Nike Giannis immortality Review 2023

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Our Verdict

Best for outdoors

Nike Giannis Immortality is definitely one of the lightest and quick-performance budget models. It’s a new line of shoes which is likely to see improvement in its roaster. But it’s definitely a very durable shoe for outdoor. Immortality has won all the criteria for being super easy on outdoor grounds shoes with its great traction, and phylon cushioning. It’s a great choice as it remains dust-free for longer outdoor plays.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 300g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Phylon | Material: Synthetic Textile Mesh


  • Super traction
  • Enormous cushioning
  • Budget-friendly shoes
  • Just about the right fit
  • Lightweight 
  • Great for outdoors


  • Slightly low quality
  • Less impact protection

Let’s have a detailed insight to know what this budget-performance shoe has for a versatile playoff.

Detailed Nike Giannis Immortality Review

Nike Giannis Immortality is the latest release of Nike. The basketball shoe is designed after the playing style of basketball star, Gianni Antetokounmpo. 

The versatile basketball style has won the “Most Valuable Player of NBA” award for two consecutive years (2019,2020).

Gianni has a unique skill set on the court. The shoe construction has all the great elements to replicate the multidimensional accent of Buck’s player.

After all, the future of basketball is positionless play. For that style, the signature shoes, Nike Giannis Immortality is a great performer. 

The Roaster of Nike Gianni’s immortality is only going to grow for its smashing features for only 80 bucks. We expect amazing durability on outdoor sites.

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Nike Gianni’s immortality has a beast of traction pattern. The outsole rubber has a zig-zag herringbone pattern. 

The rubber outsole is so thick and hard. that it has translucent rubber too. 

 When the shoe was used outside courts, It made quick stops. The traction was amazing outdoor and indoors.

On Indoor clean courts it makes loud squeaks and bites the floor. In the outdoors, the performance remains unaltered. 

Even if Gianni’s immortality picks a little bit of dust, which is only too little, you can wipe it quickly. 

So overall this budget shoe is a great choice where quick stops are required in the game. Since the release date, Gianni’s immortality remains unmatchable with its traction feature.


The cushion setup is not too premium. Unlike the other models of Nike, which use a full-length zoom cushion. 

In the Nike Giannis Immortality, the cushioning setup consists of a full-length phylon. Being a budget model it’s a decent cursing setup. The cushion is responsive. 

The heel area is curved so the heel-to-toe transition is great.

The cushion wraps the foot like a glove and nicely contains it. It provides impact protection and a nice court feel. 

It’s very low to the ground. The cushion however is very thin in the forefoot area. 

If you like a very thick cushion with a lot of impact protection, you might want to watch it somewhere else.


The upper material in Nike Gianni’s immortality is a lightweight mesh made up of textiles.

The toe box on the lateral side has no fused overlays for more durability. 

On the heel area, it has leather overlays above the mesh. Which looks very nice for a low-cost shoe

The side of the Giannis immortality has a Nike swoosh that has a see-through type design. Inside of this, you can see an inner material that has perforations. 

The tongue is padded and the ankle area also has padding. The padding is not so thick. Overall the material is very minimal and thin. It feels very soft.

The break in time becomes less as you wear Giannis Immortality more. For a budget model that’s what you can get.


The Nike Gianni immortality has a curved shape back. The back of the Giannis immortality has minimum padding to support the Achilles area. 

The forefoot area has minimum material with few overlays on high-wear areas. So you need to be very careful with rapid movements. 

The torsional support is good. Lateral containment is also good. Gianni’s immortality replicates the style of a versatile player, the side-to-side movement has to be great.

Gianni’s immortality offers nice support. However it is a bit inconsistent, but not to the bit that we can say it’s a deal breaker. 


Giannis’ immortality fit is snug. It does not have any dead spaces in forefoot areas. it has a wide base. So if you want to get shoes you will have to go with the true-to-size option. 

About sizing, anyone with wide feet might like to have half size more than the true size. The laces in the shoe provide extra fit and containment to the foot.

The lockdown is also very good as the Giannis immortality has a great fit so you might not have to worry about heel slippage. 

Appearance/ Colorways

The appearance of Nike Giannis Immortality is modern. The sneaker has a distinctive waves-like design on the sides. On the back of the heel, it has a foam that’s only for aesthetics. It looks pretty cool.

Nike Giannis Immortality is available in many colorways, that include Force field, white clear, championship, Antetokounmpo pair, smoothie City edition, black white and Volt, and many more. 

Pair looks and style are super attractive.


The Giannis immortality traction pattern has been seen to be very consistent in the outdoor dusty areas too. Even if players have to make a quick stop, traction will work nicely to prevent slippage.

The upper material of the pair is although thin, light and breathable. But it’s lined with a thin textile material underneath. 

On the top of the Giannis immortality, a couple of fused overlays on high-wear areas add extra durability to the material as expected. The shoe works great in the outdoor form in every aspect.

Outdoor or indoor these are great performance shoes at an affordable price. In price comparison with other hoop shoes, it’s the best budget model.


The materials of the Nike Giannis Immortality are extremely thin. It is a bit stretchy. Even under the Nike swoosh area is see-through and there is a perforated fabric beneath it. 

The Immortality has a half-booty construction tongue. The lining of the tongue is also thin. The Giannis immortality materials are breathable. Its perforated top on the forefoot will keep air flowing in the shoe.


Nike Giannis’ immortality is a budget model. However, the rubber outsole is thick and its herringbone pattern is deep. 

The rubber outsole is perfect to use on rough and tough outdoor areas. The shoe pair will endure constant use on concrete surfaces for a longer period of time. Especially with the price, It’s appreciated among experts to be a very durable budget shoe on outdoor sites.

User Review

This first shoe of Giannis Immortality is appreciated on many grounds including traction, outdoor durability, support, and fit. The overall user rating is 4/5.

Expert Reviews

We’ve got exclusive insights from top shoe experts for you.

1-Sole Brothers

“80 bucks, Gianni’s immortality is too damn good. If you are a guard and you like really light and minimum materials shoes, you want a responsive shoe this one is for you. However, it’s not great on the cushion. overall it’s phenomenal, and most people enjoyed it”


“The Nike Giannis Immortality offers good performance for a budget signature model. The Phylon isn’t terrible but isn’t fantastic either.”


“The Nike Giannis Immortality is a budget model, and it shows especially in how it performs. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not really THAT bad. However, it sure still leaves a lot to be desired. After all, going back to the classics after experiencing new techs can truly feel a little lacking.”


“Performance wise Giannis immortality is a little to distinguish this from other lower-end Nikes, lightweight, Durable outsole, but weak cushioning and support with lower quality material. Expectedly Gianni’s fans will shed out an extra 10$ for this over something like Nike Precision.”


“We are looking at a shoe that is below the 100 mark, it still has some solid lateral containment and the traction is pretty good too so for a budget shoe these definitely check out just fine for me.”


“I had a lot of support issues with Gianni’s immortality, but in terms of materials and quality, it’s nice. But in the budget shoe, there are other choices that give better support.”

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