Nike Cosmic Unity 2 Review 2023

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Our Verdict:

Best for outdoors

Nike Cosmic Unity 2 is a nice performance hoop shoe for outdoors as well as indoor courts. Material needs a little time to break in. But you get a high level of comfort and traction in it. These are certainly great basketball shoes with the best traction and cushion. The price is a bit high. But features are a major upgrade from the last year’s Cosmic Unity 1.

Facts & Specs

Size: Snug fit/ True-to-size | Weight: 360g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-Length Zoom Strobel | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Durable outsole
  • Great traction on hardwood, and outdoor surfaces
  • Nice impact protection
  • Better quality material
  • Bouncy cushion
  • Good for outdoor use
  • Lateral stability


  • Not breathable
  • Snug fit

Detailed Nike Cosmic Unity 2 Review

Nike Cosmic Unity 2 is a great initiative from Nike in the line of basketball sneakers made out of repurposed material. 

At least 20% material of the shoe comes from recycled material. That’s because Nike has the Vision to contribute to zero carbon and zero waste in the future.

Nike Cosmic Unity 2 has steller qualities that one can desire in a performance basketball shoe. Traction is so amazing that you can wear them confidently and play on any surface.

No doubt, it’s one of the best traction shoes and the best Outdoor shoes among the latest hoop shoes.

There’s much more to it than that, let’s find out.

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1. Traction:

Nike Cosmic Unity 2 has a powerful traction pattern. Its rubber outsole has a different pattern that we suppose goes with the concept of its alien-ish futuristic Cosmic design. It’s a blooming flower-like pattern on the forefoot and heel. 

The forefoot and midfoot are quite spaced with foam spacing in the middle of the shoe.

On the hardwood floor, this traction will give you a lot of control in your hard cuts and lateral moves. It allows you to stop on a dime anytime. 

Traction remains pretty much the same on the outdoor floors. It picks up minimum dust. However, if it does, it is still so easy to wipe. 

So overall, Nike Cosmic Unity 2 has an amazing traction pattern. 

2. Cushion: 

In Nike Cosmic Unity 2, the cushion is soft and feels great on your feet. We found that it’s incredibly soft and bouncy. Having said that, it’s very responsive but it feels minimal and soft on your feet.

Nike Cosmic Unity 2 has a full-length Air Strobel as cushioning. Many players like it for its great step in comfort, court feel, and minimal setup. It gives them a lightweight feel and the freedom to move quickly. 

The insole is also very soft made up of styrofoam that adds comfort to the shoe.

It will give you adequate impact protection. So, if you are a player who likes a lot of responsiveness and high-up-the-ground basketball shoes then these are a great option.

3. Material: 

Nike Cosmic Unity 2 has a textile material upper that’s soft and stretchy once broken in. lateral and medial sides of the shoe have fused overlays for support and durability. 

The internal side of the heel is sufficiently padded that protects your ankle bone. 

The tongue is vented with big holes. It’s not too thick but padded sufficiently to add comfort to the feet. 

Overall Nike Cosmic Unity 2 has a knit material that’s better than the Cosmic Unity 1. It nicely contains your feet.

4. Support: 

Cosmic Unity 2 has nice side-to-side stability and an impressive lockdown. Your feet are completely in place when you tie down your laces.

However, it’s not a great shoe for a flat feet player or someone who needs arch muscle support. Because it has a soft plastic plate in the midfoot instead of a hard midfoot shank plate like Air Jordan 36. 

So to speak, It lacks torsional rigidity. The back of the heel also has an internal heel counter. The collar area is padded to cut down on ankle injuries. Overall, the support is nice in these performance sneakers.

5. Fit: 

Nike Cosmic Unity 2 has a snug fit. If you are a very wide feet player then you must buy half size up than your actual size. 

Fit in the Cosmic Unity 2 becomes better with time as the material needs time to break in. once it’s broken in, you will enjoy every bit of the move. It will give a very secure lockdown.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways: 

Nike Cosmic Unity 2 was released in a textures pattern on a side swoosh. The lateral and medial sides of its first release have a galaxy dots design.

We liked the cosmic Unity 2 design. It’s recently available in four colorways and more to come. Available colorways are We Fly To Defy, Coconut Milk/ Atmosphere/ Black, and WNBA A’ja colorways. 

7. Outdoor/Durability: 

Nike Cosmic Unity 2 gives a powerful performance on hardwood and concrete surfaces. The outsole tread pattern is very supportive of side-to-side moves. It is superb for someone who uses toe drags. So outdoor performance is quite amazing.

The outsole tread patterns look thick and deep. these are going to last you a couple of seasons. 

These are not the best in terms of outdoor durability. But if you are eyeing them for outdoor, then these will be nice performance sneakers..

8. Breathability/Ventilation: 

Nike Cosmic Unity 2 has ventilation holes in the tongue. Other than that, the textile mesh material is pretty thick on the feet.

So there won’t be much airflow around your feet.

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9. User Review

Cosmic Unity 2 has received great reviews from users for its great traction, phenomenal traction, and perfect lateral stability and lockdown. It has received a user rating of 4/5.

10. Expert Review

Sole Brothers

“Cosmic Unity 2 is absolutely amazing and a top-tier performer. I had zero issues with it. Great quality material, especially for the price, zoom Strobel unit is amazing, and traction and support are amazing even if you are a big player. It’s definitely going to be in my rotation heavily”.

Tommy Liu

“ Nike Cosmic Unity 2 gives nice balance and cushioning underneath your foot but I can’t play in them in long hours. For someone like me who has flat feet, tightness becomes a problem. If you like snug fit then it’s a good option”. 


“It’s a very steady sneaker cushion and the support is on point and looks really nice. These are more like lifestyle sneakers. The only downside is, traction is not top-tier.”


“ Nike Cosmic Unity 2 is a very very good performer. Everything about the shoe is really nice such as traction, cushion, and support fit. it’s an upgrade on Nike Cosmic Unity 1. I would suggest you buy this. I am sure you won’t be disappointed”.

Foot Doctor Zach

“For someone who uses shifty footwork in a contained area, wants a lot of containment in the upper, with a lot of low-to-the-ground feels and stiff bottom then you’ll probably like the minimal setup of Nike Cosmic Unity 2”.

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