New Balance Two Wxy V2 Review 2023

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Our Verdict:

Best for outdoors

New Balance Two Wxy V2 is the perfect hoop shoe for guards for its grippy traction. It has a great traction pattern on both indoor and outdoor courts. Some players might have an issue with lateral stability. The fuel cell cushion is a bit thin. But apart from that, it has all the attributes of high-tech shoes for arch support.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 350g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Fuelcell+ ABZORB foam | Material: Mesh


  • Premium traction
  • Perfect fit almost snug
  • Very soft upper
  • Lightweight
  • Support the lateral moves
  • Impact protection


  • Torsional rigidity
  • Material is not too premium

Detailed New Balance Two Wxy V2 Review

New Balance Two WXY V2 was released in mid-summer 2022 with its debut colorway, Cold-Summer. This colorway has a cool color scheme. This basketball shoe is designed for positionless players. 

If you are a Guard, this would be a strong partner to hoop in on courts. The Upper and overall construct is very supportive.

You can’t go wrong with support when it’s a New Balance basketball sneaker. A company that originally designed and sold arch supports has a good name for adding heel counters and arch support in their sneakers.

Additionally, The midsole features FuelCell, and the upper is Lino-weave lite. It’s a superb performer. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each feature.

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1. Traction:

New Balance Two WXY V2 has a very consistent and reliable traction pattern. The outsole has a solid rubber on the forefoot and a translucent rubber on the heel part. 

The radial pattern on the outsole is made my thin yet hard rubber compounds. That gives multidirectional traction. It allows you to move in the shoe with great confidence. 

You don’t need any break in time for the traction to become fully functional. Right out of the bat, you get good traction.

Traction performance on the dusty courts is equally great. It does not pick up any dust. Overall, tractional is phenomenal right out of the bat.

2. Cushion: 

New Balance Two WXY V2’s cushion is that type of cushioning where you get a lot of impact protection. 

New Balance specialized in arch and heel support supplies. So they add such components to prevent a player from potential injury.

Here in the New Balance Two WXY V2, the cushioning is a full-length Fuelcell. In the heel part, it has ABZORB foam. In between the ABZORB foam, a piece of rubber sits to prevent the calcaneal tubercle from any injury. 

So overall, you get very good impact protection and responsiveness. You get a good amount of court feel. Because this shoe is not very high on the ground. It’s a great combination of comfort, court feel, and impact protection.

3. Material: 

The upper material is Lino-weave mesh material in the New Balance Two WXY V2. which is lightweight. 

The purpose of introducing mesh material in modern basketball shoes is probably to make them minimal and lightweight.

But mesh material does not replace the premium look of leather. So in New Blanace Two WXY V2, the material does not look so elite.

The side of the shoe has a suede material. There is a synthetic overlay on the toe box that adds durability for someone that uses a lot of toe drags in a basketball game.

The inner lining is Mesh with padding. The tongue area is also nicely padded with Two Wxy written on one shoe. The overall material is comfortable and conforms to the foot nicely after a minimum break-in period. 

4. Support: 

New Balance Two WXY V2 is a supportive shoe. Starting from the midfoot shank plate, it has a relatively softer shank plate in the midfoot that gives you a good amount of torsional rigidity. 

So it protects your muscles from pulling and breaking from aggressive bending in the game.

In the back, it has an internal heel counter. That is stiff. To add more support to the ankle area, the back is covered with a plastic ring. That makes a good caging around the Achillies area. 

The shoe base is fairly wide. The foam cages the sides in the forefoot. So you will face no issue with lateral containment and lateral stability in New Balance Two WXY V2. So overall support and lockdown are spot on.

5. Fit: 

New Balance Two WXY V2 are snug for shoes. So if you have a medium and narrow foot. Then buy a true-to-size pair. 

If you have wide feet, then go for half a size up than the actual size. The shoe fit is snug. However, it does not irritates the toe box area because the material is stretchy. It conforms to the foot shape and gives you a better fit.

There is no heel slippage. Your feet remain on the footbed when you tie the laces. Therefore, it’s a great-fitting shoe.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways: 

New Balance Two WXY V2 looks more like a lifestyle sneaker in its trendy colorways. It’s recently out in 7 different colorways. We loved the shoe aesthetics. 

It’s available in white and black, white and bleach blue, black and purple, Cool Summer, velocity red and royal blue, etc. 

7. Outdoor/Durability: 

New Balance Two WXY V2 has one of the best traction patterns among all the top-tier basketball shoes. 

It grips the hardwood or concrete floor like glue. So, there is no dust pickup on the widely spaced circular rubber grooves. Therefore it’s a good choice for outdoors too.

Even if it picks up dust, you can easily clean it because dust does not stick in the spaces between rubber grooves.

The New Balance Two WXY V2 has upper mesh material with fused overlays. The material on the upper and outsole is not too durable. It will start getting damaged on hard surfaces sooner than later. So the durability profile is not too great in New Balance Two WXY V2.

8. Breathability/Ventilation: 

New Balance Two WXY V2 has a very thin upper mesh material. Which allows airflow around your feet. 

In addition to being minimal, and lightweight, the mesh material allows a good amount of airflow to keep you fresh during long summer games. 

9. User Review

New Balance Two WXY V2 is a great performer for its stunning aesthetics, traction, and amazing cushion. It has received a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from the users.

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10. Expert Review

Sole Brothers

“I really enjoyed playing in them. These are my top picks and these are heavily in my rotation. If you are a guard and looking for a responsive shoe then it’s a good option. For bigger dudes, just be careful because it’s not so supportive but yeah it’s a great performer.”

Foot DoctorZach

“It’s a huge step up from Vol. 1. The engineering in them is so rich. They really know what basketball players need out of basketball shoes. If you are looking for something to plant, grip, and create space with, then these are the good option.”

Tommy Liu

“I totally see this shoe being a great universal choice among players regardless of your position just like how they advertise it.”

Snkr Tech Talk

“ One of the best basketball shoes right now in my opinion.  I think this is also one of the best traction patterns I have played in it. Overall cushion, material, traction, and fit are superb on the shoe. The only thing lacking on the shoe is the torsional rigidity. But these are really flexible shoes.”

BBallshoes/ Reddit

These are designed to be lightweight and unburdensome. The shoe’s overall support feels to be minimalized. For players who need security, the original Two WXY are better.”

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