How to Tie Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

How to Tie Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Trust me, you don’t want a slippery heel cup when you try on a new shoe. I learned a few tricks to tighten the lace loops around the ankle collar for better lockdown and ankle support.

These shoe-lacing methods not only helped me have my feet in a perfect position but also freed me of the annoying process of tying my shoes every few minutes. So learn the methods “How to Tie Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

  • Spare yourself from ankle pain from bending the ankles in an uneven position, as tying the laces properly will restrict ankle movements.
  • If you appreciate a cleaner look and tightness
  • If you want outstanding stability over the basketball court
  • Prevent blister formation on the heels
  • Blackened toenails 

Read on because, in this blog, I will tell you How to Tie Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support. Easy peasy and simpler yet effective to prevent you from severe injuries.

How To Tie Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support?

Most basketball players make an extra eyelet by poking a hole around the ankle of their low-top shoe. This way, they pass the lace loops as a stitch through those holes and tie knots. It will fix the ankles more securely in their place. Remember to keep the foot at the right angle i.e, 90 degrees to the leg, to tie more effectively.

The right way to tie basketball shoes can give you plenty of comfort during long game hours. That said, high-top shoes are better for ankle support. 

But as the players perceive that low-cut basketball shoes are far superior in enabling them to have freer movements. 

3 Ways to Tie The Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support and Flat Feet/ High Arch

There are experts and traditional ways to tie knots. But here, I will elaborate on 3 ways to lace up the basketball shoes that will secure the ankles. 

No fancy tieing, just to-the-point ways to secure ankles. Moreover, it will prevent ankle pain by keeping them tight and stable.

1. Ankle Securing Method For Flat Feet Or To Prevent Ankle Pain

How to Tie Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

It’s the basic technique that you can follow using any lacing method. For example, follow the Criss-cross or Ladder or Lydiard lacing method. But leave the last two lace loops.

  1. Pull the lace string out from both the left and right lace loops when you reach the second last lace loop. It’s good if your basketball shoe has a hole in the ankle collar. 
  1. If there is no hole, then make one. Now pass the left lace from outside into the last lace loop, and pull it from inside.
  2. Now pass the right lace coming out from the second last lace loop from the last one and pull it from inside.
  1. Both of the lace loops are on the inward side. Lace has formed a stitch on the outside area between the second last and last lace loop.
  1. Lastly, pass the right laces from the outside stitch on the left side and the left from the right stitch on the outside area.
  1. Now make sure that the tongue is in the accurate place. Tie the butterfly now, just tight and easy enough to give you a secure feel.

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2. Lydiard Lacing For Cleaner Look and Secure Ankles

How to Tie Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

It’s also named as Ladder lacing system. It’s known to be a simple yet cleaner-looking lacing method. Let me walk you through it step by step.

  1. Start from the bottom lace loops, pass both strings of laces from the outside, and pull them from the inside.
  1. Make sure that the length of both the right and left strings is equal. 
  2. Take the right string and pull it from the next right lace loop. Then pass this right string from the left loop on the outside.
  1. Repeat the process with the bottom left string, i.e, pass it from the next left lace loop and pull it out. Then pass this left lace string from the right lace loop. 
  1. Repeat the process till the end of the shoe, where two ends of the shoelace meets, and tie a tight knot to give a secure fit. 

 3. Tying Basketball Shoe for High Arch With Criss-Cross Method

How to Tie Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

High-arch basketball players’ feet tend to move outward side. Traditional lacing systems can be too tight and uncomfortable for their feet. Because due to having a high arch, their feet are a little high up the footbed. 

So usual tight lacing would cause discomfort to them in a basketball court. Follow the steps for a comfortable fit and secure ankle.

  1. Pass the shoelaces from the bottom eyelets. Make sure both sides are equal in length. 
  1. Then follow the crisscross pattern, i.e, pass the left shoelace from the right eyelet and pass the right shoelace from the left eyelet.
  1. Go on making this pattern and leave the 3rd eyelet in the middle of the basketball shoe. Follow the same criss-cross leaving just one eyelet on the left and right sides to reach the end. 
  1. Now tie the double knot for a secure fit and lockdown. Tuck the laces inside the shoe.

The one lace loop left in the middle reduces the pressure on the feet and improves foot comfort around the basketball court.

How NBA Players Tie Their Shoes

How to Tie Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

NBA players tie their shoes in a regular crisscross method. Many high schools and NBA players poke an extra hole after the top lace loop to pass the laces from the shoe ankle area. Which gives them a better fit.

Others tape the ankle area for a better lockdown. Using braces on the ankles area is also very common.

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How Tightly Should I Tie My Basketball Shoe

Just tie your basketball shoes to give you an unrestrictive, snug, and secure fit on the Achilles area. It should not be so tight to block blood circulation. It will cause you pain and discomfort running down the basketball court.


It’s good to be a pro at your ball game. But never forget to pay attention to the minor details, such as basketball shoe lacing is essential for better performance. 

You need your footwear to be the most comfortable one for excellent performance. So take good 5 minutes before playing the game that have you tied the shoes properly?

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