How To Make Big Basketball Shoes Fit? 5 Tips And Tricks

How To Make Big Basketball Shoes Fit? 5 Tips And Tricks

Have you got basketball shoes that are too big for your size?

You need a specific pair of basketball shoes that should fit in all the places so you don’t encounter any injuries while staying comfortable and energetic in the game.

Basketball shoes should be snug and cozy, especially around the midsoles, ankles, and heel area. 

But what if your basketball shoes are too big? In this article, you will learn about the following:

  • How to make big basketball shoes fit?
  • Why is it important to have a proper fit for your basketball shoes?

How to Make Big Basketball Shoes Fit?

Are you wondering how to fit into basketball shoes that are too big? It can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have access to the right equipment.

Fortunately, you can use some simple tricks and tips to ensure your basketball shoes fit just right.

When shopping for basketball shoes, it is always best to try them on in the store; however, if you have already bought a pair that is too big, you can still make them fit

Here some tips you can use to fit in

1. Use thick socks 

how to make big basketball shoes fit

You’ve probably heard of grip socks, typically worn while walking on tile or wooden floors or participating in various workout classes. You may not have considered wearing these grip socks inside your big shoes.

The grips that keep you from slipping on tile floors may also prevent your feet from slipping inside your big shoes. 

Moreover, these grip socks are a good option for those who do not want to wear multiple layers of socks or who wear their shoes in the summer. 

Wearing a pair of thick socks helps fill in the extra space in the shoe. This will help keep your feet securely in place and make it easier for you to move around quickly.

Thick socks serve two important functions. First, they protect your feet from blisters and provide additional stability. By stretching the various materials, they help in breaking in your new basketball shoes.

Wear two pairs of regular socks if you don’t have thick socks.

Notes: This can be an uncomfortable option in hot weather, especially if you have sweaty feet.

2. Use shoe inserts

how to make big basketball shoes fit

When your shoes are too big, one of the most popular solutions is to use shoe inserts. These shoe inserts not only take up extra space inside your shoes, but they also provide some support for your feet.

Remember that these extra insoles are not a long-term solution and must be replaced sooner or later. 

If durability is your goal, you can use any shoe insert except latex foam or gel insoles. This is because they are easily damaged if used frequently. 

Of course, these materials are extremely comfortable, making them ideal for when your feet are in pain or discomfort.

However, cushioning or padding between your underfoot and the shoe is unlikely once the inner material deteriorates.

We recommend that you use Poron inserts. This material is far more durable than latex foam or gel. Also, it is commonly used in orthotics so you can expect maximum comfort and durability. 

The best part about this solution is that because you’re using extra insoles, you can use them in any pair of shoes.

Therefore, shoe inserts are an excellent way to improve the fit of your shoes. Shoe inserts are available at the majority of sporting goods stores.

Also, moving around in the shoes will be much easier once the inserts are in place.

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 3. Lacing

how to make big basketball shoes fit

Lacing is very important for shoes, whether they fit big or small. The comfort of the lacing has a lot to do with that if your shoes are too big.

Two things we recommend you do:

Lace the shoes tighter. You can lose your shoes in the middle, down towards the bottom, and in the middle, we suggest that you lace them tighter and then have the free-up top.

The whole lacing technique for shoes that fit too big is to go down a size in the lace. This will allow you to lace them tighter to the top and not look weird.

You won’t have those extra laces hanging over those like bunny ear laces.

If you go down one size in the laces, this will allow you to lace them up to the top and still have this hanging over when you’re tightening them because it will look weird if your shoes are all the way tightened up to the top. 

And then you have a whole bunch of lace left over that will give off an uncomfortable vibe and not something convenient.

4. Tighten With Elastic Bands/Sewing

how to make big basketball shoes fit

Anyone with basic sewing skills will benefit greatly from this method. There is no need to prepare a whole lot of items. 

All you have to do is sew strong elastic bands to the inside of the back of your shoes. By doing so, you draw the materials together, making them tighter. 

To begin, secure the band in place with safety pins while stretching the band to keep it tight. 

You can now begin sewing everything into place. When you’re finished, remove all safety pins from the shoes.

When the stretchy bands are in place, they will return to their original shape while pulling the shoe’s material together.

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5. Practice Drills in Your New Shoes

how to make big basketball shoes fit

You should practice a few basketball drills on your own before wearing your new basketball shoes to practice. 

It’s okay to jog in brand-new shoes, but you should practice some game moves, like making quick cuts to the basket or jumping into the air to block a shot.

Why Is Fit Important?

Your basketball shoes are your only real personal gear, so they must fit properly. Finding a sneaker that fits perfectly will give you the confidence to play without fear. 

Let’s look at some of the main reasons you should ensure the ones you choose fit properly.


Make sure your basketball sneakers are comfortable because you’ll be wearing them for at least a few hours during practice or a game.

Playing in shoes that hurt your feet is difficult and not very enjoyable. When all you can think about is your tired, aching dogs, it isn’t easy to concentrate on the game.


Support is more important than comfort. Without it, you risk injury or long-term damage to your feet and ankles, which could keep you off the court. 

A properly fitting shoe will provide the necessary support while protecting your feet, ankles, and lower leg area.


The majority of us want to be the best players we can be. We seek out any advantage we can find and profit from it. 

Finding the right shoe for your body and game is an important part of the equation. A well-fitting shoe will allow you to run, cut, jump, and stop to your full potential.


By following the simple tips given above, you can fit in basketball shoes that are too big. Just remember to take your time and ensure you are comfortable in your shoes before you start playing. 

With some effort, you can easily ensure that your basketball shoes fit just right.

We hope this article helped you with how to make big basketball shoes fit.


How should basketball shoes fit?

During a basketball game, your feet should not have any room between the shoe and your shoe. From toe to heel, the shoe’s width should be the same; otherwise, wearing them on the court may be uncomfortable and unstable.

Is it OK for basketball shoes to be a little big? 

Always choose a basketball shoe that fits properly. Too big-shoes will rub against the feet, causing friction and blisters, as well as foot corn.10 

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