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Our Verdict:

Best for Guards

Jordan Zoom Separate performance shoes are a great Budget model from Nike. It’s a great performer shoe If we can overlook the material quality for a while. The traction is outstanding. The cushion is responsive. Support fit and lockdown are what a professional basketball player needs. It has pretty much got you covered on all the ground. But outdoor use is not recommended in  Jordan Zoom Separate. Material is not one of the best quality. However, if you want a low-budget sneaker, it’s got you covered.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 360g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Zoom Unit + EVA foam | Material: Knit textile + screen mesh + neoprene


  • Grippy traction
  • Lateral stability
  • Great fit
  • Budget-friendly
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Great impact protection
  • Breathable and lightweight material


  • Heel slippage
  • Low-quality material

Detailed Jordan Zoom Separate Review

Jordan Zoom Separate is designed for premium performance on the court. It’s a wide feet friendly basketball sneaker.

Micheal Jordan’s signature shoes are the most popular ones in the history of basketball shoes. Jordan line tried to maintain the brand quality to the highest level. 

You can jump to the skies in Jordan shoes with Zoon air cushioning. Step back shot is fun with zoom separate. It is only 85$ so you can afford professional NBA shoes even if you are a college player. 

Luka Doncic wears Jordan Zoom Separate in many games. The news was, that Jordan Zoom Separate is going to be his first signature shoe. 

But for some reason, Jordan didn’t associate His name with this shoe. It’s a great performer basketball sneaker of 2022

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1. Traction:

Jordan Zoom Separate has a mixed traction pattern. The forefoot area has a herringbone pattern, and the rest of the outsole has a wavy radial pattern. The heel has a Y shape.

The regenerative pattern around the herringbone is pretty much thick. This traction pattern is really great on clean courts. 

It is best suitable for the players who stop at a dime and make shifty and fast movements. It is a top-tier traction pattern.

The clean basketball court grips really well. Also on the dirty outdoor courts, it will slide a little bit if you will not wipe the outsole every 5 or 6 plays. It picks up very minimum dust on the dirty courts.

 Jordan Zoom Separate has good traction.

2. Cushion: 

Jordan Zoom Separate has a fantastic cushioning setup. The forefoot area has a Zoom unit. The rest of the shoe has dual-density EVA. The foam in the midfoot goes all the way up to the edge of the shoe.

The forefoot Zoom Air unit is very responsive. It is a not very high up-the-ground cushion setup. The heel EVA foam is also very soft and comfortable.

The Jordan Zoom Separate has a flat base and curved shape on the forefoot, the shape and cushioning of the shoe give a forward thrust when you are running around the court.

The cushion is great for stepping back and jumping. It’s an appropriate mix of impact protection and court feel.

3. Material: 

Jordan Zoom Separate is a great budget model with all the premium features. Its forefoot area has a free knit textile material that looks a little bit stretchy. 

The eyelets of lases extend up to the forefoot area. To strengthen the area, they used a Neoprene material on it. 

The lateral and medial sides of the shoe have a screen mesh. That’s probably a great addition for breathability.

The sides on the heel part have fuse overlays for added durability. That’s overall a durable setup for a low-budget performance model NBA sneaker. 

The shoe material is comfortable and nicely padded. The ankle collar is padded. The tongue of the shoe has almost no padding and it is connected to the shoe..

4. Support: 

Jordan Zoom Separate has some amazing support features. The shoe ankle area has a stiff internal heel counter. The bottom of the shoe has an internal shank plate. 

The shoe does not flex from the midfoot area. It gives nice torsional rigidity. The inside foam from the midsole comes all the way up on the side of the shoe. It gives you great lateral stability on the court.

The Jordan Zoom Separate is wide feet friendly basketball sneaker, it has a sufficiently wide area on the forefoot and it flares out a little. This gives you great lateral containment and stability.

You cannot go wrong with the support on Jordan Zoom Separate. It is a great shoe.

5. Fit: 

The Jordan Zoom Separate has a customizable lace pattern. The top extra eyelet holes fit shoe upper material around your feet like a glove. It gives a one-to-one fit. It prevents any heel slippage and locks down your feet in the footbed.

The lace line is packed with all the customizable options to give you a snug fit. You can only use the lower eyelets for a conventional laces setup. it leaves no wiggle room in the toe box.

The Jordan Zoom Separate has a wide-feet-friendly footbed. Casually you might want to buy a true-to-size pair. But if you have a very wide foot. Buy half size up from your true size.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways: 

Jordan Zoom Separate’s design is inspired by Luka Doncic’s step-back jump shot. The shoe designs are pretty decent. It is available in 8 different colorways.

The shoe has its jump shot logo on the heel as well as the side of the shoe. It has a multicolored outsole that looks so vibrant. 

It is available in white, black/white/colorful/, black/green/blue, black/volt/electric. We really liked the design of this performance shoe.

7. Outdoor/Durability: 

The Rubber outsole has a radial thin pattern and a zig-zag pattern on the forefoot outsole. The rubber is not so thick and deep. 

If you are playing on concrete surfaces with Jordan Zoom Separate, it is likely that the outsole rubber wear out soon. 

But the tile surface outdoors will not damage its outdoor rubber. So the durability is average on Jordan Zoom Separate.

The traction pattern is tested on outdoor courts too. The outsole rubber is grippy. It picks up minimum dust on the outdoor courts. One occasional wipe and you are good to go. This traction is reliable on outdoor courts too.

8. Breathability/Ventilation: 

Jordan Zoom Separate has a stretchy kind of textile material. That expands a little bit with the movement of your feet. It isn’t too much, but it is surely enough to let air circulate around your feet. 

The material is very thin and minimum. It is so flimsy that you won’t feel sweaty in tight summer weather if you have Jordan Zoon separate.

The sneaker has breathable materials, is light, and is very soft on the feet.

9. User Review:

Jordan Zoom Separate is a light and minimum-performance basketball sneaker. It is liked all around. It has a decent rating of 4.3 out of 5.

10. Expert Review


“Cushion is very nice, materials get the job done for the most part. Traction is beastly on the shoe. Jordan brand knocked it out of the park. Luka Doncic has pretty much destroyed the league in these shoes. Oin 100$ I really don’t have any complaints about it.”

Fit Doctor Zach

“It’s great for high arch players and ones with ankle sprains. These are much more comfortable than Jordan 36. The traction is great for side-to-side moves on outdoor and indoor courts. Durability is also tested outdoors, if you are looking for outdoor shoes, then you have a really good friend here.


“It is very stable when you step back, traction is grippy and durability is great with XDR tag. it is standard. dual density cushion is soft and compresses nicely. stability and support are also outstanding”


“ overall Jordan Zoom Separate is going to be a very budget-friendly nice basketball shoe. Modeled after Luka’s stepback, you gonna get a shoe that gives a good comfort, solid traction and light feel all in the price of 110$”

BBallshoes Reddit

“Zoon Separate is a well-rounded Jordan team shoe with a new twist. Instead of having a usual forefoot rectangular zoom unit setup, the unit is turned 90 degrees and bottom loaded with an outsole protrusion. This meshes with the claim that the shoe design concept is based on Luka Doncics’s ability to create separation on his stepback moves with feet planted sideways. Additionally, support is also excellent, unlike many Nike shoes.”

Run Repeat

“Luna Doncic’s first shoe is a well-received one. The Zoom Separate offers all that a typical player would want in a basketball shoe. On the downside, the quality of the materials is a let down, especially given that this sneaker hails from Jorden. Fortunately, this does not affect performance that much”

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