How to Break in Basketball Shoes Quickly? 8+ Powerful Methods   

How to Break in Basketball Shoes

Do you want to know how to break in basketball shoes quickly, overnight and without wearing them? Stick to this article to know 8+ powerful methods to break in your basketball shoes.

You have bought a new pair of basketball shoes for the next match,  but as soon as you wear them you feel the new shoes are too tight all-around your toes, they scrape against the heel and even pinch your feet with every step you take.

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Today, we will reveal some secret methods to break in your shoes without wearing them because new shoes can cause blisters and abrasions during the break-in process when the shoe scrapes against a person’s feet and causes them to become used to the shoe.

So without wasting your time, let’s Break-in!

Oops, before we break in, we should break the myth that you can’t loosen up a pair of basketball shoes.

Do basketball shoes loosen up?

Yes absolutely. Like every other shoe, Basketball shoes also loosen up as you use them. The more you wear your basketball sneakers, the more flexible they become. If you got a new pair of basketball shoes, it would take between five and ten usage sessions before they can properly loosen up and get easier for you to break in.

However, you should check to see if they are your size before purchasing, and you must not use them in a game until your feet have been conditioned to their shape; otherwise, you can get some serious blisters.

Now let’s get you ready to Break in your Basketball shoes.

8+ Powerful Techniques to Break in Your BasketBall shoes

Even though this article tends to specify basketball shoes, all of these techniques work more than fine for every type of shoe out there.   Some of them can relate more to Basketball shoes, but that shouldn’t stop you from choosing what works best for you.

If you are someone who needs to break into their shoes overnight, then read closely because this method is just for you.

1- How to Break in basketball shoes overnight?

How to Break in Basketball Shoes with hair dryer heating method.

Heat softens and opens the pores of the leather, allowing it to stretch.   You can use this trick to break into your basketball shoes overnight.

Here are some steps you’ll need to follow

  •   Turn on a hairdryer and direct it towards the shoes making sure the heat spreads while evenly heating it.
  •   After a minute or two, turn off the hairdryer and make sure the shoes’ leather is soft and warm.
  •   Wear thick socks to protect your feet from the heat.  
  •   Then wear your shoes and walk for some time.
  •   When your shoes are back to normal temperature, repeat this process until you get a nice and comfy fit.

P.S You can also throw your shoes in the dryer to warm them but make sure not to throw them in the over.   We want to break into them, not cook them.   Excessive heat can also change the shoe’s structures.

So, you want to break into your shoes without wearing them.   The following trick is just right for you.

2-Layer upon the Socks:

Layer with an extra one to two socks in the initial stages of breaking in your basketball shoes.   This will make your shoes feel tighter, but it will help the shoes stretch out faster.   The additional layers will also offer you the necessary comfort to wear tight shoes at first and help avoid getting rashes and blisters.

While you are implementing this trick, I would not recommend playing a game because it can be uncomfortable, which will distract you from your game.

How to break in basketball shoes without wearing them?

So, guess what? There is a lot for you to try out in this section.

3-Keep a Peeled Potato in them:

How to Break in Basketball Shoes with peeled potato

Here is a weird one, but trust me, it works wonders.   You can try placing a peeled potato in your basketball shoe’s soles.   Leave them overnight to let the magic happen.   You’ll feel a noticeable difference in the comfort level of your shoes the next morning.

P.S Before putting the potatoes in your shoes, make sure you wrap them in the plastic bag; otherwise, your shoes will start to smell.

4-Break-in with ice:

How to Break in Basketball Shoes with ice

 If the size of the shoe is not a problem, but you have a wide foot, then this method to break in your new basketball shoes is for you.

Break in with ice!

Not to take it as literal, but you can break in your basketball shoes with ice.   Here is how.

1.      Get two zip lock bags and fill them halfway with water.

2.      Place these bags inside your shoes inside a freezer.

3.      Then wait for it to freeze.

4.      This will definitely stretch out your shoes; hence it’ll be easier for you to break in.

5-The Towel Trick

You can use face towels to break in your basketball shoes. All you need to do is to stuff a damp towel into basketball shoes and leave it for a night in the freezer. Make sure that the towels are pressed against the shoes’ insoles real nice.  This method will help you a lot for breaking in your new basketball shoes overnight without even wearing them. I bet you will feel the difference the next day.

6-Using a shoe stretcher

It’s not like all of the mentioned methods don’t work but investing in a good shoe stretcher is always a good idea.   It can save you a lot of time.   It’s an excellent investment for your shoes breaking in problem.

If you have specific areas that need to be nudged out (for example, to stop rubbing on a heel), most stretchers include little plugs that you can put into the stretcher to provide you extra room on the right.

 If you don’t have a shoe stretcher and have plenty of time on your hands, you can try the following tips to break into your basketball shoes at home.

7-Do a Pre break-in:

It’s not suggested to wear your new shoes right on the game night.   It can open a can of some serious blisters.  What you can do is wear them before the game.  

For instance, start with introducing your shoes to your feet for just 10 minutes.

Then walk around the house and do some chores while wearing these shoes for 20 minutes.

By now, you’ll notice a clear difference in the comfort level of your shoes.

Just as a cherry on top, wear your basketball shoes to the pre-game to completely break-in.

8-Jog in it

Cover your feet with at least two layers of socks.   They go for a light jog for not more than 30 minutes.   By the time you get home, you will be all good to your feet.   I suggested layers up on socks because it will prevent blisters at all costs.

How do NBA players break into their shoes?

The National Basketball players get their shoes customized to their feet, size, and shapes, given that they are pros.   So, they don’t need to break in their shows.   They get their shoes customized by the company they are signed with.

The bottom line

Consider high-top basketball shoes if you require greater stability and ankle support.   Mid-top basketball shoes are a good option if you want some mobility without sacrificing ankle support.   Finally, if you are a faster player who does not demand much ankle support, you can buy low-top basketball shoes.

Basketball shoes made of a knit material, such as prime knit or Flyknit, tend to adapt to your foot shape.   Avoid shoes that are covered with mesh or adhesive since it is what is causing the stiffness you are feeling; however, they do tend to break in overtime.

Breaking in new basketball shoes requires some time and effort, but they will fit you like a glove once you are done with them. I have mentioned every working method to help you break into your basketball shoes.

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