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Best for outdoors

Nike Air Max Impact 3 basketball shoes has an outstanding traction pattern, with a price tag of 90 $ the comfort, impact protection, and outdoor stability is just strong advocate of the shoe. There is not really any downside with these best outdoor basketball Nike Air max impact 3. However, a narrow and tight fit can be taken on both sides as it can be a great feature for those who like a grip on their feet.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 340g-360g | Top: Mid Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Air max+ EVA foam | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Dust resistant and Durable
  • Excellent heel lockdown
  • Lightweight
  • Great traction 
  • Lots of jump force
  • Best for outdoors
  • Great budget choice


  • Cheap material
  • The cushion is less comfortable

Detailed Nike Air Max Impact 3 Review

Nike says Crash, boom, bang on the basketball court with the Nike Air Max Impact 3 basketball shoes.

Nike released these sneakers last fall/winter.

 The highlight of the Nike air max impact 3 Basketball shoe pair is affordability and durability as a buyer anticipates that outdoor shoe gets damaged easily. The Nike Air Max Impact 3 basketball shoes are not only the most durable shoes out there but also the best budget choice. 

Nothing else can beat it when it comes to the durability of this super duper Nike air max impact 3 shoes. The thick outsole does a great job on outdoor surfaces. 

Material may feel cheap but that’s the best offering for affordable shoes nowadays.

Let’s jump right into the performance review of Nike Air Max Impact 3

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The Nike Air Max impact 3 tractions is improved than other rival brands. The outsole has a full-length herringbone pattern. That’s why it grips on the floor really well. 

The traction is outstanding as it literally bites on the floor. For the rapid movements, it holds you well on the floor while playing basketball. It keeps you stable.

Nike Air Max Impact 3 totally changes the perception of people that if you buy an expensive shoe only then it’s gonna give nice traction. Nike Air max impact 3 traction is a nice offering in budget choice. the great traction is similar to Nike Giannis immortality signature shoes.


Nike air max impact 3 basketball shoes use different cushion technologies in their sneakers. This Nike Impact 3 uses a Full-length Air Max unit.

The Nike Air max impact cushion is thick enough to give nice impact protection in the heel. Combined with the foam midsole, the cushion setup feels really springy.

The foam midsole uses phylon which makes the cushion setup thicker and more comfortable. The foam on the forefoot combined with the air max cushion.

The tongue uses a nice amount of foam that gives a great fit to the shoe.

Overall, the cushion setup is responsive and provides good impact protection. Nike air max impact basketball shoe gives a nice court feel. Although it is not outstanding it’s great for a budget model sneaker.


The Nike air max impact 3 basketball shoes use mesh material on the top and around the shoe. The side has a rubber wing. The mesh upper material is made of textiles. 

The top of the air max impact 3 is a thin material that is really lightweight. The budget shoe Air max impact 3 material is not premium quality. It looks cheap but the lightweight material for the rapid game as basketball is what a player chooses.

The tongue area of the shoe has minimum padding and it is made up of textile material. The material in Nike air max impact 3 is nice and stretchy which takes a minimum break-in time.

The ankle area is lined with thin minimal material.

For added protection and stability, the toe area uses different materials. This thin film covering of plastic material makes the shoe more durable and long-lasting.


The air max impact 3 basketball shoes will provide very good lateral stability as it gives nice ankle support being a mid-top shoe. So it nicely contains the ankle area. 

The air max unit has a small outrigger or fins on both sides on the front and back. That makes the sneaker more stable on the sides.

The lockdown is super when you tie laces. The feet are nicely contained in the shoe.

 For those who have flat feet and have issues with Achilles being nonflexible, these air max Impact 3 air max form Nike give perfect ankle support and flexibility.


Nike air max impact 3 basketball shoes’ comfort is better than many other shoes. It’s a nice and cozy shoe being lighter in weight. wide footers can go half a size up of their true size but the narrow footers should get true-to-size sneakers.

Air max impact is slightly snug when you first-time use them. The comfort builds as basketball players play more in the shoe. it provides one to one fit

Overall the Nike air max impact 3 fit is perfect and nicely lockdowns your heel in the bottom area. It does not feel tight at all. The material on the upper and inner side that is made up of some kind of mesh textile is super comfortable on the feet. It fits like a real pro sneaker.

  1. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways: 

Nike Air Max Impact 3 basketball shoes is available in 6 different colorways. All are super nice and amazing uni colors or combinations.

The Nike impact 3 colorways are vibrant and fashionable6uyt5. It includes black, grey black, white pink, sharp pink, and all grey. 

The looks of Air Max Impact 3 basketball shoes are definitely great for their very affordable price.


As we know outdoor shoes must have great traction so the Nike Air Max impact 3 is the shoe that is preferred for outdoor use.

The thick rubber on the outsole has a deep herringbone pattern. It may get a little dusty and you might wanna clean it after use on an outdoor court. 

But Nike air max impact 3 hoop shoes are very nice for outdoor use as the thick rubber pattern literally bites on the outdoor basketball courts. No matter how recklessly you play in it. The shoes will remain absolutely slip-free. The outsole rubber is super thick. 

The top toe area has a different thin layer of a film-like material. So the harder surfaces would not harm the shoe surfaces easily, as it offers great impact protection.

Nike Air Max Impact 3 basketball shoes are perfect and indeed 10/10 for outdoor use.


The outer layer of Nike air max impact basketball shoes is some kind of textile. The material design is a crisscross pattern. The wide square hole on the side of the shoe material makes it breathable. 

It will let enough air pass through the mesh material. So the feet won’t feel very warm for longer playing hours in the outdoor areas. 

Nike air max’s lighter mesh material will keep air circulation all the time. So the shoe offers nice ventilation.


The material and the outsole material of the Nike air max impact 3 basketball shoe are the main things that decide their durability.

While looking at the  Material and outsole of the Nike Air Max Impact 3 basketball shoes, we see a thicker rubber used on its outsole. So it will not wear out for a longer period on outdoor courts. The shoe is made up of very durable materials.

Outdoor basketball shoes are likely to damage rapidly or their color faints more easily than outdoor shoes. But this Nike air max impact 3 is excellent in its durability for outdoor basketball.

User Review:

The user review has been great for this affordable Nike Air max impact 3. The average user rating is 4.5/ 5. So wrapping up,  It’s a great quality affordable pair and if you are looking for a luxury package you might wanna look somewhere else.

Expert Review:


“I’m going to go with 9.5 out of 10 for me. I’m really surprised how great these shoes perform, like traction, ankle support, ventilation, and the list goes on. ”


“These would strictly be some beater shoes for outdoor only. The bite on the traction pattern is really good outdoors. But Nike has other better budget models too.”

3-XIAO Basketball:

Overall Nike air max impact 3 are supportingly a good outdoor budget basketball shoe from Nike. this is my new favorite shoe.”


I do like the Nike air max impact performance shoe. The comfort level is really good for a 90 $ shoe. They are super light, the upper material suffers a bit because of that but it’s like a kind of wings to reinforce the foot. Traction is above average.

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