Nike Air Zoom GT Jump Review 2023

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Best for Centers and Versatile

Nike Air Zoom Jump gives you maximum impact protection. It has excellent tech-packed cushioning and support patterns. Traction is amazing on a clean surface. It’s a perfect shoe for Centers and big guys. Multiple cushion setup has increased their weight but owing to their performance; it’s all worth it.

Facts & Specs

Size: Medium Fit | Weight: 460g | Top: High Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Zoom Strobel+ Zoom Turbo Unit+ Zoom Air Unit | Material: Nike Jumpwire + Lenoweave


  • Very responsive cushion
  • Solid impact protection
  • Lateral stability
  • Maximum jump height
  • Very breathable
  • Good traction
  • Durable upper material
  • Pebax gives maximum Torsional rigidity


  • Not a great choice for outdoor courts
  • Low court feel
  • Bulky

Detailed Nike Air Zoom GT Jump Review

It’s Nike Zoom GT Jump. I have been so excited to try them on. As the name reveals, this one is the sequel of the Nike Air Zoom GT Cut and Nike Air Zoom GT Run. 

I have its Multi-colored Colorway with Black dominant on its silhouette. It looks like Nike has done a good job designing Air Zoom GT Cut. 

On its first impression, I feel it will be a very breathable sneaker because I can see through its Nike Jumpwire mesh. 

Sit tight while I’m going to tell you the release background, tech specs, and performance based on our testing parameters and reviews from experts about the sneaker.

What’s Exciting About Nike Air Zoom GT Jump

Nike Air Zoom GT Jump Dropped in February 2022, and it’s arguably the most tech-packed basketball sneaker of the year. 

A group of hoopers always look for a sneaker that saves their joints on hard landings with a cushioned base. Nike Air Zoom GT Jump is here for them. Its craft and design go perfectly with an idea of a cushioned and supportive basketball shoe.

Besides all goods and almost no bad (I am nitpicking here to find Cons), the sneaker price is so high. Many hyped colorways retail for upto 300$. But its actual price is 235$ on its flagship retail store.

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1. Traction:

Nike Air Zoom GT Jump came in a very traditional herringbone pattern. You look nothing new in the pattern except that the outsole has very small holes between the rubber grooves.

The high-cut basketball shoe grips well on an indoor, mildly dusty court. The bite and grip on the floor are amazing. You are going to have a good sudden stop. It’s not like Air Jordan 36 that. You need to wipe its outsole on the court every 10 minutes.

But it picks up dust and is not the best for outdoor courts.

Overall, you are going to be fine with traction. It’s a better traction pattern.

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2. Cushion: 

As the name of the sneaker reveals, it’s going to aid in jumping and will give a more push-off force. These qualities in the shoe are added by packing the 3 different cushions in the midsole of the Nike Air Cut GT Jump. 

First off, there is an insole, which is not too marshmallow soft. Then you get a full-length Zoom Strobel to unite. Just below this one, a piece of Zoom Air is in the forefoot, and another is in the heel. 

You can understand how responsive the cushion is. It’s a perfect shoe for big guys and Centers who are on the heavier side and looking for a shoe that protects their knees and saves their joints on high jumps. You are going to get top-tier impact protection.

The high-cut shoe does the job well to give you a good jump force high up the ground. But we would not recommend this shoe to a guard who looks for a shoe with a low-to-the-ground cushion because GT Jump lacks a court feel.

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3. Material:

Nike Air Zoom GT Jump upper material is a mix of two different kinds of stuff. The top of the forefoot is wrapped with Lenoweave material, which is soft and comfortable.

The sides of the shoes are covered with very minimal Flywire mesh material. It’s very breathable because there is no padding running underneath the flywire. However, the back and tongue area has little padding.

Overall, it’s a cozy and very comfortable material.

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4. Support: 

Nike Air Zoom GT Jump has the best support features that one might want to look for in basketball shoes. Such as its side caging with a TPU wall labeled as Nike Jumpframe covers it from all sides. 

Moreover, the heel has an internal TPU heel counter to protect the ankle. So the shoe has good lateral stability. Also, it’s a high-cut shoe so it will protect the ankle area.

A Pebex plate is used as a plastic jump frame. It gives the shoes good torsional rigidity. Also, it stores the energy as a rigid base and releases it when you make a high jump.

The base of the shoe does not bend. It’s very stiff. Therefore, it’s good for players with tendinitis. 

5. Fit:

The Nike Nike Air Zoom GT Jump is not a very wide base shoe. It’s a comfortable shoe with no void spaces in the toe box.

Thus it will give you a good one-on-one fit in a true-to-size pair. However, if you have wide feet, you should buy half size up for a comfortable fit.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways:

Lockdown is on another level, with one of the shoelaces passing through the flywire side mesh directly and going up to the ankle area.

Where many designers struggle to design basketball shoes that look more like cool lifestyle sneakers, the Nike Air Zoom GT Jump stands tall with a professional basketball sneaker look. It has many cool colorways, such as the debut release in University red/white/grey. 

Gery Sail, China and Own Space, and Vivid Sky are some other colorways. The vivid sky is all creamy sneakers with an aqua color outsole.

7. Outdoor/Durability: 

Nike Air Zoom GGTJump’s upper material is very durable. Its strength is enhanced with the synthetic overlays running from the toe box all the way toward the heel. 

So if you are the one who does a lot of toe drags, there won’t be any notable damage in the upper material. 

The outsole material has thin rubber grooves. It’s not an ideal outsole for outdoors. Moreover, when you play on a hard surface, its thin grooves will wear out soon.

So make sure to wear Nike Air Zoon GGTJump on only less abrasive indoor courts.

9. Breathability/Ventilation: 

I played in the Nike Air ZoomGT Jump, which has a lot of ventilation. The air circulates from all sides through the Flywire. Also, the material on the toe box is very thin. 

So these make Nike Air Zoom GGTJump an ideal basketball shoe to wear on hot summer days.

10. User Review

Nike Air Zoom GGTJump has an overall rating of 4.2 on its online store. Basketball players love it.

11. Expert Review

Sole Brothers

“Its a better LeBron. Its more fun and comfortable and feels more elite. I absolutely loved playing in them. Its not too responsive but its super fun to play in.”

BBall Shoes/ Reddit

“The shoe has very high cushioning level. But its not good for players who make rapid changings in directions. The exposed Zoom units make it unsuitable for outdoor play.”

Foot Doctor Zach

“Nike has thrown so much tech in it. They have done a good effort to bring all element of Nike technology work together. These are not for more nimble movements like Nike Flow line.”

Richee Kim

“Traction is not good on dustier court, but everything else is great about the shoe. It is super fun, super bouncy and I would say that I have never experienced any cushioning setup like this before.”

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