Nike Air Zoom GT Cut 2 Review 2023

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Our Verdict:

Best for outdoors

The overall basketball shoe outdoor performance is outclassed. You can count on these for the best game on outdoor courts. Aaron Gordon Zen 3 has been a favorite sneakers for many basketball players this year for tractions and lockdown. The cushion is not too thick but gives a nice rebound. Overall comfort and stability are what make them stand out.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 430g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length React + Full-length zoom Strobel + EVA | Material: Neoprene + Screen mesh


  • Traction
  • Best Cushion
  • Thicker midsole
  • Best for outdoors
  • Lightweight
  • Super fit


  • Not for wide footers
  • Week court feel

Detailed Nike Air Zoom GT Cut 2 Review

Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 is the sequel of the most reviewed and pricy pair of last year. The G.T Cut 1 was not a very known sneaker until many players in NBA wore them and the reviewers noticed its superb features.

That’s how G.T Cut 1 became the hyper pair. The bad point about the G.T Cut series is, that it is still very pricy. 

Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 tech specs are slightly different than the first release. The upper material has a mesh upper. Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 features a smear traction 1.0. 

Compared to all the potential basketball sneakers available right now, Air Zoom G.T Cut is very expensive. The price is even higher than the first G.T Cut. 

We had a detailed look at whether the G.T Cut 2 tech specs justify its price tag. 

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1. Traction:

Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 has a translucent rubber outsole on the forefoot and heel. The multicolored traction pattern has 2 different designs. 

The top of the forefoot and heel, portion has an arrowhead design and the middle section above the midfoot is what they called Smear Traction 1.0 in Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2.

 This is a herringbone pattern. The multicolored traction on the basketball sneakers is most probably the highlight feature of Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2

This traction moves on the floor with you. The rubber traction pattern grabs the floor. It’s interesting and grippy traction. 

On clean courts, you are absolutely covered with this traction pattern. However, on a very dirty court, you will want to clean them after a couple of plays.

The traction is similar and amazing to G.T Cut 1. This traction is perfect for quick cuts and instant stops.

2. Cushion: 

The Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 has a Full length React midsole. It is exposed to the feet. The react foam is not so thick.

Beneath the React midsole, it has a full-length zoom Strobel unit. It is a soft EVA foam underneath that can be seen from the lateral side of Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2. 

The cushion in G.T Cut 2 basketball sneaker has 3 foam layers. So it is a very bouncy and responsive cushioning. You can easily make high jumps

There is a Zoom Air unit in the heel of React midsole. All of this makes it a pretty high off-the-ground cushion. The court feel is compromised on Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2. 

Although for jumping this is a crazy cushioning setup for 2022. We are surely going to see this on the court in the latest NBA season. 

Impact protection is better than the previous model. Overall it’s a great cushioning setup.

3. Material: 

The material on the Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 is made up of a screen mesh. It is thin and has to stitch on it like a scratched-toe nail design on a few areas. 

The material has Neoprene overlays for added strength and durability. The same upper material extends to the sides of the sneaker.

The back of the heel has synthetic leather. The heel counter below the leather part is pretty exposed.

Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 tongue is padded and is made up of neoprene material. The tongue is not attached to the shoe upper. So many reviewers do not like independent tongue construction. 

It gives impact protection without sacrificing comfort.

The heel area has minimum padding. Overall the material feels very minimum on the feet. Although there is no premium touch to this shoe material.

4. Support: 

The Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 has an internal heel counter to give the heel part stiffness. It has a midfoot shank plate that is visible through the logo under the shoe. 

The lacing eyelets are not attached to the footbed. But the forefoot area has a lot of flex you can bend it to the mid portion. 

The shoe gives a nice forward thrust with its slightly bent shape in the forefoot. This type of shoe is made for players who do a lot of twisting and side stepping

The heel has a plastic caging that is an external heel counter. The ribbed felt material is also there for support and stability.

The footbed is slightly protruding out in the forefoot to give it lateral stability.

The shoe material is not stretchy. The side of the Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 has an EVA foam caging for lateral containment. 

Overall the shoe support pattern has everything one can expect from an NBA performer basketball shoe.

5. Fit: 

Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 fits true to size. It is a great fit for narrow to medium footers. However, wide feet players should buy half a size up because these are slightly narrow on the forefoot.

Also, try to choose the appropriate size, as these are rare shoes by Nike which sold out overnight after their initial release.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways: 

Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 looks are not very premium. Which is due to its plastic mesh-like synthetic upper. The sneaker heal counter matches Air Jordan 32. 

Right now there are Black/White/Anthracite/Bright Crimson, Coconut Milk/Arctic Orange/Barely Green, Summit White/Metallic Summit White.

7. Outdoor/Durability: 

The outdoor performance of the Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 is expected to be great. It has a multidirectional traction pattern. 

The very hard and thick rubber grooves are loud and squeaky on the indoor courts. It grips perfectly on the floor. Which makes it a great shoe for outdoors.

The only concern about its outdoor use remains, its price tag. For an elite basketball shoe like Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2, no one will want it to damage the looks of this expensive sneaker on rough outdoor terrains.

The upper mesh is not flexible. It is reinforced by the upper stitching materials and side overlays. The outsole rubber is very thick and deep. It will definitely last a few seasons.

8. Breathability/Ventilation: 

The Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 has a screen mesh material on the top. That is more like a plastic touch upper. It is see-through. On the black colorways, we can actually see the blue surface beneath it. 

The same upper material runs along the sides of the sneaker. It is very minimal and lightweight. It is. 

The shoe weight mostly comes from the heavy cushioning setup. The upper will keep you ventilated during the long outdoor as well as indoor games.

9. User Review:

Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 is the latest release. It has not gained any user reviews yet.

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10. Expert Review

Sole Brothers

“I like to have a balanced feel of the shoe. But Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 feels very bottom-heavy. Aesthetics are average. Material is cheaper. It’s not the best But I still think it’s going to be a great performer.”


“Traction is outstanding. This stuff is very durable. The Drop-in midsole is very thoughtful. the shoe material is what I don’t love about it. Support features and extra eyelet are really going to give a great fit.

Snkr Tech Talk

It sold out in Asia in a minute of release. It is very popular. As far as traction goes, fantastic traction even on dirty floors. It’s gonna last a pretty long time. The cushion is the top setup. Cut 1 was a hyped shoe. Performance wise Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 is also great”


“Traction on Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut Cut 2 is better than the first model. Torsional support is not great. Signs and aesthetics were way more on Cut1. but in terms of performance and cushioning, I like the tech and cushioning of Cut 2. 2 is an improved version of cut 1.”

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