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Best for outdoors

Kd 14 was a hit, Nike has maintained and improved that aspect in this latest release KD 15, ZOOM Strobel is the bounciest cushion for hard landings, and lateral containment and traction are consistent on all types of floor. Players may have issues with fit. Other than that that it’s a great performer.

Facts & Specs

Size: Slim-fit | Weight: 357g – 380g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Zoom | Material: Lightweight Mesh


  • Breathable
  • Cushlon in the midsole for added spring-like feel
  • Durable for outdoor
  • Biting traction
  • Comfort
  • Lightweight


  • Material feels cheap
  • Not suitable for wide-footers

Detailed Nike KD 15 Review

The KD 15 just dropped in this year. The design highlight is the big area of TPU support on the bottom of the midsole and a Nike Swoosh on both sides.

Also, KD wrote on the low top back. TPU support extends to the heel part. KD 15 designs are Versatile shoes.  

Named after Kevin Durant, the top-tier NBA basketball player who virtually plays at any position: small forward, power forward. So KD 15 is designed for versatile players in low-top style.

It’s definitely Nike’s above-average performance model but we ain’t hooked up until it’s completely evaluated.

Welcome to the performance review of the Nike KD 15

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The traction pattern is the highlight of these shoes. For any sneakerhead that is picky about choosing the most outstanding pair for outdoor games, they will have zero complaints about KD 15.

The basketball shoe shows great responsiveness indoors or outdoors. The lined pattern and grooves under the shoe do not get dust on outdoor dusty courts. That makes them essentially slip-free. 

The grooves offer a grip on the ground. Grooves have nice spacing in between that is pretty much essential for playing in rapidly changing directions. 

Kd 15 had an XDR outsole, which is specifically known to enhance the durability of basketball shoes for outdoors. The outsole is strong, it literally bites to the ground. You will not have any slippage issues with KD 15.

The rubber is deeper and has more edge to it that gives nice squeaks. These KD 15 have blade-style traction that’s not gonna hinder your quick moves. 


Nike has been experimenting with a cushioning system for the shoe. The latest Zoom Strobel technology is used in the Nike KD 15, the same was used in its previous edition KD 14.

The full-length Zoom Strobel boosts the inside cushion by separating it from the underneath basic cushion of the shoe. 

That’s how it increases the stability and responsiveness of the pair The bounce is similar to the Nike air jet flight. The zoom air Strobel combined with the thick sole makes it easier to do higher jumps by improving the shoe compression. 

The midsole area of the shoe use Cushlon which is used in some top shoe brands making the sole more thicker and comfortable.

The overall cushioning on the foot is just spring and very responsive. 

The overall feel of the Nike kd 15 is not so thin or thick, it just maintains a perfectly balanced cushioning to give impact protection and bounciness. Also, it gives a nice court feel. when you strike the heel to the floor it feels really great. 


The Nike KD 15 has mesh materials on the top. It is stretchy and comfortable. Actually, there’s a lot of material used in the KD 15. 

The feel of the shoe is soft and nice and takes a minimum break-in time. The top of the shoe material is thinner and lighter. It looks cheap. It’s not much different from last year’s KD 15. The mesh materials have many layers. 

Minimal materials are used in the design process of the Nike KD 15. that’s why when you wear the basketball sneaker, it feels lighter and more comfortable so that it gives a soft feel. The quality of the upper part of the Nike KD 15 is improved to make it more durable for outdoor games. 


It has a beefy heel cup that perfectly locks up players’ feet in it. No matter what position you play, it adds much confidence to your game. The foot stays in place with nice side supports that add stability on rapid moves.

The basketball shoes have a wide base that gives a nice containment feel when you move side to side.

The ankle area has a good amount of padding to protect the ankle from any possible injury. The Nike KD 15 is a low top that gives you more freedom for rapid moves in basketball play.


The Nike KD 15 has relatively different design innovations than the KD 14. The side part of this kd line has plastic wings to nicely contain your feet in the shoes. If your feet are wide, you are gonna nicely slip in the shoes.

Narrow or slim feet players can have true-to-size shoes. That’s going to fit perfectly on their feet. the fit is a bit on the narrow side. While wide feet players may wanna go half a size up of their true size. half size up is supposed to aid nicely in fitting the shoe. it has laces on top for additional fit.

Overall the fit is such that the player’s feet slip nicely in it and give a nice grip. The nike kd 15 is a great fit. In short, it fits like a true-sized glove.

If you want a great heel lockdown, Nike KD 15 will do a great job.

Looks/ Appearance/ Colorways: 

KD 15 is a beautiful looking interestingly aesthetic pair. 

It is available in 5 interesting colorways so far. Lemon twist, sand drift, white black, multicolor, pink. All are artsy and amazing.

multicolor is in a colorful pattern while lemon twist/ crimson has a subtle green color that looks so cool.

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For outdoor games, what is to be expected of basketball shoes? it must have some outstanding traction pattern. And secondly a thick cushion for impact protection.

The Nike KD 15 is a low-top sneaker, with full-length zoom Strobel all around. The rubber traction pattern has a lot of edges. 

It’s a great pair for outdoor use combining both amazing cushion technology and traction pattern. That makes it absolutely slip-free. Super marshmallow soft heel foam is very supportive for higher jumps in an outdoor game


The upper mesh is light and durable. The ventilated tongue used in KD 15 is the highlight of the design. It is very well ventilated.

That makes Nike Kd 15 more breathable than last year’s KD 14,

It’s not going to give you a tough time while wearing in outdoor games. However, for longer games, your foot may get sweaty as its top layer on the toe box is a bit thick.


The tread pattern under the shoes is made of rubber. The deep tread pattern increases the distance between you and the ground. 

So if you are a slider in outdoor areas, the bottom part of the basketball sneaker is going to support your move.

The upper part of the basketball shoe is mesh material that is cheaper but functional. Thicker layers on the top of the Nike KD 15 are durable. 

However, if you are going to give it a rough time outdoors, it’s definitely gonna knock out sooner than later. 

User Review:

The user reviews recorded on multiple platforms for Nike KD 15 are 4 /5 based on customer reviews. As these are the latest releases and we expect more scores. you can purchase them from the stores listed on the top.

Expert Review


“ An expert reviewer happily reports that the 15th KD signature shoe from Nike is “gripping super well” on different surfaces.”


“as a modern basketball shoe goes, it has everything you need. Plus, most colors are great so far. This feels like a true evolution from the Nike KD 14.”

3Sole brothers

“Kd 15 is an amazing shoe, in fact, top-tier shoes, a little heel slipping, but it is not anything major. Traction is top tier. Overall great looking shoe.”

4Foot doc Zack

”No matter what kind of position you are playing on the court, these are kind of all-around shoes, these are the kind to fit in anybody’s feelings and do great on any position, be it guard, center, power forward, small forward.”


“I was not much wiping it out but it does not get dust at att as compared to other shoes like Kobe 8, it’s a bit expensive maybe because of the thicker cushion, but so far so good.”

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