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Our Verdict:

Best for Traction

Zion 2 signature shoes are better than Zion 1 in their cushioning and improved traction.  Its elite-level traction has a biting grip over the basketball courts. Material is also an upgrade, but it’s too very premium. But overall Jordan Zion 2 are very reliable performance sneakers right now.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 400g | Top: Mid Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Zoom Air+ Ait Strobel | Material: Textile+ Synthetic leather


  • Exceptional support pattern
  • Great Fit
  • Premium court feel
  • Comfortable Cushioning
  • Solid traction
  • Lateral stability


  • Cheap material

Detailed Jordan Zion 2 Review

Jordan Zion 2 is the second signature shoe of Zion Williamson. Zion signed a multiyear deal with the Jordan brand in 2019.

Jordan Zion 2 this year has the same expectations as Zion 1, which was a killer performer on the court. Zion 2 has some exceptionally great traction patterns. 

Its performance foundation (PF) version is designed to support Arch muscles. Additionally, such basketball shoes are best for long playing time, comfort, and quality.

The Jordan Zion 2 features a velcro midfoot strap to hold your feet tight in place. Air Strobel unit helps you jump high in the cloud and land safely. This one is built for powerful and big players. Let’s check the detailed review.

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1. Traction:

Traction on Jordan Zion 2 is one of the best in all the performance basketball shoes this year. The rubber outsole has a linear pattern on the top and a delta pattern on the bottom. 

However, Jordan brand Played with the design a bit by putting the Zion Williamson logo in the middle of the outsole. That looks beautiful and gives you multidirectional traction. 

It will cover you on your fast and lateral movements. You don’t have to worry about slippage during hard moves, cuts, and rapid side-to-side moves. 

It takes a minimum of time to break in. But once broken in, you will definitely enjoy playing in Jordan Zion 2 because it is a Top-notch traction pattern.

2. Cushion: 

Jordan Zion 2 features two different cushions on the heel and forefoot. The cushion in this basketball shoe is elite-level. 

A zoom unit in the forefoot and Air Strobel in the heel part make it a completely balanced, responsive cushioning. While getting tons of comfort with forefoot Zoom air and responsiveness with the Air Strobel in the heel.

You will feel a lot of bounciness in the heel while not compromising the court feel too much. It’s going to cover you well on heel strikes on hard surfaces. 

Jordan Zion 2 is great for impact protection and bounciness. It’s overall a well-designed cushioning setup.

3. Material: 

The Jordan Zion 2 has a textile mesh material on the top. And the sides are covered by a leather-looking material with Jordan’s Jump man logo.

The tongue of the Zion 2 has Zion Williamson’s logo. It has minimum padding. 

The Midfoot area has a strap that holds your feet tightly on the footbed whether you are a narrow or wide footer. 

It’s a nice addition to Zion 2 from the performance standpoint. Material is supportive of the tough basketball game. However, it does not have a premium look. 

But Zion 2 upper material is comfortable and supportive that conforms to your foot shape nicely.

The ankle area has soft Achillies pillows for added comfort and protection. The overall material is supportive in Zion 2.

4. Support: 

It has a solid internal heel counter. We can confidently say that this mid-top shoe is best for bigger guys. Because in the shoe, they are getting a lot of support on their side-to-side moves.

In the midsole, it has a stiff poly midfoot shank plate. So the sneaker does not bend on the midfoot, so torsional support is good too.

It has lateral outriggers from both sides, making Jordan Zion 2 a very stable shoe. Additionally, Achilles pads support the ankle area. Overall the support is amazing.

5. Fit: 

Jordan Zion 2 has a narrow-toe box. When you tie the laces tightly, it sometimes pinches the pinky toe area badly.

So fit can be an issue for very wide-toe box players. Other than that, it’s a wide-foot-friendly shoe made according to the design specifications of a big guy like Zion. 

So, a true-to-size pair will be good if you are the medium or wide footer.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways:

Jordan Zion 2 is released in many attractive colorways including Voodoo colorways. That has a touch of a lifestyle sneaker besides being a perfect professional basketball sneaker.

Dynamic turquoise, Hope Diamond, Cool Grey, Fossil, 25 Years in China, Hyper Crimson, Black/Cement, and The Duke Blue. 

All 8 colorways have vibrant designs and modern aesthetics. Overall, We really liked the shoe aesthetics.

7. Outdoor/Durability: 

Traction performs exceptionally well both on indoor and outdoor courts. It does not pick up dust easily and it’s easy to clean with a single wipe. So Zion 2 is a great option for outdoor courts as it grips really well on outdoor surfaces too.

Jordan Zion 2 has narrow spacing between relatively thin outsole tread patterns. The rubber on the sides is thicker than the one in the middle area of the outsole. 

The upper material is strong and will last you a couple of seasons. So Jordan Zion 2 are pretty durable basketball shoes.

8. Breathability/Ventilation: 

Jordan Zion 2 has used a textile upper and leather-like material on lateral and medial slides. Which adds to its durability. But it makes the shoe really hot to play in. 

It will heat up your feet if you play in scorching weather. The synthetic material is not breathable. So consider looking elsewhere if you want to get a really breathable shoe.

9. User Review

Jordan Zion 2 has received excellent reviews from players. It has a user rating of 5/5.

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10. Expert Review

Kicks Contest World

“Zion 2 is the perfect option to play in the fall. It’s got a nice old-school look. These days, there are not many basketball shoes that are meant for wide feet and bigger players. Zion 2 is one of them.”

Richee Kim

“Jordan Zion 2 are pretty solid shoes to play in. The traction is amazing, the cushion is there, support is great. Material is improved than zion1. I like shoe aesthetics. Overall it’s an improvement on Zion 1. It won’t disappoint you if you want to pick up a pair.”

Hoops and Life

“I definitely think it’s worse than last year’s model. The traction was decent, but I really did not like the material while support and lockdown were good, and the cushion was mediocre. But the worst part is comfort. Maybe it’s good for very powerful players like Zion”

Sole Brothers

“I liked its old-school look. The traction and cushion are top-tier. It’s definitely going to be in my rotation as it’s minimal and lighter. Support is an issue but it’s still it’s ok for me. Overall it’s really amazing and I enjoy playing in it.”

BBall Shoes/ Reddit

“These are better Zion signatures than the first one. Ankle support and fit are exemplary. Traction is improved over Zion 1 but the mostly longitudinal pattern works better on the side-to-side movements than braking in forward or backward motions.”

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