How To Block Basketball Shots?: Secrets to Block Like a Pro

How To Block Basketball Shots?

How To Block Basketball Shots? In basketball, the team with the most scores and points carries the day. Learning to block your opponent and making sure your team has the upper hand before the final buzzer is a critical skill. However, every basketball player avoids receiving a foul, which could mean handing the ball to the opponent.

Due to the game’s fast pace, players often find themselves in this situation. The ability to guard a shooter without receiving a foul requires keen defense with the ability to predict the opponent’s next move. 

Successfully blocking shots gives your team a psychological advantage because it lowers the opponent’s confidence. With reduced scoring abilities, you’ll not be surprised that the match’s outcome will be in your favor because of your defense. Here are some blocking styles you need to know.

How to Block a Jump Shot

How To Block Basketball Shots?

Jump shots are common in basketball, and you should master how to block them. Timing is key! To block a jump shot, the player has to jump higher than the scorer to get in the way and block a jump shot. 

To jump so high and land safely, you must practice jumping off quickly and balancing your center of gravity. Your opponent might trick you into jumping by faking a shooting, only to find a way around you, move, find a better spot, and score.

With time, you’ll learn how to anticipate an oncoming scoring attempt and predict your opponent’s next move. One way of mastering the skill is by observing your opponent’s feet without taking your eyes off the ball for long. 

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How to Block a Slam Dunk

How To Block Basketball Shots?

Blocking a slam dunk is very risky. Getting a clean block is difficult, and failing to block a slam dunk might also earn you a foul. Talk about double tragedy!

To successfully block a slam dunk, jump straight up. Charging ahead to swat the ball off the opponent’s hand should only be done if you are confident enough. If you’re not, jump straight and get in the way of your opponent to make them take a low-percentage shot.

Slam dunks are considered high percentage shots or “sure thing” and are most likely to go through the net, compared to free throw line shots. A free throw is what your opponent may earn if a foul is called for when you attempt to block a slam dunk. 

How to Block a Fadeaway

How To Block Basketball Shots?

One of the trickiest plays on the basketball court is blocking a fadeaway shot. The reason why it’s hard is that the shooter jumps backwards before unleashing the ball towards the hoop, and the defender finds it difficult to swat the ball away. To block a fadeaway shot, jump straight up with your hands, aiming for the ball. 

Doing so will block the opponent from charging past you if he decides to fake a shot and find a better spot. It will also be unlikely for the referee to call for a foul against you. However, flailing your arms to block a fadeaway means you risk earning a foul.

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