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Best for Flat Feet

Li Ning Way Of Wade 10 has a very supportive cushion. It is very responsive and bouncy. That will give good support to the ankle area. Combined with the TPU heel counter, the support and cushion are what make this shoe stand out. It’s one of the best basketball sneakers of 2022. Also, these are the best basketball sneakers for flatfoot players. Anyone with tendonitis or ankle injuries will love its support and cushioning setup.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 372g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: BOOM midsole + TPU foaming technology | Material: Textile mesh


  • Bouncy cushion
  • Most Comfortable 
  • Ankle support
  • Midfoot support
  • Premium lightweight material
  • Lateral stability
  • Great Aesthetics


  • Not suitable for outdoors
  • Narrow fit

Detailed Li Ning Way Of Wade 10 Review

Li Ning Way of Wade 10 is released on the completion of ten years of collaboration between basketball star Dwyane Wade and Li Ning. 

Li Ning was released in July this summer. The lightweight material and cool colourways depict summer vibes. 

Way of Wade 10 is innovative and supports long workouts at basketball courts. It has very comfortable padding under the midfoot with a full palm carbon plate.

This makes it very comfortable for low arch or flat foot players. The shape, style, and features are improved from the last year’s Way of Wade 9. 

Li Ning is a constantly evolving brand. Way of Wade 10 has DNA double strands on it. That is associated with the statement that evolution is in the DNA of Li Ning.

Let’s unveil the latest Wade shoe features in detail.

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Li Ning Way of Wade 10 has a durable rubber outsole. The forefoot area has a water ripple pattern. This small zig-zag shape is like a herringbone pattern. 

On the outsole, the carbon fibre shank plate is also visible. This has engraved the championship years of NBA player Dwyane Wade on it.

The heel area has a radial pattern. The carbon rubber has narrow spacing in the pattern. The forefoot herringbone pattern is meant to make quick stops easier. 

Li Ning Way Of Wade 10 is tested on both indoor and outdoor courts. The rubber outsole gives grippy traction on hardwood indoor courts. Both on dirty and clean indoor courts, it grips very hard. But on the outdoor courts, it showed inconsistent traction.


Li Ning Way of Wade 10 NBA sneakers have a hell of padding. This makes them the perfect basketball shoes for long training hours on basketball courts.

The Li Ning Way of Wade 10 has full-length BOOM technology in the midsole. The top of it is a TPU foam insole to add extra comfort. 

Beneath these two thick foams, there is a full-palm curved carbon plate. The carbon plate is nicely curved to give a shape to the midfoot area. Players with a low arch or no arch feel very comfortable in this shoe.

The cushioning is amazing it gives nice heel compression. Li Ning is an excellent basketball shoe that gives great impact protection. 

The shape of the Li Ning Way Of Wade 10 is curved. That gives perfect energy returns to push you forward. The cushioning will supports higher jumps really well.


The material on the Modern technology Li Ning Way of wade 10 is a thin mesh material. That is made of synthetic textiles. The Li Ning Way Of Wade replicates the upper knit with the wings of a Dragonfly. 

Li Ning’s way of wade material looks very premium and beautiful. The side of the shoe has a lightning bolt sign. The material inside that lightning bolt changes colour as you see it from a different angle. 

Both sides of the shoe carry a 1 and 0 sign. The tongue area is very nicely perforated on the lower end. On the upper side, it is a little padded from a few points. 

Unlike Way of Wade 9 which had a BOA system, this WOW 10 has a lace-up top. The material on the eyelet is leather which reinforces the durability feature.

The shoe material and knit look great. Most Way Of Wade 10 review says that the material is stylish and durable.


Li Ning Way Of Wade’s 10 best basketball shoes has an outstanding support pattern. Which makes it the best basketball shoe of 2022.

The side of the shoe has a TPU stabilizer that runs from the midfoot to the heel. It gives nice lateral stability. The heel area has carbon fibre support. The internal TPU heel counter will cage your foot perfectly.

The forefoot area is wide so lateral containment is also great. The ankle area is padded to protect the Achilles tendon from any injury. 

The Way Of Wade 10 is perfect for tendonitis, ankle injuries, or flat feet. The support features will cover them very well. It’s absolutely a 10/10 support setup. 


The Li Ning Way Of Wade 9 has a wide base on the forefoot. The midfoot part gets a bit tighter. The shoe is meant to offer the best fit for a wide or medium size player. 

So buying a true-to-size pair would be the best option. It is not going to feel snug. instead, it will give a nice contained feel. 

This Wade brand lacing system will provide a perfect balance of fit. You can adjust the shoe’s fit according to your preference.

This Wade brand basketball NBA shoe of 2022 has ensured a perfect fit. These basketball shoes take minimum time to break in. it will take no time for you to adjust to these NBA sneakers.

Looks / Appearance/ Colorways: 

Li Ning Way Of Wade 10 basketball shoe has only limited colourways. Team no sleep, Cherry Blossom, and Sunrise. All three colourways are beautiful. The brand claims the upper replicates a dragonfly wings pattern. 

The back of the shoe has “TEN” written on the heel. The other has quotation text “Make Your Own Way” on its back. The sides of the sneakers have a lightning bolt sign. The tongue area contains DNA double-strand design. 

Li Ning is committed to evolving every time with new releases and they have done a great job with li Ning Way Of Wade 10. Summary review image youtube confirms that the design and aesthetics are amazing.


The Way of Wade 10 basketball shoe has performed really well on the indoor courts. However, on outdoor surfaces, its thin and intricate rubber design does not grip very well. 

The herringbone pattern in this Wade shoe is thin. If you are looking for a shoe with great outdoor traction. You might want to look at some other NBA sneakers like curry 9 or Harden Vol.6.

Way Of Wade 10 is one hell of a shoe with outstanding durability. The outsole looks soft but it’s actually very tough. The sides of the shoe have a soft rubber caging. 

The overall caging and outsole are very durable. These NBA shoes are surely going to last a few seasons. 


Li Ning Way Of Wade 10 has evolved in its upper material. Way Of Wade 9 was not very breathable. But this summer release WOW 10 has thin and lightweight mesh upper material. The tongue area has big perforated holes in it. 

These design innovation is great for long summer plays. The lightweight mesh top will keep air flowing around the foot. So the great midfoot curved carbon fibre shank plate and the lightweight mesh upper would keep you fresh for longer times.

User Review:

The user reviews are supportive of the fact that the NBA basketball sneaker is an overall best-performance shoe. 

Expert Review

1-Sole Brothers

If you want a quick-feeling shoe, this is good. Overall I’ll give it 100. It’s going to be in my rotation. I absolutely loved the cushioning. It’s one of my favourites. I can’t really think of anything else.”

2-Foot Doctor Zach

Way of Wade 10 is great for defence specialists. It has really given me confidence for pivots. My landings are not gonna hurt my lower back. this one is perfect if you want a shoe that really grips on hardwood surfaces. Also, these are going to be one of the best in the market for playing in hot weather.”

3-Wear testers

These are lightweight and very breathable. The cushion under your feet feels like Zoom on steroids. These offer the right amount of bounce compared to last year’s model. These are probably one of the best basketball shoes of 2022”


“The dependability of the traction, the responsiveness of sneakers, and the full-length carbon plate give extra energy returns to my foot. This I think is one of the top sneakers of 2022”

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