Nike Kyrie 8 Review 2023

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Shoe Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 370-390g | Top: High Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Zoom Strobel + Zoom Air + Phylon | Material: Textile


8.5/10 User Rating (4 Experts)

9.2/10 User Rating (195+ User)

Fit & Lock
Value for Price

Infohoops Verdict

The Nike Kyrie Infinity gives a violent jump force and controlled footwork. The traction allows quick stops and the cushion is low to the ground and better than most Kyrie sneakers. It gives control and stability. This is the best setup for quickness and agility in tight spaces. Along with these if you want a very durable basketball shoe, then you should look no further than Kyrie 8. Lateral containment and lockdown are excellent. It’s suitable for versatile players and combo guards.

Other Experts Say?


“Material, support, fit everything about the shoe is pretty awesome. Aesthetics are also pretty cool. The only downside is, that traction needs break-in time. But once you do get through the break-in period, the traction becomes very good.”


“Shoe is lightweight so you can maximize your quickness. Traction feels pretty good, similar to Kyrie 7. Air circulates around the shoe. These are breathable. Side-to-side action and balance on the jump shot feel nice and smooth. I feel very supported on ankles”

The Sole Brothers

“Nike Kyrie Infinity is AMAZING. It’s a great evolution of the Kyrie series. It is super light and has minimal feeling. Also, it is a very responsive feeling shoe. Traction is good. Material is thin at the forefoot but very cozy at the ankle area. ventilation is pretty good.”


“Kyrie 8 is a step up, at least in the right direction for his shoe line. We are talking about a really comfy shoe, definitely softer than last year’s model. The traction is good. Support is pretty much consistent on the court with Kyrie 8”


  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Very durable upper
  • Great jump force
  • Quick and agile setup
  • Superior lockdown
  • Indoor traction
  • Best for Versatile players


  • Material in cheap

Detailed Nike Kyrie 8 Review:

Nike has made yet another pair in line with Kyrie’s signature shoes. Kyrie is a point guard in a basketball game. 

Nike Kyrie 8 is a performance sneaker we can say these are gonna be dope!

Kyrie is known for having great control over his moves. He slows down and then picks up the speed rapidly. 

Nike Kyrie 8 was rebranded as Nike Kyrie Infinity. It all started from the leaked image of Kyrie 8 before its initial launch in public. 

Kyrie Irving disowned this sneaker saying “ I have nothing to do with the design and marketing of upcoming Kyrie 8.” 

Nike then rebranded it, and then Kyrie Irving would finally wear the sneaker in 29 games from 2021-2022. 

Two reliable reporters stated that Nike will not extend its contract with Kyrie beyond this season. 

All we can say is, enjoy it while it lasts.

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Nike Kyrie 8


Nike Kyrie 8 Review 2023

Nike Kyrie Infinity gives multidirectional traction with its irregular outsole pattern. The traction pattern is narrow on the forefoot. 

The same is wider towards the edge of the sneaker. This is more like a chaotic design.

But when it comes down to the performance, Kyrie Infinity has the ability to make rapid stops. It is a lot easier in Kyrie 8 to make multidirectional moves.

But, at first, when you start using the shoe, the traction is pretty bad. It needs break-in time. The rubber compound gets better and grippy when you use them more.

On top of it, the traction is grippy even on a straight-line movement. 

On the clean indoor courts, it will give you nice control over your quick turns and side-to-side stops and starts. The traction is very reliable. 

But it is even far better on abrasive surfaces. That means it is great on the outdoor courts. Just give it a quick wipe once in a while and you will get solid traction in Kyrie 8. 

This traction pattern is designed after the footwork of Kyrie Irving, who needs a lot of side-to-side movements, and agility. Kyrie 8 design is best when tested on both parameters.

What Other Experts Say?

The kyrie infinity features a multi-directional traction pattern. It kind of looks like a modified herringbone almost but it also looks like a shattered glass
pattern and that’s pretty much featured across the entire outsole and the attraction on here is pretty solid definitely at first the traction is pretty bad even on
the cleanest chords. It’s definitely not the best traction out there right now but it is still really good you can do your movements your kyber like movements all you
want once the traction is broken in but there is a pretty rough break-in period you just got to get through it and then the traction will perform really good.



Nike Kyrie 8 Review 2023

Nike Kyrie 8 is the first shoe in the kyrie series since its launch in 2014, that has better cushioning. 

All the kyrie shoes are crafted with a more low-to-the-ground feel. This cushion setup resembles Nike kyrie 6 a bit. 

It has a forefoot Zoom Strobel unit. In the heel, it has a Zoom air unit. Along with these, a full-length phylon is there to make it comfier.

These two independent cushioning combine to release great potential energy. It gives nice jump force. 

The cushioning is at least not stiff like previous models. But it is responsive and bouncy, especially on the forefoot with a large zoom Strobel. It gives a great amount of compression and court feel. 

Overall performance review shows that these are well-cushioned kyrie shoes.

But, Nike Kyrie 8 is not for players with fallen arches. Because there is no midfoot support in shoes.

What Other Experts Say?

Moving on to the cushion the kyrie infinity features some sort of foam midsole honestly probably some sort of phylon however you also have a zoom unit in the heel and a forefoot air zoom strobel and the zoom struble in the forefoot feels great zoom struble is probably one of the best things that nike has put out in recent
years and i’m glad that they’re finally using it on the kyrie infinity.However compared to previous kyrie models this is definitely the best cushion
setup to date in my opinion.



Nike Kyrie 8 Review 2023

Nike Kyrie Infinity 8 upper material is a textile mesh. The shoe materials look beautiful. 

The Upper has a thin forefoot overlay on the edges. On the lateral and medial sides of the shoe, there are synthetic leather patches

That exactly covers the collar areas of sneakers. The back of the shoe also has a leather patch and a Kyrie logo. The tongue area is heavily padded.

Also, it has Kyri signature on it. The ankle area is also heavily padded like the tongue. It gives you a soft and plush feel. 

The shoe material is lightweight. Overall the material looks nice on Nike Kyrie 8. We really enjoyed playing in them.

What Other Experts Say?

Moving on to the materials the kyrie infinity features textile upper with some fuse overlays for aesthetic purposes and then you also have synthetic leather panels
pretty much scattered across the entire shoe mainly where the shoe laces go through on the lower portion and the upper portion. Material usage on it is actually really nice. This is probably the best materials used on a kyrie shoe in recent years.



Nike Kyrie 8 Review 2023

Nike Kyrie 8 has side leather material on the forefoot. The heel area also has leather materials on both medial and lateral sides. 

Kyrie Irving’s signature shoe is designed to give you some outstanding support right off the gate. Your feet won’t slip in the footbed at all. The shoe’s lateral containment is all you want from a performance basketball sneaker. 

Nike Kyrie Infinity has a flexible shank plate. So it’s not very stiff on the base. You can easily bend the shoe compared to the Jordan 36. That has a very stiff midfoot shank plate.

The back of the shoe is heavily padded. It has an internal heel counter for ankle support. 

Nike Kyrie Infinity is slightly on the wider side.

Kyrie’s shoe shape is slightly wide on the pinky-toe area. That gives you great stability on side-to-side movements. 

Overall, Nike Kyrie Infinity gives you the best support. It’s one of the best support setups for the Kyrie line.

What Other Experts Say?

So moving on to the support i had absolutely zero issues with the support in the kyrie infinity you do have an internal heel counter with great heel sculpting.
In terms of torsional rigidity and stability this is a very stiff shoe. The support in the kyrie infinity is really good.


Fit & Lock

Nike Kyrie 8 Review 2023

Nike Kyrie Infinity fits True-to-size. If you have wider feet, it is better that you buy a half size up to avoid any discomfort.

This Kyrie model shoe has a conventional lacing system.

For wide, medium, and slim feet players, the true-to-size fit is the way to go. The shoe fits like a glove around your feet. 

The cross material above the tongue makes the fit even better when you tie the laces. It gives you a perfect one-to-one fit.

What Other Experts Say?

So moving on to the fit i went true to size and I felt pretty good there is a little bit of pressure right here in the forefoot area but it does break in so i really don’t feel anything anymore. However if you do have wider feet i would still suggest you all go up a half size. 0verall the fit was nice there is just a minimal amount of dead space up in the toe box area but the materials lie very nicely over your foot everywhere.


Looks / Appearance/ Colorways

Aesthetically, we absolutely loved the Nike Kyrie 8. After Nike PG 6, the design and aesthetics of Nike Kyrie 8 are fascinating.

The designer has done an absolutely great job with its designs by putting leather overlays here and there. The upper material is a beautiful lightweight fabric.

Aesthetic-wise, it’s the best among all the recent Nike basketball releases.

Some of the most appealing colorways are; Nike Kyrie 8 Aluminium, Mermaid red, valentines day, Man Machine, and white/university red.

What Other Experts Say?

Moving on to the aesthetics i really like it it definitely it looks like a mix of like the kyrie 6 and as far as the colorways that have come out there’s not
a whole lot of colorways there’s a the sue bird one there’s and then the black ice one i believe and they’re okay. Kyrie 7 definitely had really cool colors but
either way the kyrie 8 still looks great

The Sole Brothers


Nike Kyrie Infinity has an Extra durable rubber tag (XDR). the rubber outsole with a multidirectional pattern supports and accelerates your movement on the court.

The Nike Kyrie Infinity has XDR code on a few colorways. If you are going to use them outdoors, buy an XDR sneaker. The rubber on XDR Nike Kyrie 8 is harder than regular sneakers.

The shoe rubber is thin as compared to many other performance sneakers. So it is better to avoid this sneaker for outdoor use.



The upper material on the Nike Kyrie 8 Infinity is breathable. It’s made up of a textile material that is very thin yet flexible 

The tongue on the Nike Kyrie 8 is heavily padded. It’s only there that your feet might heat up a little bit. 

But overall this basketball sneaker allows a good amount of ventilation around your feet.

What Other Experts Say?

All right moving on to the ventilation of the shoe so through this like textile material there is a good amount of airflow and this material is extremely
thin so it felt pretty cool here in the toe box but then here in the tongue and the ankle area it’s a there’s a lot of padding so it gets a little bit warm
so i would say the the ventilation of the kyrie is pretty good

The Sole Brothers

User Review

Nike Kyrie 8 has a user rating of 8.8 out of 10. Users have enjoyed its comfort, aesthetics, and support pattern.

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