Converse All-Star BB Shift has many colors on top of its – colorways. This represents all the NBA team’s colors. One pair has unmatched color on both shoes. 

There are many aesthetic colorways available for the All-Star BB shift including BB Evo, 75th Anniversary, Chuck Taylor, and Star Pro.

The shoe design is more modern than the converse traditional design approach.

7. Outdoor/Durability: 

Converse All-Star BB Shift has some very durable rubber outsole with nice spacing around each panel. 

The upper material also looks durable as it is a close-knit textile with leno-weave side patches. 

On the durability ground, these converse shoes will be great.

Converse All-Star BB Shift has very reliable and multidirectional traction. 

It is designed to start and stop at a moment’s notice,” Converse says.

The outsole picks up minimum dust but it’s easy to wipe off. So the traction is great on outdoors as well as indoors.

8. Breathability/Ventilation: 

Converse BB Shift material is very lightweight and breathable. leno-weave patches that are on the side of the shoe, are not see-through, like leno-weave patches in Air Jordan XXXlV.

But these ensure air circulation in the foot area.

Tongue material is also breathable with wide holes in mesh material for sufficient air circulation.

These unisex shoes are suitable to wear in all weather.

9. User Review:

The converse brand has a unique fan base. As they are a subsidiary of Nike, so they are implying similar tech features as Nike. 

This Converse BB Shift has positive customer feedback. Although its details, features, and performance are great on the court. 

The stylish design and unisex make are very much appreciated. But it remains one of the rare shoes on converse’s official page. we have dropped a few links above, so search for your favorite converse sneaker from those websites. Though you can buy it from other stores.  It has got a 5 out of 5 from the users.

10. Expert Review

Snkr Tech Talk

“Shoe has outperformed its price tag, it’s very much like Kobe and kyrie. With the great support, cushion, and great support, it’s overall a great package. I think converse has done a very good job of building this shoe”


“Converse BB Shift is very minimal, it’s not too wide. But as it’s a low-profile shoe so stability is great, traction is also best. Impact protection is not good. it gives a one-to-one fit. Also no heel slippage.”

Tommy Liu

“ Converse All-Star BB Shift is really a good performer and affordable shoe. It’s breathable, and traction is great indoors. Court feel reminds me of Kobe 5. If you are looking for a Low-top sneaker, this is the one that I really want you to try.”

BBallShoes Reddit

For many reviewers, Converse BB Shift brings to mind earlier minimal Kobe-style sneakers, whether in appearance or performance. The midsole with a forefoot zoom turbo unit sits close to the ground and provides an exemplary court feel as well as heel-to-toe transition. Structurally the shoe support mostly comes from a TPU piece that cages up the forefoot. Players who need more cushioning and support might need to look elsewhere.”

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