Do Basketball Shoes make you Taller? (Expert Answers)

Do Basketball shoes make you taller

While searching for all the possible hacks for increasing your height, you come across the idea of getting basketball shoes which help in increasing your height. It sounds too good to be true right? So, you start searching “Do basketball shoes make you taller”?

Yes, they sure do. Now, this fact opens up a new Pandora’s box of questions like how much more than other sneakers? And can these height-altering shoes affect our performance? which basketball shoes are the best for this purpose? and much more.

As a passionate basketball player for 15 years and now a basketball youth coach, I can confidently answer this question related to basketball (height-wise) and share my few cents on what I learned throughout my journey to becoming a basketball pro.

Let us begin by answering the most common question.

How many inches do basketball shoes add?

Most basketball shoes add between 0.5 and 2 inches to your height depending on the shoe. This increase doesn’t seem like much, but it is a very important way to balance height and performance. It turns out, that basketball shoes can make you an extra one to two inches taller. Typically, the heel adds more height than the front of a basketball shoe.

How much height do normal sneakers add?

So, the normal sneakers or any type of shoes, add about 0.5 to 1 inch to your height unless they have a plain flat heel. Basketball shoes on the other hand add from 1- 3 inches of height depending on their midsole and heel of course.

Positive & negative aspects of wearing height-altering basketball shoes?

Some folks might like the type of shoes that make you taller, while others might feel uncomfortable and off-balance. Let’s throw some light on the pros and cons of wearing height-altering shoes for the basketball games.

More Impact Protection, Comfort, & Bounce

On the plus side, shoes that are taller can give you more bounce and less pain when you fall. Also, because the midsoles of more high-heeled shoes are thicker, they can help cushion your feet and lessen the impact of jumping and landing.

Athletes want as much safety as they can get their hands on in order to maintain their health and perform to the best of their abilities. Thus, this is an important consideration for them.

Most people who land hard on their feet get ankle injuries, knee sprains, or Achilles tendonitis. Players can be out of action for weeks and even months because of these injuries, so it’s important to take steps to prevent them.

Wearing shoes with a relatively thick midsole can help cushion the feet and minimize the effect of these landings.

When the central part of your shoe is thicker, it feels like you’re walking on air. Extra bounce and padding make you feel like you’re floating, which is comforting and reassuring.

More Cushion Means Less Court Feel & Responsiveness

You need to get a feel for the court when you play ball. That’s why I’m not a fan of basketball shoes with a thick midsole. They reduce court feel and reactivity, limiting your speed.

They also don’t give back a lot of energy, which is important for fast basketball players. When you take action, you want that momentum to carry you ahead.

Not always but some thick midsole shoes, Instead of sending the force back to you, the cushion spreads it out over the ground.

As it provides the finest court feel and responsiveness, I always choose a shoe that has a thinner midsole. In turn, this allows me to move about more quickly and precisely.

In addition, the increased energy return enables me to leap higher and move quicker

Lack of stability and balance

Higher-heeled footwear has the disadvantage of making you appear out of proportion. They may make it more challenging to walk and more difficult to manoeuvre around in their surroundings.

On the other hand, more high-heeled shoes can be hard to get used to if you don’t wear them often.

My few cents on this:

Overall, I think the pros of shoes that make you taller outweigh the cons. I feel a lot more confident on the court because they have more bounce and protection.

Does height matter in the game of basketball?

Hell yeah! Being tall is advantageous to your development as a basketball player for a number of different reasons. First, a longer reach makes getting the basketball over blockers simpler. When sprinting from one side of the court to the other, it is advantageous to have longer legs because this results in long strides. If you are taller, you have an edge when it comes to dunking since you don’t have to travel as far through the air to make it to the rim.

No other sport places as much attention on height as the NBA. It’s almost impossible to get drafted as a professional basketball player if you’re just 5’3 and have spent your entire life honing your skills in dribbling, passing, and shooting the ball.

.A man who is 6 feet 8 inches tall, on the other hand, does not need to play basketball and can have very little skill. They’ll still have offers from scouts and agents. Because whereas a 6’8 guy can be trained to become a competent basketball player, a 5’3 guy cannot be trained to become a 6’8 player.

Take practically every NBA player and reduce their height by a foot. They will no longer be considered for NCAA or international play. Due to the fact that their basketball talents are above ordinary but rarely excellent, their height carries the majority of them. This is why many tall NBA players are awful at free shots.

What basketball shoes give the most height?

If you are looking for some of the best basketball shoes that’ll add height to your stature and control to your moves, then here are some of my favourite picks

List of Basketball shoes that make you taller:

Air Jordan

The 34th Air Jordan, one of the most incredible releases, is back in all of its magnificence. This is not the highest of the five shoes, but it is noticeably higher than a regular or lower profile shoe.

I’ve ranked these first because of their incredible adaptability and all-around performance. I never felt unstable or unsafe when I was wearing these. Even on the most slippery of surfaces, the Zoom Air cushioning system provides excellent traction and responsiveness.

The AJ 34 can handle forward or guard, lesser or higher loads for $175.

All while maintaining a considerable height above the ground and providing you with additional height.

Lebron 17

The height of the shoe’s midsole is visible in the LeBron 17. These have Zoom Air and Max Air cushioning in the forefoot and heel, as well as a sturdy midsole. Your foot does not sit exactly under the midsole but rather on top of the big Zoom Air and Max Air units, causing you to lift higher off the ground than usual.

These increase your height by around 1.5 inches.

Also, It’s impossible for me to gloss over the fact that these are also reliable and offer a lot of assistance. LeBron’s kicks are usually tanks, as the guy himself needs as much security as possible.

If you can afford to spend $200 at retail, you’ll be in for a wild ride with wicked all-around performance. If you’re a guard playing below the rim, these aren’t your best options.

Nike KD 13

The KD 13 is the most adaptable and well-balanced sneaker on the entire list. It is the latest sneaker from the Durantula and ranks second. You will receive great performance, are stable, have maximum security, and are high up. 

Full-length Zoom Air makes the shoe’s midsole exceptional. Your foot is just beneath it, together with a forefoot Zoom unit. Amazing.

Although these aren’t among the top 3 designs in the support area, I personally felt confident and controlled while playing in my natural style.

It’s not the best choice for athletes that weigh a lot, especially true centres; however, it’s more than adequate for the majority.


How much taller do Lebron 17 make you?

The LeBron 17 shoes have a heel height of 1.190 inches (30.22 mm). They add 0.926.5 millimetres to the forefoot (23.53 mm). People seeking a taller sneaker may want to consider purchasing the Lebron 17s because they are known for having a higher midsole than most shoes.

How many inches do Nike basketball shoes add?

Nike provides a variety of sneakers that add 1 or 2 inches to your height, making you appear taller. And you’ll be comfy and supported while wearing fashionable shoes.

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