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Our Verdict:

Best for outdoors

Jordan Luka 1 is undoubtedly the best traction shoe in the latest signature shoes. With its multidirectional traction, comfortable cushion, and supportive material, it feels amazing on the feet. It allows enormous control over your speed, hence it’s a great choice for guards and positionless players. Overall Jordan Luka 1 is a solid performer.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 420g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Formula 23+ Phylon | Material: Textile Mesh+ Flywire cable


  • Linear and multidirectional traction
  • Supportive material
  • Great impact protection
  • Highly stable sneaker
  • Superior energy return
  • Responsive Formula 23 cushion


  • Picks up dust
  • Not great for prolonged outdoor use
  • Not have a Premium look

Detailed Jordan Luka 1 Review

Jordan Luka 1 was released on the 23rd of September 2022 as the debut signature shoes of the young basketball player Luka Doncic.

He plays as a point/shooting guard for Dallas Mavericks and received his Rookie of the year award in 2019. Luka Doncic has the skillset for the offensive playoff. 

Luka 1 aligns with the playoff style of Luka Doncic featuring three innovations in design. Isolate in the midsole, sustainable Formula 23 foam, and Flywire that wraps up the upper. 

The Signature shoes Jordan Luka 1 is a perfect kick for speed and agility as these are lightweight and bouncy.

He debuted his signature shoes in Game 4 (April 25, 2022) when he returned from the injury. Check out the detail down below to explore the potential of Luka’s first signature shoe.

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1. Traction:

Traction is magical in the most anticipated debut shoes of Luka Doncic. The outsole has a translucent outsole. The linear pattern on the outsole extends from the forefoot to the heel. 

While on the ball of the foot, it changes into a somewhat multidirectional pattern. Traction pattern on Jordan Luka 1 grips the floor like crazy. You are able to make a quick change in direction and it gives you great control while you are stopping on a dime.

This traction pattern supports a nimble and more fast movement easily.

The tread pattern is so supportive to play on indoor courts. It’s not too deep and reportedly it picks up dust. You need to wipe off the translucent outsole from time to time.

Other than that, on cleaner indoor courts, the traction is excellent.

2. Cushion: 

The Jordan Luka 1 has added full-length Formula 23 cushion in the first signature basketball shoe. 

It is embedded in the phylon midsole. The cushion is responsive. However, it is not too bouncy and does not let you feel high up on the ground. You get good impact protection and court feel in the Luka 1 NBA shoes.

Formula 23 is a sustainable design innovation that has a comfortable feel and great impact protection. Overall it’s a great cushioning setup.

3. Material:

Jordan Luka 1 has a mesh upper material that is covered by a Flywire cable on the lateral side. The lateral and medial sides of the shoe have a synthetic leather material. While on the ankle part, has some fused overlays for added durability.

The great part of the material is, the flywire cable extends all the way from the top to the side of the shoe. 

So the shoe act as one unit giving you more control and stability over your movements. You are covered for the hard cuts and pivoting with this superb material.

The tongue of the shoe is padded and the ankle area also has quite a nice amount of padding. Overall the material is minimal, lightweight, and flexible.

4. Support: 

For support, the Luka 1 has an internal heel counter caging the shoe. Also, it has a lateral Isoplate in the midfoot area. That pretty much protects your feet from bending and getting injured. It provides good torsional support.

Flywire cable that extends on the lateral side from forefoot to heel and contains the feel. It keeps your feet contained in the footbed while moving forward or making high jumps. 

These are awesome hoop shoes for flat feet players and arch support. Because the shoe has a higher arch area than the heel along with the Isoplate underneath. Overall the support is great on all grounds.

5. Fit: 

Jordan Luka 1 has a slightly wider base. So a true-to-size pair would be an appropriate choice for wide, and medium feet players.

However, if you have very narrow feet, you might have a bit of dead space in the toe box. But it’s a great fit for wider feet players.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways: 

Jordan Luka 1 has revealed a number of colorways such as University Red, Neo Turquoise, Signal Blue, Quai 54, Habitat, White/Black, Racer Blue, and Brad. The design and vibrant color scheme are very cool. 

There is not much design on the shoe besides a Doncic Luka Logo on the tongue area and text on the medial side that reads“NON-DESISTAS. NON-EXIERIES”. Which translates to never surrender, never give up. 

It’s overall a nice design.

7. Outdoor/Durability: 

Jordan Luka 1 has a soft tread pattern on the outsole. That works really well on relatively hot grounds. But the narrow-spaced soft tread is likely to melt and fuse together when you use it on the outdoor courts. 

So these are great for indoors but definitely not a choice for outdoors.

The same goes for the durability of the Jordan Luka 1. The upper material is durable and tough. But the Translucent outsole is not well suited for rough outdoor courts. The tread pattern will start slipping outdoors if used for a longer duration.

8. Breathability/Ventilation:

Jordan Luka 1 has minimum upper material. But it is not too thin to allow airflow around your feet. So if your feet are sweaty feet are sweaty or you play in a very hot area. Then you might wanna explore some other hoop shoes. Because these are not very breathable.

9. User Review

Jordan Luka 1 has just dropped but it has great reviews from the basketball players. It has received a rating of 4.5/5 from users so far.

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10. Expert Review

Sole Brothers

“Overall traction is good, the material is minimal it’s a lightweight shoe. But they talked too much about Formula 23 foam but it’s not too springy. But if you have wider feet and want a responsive shoe then Luka 1 is a great option”

BBall Shoes/ Reddit

“Well balanced, reasonably affordable, a full internal bootie and a TPU caging with touted Isoplate provide strong stability, arch support, and lockdown without sacrificing nimbleness. Searchers for exclusively bouncy cushions should look elsewhere. Traction is solid but picks up dust. Players who are wary of dust should wait for a solid rubber rather than a translucent outsole.”

Evan Yee

“Jordan actually did it. A clean-looking shoe that performs well on the court and really takes in consideration everything in all the aspects of your game. Even the unathletic everyday hoopers will feel comfortable in it.”


“Luka 1 is a very stable sneaker. But I think someone that likes a very low-to-ground, responsive sneaker with good impact protection will admire it. Not looking for something that is bouncy but something that is extra supportive especially if you are someone doing sidesteps and stepback lateral movements and excellent traction.”

Foot Doctor Zach

“ If you are a player who likes really hard cuts and ankle-breaker moves, these are the best shoes of the year so far for that. for the straight-line speed, these are as good as Nike PG 6 and KD 15. Isolate right under the ball of your shoe gives you a great pivoting force”

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