Nike Kyrie Low 5 Review 2023

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Shoe Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 350g – 390g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Phylon + Forefoot Zoom unit | Material: Textile mesh


8/10 User Rating (107+ User)

8.5/10 Expert Rating (4 Expert)

Fit & Lock
Value for Price

Infohoops Verdict

Nike Kyrie Low 5 is designed to match the agile and quick styles of a guard. The traction remains consistent in all types of courts. The cushion is balanced and low to the ground. Support and lateral containment are amazing. Also, it retails for only 120$. It’s a great performer basketball. That goes well with the playing style of shooting guards and versatile basketball players.

Other Experts Say?

The Sole Brothers

“Traction is great like every kyrie shoe. Kyrie Low 5 has great cushioning. It is a nice upgrade in terms of a better cushion and better quality materials. Fit in the forefoot is roamy and a slight bit inconvenient. It is overall a great performer and definitely be in my rotation”

RunStretch Tech

 This Kyrie Low is top of the line for me. There is nothing wrong with the shoe. Traction is great cushion is the most comfortable of all the kyrie shoes, only the ventilation is an issue but its a good performer.”

Run Repeat

“The Nike Kyrie Low 5 successfully ensures confidence in shoe aspects that matter. This low-top basketball shoe just has a truly commendable grip even on courts that are not so well kept. In addition to this, the shoe makes sure that lockdown, comfort, fit, and even style are up to par. Indeed, this shoe surely does not give the player any reason to worry when on the court”

Tommy Liu

“These perform better indoors than outdoors. These are better and pretty durable than the previous kyrie. Overall Kyrie Low 5 are great performer shoe. It’s a safe budget option.”


  • Outstanding traction
  • Impact protection
  • Soft material
  • Lateral containment and stability
  • Minimum material
  • Nice and balanced cushion
  • Great court feel


  • Torsional rigidity is reduced
  • The material could have been better

Detailed Nike Kyrie Low 5 Review

Nike Kyrie Low 5 is a versatile shoe. It has great design innovation. Many WNBA guards are wearing Kyrie Low 5. It goes well with their explosive style and agility.

Nike Kyrie Low 5 is designed after Kyrie Irving’s footwork. His signature shoe has excellent traction that offers control over stop and rapid turns. 

The outsole is far better in durability than most performance basketball sneakers. 

It’s a great guard shoe that has minimum setup in terms of material and cushioning. 

Nike Kyrie Low 5 fits perfectly on the feet. You can bounce all around the court with a high-tech yet minimum Zoom cushion. 

Aesthetics are cool on all 8 colorways available on Nike’s official page.

Overall, Nike Kyrie Low 5 is a perfect basketball shoe from a performance standpoint.

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Nike Kyrie Low 5 Review 2023

Looks / Appearance/ Colorways

Nike Kyrie Low 5 is beautiful in all 6 colorways available on its official Nike website. The shoe has a logo OF Kyrie Irving on the top of the tongue area.

Nike is releasing new colorways despite the ongoing conflict between Nike and Kyrie Irving..

Its colorways include Multicolored, Black/Chile Red /White, Black/Action Grape/ White, Orchid/Yellow, Football Grey, White/Black/Metallic Gold, Light Madder Root, and White/Medium Ash.



Nike Kyrie Low 5 Review 2023

Nike Kyrie Low 5 has a computer-generated outsole pattern. The traction on the sneakers is extraordinary. The outsole pattern is more like a haphazard pattern that resembles Kyrie Infinity 8. 

This unconventional outsole pattern performs exceptionally well like the herringbone pattern. It helps to grip the floor like glue. It would offer great control over stops and rapid moves. On the indoor courts, the bite is excellent. 

On the outdoor dusty courts, the narrow rubber spacing outsole does not pick up dust at all. It is a great performer shoe for outdoor and indoor basketball courts. 

The traction is best for a guard like Kyrie Irving who has to stop on a dime and run on short notice.

Kyrie Irving’s signature line basketball shoe felt the same performance-wise as kyrie 8 Infinity.



Nike Kyrie Low 5 Review 2023

Nike Kyrie Low 5 is the most comfortable shoe in the Kyrie line. It has a full-length phylon in the midsole. The forefoot area has a Zoom Air unit. 

The Kyrie signature line sneaker Kyrie Low 5’s cushioning is softer and better than the previous models. This is still not too high up cushioning. 

It is well responsive and protective cushioning setup. That will give you impact protection and a tremendous court feel.

The zoom unit is very small in the forefoot area. It just covers the ball of the foot.

That said, Nike Kyrie Low 5 does not compromise on impact protection, especially on harder heel strikes. The foam in the heel area is very responsive.

The cushioning is not bounce pro, but this traction and cushioning in Nike Kyrie Low 5 are very supportive of players’ footwork. It goes where you go.

All the tech specs of basketball shoes are listed above.



Nike Kyrie Low 5 Review 2023

The Nike Kyrie Low 5 has a thin plastic-like mesh upper material. This upper material resembles a lot the Nike Kyrie Infinity 8. 

It is mostly the textile mesh that has fused overlays on the top. 

Fused overlays enhance the durability as well as the aesthetics of the Kyrie 5 basketball sneakers.

The tongue area of the shoe is heavily padded for comfort. The tongue has traditional eyelets as well as the two pods that integrate with the eyelets for a better fit.

The side of the shoe has the same material. The back however has synthetic leather material. The Ankle area is padded nicely for comfort. 

It is not too heavily padded. Overall the material is minimal and lightweight.



Nike Kyrie Low 5 Review 2023

The low-top Kyrie Irving signature shoe has all the support features of a great performance basketball shoe.

The shoe has foam coming up on both sides. This acts as a side wall and keeps your feet on the footbed. 

The side of the shoe has a slight outrigger for lateral stability. The base of the Nike Kyrie Low 5 is also wide. It supports hard lateral movements.

The back of the Nike Kyrie Low 5 has an internal heel counter to protect the ankle area. 

It has a nice curved shape. 

This makes heel-to-toe transitions super fun and easy. It pushes you ahead very smoothly. 

There is no midfoot shank plate in the Nike Kyrie Low 5. So if you are someone with arch issues(high arch/flat feet/ low arch), and looking to buy a performance basketball shoe, then you must look elsewhere.



Nike Kyrie Low 5 Review 2023

A true-to-size pair would be an optimum choice if you are a narrow or medium-foot player pair 

The Fit on Nike Kyrie Low 5 is a bit trickier. The pods on the lace line help to further secure your feet on the footbed. It keeps your feet contained on the footbed.

Very wide feet players should buy half size up than their actual size. Also, there is a little dead space in the toe box. 

It’s not going to hinder the movements but it makes you slightly uncomfortable in the shoe. 

So the fit is trickier but once broken in, you will enjoy the fit of Nike Kyrie Low 5.



Nike Kyrie Low 5 is a great guard shoe with excellent traction. The outsole rubber is thin. Chances are, they are going to tear down sooner than later.

Some Nike Kyrie Low 5 colorways are released with an XDR tag, which is better for outdoor use. So it is better to buy an XDR pair for outdoor basketball games

However, the traction is great on the indoor and outdoor courts. Nike Kyrie Low 5 performs like a beast on both outdoor and indoor courts. 

Even if its outsole gets a bit of dust, it is super easy to wipe it off. So the outdoor performance is great.



Nike Kyrie Low 5 has a super thin and minimal upper material. The textile mesh upper allows air to flow around your feet. 

Nike Kyrie Low 5 is breathable.  You will not feel heated up in the Low-top super minimal shoe even in long summer games. 

Nike Kyrie Low 5 is your performance basketball sneaker of choice if you want a breathable shoe.


User Review

This Kyrie Irving signature shoe came with a very affordable price tag. Aesthetics as well as performance check all the boxes. It has received an honest 

user rating of 4 out of 5.

However, with that being said, its popularity is expected to increase by the start of the new NBA season this fall.

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