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Our Verdict:

Best for ankle support & Guards

Jordan One Take 4 is an extremely lightweight shoe. The stability and support of the shoe are very reliable. Traction is above average; it’s nothing less than what a hooper should expect from a good brand shoe. The cushion and materials are average. Overall it’s a supportive shoe with a good performance profile.

Shoe Details

Release Date: jan, 2023 | Signature: Russell Westbrook | Weight: 320g | Top: LowTop | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: EVA + Zoom Air | Material: Synthetic Leather + Ripstop


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Phenomenal traction
  • Excellent stability
  • Breathable Ripstop upper
  • Great aesthetics
  • Balanced cushion


  • Low impact protection
  • No Torsional rigidity

Unboxing & Detail Jordan One Take 4 review

Jordan One Take 4 is Russell Westbrook’s signature sneaker. It’s the takedown model from Jordan that is marketed at an entry-level sneaker market. The tech is not top-level here, and the material lacks fluff like their top-line sneaker Air Jordan 37.

That does not mean it’s an underperforming model. It’s very budget-friendly, and its aesthetics are better than many top basketball sneakers. 

Russell Westbrook, who wears a 0 (zero) number in NBA, as zero reminds him that he is looking forward to a new journey after he is gone through something. Zero is a threshold to a new beginning.

Hence his signature sneakers possess all the hallmarks of excellent sneakers, but what’s different and NOT available in the takedown model Jordan One Take 4? Let’s find out in a detailed performance review.

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Detailed Jordan One Take 4 review

1. Traction:

Jordan One Take 4’s outsole compound is a traditional herringbone which has excellent traction. Russell Westbrook’s budget Jordan shoes traction works as amazing as premium shoes here. 

The classic herringbone is in two different colors on the outsole and has a jump man logo on the heel. The rubber compound gives you plenty of bite on a hard stop and lateral cuts.

Its traction is consistent on outdoors as well as an indoor basketball court. The rubber coming up on the material to a significant point adds value to its durability. It’s a good aspect for toe draggers because the material will not break down quickly and will wear down soon.

It picks up very little dust when on the dusty basketball court, which is easy to clean for a great performance consistently. Overall its traction is right to the level of Jordan Luka 1.

2. Cushion: 

Jordan One Take 4’s cushion is a full-length EVA with a forefoot Zoom Air unit. The EVA foam is not very responsive, and since it lacks another layer of tech-packed foam in the heel, it does not feel plush or bouncy there. 

As an average-build guy, you will get a subtle responsiveness in the heel and low-impact protection. But if you are a bigger guy, you will not get good impact protection in Jordan One Take 4.  

Big guys build need extra material in the heel, so if they press down hard, they don’t feel any joint pain and discomfort. 

Unfortunately, Jordan One Take 4 lacks impact protection and bounce. But it’s comfortable in the forefoot with the Zoom Air unit. 

If you are someone who appreciates a lot of court feel and likes a lot of nimble lightweight movements, also don’t mind that if the sneaker has low impaction protection, then you would like Jordan One Take 4.

3. Material:

Westbrook’s Jordan takedown sneaker has used average quality material. It could have been better at 100 dollars, but apparently, it’s not.

The forefoot area is covered in a square Ripstop mesh that’s very thin. Mesh runs through the end of the lateral side of the shoe. While the medial side is covered in synthetic leather. Leather is not one of the top quality materials that we had in the past Jordans in the 90s.

Ankle areas have average padding. However, I don’t know why the tongue is not padded at all. Synthetic leather covers the back area with a Jumpman logo.

The material feels comfortable and nice on the feet. The forefoot feels a bit roomier. But it conformed to my feet nicely.

4. Support: 

Jordan One Take 4 provides decent ankle protection with the TPU heel counter and soft padding in the heel. That makes the heel part snug and locked down in place.

Tow extra holes near the shoe collars give you the option to tie down the laces more snugly and tight for customized ankle protection.

The laces are integrated with the strips that go in the material on the forefoot area and improve lockdown. 

Side caging with the EVA foam wraps the shoe for lateral support. Moreover, the Jordan One Take 4 is a wide shoe. Hence it will give ample stability and support.

However, the small and highly flexible midfoot shank plate does not give torsional rigidity. So if you are a flat feet player or have tendinitis, then it’s not a good option. 

Other than that, the Jordan One take 4 is a supportive shoe.

5. Fit:

The Jordan One Tke 4 is a nice fitting shoe. I would say its comfortable but roamier shoe in the tow box. Which I liked. The fit is a subjective quality, so I like it slightly loose in the toe box.

Moreover, the lace line integrates with the material through the lace loop that goes into the material. So that makes fit better.

However, if you like a snug fit, just like gloves, then prepare yourself to be disappointed or buy half size down than the actual size. Because there is an extra space in the toe box.

It’s perfect in true to size fit, and wide footers should be good in a half size up than their actual size.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways:

Jordan One Take 4 is a very cool sneaker. I loved the looks in this latest Jordan sneaker. The use of mesh and synthetic leather gives a very trendy look. It’s lightweight and looks beautiful so it will be great as a lifestyle sneaker too.

It’s currently available in 3 colorways, Black/White/Light Liquid Lime, Black/White/Dark Concord, Rattan/Phantom/Orange Trance/Black, on Nike’s flagship store. 

I highly recommend you buy the sneaker for its aesthetics and best traction and for being a budget sneaker with the Jordan brand.

7. Outdoor/Durability: 

Jordan One Take 4 has a durable outsole. Its rubber compounds are thick and widely separated. These are excellent materials for outdoor basketball sneakers for their grip on outdoor surfaces and minimum dust pickup. 

The mesh Ripstop covers tha upper with the outsole rubber coming to the toe area. That makes it durable for toe drags. 

Jordan One Take 4 is good as an outdoor basketball shoe for its amazing durability and traction.

8. Breathability/Ventilation:

Jordan One Take 4 has a breathable Ripstop upper. That is a see-through material that covers the top as well as the lateral sides of the sneaker.

It keeps the ample air flow around the feet. The feet won’t feel soggy and sweaty at the end of a hot game day. 

Hence, it’s one hundred percent breathable shoe.

9. User Review

Jordan has maintained a strong fan base all these years. From when we only had Jordan basketball shoes in the market other than Converse, people appreciate every sneaker because the nostalgia has been successful in keeping them hooked up. This Jordan One Take 4 has also received a 4 out of 5 rating from users.

10. Expert Review


There is great traction and you get an extremely lightweight shoe. It gives ample stability and arch support. But, it provides mediocre lockdown and durability.”

2-The Sole Drop

“ I don’t like the overall silhouette. Its traction is so good, I liked the cushion and materials too. It’s the fit that I disliked. I didn’t like how they stiffened it on the forefoot. But if that was not here, then it could be a top-tier performer.”


“Russell Westbrook plays 77% more in this budget model sneaker than his actual signature sneaker Why Not Zer0.5. It’s a verified choice of athletes.”


“It gives good durability and impact protection. These are super light and sticky and traction is been my favorite aspect of the shoe. The impact protection is also above average so these are great for outdoors too.”

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