Jordan Why Not Zer0.6 Review 2023

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Best for Ankle Support & Big Guys

Jordan Why Not Zer0.6 is a solid performer and has outstanding support features. The traction is grippy, and the material looks aesthetically cool. The cushion is low-to-the-ground. Guard and players who admire a balanced cushion would love it. Overall, it’s a shoe for someone looking for a supportive and low-to-the-ground basketball sneaker.

Shoe Details

Release Date: Feb, 2023 | Signature: Air Jordan | Weight: 380g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Zoom Air Unit | Material: Shroud like upper + Flywire


  • Low to the ground
  • Great court feel
  • Comfortable material
  • Needs no break-in period
  • Solid traction
  • Exceptional support pattern
  • Achilles protection pillows 
  • Best for wide footers
  • Breathable


  • Average impact protection
  • Not best for outdoors

Our Detailed Jordan Why Not Zer0.6 Review

Unboxing Russel Westbrook’s 6th signature sneakers!

Here’s the latest signature sneaker of MVP of 2017-18 and nine times NBA All-Star title holder. The box is the same as the last one; nothing’s changed. The white box has a golden logo and Russel Westbrooks’s signature on the side.

The basketball shoe silhouette has a striking resemblance with the mesh semi-transparent upper patch. The sideways zip and Why Not written on the zipper when you take a closer look. Laces integrate with the shoe upper and use leather and synthetic overlays. 

Medial side synthetic leather has the Westbrooks logo with seams and holes for ventilation. Lastly, a Jumpman logo and WHY NOT on the pull tab in a minimalistic tone.

What’s Exciting About Jordan Why Not Zer0.6

Jordan Why Not Zer0.6 uses all the materials, suede, leather, mesh, and textile, making it pretty, durable, and breathable. I looked at the outsole that is coming up to the toes. It’s a noticeable improvement in design for durability. 

I am concerned about the fit; is its upper mesh that closes in a zipper improving the fit and lockdown, or it’s just a fashion gimmick for a distinctive look? Either way, a signature shoe has to give a new pattern and style statement, and Jordan Why Not Zer0.6 grabs attention.

I will do a full breakdown of performance of Jordan Why Not Zer0.6, telling you it is worth your money. 

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Key Features Reviewed

1. Traction:

Jordan Why Not Zer0.6’s outsole has a solid herringbone pattern in the middle. At the same time, the sides are covered in small multidirectional dotted patterns. 

I found that the rubber on the outsole is pliable. Initially, I could not get the control as I guess its rubber needed some warming up time. The rubber warmed up and gripped better after an initial break-in period. 

On indoor basketball courts, the rubber compound works just perfectly. With occasional wipes, you can achieve consistent traction. Overall, it’s good traction indoors and outdoors. Lateral stops and the ability to stop at a dime is much improved than the Why Not Zer0.5. 

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2. Cushion: 

Jordan Why Not Zer0.6 is a good combination of two cushioning. It’s a full-length Phylon and a piece of zoom Air Unit in the forefoot area. 

The full-length Phylon gives a good level of compression underneath my foot. It’s soft and responsive. Not as soft as full-length Nitrocel or Bounce, but it’s a mix of comfort and low to ground feel. 

It feels soft on the foot, and I can’t say that cushioning has any negative aspects. It’s top tier for impact protection. 

The compression and energy return is awesome

. It’s a well-balanced cushioning setup. With zoom air in the forefoot, you will get a super bouncy feel in the forefoot. The ride is balanced and bouncy.

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3. Material:

The Jordan brand used every possible material to make a durable, classy, functional upper. That rock on the basketball floor. 

Does it disappoint me? No!. The upper forefoot material comprises synthetic leather, suede, and mesh called Ripstop. Ripstop is a translucent material that stretches to the midfoot. Most of the heels and back are covered in synthetic leather and suede. 

The Flywire cables connecting through the inner part hug the foot and are the perfect addition for a one-on-one fit.

I loved to use material on different areas of the shoe. The tongue is super soft and padded. Internal padding on collar areas feels cozy and comfortable. I liked the material’s use; overall, it’s well done!

4. Support: 

That’s where the Jordan Why Not Zer0.6 got my highest ratings. It gave me a supportive and stable ride over the basketball court.

With the wide base and a pronounced outrigger in the forefoot area for pronounced containment. It contained my feet on the footbed. On the lateral sides, it’s wrapped in a foam wall, and above that, we have fused overlays. The shoe provides great lateral stability on sideways moves. 

The best part is it has an extra lace loop high on the ankle area. It wraps the ankle fairly tight while securing the ankle part in the comfortable and cushioned tongue and softly padded collar area wrapping around the ankles. 

The back is stiff with an internal TPU heel counter. In my opinion, it’s excellent support, and I enjoyed the secure and supportive shoe setup.

5. Fit:

The Jordan Why Not Zer0.6 is a wide feet friendly shoe. It fits true to size. However, very wide feet players may complain about the tightness because the upper gets too tight with the laces that go into the upper material to make a more secure fit. 

Therefore, very wide feet players should buy half size up than their actual size.

There is no heel slippage; my feet stay on the footbed. So fit is another remarkable quality of Why Not Zer0.6.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways:

Jordan Why Not Zer0.6 looks nice. It has been released in Bright Crimson, Inner city, and Honour The Promise colorways, and still, many other colorways have dropped in the year.

It’s a basketball shoe that completes all the best-performer hoop shoe requirements. I hope it is in one of the best ball shoes this year.

Lastly, we can tuck the laces inside the upper thin translucent material for a cleaner look. Overall, I liked the aesthetics.

7. Outdoor/Durability: 

The outsole is not made up of hard and thick grooves. These are softer and thinner rubber compounds best used on cleaner indoor basketball court surfaces. 

It will not last longer than a few months once you start hooping in them outdoors. Besides, these are not on the budget side. I recommend buying a budget basketball shoe for outdoor use that lasts longer.

But as long as you wear them indoors, these are good. It won’t tear down soon on less abrasive hardwood surfaces.

8. Breathability/Ventilation: 

Jordan Why Not Zer0.6 is covered in thin, translucent Ripstop material. They are breathable. These are not on the heavier side. The breathability is much better than the full synthetic or textile uppers. 

9. User Review

Russel Westbrook’s 6th signature shoes with Jordan are loved by users for their stability, traction and low-to-the-ground cushion. So it received a 4.8/ 5 ratings.

10. Expert Review

1-Foot Doctor Zach

“These are much more nimble than they look on internet, their dragging capability is really awesome. The low to ground shoe are pretty fun version and containing in low version. It gives you a significant degree of freedom. Its one of the best from Jordan brand this year.”


“These are very stable and low to the ground shoes. The cushioning is just like Zion 2. Upper shroud does not feel uncomfortable and very thin. Grip is promising. But these are expansive”

3-The Sole Drop

“Support and traction are my concerns. Both does not look amazing to me so far. Its not looking so good materials and quality wise too. Im a bit worried about responsiveness too. But aesthetics are amazing.”

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